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Rhea Oriana Zabini

"Go big or go home"

0 · 1,041 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “The Cursed Children”, as played by emotionless




β€œOccasionally people call me Zabini, which I have no real feeling about, I mean it’s my last name, until I get stupid enough to get married I’m stuck with it. Usually people call me Red, which is my personal favorite out of all of them I suppose. My friends usually call me Ri, like my actual name is sooooo much longer than it”


November 21st

Soon to be 16

||Zodiac Sign||





||Blood Status||

||Year at Hogwarts||
5th year

Student & Library


Rhea’s wand is 12 inches in length and made from Birch with a Phoenix Feather core. These feathers don't just grow on trees, and as such it's a very rare wand β€” but there are more advantages to such materials. It's a wand for a person who's keen to amass knowledge above all else. This tool allows for the greatest range of magical spells to be accomplished, even if it takes a little longer than most to grow accustomed to its user.

||Other Equipment||


Duelling Club
Astronomy Club
Magical Creatures Club


Fennec Fox named Theo

||Patronus|| Wolf


β€œI haven’t taken the O.W.L’s yet but when I do, I can and will ace them.”





||Body Build||
Tall and thin, she is built like a ballet dancer

||Skin Tone||
Fair skinned

||Distinguishing Marks||
Nose piercing, Ears pierced, Tongue peirce, belly button pierced, Slytherin tattoo on her left wrist (despite her parents objections)

||Eye Colour||
Jade green that darken to a moss green when she is angry

||Hair Colour||
Scarlett currently though it changes thanks to a charm she put on it.

||Overall Appearance||
Rhea is tall, slender, with pert c cup breasts and an hour glass figure not only thanks to her genes but also because she maintains a strict workout regimen on a daily basis (running mostly). She has a long slender face accented by large jade eyes surrounded by thick lashes, perfectly manicured arched brows, an adorable button nose, and pouty lips.


Rhea is not conventional in the least. She loves physical activity almost as much as she loves reading novels. She enjoys a good spar not only with wands but a physical duel. She practices parkour and runs 2 miles every morning before classes. She would never admit it but she has a creative and caring side which comes out in crocheting for the muggle homeless (even her parents don’t know). She loves spending time with animals of all kinds, magical or otherwise. She likes machines, if only to learn how they work. Basically she likes knowledge.


||Dislikes|| Rhea’s biggest dislike is that people judge her for her house. She is proud to be a Slytherin and will give the beat down to anyone who says anything. She dislikes people who are disrespectful, or who bully others.
Fears: Rhea fears drowning due to an accident as a child. She fears being alone because her thoughts tend to fall on the dark side, and finally she fears anyone getting to close to her, learning all of her deepest thoughts because she knows the Slytherin runs deep within her (despite her pride at being a Slytherin.)

Every and anything she can. She shares only certain parts of herself with others, usually the superficial stuff.

||Quirks and Habits||
Rhea has high functioning Anxiety that causes her to shake her legs when she sits and tugs her hair.

||Strengths, Talents and Skills||
Rhea is very athletic, and a quick learner. She takes pride in (almost to a fault) winning. She is a tactical genius.

||Flaws and Weaknesses||
Rhea is charming so much so that it can come off as superficial…which is exactly what it is. As soon as you break through that she has a hard time being herself, her true self. She judges people easily, though she is working on it.

Rhea is considered a loner of sorts, she connects with very few, though as if a completely separate person she is a social butterfly. She doesn’t try to be distant but finds herself drifting in her own inner world, a sea of worries. She holds her emotions under a tight leash as she fears opening up to people, and then loosing them. She has a desperate need to be responsible and she likes to take care of others, she feels it gives her purpose. She is the type of person who sees the best in people even when the world sees the worst.

Though Rhea is reserved, though she has an adventurous streak, and curiosity that would kill any cat (so to speak, as she loves animals so she would never hurt any animal). She loves reading because it takes her on adventures she would never have in her own real life. Her personal favorite is Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

She can be a leader when need be, but she gets along well in a team setting. She is self-motivated and diligent which is why she was promoted to leadership at the cafe she worked at within the first few weeks. She is a great listener and takes criticisms in stride, not that she can really argue with them in the first place.


Rhea is the only child of Blaise Zabini and Pansy Zabini nΓ©e Parkinson.

Rhea was born an only child. Pansy got pregnant with twins however only she survived the birthing process. She almost killed her mother in childbirth, and she herself was technically dead for 3 minutes. Knowing that influenced her life greatly because she wants to experience everything she possibly can as a tribute to her unborn twin. You would never be able to tell from her attitude that she was a single child. She does her best to be humble and suppress her inner Slytherin as she is determined to give them a good name. Before the acceptance letter she was travelling abroad in places like Russia and India in order to broaden her world views and even now very school break she spends traveling. She was un-surprised when she received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, though it did throw her off to become a Slytherin because she wanted to be in Ravenclaw. She brushed off the shock and decided definitively that do her very best to be the very best Slytherin.

Player: Emotionless
Hex Code: # 40BF80
Face Claim: Susan Coffey
Timezone: PST
-Ancient Runes
-Magical Theory
-Care of Magical Creatures
-Muggle Studies

So begins...

Rhea Oriana Zabini's Story


Rhea woke slowly, as she attempted to shake off the sleep of the night before. She rolled out of bed, and stretched before standing. Her clock glowed in the darkness 3:03 A.M. Rhea sighed realizing there was no more sleep in her future. She strode to the window and opened it.

In the distance, the sun peeked over the horizon, giving off an angelic glow to the drifting clouds above. The sky shone radiant bright oranges, yellows, and pinks. Inhaling the fresh air, the aroma of flowers and plants lingered in her nose. Suddenly, a flock of birds chirped their pleasant song, as if singing praise to the sun for its beauty. Rhea caught herself smiling, despite her exhaustion. She turned and straightened and readied herself to face the day.


Rhea started today the same way she stated every day. Her workout which consists of a two mile run, and yoga to cool down, only took her about thirty minutes. She showered and dressed in a a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tank, and white knee high boots. She threw a grey cardigan over her tank, though she knew it wouldn't be too cold. Her hair had a mind of its own, due to a charm she had put on it once upon a time. Today it was fading from Azure, to cerulean, and finally to a deep cobalt blue. She pulled it up in a high pony before she packed her bags.

The house was deathly silent. It didn't surprise her that her parents weren't awake, she was way beyond the years of being dropped off at school. Honestly she was thankful for the reprieve from her mothers incessant yammering. She grabbed an apple and took a bite as she started out the door and out to her car. Her baby started with a purr that made her grin.

The walk across Kings Cross was uneventful, as she danced between people to the tune of Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey. She saw a few familiar faces but honestly...if it wasn't Albus or one of the few others she cared about, she didn't give a damn. She spotted Rose in one of the compartments and couldnt help the grin that broke out on her face. She burst into the compartment and belted out lyrics to the song she was listening to:

Image"They call me a menace
They say that I’m cursed
But somethin' about me is makin' 'em jealous
So listen and learn
I herd 'em like cattle
'Cause I’m surrounded by cowards
And I don’t give a fuck when I walk into battle
And thats why I got all the power
I’m where you wanna be
Ain’t no one ahead of me
All of my enemies made a decision
It's better to follow me
I make no apologies
All of my sins I would repeat and I repeat
'Cause I'mma be me 'til the death of me, oh yeah"

Before she plopped down next to the girl and took her headphones out with a grin.

lucy mae weasley



Lucy had accidentally fallen asleep because she forgot to set her alarm for that morning - how strange (note the sarcasm). So her day had not started on the best of terms. Of course, her sister Molly had woken up early and was ready by the time their parents called out for them and told them it was time for them to leave to King's Cross station.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she muttered while grabbing all of her stuff and trying to make sense of what she was going to take to Hogwarts. Lucy was a horrible packer and she usually brought the most useless stuff with her to school, later on realizing her mistake and regretting it for the rest of the school year.

This time she had limited herself to bring only a couple of Muggle comic books with her, her phone, t-shirts, jeans and her never-ending sneaker collection. Oh, and also all of her school supplies and her Hufflepuff uniform. And her broom. And her Quidditch uniform

She pulled her trunk behind her, grabbed her broomstick from the corner of her room and convinced her cat Mika to lay down on top of her trunk while she wheeled it to the front of her house. As she approached the front door, she could see her parents' faces and how they looked at her in disappointment. Smiling sheepishly, she placed her trunk on the back of their car along with her broomstick and called Mika to join her in the car seat she was sitting at.

The ride to King's Cross was excruciatingly awkward and filled with tension. Lucy had once again managed to slightly piss off her parents, but it's not like she cared too much. Once they parked inside the station and made their way to Platform 9 ΒΎ, Lucy quickly kissed her mother and father goodbye, and without a second look, turned around to look for her friends.

But before she could get too far, she felt her phone vibrate on her pocket. Taking it out, she realized it was a text message from none other than Frank Longbottom. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Just as she was writing back a text, she spotted him in the distance, and with a smile, she ran quickly with her trunk in front of her and jumped into the Longbottom's back like a koala. She was tiny, and she loved it.

"Hello moron. Missed me?"x

dominique odette weasley



Dominique had gotten up extra early that morning to do her hair and makeup for the first day back at school. Because obviously she had to look flawless to make a good first impression - everyone had to think Dom had a fabulous vacation and looked better than ever. That's just how she liked it.

She had her hair up in a purposely messy bun, light pink eyeshadow, lipgloss, and of course her signature outfit: a silky white shirt, blue skinny jeans, a pair of brown women's loafers and a grey coat. As classy and perfect as always, not a spot out of place.

Dom had packed her trunk the night before and had left it at the entrance of their house. So, after breakfast, the only thing she had to do was wait for everyone eagerly at the door. "Dominique, you always hurry so much. Ze train won't be at ze station for another hour and a half," her mother Fleur protested, coming across her daughter standing impatiently next to her stuff. Dom just smiled at her mother and took her by the shoulders - they were about the same height.

"Oh I know maman, but I'm just too excited! You know how much fun going to Hogwarts has always been for me,"
she answered. Dom's life practically revolved around her social life at Hogwarts, so being home was mostly pretty boring for her. She was an extrovert, she craved attention and always loved being around big crowds of people.

An hour and ten minutes later, the Weasley-Delacour family were standing in Platform 9 ΒΎ, parents ready to say goodbye to their children once again as they left for school. Dom hugged her mother and father tightly and yelled a quick 'au revoir' as she practically skipped her way across the station to look for her friends.

Not long after leaving her trunk on the right carriage, she took her cat Beau and made her way inside the train. Once inside, she got a text message from Rose about wanting help with her makeup for today. As if her day couldn't get any better, now Rosie had volunteered to let Dom give her a quick makeover! Oh, how the heavens loved her.

She hurried to look inside different compartments for Rose, until finally spotting her sitting inside one with a blue-haired Rhea. "Well, hello love! I'm here to save the day!" she called out, taking a seat next to Rose and just giving Rhea a smile of acknowledgement.


Jae-Sun was not one to dawdle. As with most days in his muggle life, he awoke early and cleaned his room. Then, he ate breakfast and greeted his mother. And then he got ready to leave for school. It was all very boring and methodical. Then again, this was the boring and methodical part of his life. His father didn't approve of magic, so despite being of age; he hardly ever used it at home. Soon though, Jae would be able to use whatever magic whenever he wanted. His fingers tingled and his foot tapped in anticipation.

This final year would be spent in the library, Jae decided. Not that that was different from any other year, really. He just had so many books left to read and not much time to read them. The library had the only copy of many books, something that annoyed Jae to no end during the summers as he didn't want to steal them. Fortunately, his exhaustive way of taking notes led him to not needing many of the books a second time. It's probably the one good thing his father had ever given him.

Speaking of his father, the man hadn't come home last night. He hardly ever did on the night before Jae left for school. Mason thought Jae's 'whole magic thing' was ungodly and often mentioned that if he wasn't "...a God-fearin' man, I'd have left you to the wolves." So, you know, he's not really a fan. Jae's mother on the other hand, loved to hear about her son's abilities. He knows she wishes she could tell the other mothers in her bridge club that he's a Wizard to show off, but she doesn't. She'd never break a rule like that. Not like her son.

When it came time to leave for Hogwarts, Jae and his mother packed into the tiny car she used to putter around town. Murdoch the crow was highly agitated at his placement in the backseat between Jae's trunk and the door. Unfortunately, that was the safest place for him to be when Jae-eun is driving.

It didn't take long for the two to arrive at King's Cross. His mother always insisted on taking him to the train, something Jae had just grown to accept. She never stopped ooohing and awwwing over the magical barrier between 9 3/4 and the rest of the Station. And even though Jae always gets directly on the train rather than hang around on the platform, his mother always insisted on waiting to leave until the train did. Jae realized in his second year that this was so she could gawk around at the other wizard families. He loved her, but he would be the first to call her nosy.

As he settled in a compartment with a few other students he recognized to be bookish "read the whole ride" types, he finally felt able to be himself. "Goodbye, mother." he said despite knowing she couldn't hear him.

When the train left the station, he stood from his seat and stretched. With a small smile, Jae left his nearly silent compartment where the only noise was the occasional flipping of pages to brave the loud corridors chock full of sound. He passed a few recognizable faces on his way to find someone to bother, but didn't stop for any of them longer than to give a greeting and ask about their summer.

Jae considered stopping to say hello to Rose, maybe he'd be able to say more and confess his feeling this time. But, he noticed her cousin and another girl in the compartment and decided against it. A small bout of jealousy took residence in the pit of his stomach, nearly ruining his good mood. However, he chose to find the girl who kept him from acting out selfish desires, Nova.

#, as written by sappho


"Freddie Darling! Thirty minuets until we leave!" His mother's voice rang loud and clear from downstairs as he was in a particular vat of concentration. He drug his wand down his right forearm swirls and tendrils of black ink spiraling out onto his skin all the way to his wrist. It had taken him about a year of practice during his third year to perfect the Ink spell, and since then had been experimenting with what muggles called, tattooing ever since. For today however he managed to fashion a flourish of roses down his arm ending in the snarling form of a wolf on his hand. He admired his handiwork, and slipped his wand into the pocket of his sweatshirt. He had taken the time to meticulously pick out his outift, that morning. His appearance had always been a top priority of his morning routine, that was nearly more intense than his sister's.

He trudged barefoot down the stairs into the kitchen where a plate of pancakes was shoved at him. He took the plate from his mom and sat down at the table and began munching on pancakes while he watched his mother finish cleaning the kitchen and putting things back in order. "Where's Rox? And Dad?" He asked his mother, feeling the fluffy head of his cat Binx brush against his foot from under the table. "She's still packing I assume, you know your sister. Everything's got to be in order. Your father had to leave early this morning to open the shop. He told me to tell you he loves you... and to not do anything he wouldn't do." His mother mumbled, promptly rolling her eyes opposed to Fred's chuckle before taking a seat at the table across from him. From the look on her face he knew he was about to get some sort of serious talk."Whatever Rox told you, if her hair's dyed a different color it's her own fault". His mother laughed and shook her head, "No Fred, we need to talk about your last year. As you know, your father and I are very proud of you getting Head Boy, but I'm asking you not to well, uhm, ruin it. I've worked very hard to help you build your grades up and behavior and I know you're a good kid. Just tone down the pranks, and behave. Ok?". It took all of Fred's will to not roll his eyes, or burst out laughing. However, he knew how much this meant to his mom and gave her a nod. "Of course Mum, won't let you down". She shrugged back with a sigh and smiled, "I love you very much, you know that?", Fred nodded and she opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted by Roxanne's voice from upstairs, "Mom! Have you seen my toothbrush?!".


Fred couldn't help but grin as he took a step on to Platform 9 ΒΎ, surrounded by the bustling crowd of witches and wizards. It was his last year at Hogwarts, and he was sure as hell going to make it count. He walked through the countless familiar and unfamiliar faces looking for those he valued most. He saw Rose and her trade-marked flaming Weasley hair disappear onto the train followed by Rhea and his favorite fifth year, Dom.

He still hadn't seen his best mate, James yet. Normally the Potter's were always here quite early. He pulled out his phone and shot the boy a text. The boys had never been anything but best friends and ruled Hogwarts together since their first year. The only problem was Rose continually followed around James like a lost puppy which meant he always had to be in her presence, the good side of that being he could annoy her whenever he wanted.

TO: James

Where are you? Can't bloody start the year without you.

He looked up from his phone and noticed Lysander wandering around without his other half, Lorcan. He knew that the twin was good friends with James to and Fred had grown a liking to the kind Scamander boy. He followed after him, "Oi, Scamander! Have you seen the Potters yet?" He called out to the boy.