Roxanne Noelle Weasley

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[ "Fuck your ribbons and your pearls, 'cause I'm not just a pretty girl" ]

Full Name
Roxanne Noelle Weasley
Rox, is one of her nicknames she gets called by her peers a lot. Roxie, is usually reserved for close friends and family as she absolutely dislikes being called Roxanne.
Fifteen years of age.
August 22nd 2006
Zodiac Sign
Blood Status




Year at Hogwarts Fifth year.
Occupation She works part-time at her father's shop.
Pets Roxanne has a barn owl named Halley. She got Halley a year before she started school. She was too excited when Fred was starting school that she wanted something too, so her parents caved and got her an owl early. Rox named Halley after Halley's comet.
Wand 9 3/4 Aspen wood with unicorn tail hair as the core.
Quidditch Roxanne plays as a chaser for the Ravenclaw team. She was inspired to play chaser from her mother and hearing of all the stories that she had to share about her time playing at Hogwarts.
Clubs Wizard Chess Club and Muggle books Book Club. The whole reason she even got into wizard chess was because of her uncle Ron. Due to business being slow at her father's shop, sometimes her and her uncle Ron would play chess if he was there. Much of her love for Muggle books comes from her interests in muggles as a whole. She used to be around her grandfather quite a bit when she was younger and quickly became intrigued.
Special Roxie wanted to be a prefect, but unfortunately it didn't happen. She's hoping for Quidditch captain or Head Girl in her seventh year.
Patronus A Stoat; They symbolize royalty, purity, and strong morals mostly. The stoat also symbolizes the spiritual journey to enlightenment.
Boggart Being alone. She's always had family around her and supporting her, but she fears being completely isolated and alone.
O.W.L. 's She has yet to take them although she's been studying for more than a year now. Each year she does a massive review in the summer before she goes back the next. Roxie is very confident in her ability to do well on them and is hoping to go onto multiple N.E.W.T. level courses for her seventh year.



Height Roxie stands at the height of five feet and six inches.
Weight She weighs about a hundred and thirty nine pounds.
Body Build Mesomorph.
Skin Tone Light brown.
Distinguishing Marks She has her belly button pierced and she has a darker almost star shaped birth mark on her right shoulder blade.
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Overall Appearance Roxanne is on the taller side of the spectrum for her age and gender, but still relatively average. Her hair is naturally really curly, but there's a power of straighteners for a reason. Although whether she feels up to spending hours on her hair is another question on its own. When she isn't at Hogwarts and wearing a uniform, she takes pride in how she dresses herself and would think of herself having a good sense of fashion. Often times she's trying to get her brother to wear certain shirts that he could pull off better. Her lips are plump and usually she highlights them as an asset with a dark red lipstick or something bold.


Likes Muggle studies, Muggle books, Rain, Fashion, Parties, Pranks, Jokes, Her family, Quidditch, Wizard Chess, and Being right.
Dislikes Being told no, Cry babies, Control freaks, Wind, Losing, Herbology, Sour candy, failure, and Muggle Technology.
Fears Roxanne fears being alone, failure, and not being good enough for her family.
Secrets Sometimes she hopes to get caught in her elaborate pranks in the school, so she can get suspended or possibly kicked out. She's been very invested with muggle friends she's made over the last few summers and is more fascinated with living a muggle life than being a witch.
Quirks and Habits Roxie has a habit of tapping her foot when she gets nervous or anxious about anything. Often times you can see her twisting her hair in her fingers when he's deep in thought and has tuned out the rest of her surroundings.
Strengths, Talents and Skills Roxanne's strengths are flying, organization, assembling pranks, astronomy, and muggle studies.
Flaws and Weaknesses Roxie is horrible at herbology, which is probably why she dislikes it. She can tend to be very jealous of others and their accomplishments sometimes, which makes her very competitive with people. She's also not very good in DADA. Another strong flaw for Rox is her sense of being right. She will do anything to prove she's right even if she knows she's wrong.
Personality Roxanne is a bit of a feisty child. She may be a Ravenclaw, but she's not following any stereotype. Roxie is bold and blunt. She likes to make a statement and she likes to be heard. If something doesn't look good on you she's going to be upfront with you and she'll tell you how it is. Rox doesn't skirt around anything or sugar coat anything to make anyone feel better. Making people feel better isn't really her specialty. She only knows how to be honest with people and often finds herself in awkward situations when she can't really comfort people.

Her personality isn't one that everyone would take a liking to. She's a stubborn know it all and will spew facts as they come into her mind. She's very defensive of people judging her knowledge and she wont stop until she proves you right. It's very unlikely she will ever admit defeat to anyone as that would be admitting she's wrong, and she hates to be wrong and she hates to lose.

Having a strong personality, is just another way for her to keep everything on a surface level fine. Just like everyone else she has feelings on the inside. Most of them, however, are her passion for certain topics and her love for her family and friends. She's not a huge softie at heart like some may want to believe. She tackles everything she does head on and doesn't think twice about doing it.

Growing up with the father that she did, it was no wonder she grew to love pranks. For the longest time she was a bit of an underdog until she caught on a bit better. Often times she'd show both her brother and her father up in family pranks. Often times it'd result in a "I'm proud" moment from her father and an eye roll from her mother. Roxanne believes there's nothing greater in life than to have some fun and live in your youth. She lives in a very Carpe Diem mindset.

Family George Weasley - Father
Angelina Weasley nee Johnson - Mother
Fred Weasley II - Older Brother [/size][/font]

Hex Code speech - #C50036 thought - #82A286
Face Claim Ashley Moore
Timezone PST

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"Freddie Darling! Thirty minuets until we leave!" His mother's voice rang loud and clear from downstairs as he was in a particular vat of concentration. He drug his wand down his right forearm swirls and tendrils of black ink spiraling out onto his skin all the way to his wrist. It had taken him about a year of practice during his third year to perfect the Ink spell, and since then had been experimenting with what muggles called, tattooing ever since. For today however he managed to fashion a flourish of roses down his arm ending in the snarling form of a wolf on his hand. He admired his handiwork, and slipped his wand into the pocket of his sweatshirt. He had taken the time to meticulously pick out his outift, that morning. His appearance had always been a top priority of his morning routine, that was nearly more intense than his sister's.

He trudged barefoot down the stairs into the kitchen where a plate of pancakes was shoved at him. He took the plate from his mom and sat down at the table and began munching on pancakes while he watched his mother finish cleaning the kitchen and putting things back in order. "Where's Rox? And Dad?" He asked his mother, feeling the fluffy head of his cat Binx brush against his foot from under the table. "She's still packing I assume, you know your sister. Everything's got to be in order. Your father had to leave early this morning to open the shop. He told me to tell you he loves you... and to not do anything he wouldn't do." His mother mumbled, promptly rolling her eyes opposed to Fred's chuckle before taking a seat at the table across from him. From the look on her face he knew he was about to get some sort of serious talk."Whatever Rox told you, if her hair's dyed a different color it's her own fault". His mother laughed and shook her head, "No Fred, we need to talk about your last year. As you know, your father and I are very proud of you getting Head Boy, but I'm asking you not to well, uhm, ruin it. I've worked very hard to help you build your grades up and behavior and I know you're a good kid. Just tone down the pranks, and behave. Ok?". It took all of Fred's will to not roll his eyes, or burst out laughing. However, he knew how much this meant to his mom and gave her a nod. "Of course Mum, won't let you down". She shrugged back with a sigh and smiled, "I love you very much, you know that?", Fred nodded and she opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted by Roxanne's voice from upstairs, "Mom! Have you seen my toothbrush?!".


Fred couldn't help but grin as he took a step on to Platform 9 ž, surrounded by the bustling crowd of witches and wizards. It was his last year at Hogwarts, and he was sure as hell going to make it count. He walked through the countless familiar and unfamiliar faces looking for those he valued most. He saw Rose and her trade-marked flaming Weasley hair disappear onto the train followed by Rhea and his favorite fifth year, Dom.

He still hadn't seen his best mate, James yet. Normally the Potter's were always here quite early. He pulled out his phone and shot the boy a text. The boys had never been anything but best friends and ruled Hogwarts together since their first year. The only problem was Rose continually followed around James like a lost puppy which meant he always had to be in her presence, the good side of that being he could annoy her whenever he wanted.

TO: James

Where are you? Can't bloody start the year without you.

He looked up from his phone and noticed Lysander wandering around without his other half, Lorcan. He knew that the twin was good friends with James to and Fred had grown a liking to the kind Scamander boy. He followed after him, "Oi, Scamander! Have you seen the Potters yet?" He called out to the boy.