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Juliette Schwartz

"Life is at it's best when it is like water, shaping to the place that it is put in."

0 · 698 views · located in Isle of Ilyamorra

a character in “The Cursed Isles of Ilyamorra”, as played by fading-into-eternity



☞ 21
☞ Mage
☞ Inherent gift magician/Sorcerer
☞ Bathhouse owner


Weapons of choice:
☞ Her staff
☞ Several small knives hidden around her clothing.


☞ She has a cold exterior at first, but to regulars and friends she is warm and friendly.
☞ She is not very trusting, and so people know very little about her.
☞ Juliette loves the water, and is calmed easily by steam or hot baths.
☞ 162 cm/ 5'4"
☞ 50 kg/ 110 lbs.
Juliette's uncle came over on one of the first ships to the Ilyamorra Isles, and after her parents were killed in a terrible robbery he took Juliette in. Several months ago her uncle died and so Juliette now runs his beloved bathhouse, The Celeste Siren, near Acker's famous inn, since she has nowhere else to go. She does not have many friends on the isles, but sometimes sends letters to the people in the place where she grew up. She does all financing and shopping herself and is often seen singing under her breath when she works. Juliette would love to adventure and fight monsters, but she stays to her duties and uses her magic when she needs to.

So begins...

Juliette Schwartz's Story

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Character Portrait: Juliette Schwartz Character Portrait: Sage Faustian
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The sun shone in through the half-open shades causing the girl in the bed to seep striped. She turned and one of the striped of light covered her eyes for a moment. She groaned and turned the other way in order to try and gather more sleep from the already late time. She sighed and opened her eyes slowly as if it was painful and she squinted and raised her hand to her head to rest her forearm over her forehead. She untangled her legs from the sheets that had somehow wrapped around her like a toga and sat up. She reached her arms around her back and her hands touch as she stretched, groaning softly.

The soft sounds of Ebonblut could be heard through her window now, and she stood quickly, ready to face the day. She was caught off guard by a sudden head rush, and staggered to the window to steady herself. Once she had regained her sight and didn't feel like vomiting, she opened the shades that covered the window so that the light in the room brightened and small specks of dust could be seen floating in the air. She turned to the large doors that were on the opposite side of the room and opened them, breathing in the cold air as she stepped outside for the first time that day.

Juliette heard a ruckus from a bit off and turned her head only to the the innkeeper throwing several men over his back into the cold waters below. She chuckled to her self, she wouldn't want those drunkards coming to her bathhouse. She shivered, and wandered back inside, shutting the french doors behind her and turning towards her dresser to get dressed. It wasn't too cold out, she thought and so decided to wear her light cloak if she went out today. She left her silk gloves off and stuck them in a hidden pocket in her dress in case she needed them later. She slipped on her boots and grabbed her staff from its holding case, slipping it in her belt and heading out of the shouji-like door that entered to the hallway from her room.

Making her way passed the small private upstairs kitchen, she decided to eat breakfast later, since there was much work to do today. She dashed down the stairs quietly, hearing the people who worked for her standing around in the downstairs kitchen, it seemed as though they had just come in.

"Good morning," she smiled at everyone and then turned to the empty fireplace. With a tap of the staff that she wore on her side the fireplace danced to life, immediately warming up the room. "We have a busy day ahead, so everyone get your uniforms on and get to your posts." she smiled around and everyone began to bustle around and get their uniforms. Juliette turned and headed towards the front entrance of the bathhouse and grabbed a broom on her way. She stepped out onto the front of the bathhouse, with its wrap-around porch. She nodded at people who looked her way as people started their days and began to sweep the front side of the porch. the sun was bright today, she noticed and smiled up at the sky for a moment before turning around to face the person who had just opened the door behind her. It was one of her workers.

"We're just lighting the bath's fire now, miss," she said to Juliette.

"Thank you, Clara," Juliette said, smiling still. "I'll let you know if their are any picky customers today." The girl turned and slid the door closed behind her. Juliette moved closer to the door and unlocked it with a touch of her staff. She turned the sign that hung on the edge of the door with a flick of her wrist. The Celeste Siren was now open for business.