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Jasmine Chaves

"Awww you don't like pain? Well too bad, you're going to get plenty of it."

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a character in “The Damned II”, originally authored by MarchHare, as played by RolePlayGateway



Jasmine Chaves

Nick Name:
Jazz/Jazzy, Acid



132 lbs

Sexual preference:

The Diamond Dogs

Acid Generation- Flowing through her body is a very acid blood that courses in every blood vessel she has. When she is cut the blood will seep out and cause harm to whatever it touches, organic and inorganic alike. Though it seems like a good defense mechanism, in large enough doses to her own skin it can cause significant wounds to her own flesh. Because of this she tries not to get injured very often, or injured very much at least.

Jasmine have a very tall yet fit body, use to running around and doing various activates. The color of his skin is a light tan, both from being out in the sun quite a bit as a child and Hispanic heritage from her mother's side. The first thing you'd notice about the young woman is her hair, cut into a even, pink dyed, horseman Mohawk; Including bangs and hair pink hair at the front of each ear. Her natural black hair shows in her eyebrows and the shaved parts of her head, giving her an odd distinct yet punkish look. Her face come equipped with a few piercings here and there, angel bits, labret, gauges in earch ear,and a piercing in each cheek. Jasmine's eyes are a medium blue shad, coming from her mother's Swedish side of the family, though it's the only thing that sets off her skin tone. Her lips are a beautiful red shade complementing her skin. The young woman's clothing usually consists of a leather short jacket, including belt around the waist, and a pink or grey shirt. The ends of her jacket are either torn or tattered. The left arm having an orange stripped bandana wrapped around it to keep it from tarring any more. Her pants are usually a deep grey skinny jeans with a pair of calf high black boots on her feet.

Jasmine's appearance is always an indication that she isn't a sweet, innocent girl, she is very much the opposite of that. She enjoys getting what she wants no matter what it take to get it and loves to manipulate anyone into getting or giving her what she desires. This young woman doesn't enjoy taking shit from anyone, even if it's her own leader, she demands respect if she is made to give it.

Jasmine carries around A rifle, equipped with a scope, two hand guns in case of emergencies, a couple of long knives, canteen, matches, and a cat keychain she keeps in her back pocket.

Jasmine was born into what seemed like a very normal life, normal parents, normal house, normal dog; nothing ever seemed off or different. Though the acid in her system wasn't as strong as it is now it was still coursing through her body as a young baby girl. As she grew up she was always careful to never get a cut or scratch, she didn't like getting hurt and when seeing the blood of other children always made her a bit woozy. As she grew into her teenage years she began to change herself, and her over all appearance. Her hair was the first thing to change, then soon her clothing choice and facial jewelry. Her parents were devastated on how their once precious little daughter was turning into such an unruly child, but being as it may it didn't stop her from doing as she please. The first time she found out about her acidic blood was the first time she'd gotten into a fist fight with another girl.

The girl she was fighting wore a large, jagged ring upon her finger and once it made contact with her face it cut a wound across her cheek. Jasmine wasn't effected but the other girl screamed in pain as her deadly blood ate away as the metal of the ring and the flesh of her finger. Everyone stared at her in that moment and she ran, home at first, but knowing what she was she didn't want to stay. She packed herself some belongings and headed out to wherever she saw fit. After the virus made it's way to North America and everything seem to fall and crumble around, Jasmine seemed to keep herself alive, even if she was all on her own. The young woman wondered around before finding a gang, she joined of course, to keep herself safe mostly but to have somewhere she would feel like it was some sort of a home.

So begins...

Jasmine Chaves's Story


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Jasmine slowly strolled through the streets of New Raven, her rifle strapped across her back, her feet slightly dragging as she moved across the ground. Dust kicked up from the front of her feet, she watched the particles of dirt float away with the wind when it blew. She was traveling towards the center of New Raven, uncertain why though, perhaps it was just for the quiet of the streets and the feeling of the sun on her skin. Whatever her intentions where, most likely it wasn't for the good of anyone else but herself. She hummed to herself as she walked, the only sounds she heard were the sounds of her own footsteps and the occasional howl of the wind between buidlings.

New Raven seemed quiet that day, until the odd sound of an engine caught her attention. It was something she hadn't heard around before. It was certainly the sound of someone new coming into the city, but who exactly were they and why did they come all the way here? So noisey at that too. What intrigued her more is what he could possibly be carrying with him, perhaps something of value she could take from him.A devilish smiled played upon her lips as she thought about it for a moment, though if they were armed it wouldn't much be worth the trouble.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders as she tried to decide on what to do, either she could go back to Diamond Dog territory, or keep walking around in the streets. The woman spun in a circle before stopping and running off down the street, opposite directon of where the territory was. She'd rather be out wondering than coop up with nothing interesting to do.


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Character Portrait: Jasmine Chaves
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Jasmine wondered a little to far away into the city, she wasn't even sure where she was at the moment, everything seemed to unfamiliar in the area she was at. The building were strange, the streets were strange, everything seemed to be strange it was a bit awkward. She groaned to herself a bit, she had gotten herself lost trying to find something to do with herself. She didn't want to go back to base because there was certainly nothing to do there at the moment and most likely no one was there in the first place. Jasmine sighed and sat down on a pile of rubble that was near by. The woman sat there with a knee propped up close against herself, her elbow placed upon her knee and her head rested on her hand. This wasn't what she thought her day was going to be like, full of nothing but boring times. She groaned once again an hopped down from the pile of rubble.

Jasmine stood there for a couple of minutes before letting out a blood curdling scream that echoed throughout the streets and buildings. It would seem odd to others of what she'd just done and it would most likely attract someone or something her way. That is what she was trying to do, though, attract something to the area she was in. She wasn't sure what she was going to do, but depending on who or what showed up she'd certainly find out.