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How do you taste?

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a character in “The Damned II”, as played by Quantumlegacy


He's bland to look at standing at six feet seven inches. He has straight brown hair and pale skin. He is usually wearing a white button-up dress shirt with a pair of black jeans. He wears two crossing tanker holsters where he carries his handguns.

Gang: Diamond Dogs

Theme Song - Kids with Guns

Power: Psychic - Telekinesis and Telepathy.

His powers are handled differently by the three personalities. Each having their own favored way of manifesting his power meaning their control over his power and limits changes between each personality. So I'll break it down between them. Also using his power, under any personality, drains them and will end up causing another to take control.

Gerald - He projects his will into the world. Using it to interact with the environment, objects and people. His control over the power is more powerful then any of other personalities. He is able to lift up objects up to fifty pounds with ease and is able to hit things with a rather considerable force with pinpoint accuracy. Almost as if one had been shot with an invisible bullet. He can do anything the other personalities can do but will never do them willing to keep himself separate from them. Above them as they have nothing on his power. Recently he has be learning how to impress himself upon the minds of others. Though this requires a lot of concentration and isn't even successful that often as the person he's trying to communicate with has to be unable to concentrate or be allowing him in. Then it's as simple as impressing sensations/emotions/thoughts/visions(Each getting progressively harder) in their head and then reading surface thoughts for reactions. He's never been able to deeply probe anyone's mind without killing them and he never gets much of anything beyond their last few days. There is a unconscious mental barrier the mind itself has that he has to break through to do so. The mental trauma behind this can be rather devastating.

Ronald - He doesn't have much of any control over his power instead acting more like can in which he has learned to master only a portion of his power. He can only affect himself with the power and has learned to do only a few things. He can levitate himself to a certain degree for small periods of time. He can create a forcefield of energy that fits him like a second skin that is easily one of the strongest things he can do. Since he's terrible with the guns he tends to do a lot of fist fighting and he's learned to be able to enhance the kinetic energy behind these attacks easily doubling the force behind his attacks.

Jack - The only two things Jack uses his power for is to hold his pray still and crush them under the weight of his will. And to channel his power at the tip of his fingers while he tears into the flesh of things to eat. These two things is all he'll ever need.


Maystin's mind was shattered long ago and has only been trampled on with time. He tends to kill everyone regardless of who they "belong" too. He does possess some loyalty to a very few in his gang but the rest are mere puppets to play with. Ever since the apocalypse he's been roaming free falling deeper and deeper into his psychosis. The official diagnosis is that he is schizophrenic. He rotates between three personalities, none of which are very pleasant. Gerald Maystin, Ronald Maystin, and Jack Maystin. Each of the personalities go about things differently but all three share the same mind and body.

Gerald Maystin is calm in his demeanor and soft spoken. He isn't rash to decision making and will gladly take the time to formulate the perfect plan. But don't let that fool you. He is obsessive, demanding, cold and merciless. He doesn't like to be outsmarted and tends to lose his grip quickly if he's outplayed. He views others as pawns in a game, except there is no winning and he just keeps on with the bloodshed. Even with the way he is and the world is today, Gerald still tries to keep things refined.

Ronald Maystin can be brash, showy and reckless. He'll leap headfirst into anything without a second thought. He tends to keep an upbeat attitude though no matter what is going on around him or what he is doing. Out of the three he is both the least and the most dangerous one. He'll tend to leave people alone for the most part instead focusing his attention on the zombies. But if he does turn his attention to someone, things usually don't turn out well for them. As he likes to play with his victims.

Jack Maystin doesn't say much. He grunts and yells but doesn't speak any language. He's feral in the way he moves, acts, and lives. It is easy to tell when Jacks in control by the wild look in his eyes and pretty much everything he does. Jack is the one with the taste for flesh. Be it of the Zombie, Animal or Human variety. He refuses to eat anything but fresh raw meat. Always with the hunger for more and more. Never satisfied you'd almost think he was a zombie if it weren't for his power and strange loyalty he's formed with the leader of his gang. It's one of the reason's the other two even stay with the gang.


Two Leather Tankard Holsters


Before the apocalypse Maystin was locked up in a mental facility and had been for ten years. He'd been in one since he was 12 after killing his family violently during one of the few times they were all in a single room together. The only way they could find to prove he'd done it was his confession and some of their remains had started to be eaten. He teeth had matched the marks. As the years progressed doctors noticed no sign of getting well. Gerald Maystin only became more and more disturbed as the time went on. Through therapy session when Maystin was Gerald they found out that his mother had beat him, his father had beat him, and his older brother was a really touchy subject. His father would force him to be strict and unyielding while his mother had beat it into him that he should be carefree and forget all about everything his dad had wanted. The two of them had split-up moving away and taking turns yearly to raise Gerald and his older brother.

Obviously the years were not kind to him and these things reflected themselves in his attitudes said the doctors after they diagnosed him with schizophrenia early on. There were two of them at the time Gerald and Ronald. It seemed to be direct reflections of the two lives he lived between his parents trying to coexist in one body. Throughout the years he would have episodes of extraordinary circumstances, or so they would put in the books. As his power as a Tyuman began to manifest itself in his disturbed body they he began unwilling tapping into during some of his lowest points is his psychotic breaks. After about seven years in the facility they were finally able to begin to "normalize" things with him only through use of heavy sedation and psychosis drugs. They managed to keep it up for just over two years before the facility was abandoned during the start of the chaos. It took him a year to get himself together enough after the drugs wore off to escape that building into the start of the zombie riddled apocalypse.

He's wandered what is left of the country since then for another nine years. Developing Jack Maystin early into it. He'd arrived in New Raven last year and was easily accepted into the ranks of the Diamond Dogs after he was jumped by some of them. He managed to immobilize one of them while he ate the other one alive. Since then he's been focusing on not eating those staying in the same area as him while make a name for himself among the humans as The Devourer and to other tyuman as someone whom you just didn't want to run into.

So begins...

Maystin's Story


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Bacon - Near Mayday Bandit Territory

Bacon was almost back to the hideout. He'd kept to the side streets as he knew there were still plenty of rotters running loose through the streets. He'd just recently left a large mob behind after he'd stopped for a moment to eat. He had stopped to use a group of zombies as target practice but ended up getting surrounded. Taking refuge in a boarded up home, he'd eaten and recuperated some before narrowly escaping them breaking in. He paused for a moment at a corner. He heard the unmistakable sound of an engine muffled though it was by distance.

Must be someone new to town he'd seen most of the locals before that weren't already dead and none of them traveled around so loudly. He didn't have time to worry about that though. Things were still bleak back at the base what with the recent shortage in food supplies. Shifting the weight of the pack he started again towards home. He only had a few more minutes travel before he'd be back in Mayday territory once he reached the gas station near here it wouldn't be long before making it home.

Bacon hadn't been in town long himself, only a few years, but he had definitely made a name for himself as a scavenger and as a fierce fight when backed into a corner. He'd managed to land a nice spot with the Mayday Bandits, they were a rowdy bunch but overall good hearted and in the end sometimes that's what matters.

Maystin - Basement of a Diamond Dog Safehouse

The air was thick with dust. This place wasn't used very often and the recent activity in the room had disturbed the thick film of it that had been everywhere. In the center of the room a bruised man was tied down in a metal chair. It was secured into the ground by bolts and the man by chains. He wasn't going anywhere.

"You'll.. never... win." The brown haired victim sputtered between breathes of blood.

"That's where you are wrong. I'm the best at these things and you will be broken." Gerald responded as he pulled at the end of his glove tightening it on his hand. It had loosened during his last round of punishments.

The man was a spy for the Todd Foxes. They'd planted him a few months back trying to sabotage the Diamond Dog's food supplies. As of late things hadn't been going so well for them and food was a shortage in general. The only gang really living it up was the Todd Foxes as they hoarded everything. It had become Maystin's task to not only find out which gang the man was from originally but now squeeze out any information related to the Todd Foxes supply caches around town. They knew most of it was kept in their HQ but they were hoarders and hoarders kept shit everywhere.

"Speak! Or I'll really get angry and you don't really want me to start getting creative." Gerald roared as he hit the man again and again. Silence followed only broken by the harsh breathing and blood filled coughing fits. He'd already done a number on the man to break him in the first place. The loyalty some people had always seemed to find a way to shock him. The concept still alien to him.

His eye twitched as the frustration began to set in. He moved away from the center of the room to a wooden crate nearby. Rummaging within it he began to hum a little diddy. It wasn't long before he procured some rather disturbing looking instruments with a wicked grin. It wasn't long before the room filled with the cries of pain.


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Gerald Maystin - Basement of a Diamond Dog Safehouse

"One. Two. Three. Peel! One two three. Peel!" Gerald was hunched over the man with a pair of pliers peeling the man's finger tips in time with his sing-song words. When he suddenly became aware he was no longer alone in the room. "Seems we have company Trevor. My delicious morsel just you hold that thought."

"Stop!" The voice cried out as he turned to the figure slowly circling around him.

He couldn't make out much besides it was a small female in an ivory colored cloak with jeans. She was obscuring her face with her bits of distinctly brown hair and the cloak. He studied her with his eyes not moving, not breathing as she circled. A silence ensued as the two stared eachother down only to be broken by the dying gurgles of the man. He'd long since taken more punishment then his body could hand and Gerald had only been preparing to indulge himself. He'd already started with the other arm which was missing up to the elbow. Gerald grinned allowing some blood to ooze from his lips as he eyed the girl with the gun. He didn't think he knew her but it was hard to tell with her being masked. Deciding he was intrigued by her guts to even be in Diamond Dog territory let alone interrupting him.

"Do you know who I am? Do you know where you are? To what end do I owe this honor of interruption?" The grin never leaving his face as he watched her for a reaction mentally preparing himself again for her eventual attack. At the same time he'd probe her trying to get a feel for her mind softly pressing against it.

Bacon - Inside Mayday Petrol

He was coming in view of the gas station now. He'd noticed that other then the sound of the motorcycle earlier he hadn't seen anything alive or dead since leaving his last shelter. Stepping up on the curb from the street into the gas station's parking lot he figured he'd check to see if anyone was inside or left any new for him. They had their own system of keeping announcements through a variety seemingly random things set in a certain order.

He crossed the small parking lot heading into the building slowly waiting for an ambush that never came. He was only a few minutes away from the hotel now but he was actually kind of thirsty and he knew that there was a faucet that actually had running clean water in here. He moved through the small mostly barren store towards the one restroom.


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Gerald Maystin - Basement of Diamond Dog Safe House

He narrowed his eyes at the woman as she pushed him out and tried to insult him but only for a moment. As she finished her speel he slowly raised his right hand keeping his fingers balled except for the pointer. He then proceeded to wag his finger at her in protest.

"Rowean. I admire your aggressive will but I think you still don't seem to understand. Even if you miraculiously take me out. We are deep in my neck of the woods, girl. How you even managed to wander in this far unharrased is a mystery to me. "

He stopped taking a breath and stepping away from the probably now dead man.

"See the sound of violence is like a beacon to my brethren. With so many of us nearby I don't think it would be pleasant for you though I doubt there'd be much left for them after I was finished with you. I'd still like to have some civility for a time though. You could be interesting Rowean. As I said you've made it this far already."

He watched her still waiting for the moment she made her decision on how this was going to go.

Bacon - Inside Mayday Petrol

He was just about to open the door to the bathroom when he heard something. As he turned though he almost jumped out of his skin and instinctively pulled his lighter from his pocket. He was startled by Naomi as she stepped in shouting trying to scare him. After his intial shock left him he grinned. He was glad to see another person from the gang and she was one of his better friends he'd made since coming here. He had left without really telling anyone where he was going so it only made since of all the people to come looking for him or to run into it'd be her.

"Naomi, you scared the shit out of me! I could have hurt you. I was literally two seconds from putting forth everything to blast whatever you could have been into a smoldering pile of whatever. Come here you bitch."

He was still grinning as he stepped towards her forgetting about his thirst he open his arms to try and embrace her.

"I got food."


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"Come on you pussy, push harder!" Screams of encouragement rang through the hallowed passages the twisted and turned all around Madd Dog as small trickles of sunlight streamed down on him from the slightly ajar manhole cover. So far he has been waiting for Wolfgang to pry open the cover for a whole ten minutes, and this part part of the sewers was particularly ripe to begin with, not to mention he was up to his knees in sewer waste. Needless to say he was not a happy camper.

"Hey, if you think you can do better, why don't you try!" That was it. He had enough of Wolfgang today. All he really did was sit on his ass and stuff his fat face and big mouth anyway. It was time to give him another reason to lay down.

Carful not to touch the blade of his signature machete, he reached for todays arsenal, which consisted of some sort of rifle, although he couldn't place which model just by feeling it, and there was no significant light source in the surrounding sewers. Once he managed to get a good grip on it, and get into the proper firing stance, he blindly fired up through the sewer exit right at Wolfgang. The flare of the gun muzzle and screams filled the air.

A split second later, nothing. he was surrounded by people, but everyone knew better than to talk and break the silence the shrouded them. Instead, one of the grunts opted to climb up and pry what was left of Wolfgang off the makeshift ladder. His body landed face down in the water with a satisfying splash, and The last of wolfgang floated away from the group leaving a trail of crimson red blood leading to an unknown location.

Ok, so maybe Madd Dog didn't mean to kill him. He was trying to wing it, shoot him in the foot or something. Not that it was a big deal. Everybody knew Wolfgang was a slacker, and he was getting a little to comfortable in his position as a luiteniant. Madd Dog was always looking for discreet way to bump him. It doesn't exactly encourage replacements when the last guy was killed for not doing a good enough job, even though when someone with a good spot in the gang went down, there were always ten more skilled guys lined up to replace them. Besides, as long as he was wearing the crown around here, nothing could go wrong.

His thoughts were interrupted when another random climbed up the ladder and managed to jack open the entryway together. Sunlight poured in and blinded everyone with its awesome glare. One by one, members poured out into the sunlight and afternoon breeze. Almost everyone else sped off into random districts of the city, to gather supplies, patrol Diamond dog territory, Ect., Ect. But not Madd Dog and his right hand man, bill. Without a word, they hopped on their bikes in a secret stash nearby and headed out.


"So, where we headed?" Bill questioned, as Madd Dog had stopped to assess where they were in the city and check his compass.

"You know those bodys piled up in the back of the freezer?" Mcgee chimed randomly, with a almost forlorn tone.

"Um, yea, what about them?" Bill responded confused by the randomness of the statement. He had conversations with magee that went like this before, but they always took him by surprise.

"You'll see..." Madd Dog retorted with a almost school-girl giggle of excitement. Bill knew has heard this before. It was always followed by one of Madd Dogs wild plans he didn't like it one bit.

Just as Bill was going to question him further, screams of pain echoed around them.

"Ah, maystin..." He cooed, wiping a tear of joy from his eye, before turning to bill and saying "lets go.".

And with that, they raced toward the disturbance.