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Randall Towns

Life does not have to be all dirt and grime. In between deaths there is no reason not to have a nice glass of wine

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a character in “The Damned II”, as played by whscorbin


Name: Randall Towns

age: 19

Standing at six feet even and with a toned and muscled body, Randall is the type of person that you would think would be hard to not to notice. His brown hair is cut short and he has deep blue eyes that can seem cold as ice or joyful and playful. His fair skin and sharp features make him noticeably handsome to many people’s standards and his kind appearance conflicts with his darker pass and even darker heart.
Randall was born just a few years short of the zombie outbreak, he spent those years in comfort and tranquility, sadly his memories of those times are long faded. At the age of 14 he could already pass as an adult and began moving from place to place as he tried to find somewhere safe. The dark world that he lived in quickly warped his sense of morality and made him more than willing to do terrible things in order to survive, not without guilt though. Randall ended up joining a small group of killers and began to learn how to kill and how to live. In his mind, life and death must go hand in hand.

Randall had thought himself human until a few years ago when he found out he was a Tyuman. Many would say that it should have been obvious; he had a knack for blending in and not being seen. Even going so far as to say that he could walk in front of someone without them ever noticing, that is until he planted a blade in their back. Randalls skills go a little beyond that though, often having people shoot at him and miss by just a small bit.

Randall had to learn how to harden himself during the job, to shut down all emotions and focus on the task at hand. He became very good at compartmentalizing but it created a sort of emotional block for him. When working he shuts down all but his most base emotions, turning himself into an effective machine. Many are surprised by just how cold he is in these moments, a stark contrast from the relaxed guy he is in his down time.

Even when killing though he showed an odd knack for the sophisticated, often spending his free time in suits and fancy clothes. He somehow found an appreciation for the arts as he moved around searching for somewhere to call home. It was obvious to many that while he was more than willing to do the dirty work, killing and stealing, he still had a moral conscious. Never hurting people if he could help it and never dragging out a kill for longer than it had to be. It was this moral consciousness that ended up driving a wedge between him and his old gang.

Randall and his once best friend came to blows over a job, Randall wanting to leave a pair of kids alone who had nothing to do with them and his friend wanting to kill them anyway. Randall up making it so that the kids could get away but it cost him a heavy price, his home and those he called his friends. Now in the hopes of finding a new home Randall traveled to New Raven, he knew that an old friend of his had joined a gang called the Todd Foxes and he cannot held but hope that he might find a place for himself there.
Randall is a very funny a calm guy when he’s not working. More than willing to tell or joke or mess around with people he is often seen as a relaxed person. Like everyone he has a number of small quirks, such as loving art and having a few remaining suits before the world went to hell. Randall might be a happy guy in appearance but his years of killing has made his heart steel, making it so that very little touches him emotionally. It takes time for him to make friends but once he has he refuses to lose them. Often put his life on the line for theirs, this doesn’t mean that he will break his code though. Having a very strict and rigid idea of what is going too far, Randall has in the past fought his friends to fallow that code and he wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. In this barren waste land one of the few things he wants is to find a true home for himself.
Carries a pair of semi-automatic pistols on his hips while having a number of hidden knives on his body at all times. Each of his knives is small, only about the length of a man’s palm, balanced and sharpened for both cutting and throwing. Randall has a garrote, a thin wire made to cut through flesh, hidden in his watch at all times.

So begins...

Randall Towns's Story


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Randall swerved around the hulking corpses of old cars easily enough, the motorcycle he was riding made it easily enough. He had been riding for the last few days, doing his best to find enough gas to get this far. He remembered being told that once there was plenty of it, oil that was, and that vehicles very rarely did not have gas. Now it had taken the last of his money, a tiny fortune almost, to get enough so that he was here. New Raven. Randall's eyes scanned the city easily enough as he rode closer, taking everything in as best as he could. He'd been told by an old friend that the city held promise, that he had managed to find a place here. It had been over a year though since they had last spoken, it would not be too surprising if he was dead by now. Still the idea attracted him, after having to leave his last home this was as good a place to settle down at as any.

As he got closer to the city line he pulled a black Glock from his waist and set it in front of him in a small indent on the bike so that it wouldn't fall off too easily but would be at hand if needed. Time spent dealing with criminals had taught him that no matter what, you had to prepare for the worst case situation. He couldn't help but think that the site of him might attract a little attention. He doubted that it was every day someone in a suit rode into town. Even now, with the dust covering him from the long time on the road, he could not help but dress a little better than most. He was wearing one of the few suits he had, it would not be too long before even that would have to be discarded.

Randall refocused his mind as the first city shadows came upon him, his eyes scanned every rooftop and every alleyway he could see. He did not have a lot of gas left, it would be just enough to get him out of town if something went down. He looked around as he searched for any living soul. He would need to find out were the foxes were, and hopeful find out if his old friend was still alive.