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The Nomad

"Welcome to Hell, call me when you're ready to give up."

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a character in “The Damned II”, as played by Beach-Born-Boy



Theme: Ra-Do You Call My Name

Name: The Nomad

Birth Name: Thane Lancer

Nicknames: Thane, Nomad, Sharp-shot

Age: Twenty Four

Species: Tyhuman

Gender: Male

Religion: None

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 175 lb

Hair: Jet black, sticks up in the front.

Eyes: deep blue, nearly black.

Tyhuman Ability: He can slow down his perception of time to one tenth of what it truly is. This makes him appear incredibly fast and almost psychic to those around him. It also helps him while taking shots as it gives him plenty of time to locate his target, line up the sights and pull the trigger.

Ability Downside: Thane's ability physically exhausts him if he uses it for more than a few minutes at a time. However, he counteracts this by always carrying several adrenaline shots with him.


The Nomad, named by the few other members of the Jackals not completely petrified of him, is known for his ability to survive above all else. He's been known to outlast even the most durable competitors in brutal, bare knuckle boxing matches on will power alone. Thane's nickname however comes from the fact that while he is a member of the Jackals, it's rare to find him at their roost as he prefers travelling, even in this desolate landscape. It has yet to be discovered what his fears are, if there are any as he will not only stand his ground against massive hordes of the monsters out in the world, but actually leave a prime location to jump head-first into the fray. He is a natural-born leader and loyal to his fellows to a fault. However, he's also headstrong (or what can be interpreted as it through his silent actions), extremely violent (he's been known to more than overkill on anything he deems worthy of the effort of killing.), and remorseless. He's never quick to anger and nearly silent even when he's been infuriated past any normal person's breaking point.


The Nomad can always be known to have some manner of firearm on his person at any moment and will not hesitate to use it in any situation. He always travels with more than enough ammunition, several belts of bullets hang from his shoulders and waist, all concealed by a thick jacket. He wears worn jeans, combat boots, a black T-shirt, a heavy winter jacket, a blue bandanna around his face and a pair of gloves with heavy brass studs sewn into the knuckles, hidden by the cloth. He also carries a large knife on his leg and normally travels with a German Sheppard. (He left the dog back at the Jackal's hide-out however, as he knew that he'd be more help there for now.)


The Nomad doesn't talk about his history, but rumors have begun to spread through the gang. He's been with them since near or at the very beginning of their gang so he's possibly one of the founding members. He also is extremely experienced in fire arms and hand to hand combat, leading the others to believe that he was previously a member of some sort of Special Operations team. He and one of the other veteran members served in the military together and confirmed that they were " the SEALs of the sky." and that they were both a part of the US Air Force's Special Operations Weather Teams but refused to say what team or how high up they were in it. Between the two of them though, it's fairly evident that they were high, if not the highest on the SOWT scoreboard.

So begins...

The Nomad's Story


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Thane stepped out from the bar, sunlight beating his eyes as they adjusted from the darkness at the counter inside. "Ugh. Too damn bright out. Thought the end of the world would be darker. Clouds, and doom and gloom everywhere." He muttered to himself. With a sigh, her finished off the final few drops of his beer and tossed the bottle in the dumpster. "Watered down swill. Can't find a good brew for miles." He sat down on his motorcycle and started the engine. "Might as well see what I can find before I head back." He said eyeing the old factory a few blocks down. He peeled out of the gravel lot in front of the bar and sped off towards it, stopping only when he got there. As he stepped inside, he drew his revolver and spun the chamber around, whistling as he did. His hopes were to draw out anyone, or anything inside the run down building.


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Character Portrait: Sammi Lance Character Portrait: The Nomad
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"Well really now Samantha," Thane remarked peering up at her. In the blink of an eye, he was at the top of the stairs. "I know it's been a while since I've been back," In the next instant he was leaning on the railing no more than two feet from her. "But you've forgotten me all ready? What a shame." His ivory handled revolver hung by it's safety-latched trigger from his finger. "You know, seeing as how you've claimed this building, and I, well I practically own the Jackals" He said, slowly walking around around to her other side. "Then I suppose this building is mine. So it looks to me like you have to share." He finished in a teasing tone.