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Bacon (Jeffery Nabdron)

"Let's make it sizzle."

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a character in “The Damned”, as played by Quantumlegacy



Bacon stands at just under six feet tall at five feet and ten inches. He has green-grey eyes and light blonde spiky hair. He usually wears some sort of short sleeve shirt and a pair of bluejeans. If he can get some, since he tends to burn through his clothes faster then most people. He has a earring in his right hear and a few tattoo's on his body.

Power: Bacon can both manipulate and create fire. It's easier for him to take an existing flame and turn it into anything from a source for shooting fireballs to constructing weapons of fire. So long as he can keep concentration he can keep up the fire as long as he wants/can. So far through testing he has come to the conclusion it is harder to maintain a flame or flames from farther distances and he hasn't been able to keep it up past a hundred yards or so, it's hard to test these things. Obviously the more complex the act he is doing the more it is going to take out of him. As said before though he doesn't need a source fire to make fire, so long as there is oxygen there can be fire. Bacon is able to mentally spark a fire from nothing and use it. Though this take more concentration.

Gang: Mayday Bandits

Theme Song: Burnin' For You - Blue Oyster Cult


In a few words, Bacon is impulsive. In a more in-depth view. Bacon can be rash and easily swayed by his emotions. He tends to do what he thinks is right no matter really what others may tell him. He has little to no morals left and wouldn't think twice about robbing someone, or leaving them behind. He doesn't forgive things well so getting on his badside is never a good idea. He can work in a group well enough but he'll always be a loner at heart.

On the other hand he loves to party and have a good time. It helps keeps his mind off his past and the end of Jeffery. He doesn't fear much of anything except for certain other survivor's he'd met. Having since learned much about himself he enjoys displaying his powers and practicing the craft of it. His outlook on life is strange in the way that he doesn't care about religion or the psycho babble that some people try and tell him. He knows that what is here and now is real and a constant threat. Even though he numb himself through the partying and puts forward a brave face he struggles within as he decides whether he should live or die every day.


An engraved lighter.
Warped Fork


Before the infection and realization of what he was, Jeffery Nabdron wasn't very notable. He went to school, got average grades and had no friends. He kept to himself for the most part and managed to get through most of his life just fine. When he was seventeen though things began to change. That was 2004.

He woke up with a headache, something that had been happening everyday for two weeks after his birthday. He went to school angry, something he usually never was. Ended up in a fight with a local bully which is where things got kind of dicey. The kid was beating the shit out of Jeffery and everyone was laughing. He couldn't focus because of the headache and the laughing. He didn't even feel the kid attacking him anymore.

It was just when people were starting to turn away and the teachers could be heard running down the halls that it happened. Jeffery could never explain what happened only that it had happened. He had stood up, everything clearing into focus, and screamed at the kid.

"Don't you fucking walk away from me!" He'd never been this angry before. Bleeding he stepped towards the kid and put his hand out towards him. There was a flash of light, which later turned out to be fire, and everyone nearby but him was on the ground putting themselves out.

That was the first time he tapped into himself. Several kids including the bully, Michel Mitchins, had to go to the hospital with second degree burns. Needless to say his parents pulled him out of school. They ended up having to move after threats of legal action and people calling him freak or threatening to kill them.

It hadn't mattered though, they probably all died anyway. It wasn't long after that the virus showed up in his town. He watched that day as the only people he cared about were torn apart by the old lady who had house sat with him one time.

It was also the second time he used his power. After narrowly escaping he ended up alone. It stayed that way for the better part of seven more years before he ended up in New Raven. He'd learned a lot about himself since then and had changed his name to Bacon. His old identity was sad and boring and he had needed something memorable for the new him. So he chose his favorite food, and he loved his pun lines. "Let's make it sizzle."

It wasn't long till he had made some enemies before eventually making the right friends. He's been in his gang now for a year. It's the longest he's ever stayed in one place. It was probably because there were so many more like him here it had intrigued him and taught him so much more. He's not sure if it's sad that he can say that these last two years have been some of the best of his life since it all began.

So begins...

Bacon (Jeffery Nabdron)'s Story

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Character Portrait: Bacon (Jeffery Nabdron)
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Bacon - Near Bloodhound Territory

The smell of warm food was beginning to emanate from the can. He had escaped a horde of the dead a while back into this boarded up house. It had taken him longer then he wanted to break in and repair it to some extent. What with the rotters that had been following him trying to take a bite out of him. The scent filled his nostrils as he mentally strengthened the flame.

He had found a decorative metal basket and destroyed it so that he could use it as a raised rack. It was small and turned out to work perfectly. He had a metal ashtray under it and in that was the fire he was keeping lit. It flickered with life as he began to drool. It had not been long since he had eaten but this was going to be the biggest meal he had in a more then a few days. His eyes strayed from the boiling concoction to the trash nearby. There was the wrapper from the can, some old newspapers, what looked like junk mail and a thick layer of dirt. His mind trailed as he saw the tattered picture of someone who had won the lotto and above that what looked like an article on the outbreak of the infection.

"Jeffery! Jeffery! Don't worry about daddy, baby. We need to go! We. Need. To. Go-"

He shook his head ridding himself of the thoughts focusing on the flame letting it die out. He would eat out of a mug he wiped out with a warped fork he found. The succulent meat sent him into a bliss. After all he'd only had canned noodles, beans and other oddities that they'd been able to scrounge up. He had a few other can goods in the pack next to him. He'd raided the house and had been pleased with what he found.

He knew he shouldn't have been sticking around though as he was in a part of town not under his gang's control. He was near Bloodhound territory when he ended up in a bit more fun the he wanted. Whenever he was out scavenging alone, he would usually end up in more trouble then he'd like.

"Bacon likes." He said muffled through a mouth full of stew. He was almost done with his meal as he sat there in the empty room. It wasn't a large house and didn't have many entrances so he wasn't really worried. What with the commotion he caused outside anyone trying to get him would have to deal with the rotters first.

He'd been away from the hotel for three days now and was hoping to get back sooner but his knack for trouble had been slowing him down. Finishing the last bite he sat there letting it settle. He could hear them shuffling outside. Wrinkling his face he tried to think of a way out without having to fight much more. He needed to reserve what he had left in case he ran into anyone. Standing he slung the pack of food over his shoulder and went to look for another way out.

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Character Portrait: Bacon (Jeffery Nabdron)
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Bacon - Near Bloodhound Territory

He'd had a run in not that long ago with a guy from the Bloodhounds. Which is how this last few days had turned out how they did. The guy was crazy enough he should have been part of the Diamond Dogs but it wasn't his place to do their recruiting. He wiped the sweat from his head, he was starting to get hot. An unnecessary and unpleasant side-effect of his inner power. The heat, it would make it so hard to concentrate at times. He sighed and looked up to the small window he'd found in the ruined bathroom.

"Why would fuckers ever create windows so small!" He shouted at the window even though he didn't mean too. The bathroom was just big enough for him to stand in and maneuver to the window after he'd knock out the glass and it's frame. He turned around and headed back to where he'd set up. As he started to gathering the few things he would even want to keep he could hear that the rotters outside had picked up to his existence again. He knew it wouldn't have been long but he might have had longer if he hadn't screamed.

"Fuck!" He screamed as he stood slamming his open hand on the wall. "I'm such and idiot!" He started towards the bathroom quickly as the dead began to press against the shoddily repaired barricaded he had to break in to get in. He'd expected to have had to fight someone when he got in but the only thing inside were the few things he'd already gathered up and the rotting corpses of two older females in the bedroom. If he had more time he might have burned their bodies for them.

He took a deep breath before he started to bust out the window with a metal shower rod he had picked up a few seconds earlier. He could hear the sound of cracking wood as he threw his pack out the window and then started to weasel his way through. Just as he got through, falling on to some trashcans hard, he could hear them breaking in. Their moans and grunts echoing out the window as well as all around him. The mob he'd escaped from hadn't gone anywhere they'd just been sitting here waiting to find him. He scrambled over to where is pack landed grabbing it and then scrambling to his feet he took a quick look around. He was in the back alley in Bloodhound territory. He only had a few hours hard run from here till he could get back into Mayday Turf. He started down the paved alley as quietly as he could but it was no use. As soon as he passed the house the rotters noticed him and began to come toppling after him.

Rather then waste time fighting he decided to go back to running, so he fastened his pack on tight and took off running for what could literally be his life.