Tyuman: Todd Fox, proud and true. Has inhuman senses, on par with that of a fox.

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Name: Kitsune

Real name: Sora Isobe.

Nickname(s): Kit, Kid, 'Sune.

Age: 16

Clothes: A dark orange hoodie, that has animal ears on it, that are up when the hood is. To go with it he has white, baggy combat trousers, which are held up by an orange belt, worn backwards (creating a tail-type effect).

Hair: Long-ish scruffy red hair, with a bleached white rat-tail down the back.

Due to injuries inflicted on him during his initial escape from the infected, it is clear from a glance at him arms and neck that his a Tyuman, hence the long sleeve jumper and baggy hood.

He is 5'9", with a svelte build, that never fails to betray his strength.

He his a strong liking for most music, and an even greater disliking for dog whistles.

He is absolutely awful with any type of gun, and is no longer allowed to even train with them.

Random fact: He likes Naruto, Kiba and Hinata, and dislikes Sasuke, Sakura and Neji. (He lives in the old book store, which had a fair stock of comics/manga as well. The stuff he didn't like he traded/used as kindling on the colder nights.)


Kitsune is quite odd. He is both outgoing and shy at the same time. If he is with someone he trusts, he is quite brave, but around strangers, he is exceedingly shy. He is fair gender-wise, both in politics and combat. He knows full well that a girl could beat him in a fight, and won't shy away from that fact. Neither will he let genders stop him from fighting a girl, should it come down to it. He prefers to avoid fighting in general.

Despite not wanting to fight that much, he does frequently spar with (and lose against) Feral, from the Mayday Bandits. Her oldest brother don't really like Kit too much, due to often she's skipped he chores to hang out with him. He does like Feral, though he doesn't know if it's just like or something more...


He uses knives and his hands should both stealth and fleeing fail. He keeps a dark brown shoulder bag on him at all times, that has a fox's tail and a racoon's tail spray-painted on it in a Ying and Yang formation (Kit's idea, when he was talking with Feral one day.) In his store he has the CB radio that guided him to Raven City.


Sora was raised as a fairly normal kid. Due to how subtle his mutation was (comparatively), the only effect it had was that he was really good at hide-and-go-seek, due to a heightened sense of smell and hearing. Once the infection reached America, Sora (who was an only child) quickly found himself twisting in the wind, without parents, friends, or anyone to help him. He stumbled through the burning streets, learning through trial and error how to take care of himself. The people he did meet either humans that hated him when they realised that he was a Tyuman, or Tyuman that attacked due to how human he looked. By the time he had made his way to Raven City, he had was 12 and had been travelling according to rumours. He had found a CB radio in a taxi while on a savaging trip in a larger city. He carried it with him since then, and used it to communicate with anyone he could. Due to his orange hair that was in rat-tail, and his heightened senses (as he came to realise they were), he took to calling himself 'Fox', rather than his real name. As the person he most frequently spoke with could tell his youth, therefore called him 'Kid', which sounds like 'Kit', which was extended to his taken name in his mind, he took the name 'Kitsune' for referring to himself for face-to-face encounters. He didn't chose the mall to take shelter in as it more chose him (in a sense). It was the first place he seen that looked safe. He was given the job to keep watch for any signs of aggression, from either gangs or otherwise, a job that played quite well to his strengths. It wasn't long before he was set up in the book store, which seemed to be home to anyone who's task it was to keep watch.

So begins...

Kitsune's Story


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Hey Kit, wake up. You've got next watch for post 3.

He felt a gentle kick go into side. It wasn't a kick meant to hurt, just wake him up. Giving a quick snort and rolled onto his other side, before going onto his front and pushing himself up. He grumbled as he dragged himself up. The bedroll that he used every night had taken his shape a while back, not comfortable as it was familiar, which was more important to a good sleep to Kitsune, it seemed. He hated early morning watch. It was difficult to wake up enough for an accurate reading for the first 20 minutes. Luckily for him, nothing much happened that was out of the ordinary. Some scouts from other gangs, testing the territories; couriers running messages and miscellaneous packages. Everything was still worth taking note of, just in case. Better to be over-careful than under.

He walked through the mall that had been changed into a base for those who didn't see much difference between the humans and the Tyuman. Or at the very least they didn't attack over the belief that one existed. If it wasn't for the fact that this building had been commandeered by the early members of the Todd Foxes back when the town was split in 4 (as far as he knew it was only split in 4), there might not have been another building that could support such a large amount of people. Not as comfortably, anyway.

Climbing the stairs to the roof, then the ladder up into the watchtower that was his designated post. "I'm here to relieve you..." Kit said tiredly, Thank god... He got as an equally tired response. The other 'watch-fox' climbed down from the tower, almost slipping from the ladders in tiredness, "Careful..." A childish sticking out the tongue was what he got in response, one which he returned, before taking a seat in the solid wooden chair that he would be occupying for the 4 hours (unless he got a visitor)...