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How do you taste?

0 · 137 views · located in St. John's Hospital

a character in “The Damned”, as played by Quantumlegacy


He's bland to look at standing at six feet seven inches. He has straight brown hair and pale skin. He is usually wearing a white button-up dress shirt with a pair of black jeans. He wears two crossing tanker holsters where he carries his handguns.

Gang: Diamond Dogs

Theme Song - Kids with Guns

Power: Psychic - Telekinesis and Telepathy.

His powers are handled differently by the three personalities. Each having through own favored way of manifesting them. Their control over his power and limits changes from each one as well. So I'll break it down between them. Also using his power, under any personality, drains them and will end up causing another to take control.

Gerald - He projects his will into the world. Using it to interact with the environment, objects and people. His control is more powerful then any of them and can do more with it. He is able to pick up objects up too fifty pounds and is able to hit things with a rather considerable force with pinpoint accuracy. Almost as if one had been shot with an invisible bullet. He can do anything his other selves can do but will never do them to keep himself separate from them. Above them as they have nothing on his power. Recently he has be learning how to impress in the minds of others. Though this requires a lot of concentration and isn't even successful that often as the person he's trying to communicate with has to be unable to concentrate or be allowing him in. Then it's as simple as impressing thoughts/feelings/sensations/visions(Each getting progressively harder) in their head and then reading surface thoughts for reactions. He's never been able to probe anyone's mind without killing them and he never gets much of anything beyond their last few days.

Ronald - He doesn't have much of any control over his power. He can only affect himself with the power and has learned to do minor things. He can levitate himself to a certain degree for small periods of time. Or create a forcefield of energy that fits him like a second skin. Since he's terrible with the guns he tends to do a lot of fist fighting and he's learned to be able to enhance the kinetic energy behind these attacks easily doubling his strength.

Jack - The only two things Jack uses his power for is to hold his pray still and crush them under the weight of his will. And to channel his power at the tip of his fingers while he tears into the flesh of things to eat.


Maystin's mind was shattered long ago and has only been trampled on with time. He tends to kill everyone regardless of who they "belong" too. He does possess some loyalty to a very few in his gang but the rest are mere puppets to play with. Ever since the apocalypse he's been roaming free falling deeper and deeper into his psychosis. The official diagnosis is that he is schizophrenic. He rotates between three personalities, none of which are very pleasant. Gerald Maystin, Ronald Maystin, and Jack Maystin. Each of the personalities go about things differently but all three have the same urges.

Gerald Maystin is calm in his demeanor and soft spoken. He isn't rash to decision making and will gladly take the time to formulate the perfect plan. But he can be obsessive, demanding, cold and merciless. He doesn't like to be outsmarted and tends to lose his grip quickly if he's outplayed. He views others as pawns in a game, except there is no winning and he just keeps on with the bloodshed. Even with the way he is and the world is today, Gerald still tries to keep things refined.

Ronald Maystin can be brash, showy and reckless. He'll leap headfirst into anything without a second thought. He tends to keep and upbeat attitude though no matter what is going on around him or what he is doing. Out of the three he is both the least and the most dangerous one. He'll tend to leave people alone for the most part instead focusing his attention on the zombies. But if he does turn his attention to someone, things usually don't turn out well for them. As he likes to play with his victims.

Jack Maystin doesn't say much. He grunts and yells but doesn't speak any language. He's feral in the way he moves, acts, and lives. It is easy to tell when Jacks in control by the wild look in his eyes and pretty much everything he does. Jack is the one with the taste for flesh. Be it of the Zombie, Animal or Human variety. He refuses to eat anything but raw meat. Always with the hunger for more and more. Never satisfied you'd almost think he was a zombie if it weren't for his power.


Two Leather Tankard Holsters


Before the apocalypse Maystin was locked up in a mental facility and had been for ten years. He'd been in one since he was 12 after killing his family violently during one of the few times they were all in a single room together. The only way they could find to prove he'd done it was his confession and some of their remains had started to be eaten. He teeth had matched the marks. As the years progressed doctors noticed no sign of getting well. Gerald Maystin only became more and more disturbed as the time went on. Through therapy session when Maystin was Gerald they found out that his mother had beat him, his father had beat him, and his older brother was a really touchy subject. His father would force him to be strict and unyeilding while his mother had beat it into him that he should be carefree and forget all about everything his dad had wanted. The two of them had split-up moving away and taking turns yearly to raise Gerald and his older brother.

Obviously the years were not kind to him and these things reflected themselves in his attitudes said the doctors after they diagnosed him with schizophrenia early on. There were two of them at the time Gerald and Ronald. It seemed to be direct reflections of the two lives he lived between his parents trying to coexist in one body. Throughout the years he would have episodes of extraordinary circumstances, or so they would put in the books. As his power as a Tyuman began to manifest itself in his disturbed body they he began unwilling tapping into during some of his lowest points is his psychotic breaks. After about seven years in the facility they were finally able to begin to "normalize" things with him only through use of heavy sedation and psychosis drugs. They managed to keep it up for just over two years before the facility was abandoned during the start of the chaos. It took him a year to get himself together enough after the drugs wore off to escape that building into the start of the zombie riddled apocalypse.

He's wandered what is left of the country since then for another nine years. Developing Jack Maystin early into it. He'd arrived in New Raven last year and was easily accepted into the ranks of the Diamond Dogs after he was jumped by some of them. He managed to immobilize one of them while he ate the other one alive. Since then he's been focusing on not eating those staying in the same area as him while make a name for himself among the humans as The Devourer and to other tyuman as someone whom you just didn't want to run into.

So begins...

Maystin's Story