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Kimi Yoshida

a girl who just happened to be in the wrong place at the rite time

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a character in “The Dance of the Desert Eagle”, as played by sunny515241



True Name:: Kimi Yoshida

Alias/Nick-Name:: Kimi

Age:: 18

Weight:: 120lbs/54.4kg

Height:: 157.5cm, 5'2, 62in

Description:: Kira is average height. She wears a black swimsuit top and blue jean shorts a majority of the time with her bathing suit bottoms underneath, when she isn't wearing her bathing suit top she's wearing a black tank-top that reveals her stomach. She has a rose tattoo with black stars on her hip and wears red bows in her hair. She wears red contacts, because she thinks they look cool cool. Her goal is to be a individual in the world full of the same.

Hobbies:: Reading, Drawing, Camping, Exploring, Volleyball, Music

Job:: Student, Maid

Any other Random Facts:: She is adopted and can't remember anything before the age of 12, works as a maid to pay off her debt.


Kimi is quiet at times and tends to keep to herself. She enjoys reading and loves to draw her emotions. She enjoys playing volleyball at the beach and will do anything to be there. She is constantly listening to music and always carries her iPod.


She doesn't carry much (only a iPod), but if you give her a sword she will amaze you. She had always needed a way to protect herself and she at first found that protection with a bat, and slowly she graduated to a sword as she got older and saved her money. She has been working on combat for several years.


Kimi grew up in a small house with her mom and dad. Her family had never been the richest, but they had enough to survive. One day her parents and her were walking home from the grocery store when a car hit them. Her mom and dad were killed and she was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. There they cared for her for about a month. After the month had passed the employees began to wonder how she was going to pay the hospital bill. They checked her parents bank account and promptly withdrew the money, using it to pay off the bill. After realizing that she was in dept they decided to take her off of life support and let her pass, but as they were doing so a strange couple walked into the hospital and presented adoption papers for her. They paid for her bill and she soon recovered and was taken off of life support and allowed to leave, but she didn't remember any of her past.

"Where are we going?" She asked the driver, who just happened to be her new dad. "We are going home." he replies, still focused on the road. "Where's that?" She asked still confused. "You'll see." He said and they drove in silence for the remainder of the trip. After a hour of silece a huge mansion came into view. Her eyes went wide in astonishment. "Wow." was all she managed to say as she almost jumped out of her seat. "You will be living in the smaller house in the back, alone. The maids will teach you your duties and you will work until you have paid off every penny of your debt." The man spoke. And her eyes went white, not knowing what to do.

Kimi was racing down the street, Damn it! She thought as she started to fun raster from the local gang close on her tail. She had been stupid, walking straight into their hideout. She looked behind her and saw the gang getting closer. SMACK! She went straight into their leader, the force knocking her onto the ground. "Oww!" She cried out and looked up at the huge figure above her. The others came and grabbed her arms, pulling her into the air as she kicked and squirmed. "You'll pay brat!" He yelled as he pulled his arm back to punch her. She braced herself for attack, No crying Kimi! No crying! She thought as she closed her eyes tightly. Just as he was about to punch sirens could be heard, slowly them getting louder.The gang dropped her to the ground again in a loud "THUD!" as she fell and cut her leg open of one of the knives they had dropped. "You'll regret this brat! You'll be dead for this!" The leader yelled behind him as he disappeared from her view.

So begins...

Kimi Yoshida's Story