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Milla Koramakov

Sarcastic and elegant, that's all me.

0 · 82 views · located in Salvation

a character in “The Dark and the Twisted”, as played by Maerorem-Caligo


Milla Koramakov
Milly :: Mils :: Koramakov
Female :: 19 :: Russian :: Straight

ImageMilla is, or rather, she appears to be your average nineteen
year old girl. She has sleek blonde hair and pale, smooth
skin. Her smile is not something often seen, but when it is,
it tends to be soft, sinister. She stands at about five feet seven inches, and has a feminine build. While her 'womanly asets' aren't particularly the best around, she still knows how to use them to get what she wants. Mostly it's free stuff, jewellery, money, all that kind of superficial junk. For her it's all a game- yes, a test on how good she really is. She knows she isn't strictly the prettiest, she still manages to be gorgeous. Comes with being dead, she guesses, but all in all, it's not a bad... er, life, for want of a better term. She's got cold blue eyes which are hide to decipher initially, but once you get to know her, it's not hard to tell when something's bubbling up in her mind. Despite her naturally light hair, she's got dark, shapely brows. They're most often lopsided, one raised in a semi-perminant Imagemask of distain or challenge. Her smile, when chosen to be seen is open and happy, showing off her straight white teeth. Depending on her mood, her hair will be differently done. If bored, it's often done up in many braids, intricately woven with flowers or ribbons. If she's feeling lazy or upset, it's generally left frizzed and limp. However, it's she's out to have some fun, it's up. Always. You'll know if she's out for a good time if her hair is done up atop her head.
Generally, however, it is down, neat and straight in yellow locks. Her dress sense is easily described as sophisticated and elegant. She loves to look her best, even if simply in referral to attire.
The only exception to this would be if she was feeling blue. Then she'd dress lazily. If she were angry, it swaps completely into tight, shiny clothes fit for a night on the town.

Greedy :: Sarcastic :: Flirtacious :: Curious
Koramakov is very readable if you know her. Her eyes and her mannerisms will denote what mindset she is in. Most of the time she is sarcastic and playful, but all can change with a snap of the fingers. Her mood is very easily affected by outside means. This includes the attitudes of others, the weather, what day it is, or how those around her are dressed. She does not like to see anyone in the club sloppily dressed, and so it's hard for her to be a waitress sometimes. She can get fiesty if flirted with by one unlike herself, and will quickly shut down any unwanted offers. She's not afraid to flirt herself, and will often do so if the male in question looks rich or powerful. She's never once had a proper relationship. Her longest is a month, and that was only because she wanted a credit card pin number. Image
She's also very judgemental and will work off first impressions. If you dissapoint her it is not likely that she will ever take interest in you again. If you anger her, then it is best to watch your back for some time. She's a hot head and enjoys the violent side of life. She also enjoys making a good scene. The spotlight is where she loves to be. She plays piano and cello, as well as sings. She's very good at all. She is a massive showoff, and enjoys looking down on others. She's a mean person, and rarely does she pay attention to those less fortunate than her.
Authority makes her edgy; she does not like working under people. She doesn't enjoy working with people, either, unless they're attractive. However, she does not believe in getting what you get without first working for it.
She's also terribly conceited, and thinks she's smart enough and pretty enough to do whatever she wants and get away with it. Due to her childish good-looks, all she has to do is start fake crying and she thinks she'll get off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. This often puts her at odds with others, especially those with authority over her, attributing to the fact that she doesn't like being told what to do.

She likes to play the cello and piano, to write both songs and stories, and to play sports such as baseball and volleyball. She doesn't like swimming, running, or anything involving heights. She's afraid of both heights and being alone or forgotten. Her music tastes are ecclectic, as she enjoys rock, metal, punk, RnB, pop, classical and dubstep. She does not enjoy most boy band music, however. She tends to sing very slow, sad songs, and takes lots of her inspiration from bands such as Within Temptation, Nightwish and We Are the Fallen. Her favourite band, however, is Paramore and her favourite song is Monster.
Her job at Salvation is waitressing, though she keeps attempting to convince her boss to let her perform. She is always edgy around him, trying to get what she wants without resorting to her usual seduction tactics.

She had a simple life, growing up with her mother on a farm, along with her twin sister Amaria. However, while her family was more than willing to get down in the muck, she preferred to stay clean and neat. She resents the idea of being dirty. At sixteen her mother kicked her out, and so she fled for the city, trying to find somewhere to stay. That's where she came upon the club that changed her and her life forever. She quickly learned how to wait on people, and was influenced heavily by her coworkers. She looks at them as though they are her family, and will defend them until the bitter end.
She took music lessons whilst living with her mother, leading to her astute ability in regards to the cello and piano. She began piano at aged eight, and cello at age ten.

So begins...

Milla Koramakov's Story