Viktor Bychkov

"Wanna share a bite?"

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{"When the suns at bay. We will play." }

Viktor Bychkov
Birth Date:
February 10, 1991
Physical Age:

  • Piercings: Surprisingly the only piercings he has is fairly small ear gauges.
  • Scars: Bite mark from Gabriel on the right side of his neck near his collar bone.
  • Hair: Viktor has short-messy black hair. His natural hair color is dark brunette. Viktor's hair is fairly easy to slick back but this always results in some ends sticking up or out though he never minds and it actually looks good in a way.
  • Skin: Viktor has a fair and pale complexion to the skin.

Viktor would probably be best described, as people who know him tend to say, a tolerable person.
Vicktor was a happy man, for the most part. A happy man in that one way that makes everyone around him similarly happy. Or, instead, annoys the life out of them. The latter is more often the case. A self-proclaimed ‘big fan of life’, his philosophy goes much along the lines of “Carpe the hell out of this diem”. Always eager for adventure, always seeking out new possibilities and trying them out; often without careful consideration of cost, payback, and possible hazards. His plans generally lack a backup, yet that is compensated by his ability to come up with one when one is needed. His fearless, aggressive playfulness is a trait that proved problematic in more than one instance.
Most consider him to have a rather approachable personality, although not necessarily a friendly one. He is himself a master of forgiving and forgetting, yet he also seems to interact with others as if that virtue is shared by all - often overestimating a person’s tolerance towards his jokery. Despite his tendency to spark arguments with remarks not thought through, though, he somehow also manages to remain a surprisingly good team player.

He does, contrary to what most people would expect, abide to moral guidelines rather loyally - as careless as he is, Viktor is actually rather conscious about whether his actions are right or not - he might joke around and some might be offended, yet he would never intentionally harm people without reason. Though despite him being all this, this does not mean he's always happy. There are situations when Viktor just isn't in the mood and often at times when people take a first glance at him, they would say he looks dangerous and or cynical which later people will find out he is not.
Drumming, Partying, & Sleeping
Barback at Salvation

Relationship Status:
Most of Viktor's family resides back in Russia from where they originated from though he is unaware of there exact whereabouts.
Known Languages:
Fluent Russia and speaks English well considering he's studied it for four years though he still holds an accent and makes minor speaking mistakes now and then.
Brief History:
Viktor was born into a wealthy family with two loving parents whom had given life to Viktor, his three older brothers, and his youngest sister. He was raised in Russia for most of his life and had no problems growing up with who he was around. Actually, Viktor was quite normal and grew up normally with his family. His father is a famous Russian actor while his mother resides in the singing department in Russia. His family is quite talented and taught unusual methods for their children. Despite being a happy family, his parents were still strict and being the youngest son he was expected much from since his older brothers had already proven themselves worthy to the family.
Around the age of nineteen, Viktor moved to America to study abroad at a College in New York. He was dedicated to studying and expanding his knowledge before he was flown back to Russia though he never did go back. Something kept him in New York and it's the very reason he was turned into a vampire, the thing that kept him there was a man named Gabriel. Though Viktor intended to soak up as much knowledge as he could, things turned around when he met an twenty-one year old college student; Gabriel Notradam. Viktor met Gabriel at the library and what started out as innocent studying turned into late-night partying. The 'sweet study-bug' his family used to know was gone and replaced by the 'Wild Child' Gabriel had help created. It didn't take to long for the two to start dating but after a while of dating it was finally revealed that Gabriel was a Vampire. At first Viktor thought he was just some 'vampire-obsessed-American' though it didn't take long for Gabriel to convince him otherwise. They continued to date and Viktor even got to take a sneak peek into the life of a Vampire as Gabriel introduced him to friends. Everything was fine until Viktor met someone else. This someone was named Alan Oakley who was kind, generous, and considerate; the complete opposite of Gabriel which Viktor actually found quite comforting as him and Alan became close friends. But of course Gabriel didn't approve of the new friend. Well Viktor didn't care what Gabriel said and still hung around Alan which led to arguing and jealousy.
Viktor finally had enough of Gabriel's possessive attitude and broke up with him but only one week after Viktor found himself bitten and his former friend, Alan, on the local News and on the back of milk cartons. Of course it was Gabriel's doing but over the one-and-a-half years Viktor's been at Salvation, he hasn't yet seen or heard from Gabriel Notradam.
~ Has been a Vampire for about two years.

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