Lal Mirch

You Want Me to Beat It Into Your Head?

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a character in “The Dark Flow of Time: Katekyo Hitman Reborn”, as played by Bani


Personal Information and Appearance:-

[align=center]Canon : IMadly)Blooming_StormI

Name: Lal Mirch

Allegiance: CEDEF, Vongola.

Position: Member of CEDEF.

Appearance: Image

Other Appearance Information : Wears either combat gear or a red cape over shorts and tank top and infra-red sunglasses.[/align]

Strengths and Weaknesses:-

[align=center]Flame Type: Cloud, Mist and Rain.

Combat Weapons : Shotgun,

Box Weapons :[b] Nuvola Gauntlet: A gun powered by Mist flames that uses mist bullets as well as normal lead ones.

Cloud Centipede: Due to the Cloud's propagation, her Box Weapon has the Ability to forcibly draw out Flame, and possess sharp pincers.

Mist Parachute & Balloon: A Box that serves to alert it's owner to a threat. When triggered, one of the four strings will burn with Mist Flames, signifying the general direction of the threat.

Abilities: Survival Blast: A powerful shot by shotgun. Also skilled in a number of martial arts and combat. Yields a corrupt Rain Pacifier.

Weaknesses : If she uses the corrupt Rain Pacifier, she becomes extremely weak.

Personality and Behaviour:-

[align=center]Personality : She's direct, straight-forward and no-nosense. Lal Mirch doesn't mince her words no matter how rude she might appear, and often speaks without thinking if she is hurting someone else's feelings. She's also extremely practical and un-ladylike, strong and at ease in a battle.

Despite all these, Lal Mirch has trouble expressing her softer emotions, and hates anyone finding out about them since she fears they will mark it off as a weakness.

    Training for Combat

Dislikes:[list] Being Patronised
Being Looked Down Upon


Biographical and Others

[align=center]History: TBA

Relations: None Yet

Others: - [/align]

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