Clara Wells

Human Music Box

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a character in “The Dark Woods Circus”, as played by rissaroleplays


Name: Clara Wells
Age: 16
Species: Human/Human Doll
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs
Basic Appearance: With wavy chestnut hair, wide ice blue eyes, and porcelain skin, Clara was the quintessence a 'human china doll'. She was graceful, and almost floated when she walked.
Mutations: Replaced joints with gears so she moves sort of like a robot or a music box doll, partially blind so she has a glassy stare, is starved so she has a doll-like appearance.
Personality: Quiet, shy, curious
Enemies: Ringleader, circus workers
Allies: Unknown... for now.
Family: Lily Wells (mother), Alexander Wells (father)
Role: Cast
History: She came from a well-off family, always having the best clothes, the best education, and the best food. But she was curious, and that's what led her to the circus. Being as charismatic as she is, the circus of course wanted her. So, kidnapping her, they turned into a living, breathing music box.

So begins...

Clara Wells's Story