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Jacob Williams

2nd knight

0 · 235 views · located in Castle of Temperance

a character in “The Darkest Knight's Prevalence”, as played by jackrules158




The General Information

Full name:Jacob Williams


Age: 21

Gender: m

Birth Date:february 15


Your look

Height: 6’3”

Scars:a long one that runs along his right cheek

Appearance:Jake is a large man with short black hair and tan skin. He is very well built considering the fact he is a knight and must be in top condition. Along his right cheek he has a deep scar that he got while fighting in the war, he also has a tatto on his right arm of symbol of his kingdom. Links or Description

The real you

Personality: Jake is a very kind and light-hearted. He loves the time between battles where he and his fellow knights would normally eat drink and be merry. He is very confident when it comes to fighting due to the fact he was trained very well with a sword, in fact he is so confident that he gets borderline cocky which tends to get him in a lot of trouble. Despite his good-nature he has a horrible temper and will gladly throw the first punch in any fight

࡮t drinking
࡮ fighting
 laughing
lþ�����ymbolood or candy as# girls
 glory

 losing
 admitting he’s wrong
 women who don’t do as they are told

 to become the greatest knight in the kingdom
 to become king

 large heights
 giant spiders


Special Awards: just the princess and the awards that go with


Extra Information

He had gotten in a heated arguement with at the knights the night before and his blood was certainly boiling on the battle field.


So begins...

Jacob Williams's Story

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I grunted at the two other guys, the thought of the Dark Knight still in my head. I wondered if it was true and if they were one of them. I had finished eating and was about to engaje in conversation with them, or one of the multitudes of woman here, when one of the Princesses were announced. I was surprised that they would be here. I was confused when I heard of a girl named Hewleys. It sounded weird and I wondered if she was a Princess from a neighboring castle. I had never heard of her before. I had only heard of Princess Elizabeth and Clara.

She moved gracefully up to the king and I could see an evil glint in her eye. I stood and placed my hand on a dagger that I always wore, afraid she might hurt the king. ThenI heard her call him father. I put the dagger away but staid alert. I could see some of the guards watching me but I didn't care. I needed to make sure my king was protected. I heard her talking about us, somewhat, and was curious. I saw the king dismiss her but she didn't moved. The next time she was being moved by the guard. I grunted at that.

Seeing she was away from the King, and not a threat, I sat back down. I looked at the others, two of my finest soldiers. "Isreal, Jacob. Good to see your still alive." Then I motioned towards the girl, my conversation starter standing there a look of pride on her face. "Damned girl deserves it. I have never heard of her, have you?" I asked them quietly. I did not want to upset anyone who might get offended.

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I grunted at Jacob. "Close your mouth you fool. She did deserve it. To speak out of turn to his highness is horrible. What did he ever do to her? Oh yeah. Make her royalty, give her shelter and food and anything she could ask for. She repays him by embracing him and not even showing her face outside the castle. At least I have never seen her." I grumbled to him then turned and looked at Isreal. "What do you think? Do you agree she deserved it or are you going to drop your jaw when you see her?" I asked him as I pointed towards the girl now over by a window and staring out to the courtyard. I wondered why she was there but assumed she was just causing more trouble. "Pretty face and a bad attitude. Makes for a horrible wife. I pity the fool forced to marry her."

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I heard a voice behind me and turned to see a man bowing. When he straitened up I saw he was one of the Knights. I stepped away from the window and towards him. I smiled kindly at him. "Thank you so much for saving the kingdom." I played with some of my hair making it seem like I was shy. Then I got really close to his face. "I will not marry you or your comrades." With that I stomped my foot down on his foot, digging the heel in deeply. "Spread the word." I sneered at him before walking away. I was agitated and still pumped. So I walked over to the table where the other two Knights were sitting. "You should know what your 'reward' is. Its forcing my sisters and myself into marriage with one of you. 'Three Princesses for three Knights.' As my father said. Just know one thing and make sure to remember it for a good time. I may not get along with my sisters but I will never let them be forced into marriage, and I will never marry any of you." I turned and smiled at the Knight whos foot I stomped on, before walking to a different window.

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I laughed as Jacob walked back in anger. "I must admit, I am starting to like the girl. If she pulls that act everyday, I wont mind sitting int he back laughing at your aching toes." I let out a bountiful of hardy laughter and ignored the looks and hesitant laughter the rest of the room spilled out. "Looks like you have your work cut out for you Jacob." I howled again and watched the girl walk away. "Isn't this a ball? I thought there would be dancing and music." I told them absentmindedly and looked at everyone standing around conversing. Then I looked towards the King and saw him stressed and conversing with his Queen. Turning back to the two other men I looked at them, a smile forming again. "Once the dancing starts you'll have to go get your rebellious Princess to step on your toes again." I laughed once again. Its the most I have laughed in a while.

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Clara bit her lip as Ever blew up on her, of course. Being a spy, how dare she convict her so quickly. She wasn't as much of 'Daddy's Little Girl' as her sister thought she was. She just wasn't a difficult brat was all. She huffed and dismissed any negative things that would normally set her off and explode right back at her sister. She listened to Ever's plan, just as Elizabeth did as well, considering if she would go through with it or not. She could tell Elizabeth was a little unsettled about it, and to tell the truth so was she. Even though she hated the idea of being forced to Marry, it wasn't the Knights fault that it was happening. She would meet them first, and then decide on exactly the way she would handle the situation. Sighing as Hewleys readied herself for the ball and made her leave, Clara also made her exit and headed to her own floor, being greeted by her ladies.

"Princess! We have heard of the awful!" The three girls chimed in unison. Clara sighed and flopped into her chair in front of the enormous vanity in a very un-lady like manner. She ran her fingers through her wind blown hair and studied her reflection in the mirror before her ladies began to prepare her for the Ball.
"It is quite awful...I agree. Hewleys believes we should frame the Knights in the crime of taking out pendants..although, I am not sure if that is the right way to handle it. You know her, hot tempered and ready to make a ruckus." She said, relaxing into the back of her chair as her girls combed through her hair and applied simple makeup to her face. She stood and shed her clothes behind the privacy screen, pulling her dress up over her hips and putting it in place. The top was a gorgeously fitted strapless dress, framing her torso perfectly in every way. It was a sweetheart neckline, showing a very slight amount of cleavage, and the back dipped down low in a V. Directly above her hips was a black band with red ruby studs sprinkled on it tastefully, and from there the skirt of the dress flowed out into a mildly full skirt, although easy to maneuver in. There was also black jewels speckling the top of her dress, and a sheer black material over the skirt, adding a look of mystery about it. Clara placed her Ruby studs in her ears and made sure her pendant was on correctly.

Taking a deep breath, she slipped on her black heels and made her way down to the Ball. Holding her head held high as she walked through the doors, she waved to the people who took notice of her as she made her way to the King. She curtsied briefly, greeting her Father politely.
"Good Evening Father." She said, not wanting to say much more due to the circumstances. He nodded to her, "You look radiant my dear, now go enjoy the evening." Clara nodded, "Yes, Father." She said, turning away with a sharp turn on her heels, scouring the crowd for her sisters. She immediately took notice of Ever stomping on a poor mans foot....must be a knight. She chuckled under her breath as the knight howled and made his way back to the table, chugging a mug of ale. There was another Knight there as well, he seemed to find his fellow knights misfortune of running into Hewleys quite funny. She made her way over to the refreshment table, fetching herself a glass of punch, although she would MUCH prefer a strong drink, but in public it wouldn't look too good, so she decided to stick with the punch for the moment, sipping on it as the musicians began to play.