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Raza Hakimi

Fire and brimstone and horns, oh my!

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a character in “The Darkest Time”, as played by Averagebear




Courage is grace under pressure.

Wild thing.

Description: Image
A Dragonkin is known for his thick-skin, a weathered and calloused warrior, astute and protected. That's what's to be expected. Yet, ultimately, Raza's just a pretty boy. He somehow doesn't come across as an intimidating, powerful presence until you step back and really think about the fact that he's a huge, in shape, dragon on fire. His demeanor, laid-back and lackadaisical, makes him no less than approachable. He's got a bit of a baby face and never really got rid of his chubby cheeks even as adolescence ran rampant on his originally lithe form. Through fight and sport, he's bulked up. Something people often comment on is the fact that his skin is always warm to the touch. It makes sense, considering he expels fire. When angry, it will become hot enough to burn. He has many tattoos, dark and prominent that extend his entire body. His hair looks like flame itself, extending into a long braid that swings from side to side as he walks.

Two prominent horns protrude from his forehead, swooping back in a glorious arch and two small, black wings sprout from his back. He hates both of the above and claims they prove to be more weakness than their glamour pays off with, but he takes it all with stride. Razor-like claws are at the end of his fingers. Many nights has he contemplated why he was seemingly built to destroy when he seeks nothing but peace. His body feels like no temple, but rather a war ground, barbed and burning. His elders claim that he denies a good portion of who he is, denies the lava that creeps in his blood every passing second and bottles up the true potential that he has to offer. Raza doesn't care for such thinking and would rather bury his head in a book or a game of idle ball.

The kid may be a spectacle, but he's still just a kid. He sort of ambles about when he walks, demeanor typically perky and bright yet very, very, very slow. It drives some people absolutely crazy how much he takes up his sweet time. He is languid in movement, and languid in speech. He's been told his face is exotic but he thinks it's kind of wonky looking. He has about average confidence, though his ego can fluctuate wildly depending on how much he's beating himself up that day. He has his egomaniacal moments, but his own self-control always manages to pin prick little wholes in that arrogant, cocky persona very quickly. Catch him on a spunky day, though, and you'll have to bargain with that taunting glint in his eyes.

Clothing Style:
Raza doesn't... wear... a lot. He covers up the basics but his chest is almost always exposed. Clothing isn't necessary for coverage or protection because his hard skin already provides that, so they are cumbersome and inconvenient. It's merely for the public approval that he keeps the nether regions conservative. He wears a dhoti (pictured here) which is essentially a long, male loin cloth. It is a thin white fabric that allows for a lot of breathing, gold accents trimming. On his good days they look pristine, like royalty. However, most of the time the ends are dirtied or scorched. He lives to live- not to look good. It's simply how things are. He washes them about once a week - more if necessary.

Height and Weight:
Raza is a solid 6 feet tall and weighs a hefty 174 pounds.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Name: Razaha Sage Hakimi
Nicknames: Raza is standard. Many call him "Hot Head" though he's not fond of it. When he's giving an alternative name, he goes by Red. He secretly thinks it's really bad ass but at the same time he'd be mortified if anyone close to him found out. It's one of those things.
Gender: Male
Age: A wee 17!
Race: Dragonskin
Sexuality: Sapiosexuality. When asked about his sexuality he will tend to be very elusive.
Love Interest: Not at the moment, nope!

Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

Raza is usually described as a warm and wise creature, slow-paced and easy-going. You'll typically catch him with a sloppy, playful grin painted across his jaw and a certain authenticity glimmering in his eyes. Whether acknowledged or not, half the allure of the young lad stems from the ambiguous underbelly to his outside composure - it's as if behind this level-headed creature is something completely foreign and new and exciting - something that, perhaps, you simply cannot understand. It's hard to manipulate the bugger (for better or for worse) for this reason; he does not depend on other people for his sense of worth, but rather his own self-sufficient internal fire. Of course, waggle some food or a good piece of fine-ass text in front of his face and he's all yours. One of his biggest insecurities is his allure to material things. He loves to collect little trinkets and treasures but feels as if it's morally wrong to surround yourself in decadence.

Despite his kindness, he has a way of making people feel small. This phenomenon is unintentional but inevitable; such is the cost of a prodigial power house. He has a tendency of babbling on about really fucking boring things (sometimes it can feel like he loves to hear the sound of his own voice) and can accidentally trivialize other people in attempt to soothe them. (ie: You tell him your dog died and he says some bogus garbage like, "Death is no more than passing from one room into the next.") All his life he's been this burning, celestial, ultra-successful super star, talented, sociable, but more than anything else, clever. Intelligence is apart of his bloodline, but Raza's unsatiable hunger for knowledge is unique. He is incredibly articulate and remarkably well-versed. He lacks in the creative department. If you give him something to draw with he'd likely just perform some experiments on its velocity or some crap like that.

It's easy to find solace in Raza. You wouldn't be the only one. Indeed, while the young Dragonskin is a sociable boy with many friends, he is so loved by everyone that he isn't loved by one person in particular. He often feels alone, if not due to his own fears. Behind his selflessness is a loneliness, and surely someone so calm must be distant from everything to achieve it. You can rile him up if you try hard enough, though! Under his elusive peace-keepin' nature, he can be a real suttborn brat. He believes firmly in honor and justice, and will get vehemently angry if you go about things in a malicious or unfair manner. Furthermore, he blushes like a red hot tomato if you bring up anything lewd. He's very, very, very easily embarrassed.

Ultimately, Raza just tries his damndest to be a good person. It's harder than you might think.

    ☼ The great outdoors: When encased in walls, Raza feels like a trapped bird. Though his wings do not give him flight, it's as if his blood remembers a time when he could. That said, he loves being outside. If the sun is beating down, even better. He can always whip up some kind of excuse for why he needs to be running around in the dirt and hustling up trees. If he ever goes missing, check for him in the branches with a book. He finds comfort in their height.
    ☼ Story telling: Don't even get him started. He could spin fables and legend for hours if you give him the chance. He's a good orator too, with that rumbling slightly husky voice of his that seems to resonate in your chest like a purring kitten. His love for stories comes from his family. His grandfather used to sit him down and speak of worlds unknown - heroic conquests and mighty tragedies. It made his heart swell. Where the other children would fall asleep, he'd be starry-eyed and attentive. Because he admired it so in his grandpa, when the man passed, he decided to pick up where he left off. He's pretty good at it, but that's to be expected.
    ☼ Liquor: He knows it's bad for him - he gets it; there's no need to tell him it's poison. Fact of the matter is, he has things inside him he needs to kill. There are little probing fire lusting demons begging for destruction and bloodshed and the alcohol nullifies them from a roar to a hum.
    ☼ Idle-time: Some people need to keep busy. Raza is not that person. If he were given a whole day to do whatever he wanted, he'd probably nap in the sun and think about philosophical shit the whole damn day. It's impossible to bore him because his brain will compensate.
    ☼ Adventure: This may as well be carved deep, deep into his bones. He's always been a hard kid to manage, a little spit-fire or so to speak. He'd sacrifice anything if it meant a good and noble story or a cause worthy. He's always exploring what he can, genuinely searching for something new and exciting that could stir up his life. His instructors say that's just what smart kids do to keep themselves from getting bored. Secretly, Raza thinks there's more to it. He's always felt like there's something out there calling to him- something greater than he or anyone he's ever met. Of course, that sounds rather arrogant, so he shoves it in his pocket.
    ☼ Treasure: Little gems, trinkets, objects that glimmer. He grew up somewhat poor - stuck with his grandpa - which is his explanation for why he wants to bathe in a sea of his belongings. He ritually goes through the process of ridding himself of these desires. If his collection gets too big, he'll give them out to his friends and family and start over from scratch. He'd be lying if he didn't feel a pang in his heart when he gave them away, though.

    Image ☁ The war: This goes without saying. But, at the same time, it really doesn't. Raza could articulate exactly why it is wrong and needs to end for millenniums. Every principle and ideal Raza has is overwhelmingly against this nonstop hell their world has put themselves through. He's a big pacifist and abhors the stealing of life more than anything. At the same time, he can't pretend like there isn't something unspeakably exhilarating in combat (sparring, that is) It makes him uneasy to consider that if he fought in the war, he would probably be a valiant "success". Sometimes he'll awaken from nightmares where he reveled the battlefield, conquering life like it was some sick sport. There is one thing he knows for sure; there is no honor in war. Only tragedy.
    ☁ Lying/ Liars: Either way, it is a sharp knife used only to destroy. He's an incredibly honest guy, albeit a bit vague sometimes. He can actually become a bit sour when he's lied to and if someone is known for their trickery, he's automatically somewhat cold with them. If he finds that he's placed his trust in you and you have deceived him, you'll never get another shot. Call it his pride speaking, but he feels there is something awful nestled in betrayal.
    ☁ Rain: Icky yuck yuck gross no thank you. It ruins everything. He can't be out when it rains because it literally drains his energy and puts his hair out and causes his powers to become muted and the sun isn't around to help him out and it's grey grey grey grey murky grey UGH. He hates the rain. Don't tell anyone, but during thunderstorms, Raza gets scared like a big floppy dog. He'll pace around and whine and if it's especially bad he'll have to burrow himself in something secure like a blanket or a closet. Don't tease him about it.
    ☁ Greed: Indulgence, gluttony, whichever way you'd like to word it. Becoming so self-obsessed that you take in more than what you need. Of course, Raza is guilty of this himself. Everyone is. He tries to minimize his greed as much as possible and frowns on those who make no effort.
    ☁ Fruits: It feels like he's wasting his time when he eats them, honestly. They don't fill him up and he hasn't ever been a fan of anything sweet. This could be because growing up sweets were never a possibility, as he was too poor. When he moved in with the Rishads, they had fruit nearly every meal. It might have been a case of internalized jealousy, upset that his grandfather never had the opportunity to each such things. It's like his brain folded its hands over its chest and harumphed.
    ☁ Insomnia: Simple enough. He has awful nightmares any time he can manage a scrap of sleep. It's been like this since Kumara died.

    ◘ Himself: Or, rather, the parts of himself he's trying to smother - the talons and horns, the searing hot violence he is expected to succumb to. It's funny when people commend him on his mind because he feels entirely ungrateful. His brain won't ever stop buzzing buzzing buzzing and while this has lead to many beautiful discoveries and creations, it has also slowly but surely ticked away at his health. He doesn't trust himself for a minute. Alas, this is where his dislikes stem from. One only hates what they fear in themselves.
    ◘ Isolation: This is one he has not come to fully realize himself. Though it has not surfaced yet, deep down are all kinds of abandonment, commitment, and trust issues. He feels alone in this world because he was made to be alone in the beginning. Whenever he gets on this train of thought, he abandons it. It seems so ungrateful and petty to even think about. Alas, that just means it stays there, festering, unresolved. Ultimately, he seeks true companionship and true love but has subconsciously created barriers to keep this. Therefore, to die alone is the scariest end possible.
    ◘ Spiders: Most people are frightened by spiders, but Raza has a straight up phobia. The courageous little lion boy will shriek and run away when crossed by one, suddenly turned into a wee bitty mouse.

Raza grew up raised by an old man named Kumara. He is not related through blood, but rather by heart. Raza has no qualms about his missing parents because he received all the love any child could. Point of the matter is, Kumara (he called him grandpa when he was still around) took in what most would consider a bad investment and gave it life and culture and magic. Raza has always been a well-liked. There's just some sort of magnetism that draws people in. When Kumara became too old to continue chasing the child around, neighbors, friends, anyone nearby stepped in to help out. He was sort of like the community's golden child, bringing laughter and helping out wherever he went. Despite poverty and abandonment, the kid simply seemed to thrive, shining bright. Reality never seemed to scuff him up the way it did with everyone else, not a single bitter bone in his body. Kumara would read him stories in front of the fire and give him assignments for mastering control of his fire wielding. He was a man wiser than any other he's ever had the privilege to meet, and taught him the fundamentals of everything he knows. When Kumara passed away, he was twelve years old. He was absolutely devastated by the loss, but a new opportunity came about because of it.

He was actually taken in by nobility - so fond of him that they couldn't bear to imagine him without home or food. It wasn't really a matter of whether Raza would be taken in by someone, but rather who would take him in. When it came down to it, Semaria and Vulcan Rishad, incredibly wealthy and of royal lineage, were the best equipped. Truth be told, they never became mother or father figures, but he still loves them very much. He became a part of the family in a strange way, playing with the siblings and helping out around the house whenever needed. They provided him with all the things he could ever ask for - a huge library, great food, a lavish room to stay in. They even paid for his education, which he'd originally scraped together like a ravenous dog. He never felt like a burden, but, as had been the case of his entire life, in spite of all the love and warmth he received and gave, there was still a strange distance.

He spent the last five years studying fervently, dedicating most of his free time to filling his brain up. He hasn't had a girlfriend or any love interest at all for that matter. He hasn't obliged in most of the things kids do. Indeed, he seems impossibly old for his age. Of course, he's fawned upon. Of course, there are many people very interested in Raza. Of course there are friends everyone calling his name. But he feels tied down to this martyr-esque sense of duty. The older he's gotten, the more disturbed he's become by the war. When he was a child, it seemed like that's simply the way things have to be. He knows better now and he feels responsible for changing it because he knows full-well that he's capable of the change. Maybe that's arrogance, or maybe it's a kind of faith. Either way, he sat Semaria and Vulcan down and announced that he would go as a Dragonskin to stop the war, find the book.

The public was heartbroken but in that awe-inspired kind of way. They threw a huge party in his name, for the young tragic hero. He is their sacrificial lamb. He is ready to begin the greatest adventure of his life. He is prepared to die for his cause.

So begins...

Raza Hakimi's Story


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The firelight flickered over the old man's silhouette, accentuating hard lines in his face.

"Raza, what do you want to be when you grow up?" he rumbled when he spoke, mirroring the ocean's hushed roar you could hear about a mile away. He looked tired. He always looked tired. It was like lately whenever the young boy searched those familiar grey eyes, he saw nothing but the last few grains of sand trickling down the hourglass.

Raza, still a child, rocked on his heels and sucked on his teeth as he thought. Even then, he never answered without deep contemplation.

"A hero,"


Raza bashfully kicked at a pebble near his feet as a group of people appraised him, giving him tearful hugs and congratulations. Rarely was the Dragonkin prodigy at a loss for words, and yet...

The whole beach was shimmering with lights, orbs of magical fire that floated in the air, bobbed in the sea. Rich music and food was in the air and beautiful jewels had been sprinkled about the sand, twinkling in the thick light of the setting sun. It was beautiful. It was for him. A large banner hung from tree to tree that read, "GOOD LUCK RAZAHA", a humble way to show his hometwon's support of his upcoming adventure. He still felt as if this little village had been too accommodating for a kid like him, no more than an abandoned urchin, and this gesture was more than he could accept without a strangely sweet guilt seeping into his smile.

A woman named Celeste approached him, little crow feet beside her eyes crinkling as she smiled. "We are so proud of you," she said. He'd considered her a neighbor and friend. She baked bread down the street. He remembered the sour dough she'd make for him specially after he'd dust the shop for her. She wiped her eyes. "I was close friends with your grandfather, you know," she began.

He nodded warmly, though a swell of grief still rose in his chest at the mention of his deceased guardian, even after the five years. He hadn't expected anyone to bring that up. "He spoke fondly of you."

"Kumara - he - " she began before shaking her head. "He told me to give you this when you turned eighteen. I figured since you're leaving for this mission, I should give it to you now because..." she trailed off. Because you won't be alive for your next birthday. The implied words sink heavily between them and Raza laughed in spite of himself. She seemed even more saddened by the sound of his smooth, light chuckles and a little whimper escaped her mouth as she broke out into tears again. Regretting it immediately, he pulled her in for a hug.

"Thank you, Celeste. I will remember you always." he murmured into her limp red hair and accepted the small palm-sized package.

He unfolded the old white fabric time and time again until a hint of gold showed. Nestled in the center was a necklace, sturdy and secure, with a simple red stone dangling. The light hit it in such a way that it seemed like fire danced in his hand. A warmth grew inside him and he quickly looped it over his head and let it lay around his neck.

The rest of the night passed with Raza playing soccer with the children and admiring how stubby their little horns were, hardly believing he once looked like that. He left that night feeling more like an adult like than he ever had, with the prospect of death now looming over his head.

"How terribly exciting," he mumbled to himself as he eyed a foreign bird perched in a tree nearby. He'd never ventured from the island before. The boat ride was somewhat turbulent if not because of the fact that water had a way of putting him out, but he managed. This lush vegetation, too, was new. The air was balmy here, different from the volcanic temperatures he grew up in. He'd studied all this in books, of course. He just hadn't realized how vastly different the world was through first person point of view. "A change in scenery is a good way to start a suicide mission, I suppose."

He did not question why the elders had chosen him. In his eyes, there was no one more suited. He had been training for about five years for this journey without even knowing it existed, so when he'd been called down it was as if all the pieces came into place. No other Dragonkin could have possibly yearned for the war to end more than he. His heart had been waiting for this his whole life.

When he finally arrived to the "center of the land", he was somewhat tired but so high on sensory overload that he remained bright eyed and bushy tailed. He spotted the oak tree and a collection of strange looking folk he admired from a distance. While these people in particular were especially interesting, just about any person with a pulse would have been welcome company after how long he'd been alone while traveling.

"OI!" he called to them with a broad wave. He strolled towards them at a lackadaisical pace and once he had reached them, he gave a charismatic wink. He then took on the task of analyzing the appearance of all those arrived so far. There was pretty female with long dark hair - she stands with purpose, an undertone of strength in the way she presents herself. There's a smaller kid, scrawny but incredibly pretty with big eyes that reminds him of the moon itself. He has a poise to him, something very regal that makes Raza register him as nothing less than wealth or nobility. Then there was a tall one painted in shades of brilliant blue lounging on a branch, large wings that dwarfed Raza's folded neatly on his back. The short black plumage on his own ruffles instinctually.

"Hello," he said simply, plopping down in the grass and leaning back on his hands, eager grin brimming.


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Night. The night was already here, feeding the world its darkness. The darkness covered everything...from the trees to the ground to even the sun. The last sunlight shone brightly suddenly like it was trying to struggle, to escape the darkness but at last, the sun lost and the darkness ate everything. A young centaur sat on the ground, leaning against a tree, watching the night became the victor as it defeated the daylight without even trying. His green eyes watched everything calmly. It was a beautiful afternoon. He didn't move, his eyes unblinking like they were hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the dark. The centaur's name was Chiron.

Sighing heavily, Chiron looked up as the night gale tossed his white hair playfully. However, he was in no mood to play with it. He had just come back from the Elder Mountain. That was it. He was chosen. He should have been happy. It was his wish, his desire. He wanted to be chosen for this mission, going as far as volunteering themselves when none of the others wanted to do it. Even so, sitting here and remembering the Elders' last words, Chiron found himself unable to even feel a flicker of happiness. He had done it, signing his own death. There was no way he could come back. Hundreds of others had gone before him, none of them had come back... at least, none of them had come back sane. Whatever would happen, Chiron didn't know but there was only one thing he knew for sure: he would find that book or die trying. His mental illness had brought shame not only to himself but to his clan in general. What kind of centaurs had Multiple Personalities Disorder? The centaurs were praised for their emotional stability. He was supposed to be their rising star. A General, a fighting genius, not a patient!

Subconsciously clenching his hands into fists, Chiron let a bitter glint appear on his emerald eyes. 'It's not fair! Fate is not fair!' He turned his head to take a good look at his village. This was his home, where his heart was truly belonged to. Never had the future looked so gloomy. Would he be able to make it or would he, like everyone before him, die trying? Did he even know where to begin. Sighing again, his lips became a thin line. He wouldn't let this stop him. He would- 'Stop brooding, tight ass and get up! I want ta kill someone!' A mental voice interrupted his train of thoughts rudely. It looked like Undertaker had heard what Chiron had thought. 'Damn right I am, you fucker. If you fear dying so much, let me take over... You won't have to do anything else!' Undertaker whispered in his mind in a sweet voice that was intended to be seductive and tempting but it came out just devious and cruel. 'The day I'm letting you out willingly is the day when Hell has frozen over' Chiron shot back sharply.

'Besides, why should the first persona let you out while I can take over his position perfectly fine?' Another voice in his head continued Chiron's sentence smoothly, his emotionless voice was haunting and curt. 'Emo! How nice of you to join us,' Undertaker said sarcastically and Chiron could imagine a devious version of himself rolling his eyes. 'Yeah, right... You will make a perfect replacement, alright. Let's imagine, a centaur goes around and says "I do not believe this..." or "I do not believe that", "this course of actions is the best right at this moment". That's right, Emo, you will blend in just fine...' Undertaker argued, mentally kicking the little emotionless version of Chiron into a corner. 'Look at me. I can be you, tight ass. Maybe I can even get want that, don't you?' Chiron groaned and massaged his forehead. Already had he felt a headache coming. 'Enough, Undertaker, Emotionless, neither of you are going to take over me any time soon.' He said and that was final.

'But, tight ass, I can-'

'First persona, surely you can see the logic in-'

'I said no. Please be quiet, you two are giving me a headache.' Chiron ended the disagreement with a wave of his hand. 'Of course, first persona.' Emotionless Chiron was the first one to recover from the interruption and he agreed, albeit reluctantly. 'Whatever, tight ass... Don't think you're in charge of me forever. Sooner or later, you will slip and I will take over you...' Undertaker warned, growling dangerously. However, growing too used to Undertaker's threats by now, the young centaur just brushed it off. 'I will wait for that day then...' Finally regaining some resemblances of peace, Chiron let his mind wander again. A particular memory resurfaced as Chiron smiled warmly and remembered it.


"- absolutely not! I will not allow you to go on this suicide mission!" A hand slammed on the table harshly, a loud voice interrupted all Chiron's reasoning. Chiron along with his stepfather and mother were in the living room with Chiron just delivered the news that he wanted to volunteer to go find the missing book. "Father, please understand, I must-" Chiron tried again but his stepfather cut him off again "No, you don't have to do anything like that. No one who went to this quest came back sane! Sometimes, they didn't even come back at all! I can't allow you to go like that."

"Please just listen for a minute what I have to say, Father!" Chiron begged and watched as his father, lips thinned into a white line, said curtly "Say it then, son... I'm listening." Chiron took a deep breath and said calmly "Our kin has always been proud of our mental stability, Father...I'm also one of our kind and I'm proud of it, too...until one day, it has been taken away from me!" He said, running a hand across his face. "I don't need anyone to tell me that but I know I bring shame on myself and on our clan as well as the centaur kin in general..."

"Honey, that isn't true... We are proud of you because you are so brave, because you fight your sickness until today... If anything, you bring joy to us by showing your inner strength" Chiron's mother said, putting a hand on his chin. She was a kind woman with black hair and long eyelashes. In her hands held a tiny bundle of Chiron's half-brother, Tyr. The woman's whisper carried with it unconditioned support, the kind of support that made people tear up and break even the strongest person's heart. "...Mom..." Chiron breathed. He then steeled himself and continued strongly, holding the woman's hand in his hand. "...I'm sorry but my mind is set this time...I will either find the book or die trying. Nothing you two say will change my mind" He said in determination.

"Honey, please don't go... We can help you, we can provide you with food and clothes and money... I won't be able to take it if another one of my love ones goes out like this..." His mother continued pleadingly and Chiron's stepfather nodded. "That's correct, son. Our clan is not poor... We can-" Chiron waved his hand and frowned "Please Father, Mom... You will not be able to stay with me forever. There will be a time when I have to stand and walk on my own two feet" His mother tried again one last time "We know...but surely, surely it isn't now" Chiron agreed "...I know it doesn't have to be now but this is my decision, right or wrong, I will take full responsibility for whatever will happen..." He bowed low and spoke again "...Father, Mom... I'll go and see the Elders now... I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive this son one day for what he will foolishly do." He turned his head and walked out of the living, a single destination in his mind.

"Mom, Father... I...I have been chosen" Chiron said hesitantly, breaking the news to both of his parents. His stepfather looked up and spoke calmly, still not loosing his cool "...So I have heard..." His mother just sent Chiron a look - a mixture of pride and sadness like she was proud of him because of what he had done but also wished he hadn't done it. Knowing his mother, it was probably exactly because of that. "...What do your... inner selves think?" His father suddenly asked, the question threw Chiron out of the loop. It wasn't common that his parents talked about his 'inner selves'. Normally, they would just pretend he was completely sane.

'What do you two think about this? Mom and Father want to know...' Chiron mentally asked and he immediately received two different answers 'I say Hell yeah...Motherfucker, here I come' Undertaker's answer came first, impulsive and potty-mouthed as ever. Emotionless' answer came in later, calm and slow 'I understand the objective of this mission, first persona... I am willing to go' Chiron looked up and took a deep breath "We all want to go, Father... Even my second persona wants to partake in this" He said carefully. "...I see..." The older centaur nodded and stood up "I hope you will change your mind, son... There's still time for you to decide that. In time, you will realize that you have no reason to do this." He said and walked out of the room "...When you have re-thought about your mission, come to me..." His mother shot Chiron another look and hurriedly stood up to chase after Chiron, leaving the young centaur alone in the dark room.

End Flashback

"-re, brother" A childish voice called, pulling Chiron out of his memories. The centaur looked up to see his younger brother - Thor ran to him. Thor had taken after his Mother instead of father. With long black hair and eyelashes, the little kiddo would be a lady-killer one day. He could only hope he would be able to live until the day he saw it. Belatedly noticed that he had let his guard down enough that he couldn't even detect his brother, Chiron cursed himself 'Stupid Chiron, you forgot Dad's first lesson... A warrior is always aware of his/her surrounding' Thor sat down next to him and flashed Chiron a grin. "Wow, you must have been really distracted, eh? I can't never sneak up on you..." His chest puffed out proudly "Or maybe I'm just getting better"

Chiron chuckled and flicked Thor's forehead, earning a cute pout from his younger brother. "Now, now, kiddo... don't get a big head. You will still need ten years or so to beat this brother of yours..." Thor covered his forehead with his hand and yelled, face red "Big brother! Don't do that!" He then looked at Chiron curiously, his bright green eyes shone with confusion "...But... why are you here, brother?" Chiron just gave a small huh sound and looked at the darkened sky "...Well, nothing much, I'm just thinking about a few thing" He answered vaguely. Thor snickered and commented cheekily "You? Thinking about something? That's a first." Chiron turned his head and smiled fondly at his brother "...Cheeky brat... don't make fun of your brother..." The older of the two paused and then asked "Why are you here, kiddo? Are Mom and Father looking for me?"

"...Brother! Don't call Mama and Papa 'Mom and Father', it sounds weird!" Thor scowled and then sobered quickly "...No, Mama and Papa didn't send me here... I came here on my own" He paused and then looked up "...Brother, do you have to leave? Papa... papa told me that you would be sent on that mission..." Then, the puppy eyes came out, full effect. "...Please don't go, big brother. I don't want to be alone" Chiron cursed his own soft heart as he nearly broke under those adorable eyes of his brother "...Kiddo, don't make this harder than this already is... You know fully well why I want to do this..." Thor still looked unconvinced "I thought you were joking!" He exclaimed, gripping his brother's right arm tightly "Please, pretty please with a cheery on top as well as rainbow, sunshine and everything nice... don't go..." The younger centaur begged, not wanting to let his brother go.

'What am I supposed to do?' Chiron asked in panic. He could feel his resolve breaking and he had to go. He couldn't stay. 'Tight ass, leave it to me... Let me take over for a sec, I will sort this mess out, you useless centaur' Undertaker said suddenly. Chiron frowned 'No, Undertaker... I won't allow you to hurt my little brother' The third persona of Chiron just scowled and said defensively 'He's my brother, too, ya know...Make room, tight ass... I will talk to him directly. It's not like I haven't done this before...' Chiron hesitated 'Should I?' He asked himself but Emotionless answered it for him 'Do not worry, first persona. I will hold him back if he does anything... unfavorable.' Chiron nodded and sighed 'Counting on you, Emotionless...'[/color] He closed his eyes and felt his control slip to allow Undertaker took over.

Undertaker blinked as he felt the wind played with his hair. It had been damned long since he had been released, he almost forgot how awesome it felt to be free "Hello, brat... Long time no see, eh? Did I just hear something about you not wanting me to go on this awesome mission?" Thor blinked and asked in surprise "...Undertaker? Where's my brother, where's Chiron?" Undertaker gave him a mocked hurt look and ruffled Thor's head "Oi, what do you mean by that? Chiron is your brother and so, by default, I'm your brother, too, brat" He laughed, a loud, shrieking sound that made Thor covered his ears in pain.

"Whatever, brat... the thing is, tight ass, that's the big man here in case you don't understand, can't fight that stupid puppy dog eyes of yours so I have ta go out and settle this thing once and for all." He snorted and continued, pertended not to notice that he had had Thor's full attention "...I'm not a man of second chances... Hell, there are three people in this head and two of them don't like second chances, either...Of course, the other one is Emo but whatever. The thing is, I don't like second chances and so, I don't like giving them to anyone, me included. This is my first and final chance so I will stick with it"

"...I see..." Thor said sadly. He whispered "Could I... could I talk to my brother then, Chiron, I mean..." He hastily corrected, not wanting to be ruffled one more time. "Cheeky little brat, no respect for the elder..." Undertaker grumbled but retreated, allowing Chiron to take over again. "You know, kiddo, Undertaker must love you more than you think... I don't think he has ever retreated on his own before..." Chiron smiled sadly and patted his little brother's head. He continued after a brief pause "Anyway, it's late already, let's go back to our house, kiddo, our parents are worrying a lot..." He stood up and pulled Thor to his feet. "Come on, let's go home" The image of a smiling Chiron was too much for Thor and he hastily wiped a tear, running toward his brother and held him tight "Okay" He said shyly and the two brother walked home. Behind them, the sky turned black. The night was fully here but for some reasons, Chiron didn't find it so sad anymore

Time flied and soon, it was the day when Chiron had to go. In the short time he spent with his family, never had Chiron felt the love of them so much like this. Sometimes, his mother would send him worried look and silently place another thing that he had forgotten in his own backpack for him. Other times, his father would give him tiny bits of information about the world, the other kind and there was that one time, on his desk, there had been a book containing the information about the book he had to searched. Little actions here, little gestures there were enough to push Chiron insane. He felt terribly guilty but he couldn't back down, not now, not ever. And so, when the day arrived, he had stood in front of his parents - his biological mother - the one and only that he called Mom, the woman who had to endure too much just for his sake and his stepfather - his father in everything but blood. While he would never be able to replace his biological Father, the only man he ever called dad, this man was a close second.

"This is it, Mom, Father... I... It's time to say goodbye" He said, for some reasons, his throat was so tight he couldn't speak without choking. Yesterday, he had thought about so many things to say, to thank them for all their support but now, standing in front of his whole family, he couldn't speak a word. Even his alter egos were oddly quiet. "Honey, take care of yourself, okay?" Chiron's mother whispered, giving him a kiss on the forehead. For the first time, Chiron realized he had grown up. He still remembered the day when his mother had to bend down to give him a kiss but now, now he was taller than her. He choked "...I will, Mom, I will... I'll miss you a lot..."

He turned to face his father, the man's blank face cracked when he opened his mouth "...Son, just remember, whatever happens, always know that we are... we are proud of you. Even if you can't come back or come back but anymore, or you can't find the book, we will still love you with all our hearts." He patted Chiron's shoulder and continued, a tear ran down his face "For our sake, son, come back sane, okay?" He hugged Chiron and Chiron's arms wrapped around the rough shoulder, his voice broke "...I will, Papa, I will..."

Kneeling down to face his brother, Chiron let out a shaky laugh. His brother's face was covered with tears but the little boy still covered it, ashamed that he was crying. "...Hey there, kiddo, now, now... Don't cover your face like that...You have to look at your brother at least, okay?" Thor looked up and sobbed "But I cry, that's weak..." Chiron waved his hand dismissively "Nonsense, little brother, a strong centaur isn't a centaur who doesn't know how to cry, a strong centaur is the centaur who knows how to use his own heart..." He wiped his brother's face with his thumb and flicked his forehead. "Take care of Tyr while I'm gone, okay? When I come back, I expect you to tell me all about your little misadventures and your girlfriend, huh?" Thor protested weakly "Brother!" But then raised his hand. "Pinky promise that you will come back for me, big brother..." Chiron nodded and linked his pinky finger with Thor's "Pinky promise...I will be back for you and for Father and Mom..." He turned around and waved everyone for the last time. He didn't even dare to turn his head back because if he did, everyone would see a tear running down his face, too.

The journey to the meeting destination had been short and uneventful. Chiron didn't remember much of anything except for the constant pain in his heart, the missing warmth of his family. He walked to his destination, mind occurred with hundreds of things, the backpack weighting him down. He felt like he could feel the responsibility on his back. Finally arrived, Chiron took a good look at his surrounding, his Dad's first lesson came to his mind 'Always aware of your surrounding'. He looked around, noticing that a male dragonkin, two Faes, one must be from the Seelie and the other from the Unseelie court, a nymph 'That's her! That's the one from last time!' Chiron's mind screamed but he refused to react, a female magic user 'A witch' His mind corrected. Chiron looked up. 'A naga? A female one' He walked subtly to the tree she was hiding, offering his hand but still keeping a good distance, his mother's lessons about being a gentleman came back full force "Miss Naga... It isn't polite to hide there, please come down... Everyone is waiting" He said with a warm, polite smile.


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Amarie Galadriel

In the southeast forest things were oddly quiet even in the dead of night. Though the elves, who were such simple creatures, were well known to retire to their homes shortly after nightfall, it seemed as if something had gathered the quiet attention of every creature known to man.

Deep in the middle of the trees came the sound of laughter and muffled giggles. There stood three elfin children, two of which had their hands pressed to a tree of choice, bent over with their free hands covering their mouths trying to stifle said laughter.

The third was standing a foot away from them, his face as red as a maple leaf in the fall. He was so embarrassed steam was almost rising from his ears as his clinched fists shook beside him. “Stop it,” he hissed. “Right now!”

The male of the two amused elves stood, wiping a tear away from his eye with his wiry pinkie finger. His bright green eyes showed only humor, and the moonlight beating down through the trees made his fair skin and shoulder length blonde hair shine.

He was taller than the blushing male, and clamped a hand on his shoulder before leaning in close. The latter male looked younger—shorter in stature, thinner, with a round face and short, curly brunette hair. He didn't seem to like the first male leaning in like that, and distinctively moved back as if sensing a threat. “We told you not to come.”

“Flynn,” the sole female of the group spoke up as she stood. She was almost as tall as the blonde male—Flynn. She had a curvy stature to her nimble body, paired with skin that looked as if it had been kissed by the sun, but with hair as bright as the moon itself.

While the group of three was dressed the same in rags that denounced a social rank, she was by fair the most appealing—as if her clothing had taken time to make an impression. “Don't be rude. We told Mave what he was getting into.”

The younger male, Mave, looked at her as if she'd saved his life when Flynn backed off of him. “I-I didn't think y-you were serious!” he sputtered out in a rush as his eyes bounced between the two of them.

The female smiled, a creepy little grin that curled around her teeth before she twisted around and practically skipped to the edge of the trees. Flynn only smiled as he claimed an arm around Mave's smaller shoulders and pulled him closer. “Welcome to manhood, my friend.”

“This could get us killed!” Mave hissed out as they stepped towards the edges of the trees where the girl was waiting, on her knees and peaking through the branches. Flynn dropped his arm to elbow the younger male, and joined her.

After a long amount of silence, it was obvious Mave was getting frustrated. “Well?!” he asked, whispering quietly. “What can you see?!” He pushed past both of them, catching his toe on an external tree root and falling flat on his face.

The other two elves went tense suddenly, while the younger groaned and pushed himself to his knees, mumbling under his breath about how much he hated the others when he opened his eyes and found them just inches above a very serious pair of huge boots. He gulped strongly as his eyes raised up and he found himself staring at a very large, very dark elf. Who did not look happy.

“Uh...guys...?” he muttered softly.

Still behind the trees, Flynn shook his head and put his hand on the girls forearm, going to move her with him as he silently backtracked. But the young girl's attention had been captured, and in the next moment she was pulling free of her male friend and stepping out into the clearing as well.

For beats of silence, there they stood: Flynn hidden in the trees with a look of shock upon his face, Mave on the ground looking as if his stomach might come up his mouth, the girl staring in awe at the new elf, and behind them all was the largest group of Dark Elves any of them had ever seen. Eerie music was flowing from a flute, people were dancing, a fire was roaring.

Between the girl and the dark elf that had come upon them, a new attraction was brewing. He was almost a foot taller than her, his skin an ashen color, midnight hair fell down his back and shoulders, pointed ears peaking through them. He had a chiseled chest, muscled arms, and a set face with strong features.

His black eyes trailed over her body with a specific detail before a slow smile appeared on his face, pulling at the long scar that sliced from his hairline down to his jaw. He opened his hand out to her, and after only a moment of hesitation she placed her hand in his. “Rav,” he introduced in a silky tone.


Not twenty-four hours later, Amarie found herself sitting lazily in a low tree branch, a four year old child was hanging on her feet. Her golden hair was just as thin as Amarie's, hanging in wisps around her long ears. She was smiling happily as she swung back and forth, and chattering about tree frogs.

Amarie, however, wasn't paying attention. Her eyes were aimed towards the north, where the trees ended and the mountains began, caves drawn out along the land just before they reached centaur territory where the dark elves lived.

A smile touched her lips as she closed her eyes and thought about the night before, twirling around on her bare feet in the soft, warm grass. His strong body pressed against hers, the music that she'd fallen in love with playing around them.

The cold, rock floor against her bare skin, the feeling of his rough lips across her skin, the sound of his voice...“Amarie!” She nearly fell out of the tree at the voice that interrupted her fantasy as her pink eyes fell on Flynn's bright form.

He grabbed a branch and jumped up with her, concern written on his features. “I am so sorry that I left you last night,” he said under his breath, tossing glances at the people around them to make sure they weren't overheard. “Were you okay? What happened? I was about to send a search--”

She cut him off with the raise of her hand as she turned her attention back to the event ahead of them. Every elf in the southeast was gathered there in the one little area, a clearing somewhere in the center of the woods. She could see the royals, but they were far off from where she sat. “I'm fine, Flynn. Just fine.”

He lowered his voice and his head towards her. “We need to talk. It's important.”

“Mmhmm,” she mumbled with obvious disinterest as she continued to watch. After a moment silence was called and the elves did as the were told, even the fouryear old hanging from her sisters feet. Amarie didn't really care so much as to what was going on, she just didn't want to talk about her previous night. Definitely not with the boy who had tucked his tail between his legs and ran once things got good.

The king stepped up finally, the only elf standing other than his royal court—all the others were sitting, either on the ground or in the trees. “As everyone has known for some time, the elders have agreed to send a group of this generation to help end our long war.”

There was silence as no one spoke up to say they weren't aware of this news, and Amarie's eyes traveled for a moment to the group of boys were looking very entitled where they sat. She narrowed her eyes at them. If those prats are chosen, our entire planet is in danger.

“Today, we are here to announce the chosen one of our race. This person has been picked for strength, wisdom, and above all ability...” Whatever else they were going to say was drowned out by the crowds cheers to the point that silence had to be called once again.

“With great honor, we have chosen Amarie Galadriel to represent the Elfin Race at this great needed and respected trial of duty.”

Silence fell. A silence so strong that a butterfly could be heard flapping it's wings. Finally, the whispers arose, and looks of confusion was shared. Amarie sat up straighter in her spot, and the only voice that interrupted the silence was a child’s.

“That's you're name, Sissy!” Little Evaline Galadriel spoke up and began swinging on her feet again. “Ah, that's you! That's you!”

The poor child had no idea what she was talking about, and seemed much too happy within the quiet environment. Amarie's head snapped around quickly to face Flynn, who was looking much paler than any elf ever should.

“Tell her Flynnie!” Evaline called. “It's her!”

Amarie seemed to stare at the older male as if asking him if it was true. It couldn't possibly be true. But Flynn swallowed slowly and gave her a nod. She stared at him for a second or two before she lifted her feet, grabbing Evaline with her hands and dropping down to the ground.

The moment her feet touched the solid surface, the outrage broke out. Elves were talking over each other loudly, screaming about who she was. The boys who had been so sure they were going to be picked were trying to be heard over the others about how they would be so much better.

And deep in the center of the crowd, Amarie's mother was silent. Not a word fell from her lips, her expression didn't change, but in her eyes...she looked relieved.

“Mama says you're going to die.”

Amarie froze in her tracks, her bag halfway lifted to her shoulders. She turned around ever so slowly to fine Evaline standing at the base of the treehouse, outlined by the night sky. She had one thumb stuck in her mouth, the other arm wrapped tightly around a homemade doll.

The older girl sighed softly as she dropped the bag and went to sit on the wooden balcony, draping her legs over the edge and pulling the child into her lap. The girl looked up at her, with large golden eyes. “Is it true?”

Amarie shook her head as she ran her fingers through the girls hair. She settled back and turned her eyes towards the sky, then told her baby sister one last bedtime story about faries who could glow and sprinkled the night sky with the stars they saw.

The girl was asleep long before Amarie finished, but she told the ending anyway. She sat for as long as she could before she carefully lifted the girl, and she took her back into her room and put her carefully into bed.

She placed one kiss on her forehead, smiled, and whispered a promise. “I'll come home.”


No one else got a goodbye from Amarie that night. She left without another word from her home, and no one cared to take notice of her departure. The elves were locked up tight in their homes, and Amarie could care less.

It took her longer than she would have liked to reach the center of the land, just slightly passed midnight. She'd walked most of the way, unless she could catch a buggy here or there from people traveling through their villages.

She carried a backpack that was filled with essentials, but not enough to weigh her down, and her bow with as many extra arrows as she could get her hands on. She had the stuff with her to make more, but she hoped she wouldn't have to use them.

As the large oak came into view, she soon realized she was at the right spot. The first person that caught her attention was a small looking boy up against the tree. Fae, she could tell immediately. There was one in the tree as well, lounging on it comfortably. They looked strikingly different, so she was willing to bet the clothes on her back they were from different courts.

She recognized the nymph as well, dark haired and beautiful, standing with a purpose. Sitting on the ground not far from her was a bright haired dragonkin, who looked far too happy to be there, another girl who was tiny but undoubtedly gorgeous, and another male...of what race she couldn't tell so far, holding his hand up to the seemingly empty tree...

But the longer she looked, she soon began to realize that it wasn't empty at all. Wrapped safety into place was a naga girl.

Amarie sighed softly to herself and joined the group silently, standing off towards the edge.


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#, as written by H3R0

This was gonna be great.

Mavin was excited. He was the most excited he'd ever been in a long time. He had his stuff packed all nice and neat in what he liked to refer to as his "gag bag," which was really just a bag he used to keep all his junk in, sacred or not. He had it opened up in the middle of the floor as he carelessly tossed things over his shoulder, not even bothering to check and make sure that any of it made it inside, or made it inside in one piece for that matter. Just because the bag was magically convenient didn't mean it kept everything from breaking. If he tossed a glass vial of that lizard's acid in there and it smashed open, it'd go all over his things and then, well, there'd simply be no more things. But he wasn't really worried about that. The thought didn't even cross his mind. He was just way too excited.

He was told by his own village leaders that the Elders, the Elders, called him for some sort of great mission thing to find that...what was it again? It was some sort of magical object. He knew it wasn't an orb or anything easily breakable. It wasn't anything typical, well, not too typical anyway, or else he would've remembered what it was. Ugh, that was going to bug him big time until he remembered what it was. It probably wasn't even that cool. It was probably something super lame, like a bo--oh duh. Yeah, it was super lame. It was a book. A lame, boring, dusty, old book.

It was still daylight outside with hours to spare of it when Mavin finally decided to leave his home. He hadn't been given much of a warning to this new, sudden situation, but the fact that he'd been given one at all instead of someone telling him that hey, you have to be there like, uh, now, made him feel a little better about things. That's what those stuffy old village leaders usually tried to pull on him anyway. They assumed he'd have plenty of time, but really, Mavin knew they probably just forgot. They were old and senile and--oh, god, he was going to miss them a lot. He was going to miss one of them in particular a lot more than the others.

"What's taking you so long? Are you still in here? Some warlock you are." Mavin felt a grin pull at his lips at the voice from behind him. He hadn't even seen the oldie wander around behind him. Maybe that's because the old geezer didn't even walk, he probably just showed up. Even of the leaders had a way of doing that, just showing up without notice, but this one especially was known for his tendency to pop up whenever and be either completely careless or indifferent towards the situation he just so happened to pop up into. Mavin shuddered at the memories of just stepping out of the tub and letting this old guy sneak a peek at his manhood. Ugh.

As soon as Mavin turned to face the sound of the voice, the leader was gone. "Huh?" And just the same, when he turned around again, there he was, Mr. Leader himself, standing way too close for comfort. Mavin let out an animated yell and stepped back a few feet, hand placed over his chest. His poor bag dropped to the ground with a distinct clink and clatter, and he was convinced more than just a couple of things broke. He groaned. "What."

The old man, clad in robes way too dramatic to serve any practical purposes, simply smiled; it was a big smile, a grin that stretched from ear to ear and showed each and every one of the gross, rotted teeth that shouldn't be in his mouth anymore. Mavin wrinkled his nose. He was a hundred percent sure they were only still there with the help of magic. "You take too long. You are always taking too long."

Mavin rolled his eyes and turned away to lift his bag, only to find it already being handed to him. It seemed like he'd snatch it rudely back, but he took it carefully and nodded a silent thanks despite the scowl on his face. It was a game to them, this small-talk banter. Mavin was annoyed, sure, but he definitely wasn't mad, and somewhere in there he and the old man both knew he was just itching to laugh. And just as soon as he thought of it, it happened, and a short chuckle escaped despite his attempts to look angry. He opened his mouth to say something back, but the bag in his hand singed his palms and he found himself dropping it again, wincing at the more distinctive crash of glass vials cracking against each other. His gaze instantly turned to the old man in accusation, who put his hands up in a childish "I didn't do it" manner. "That was you, Mavin. Are you sure your heat serums are not overflowing? I am sure you've added them all, as many as you could fit, despite the ban." They shared knowing looks as Mavin simply blew on the rope that held the bag closed and picked it up again, slinging it over his shoulder.

He wasn't ready to leave yet. "I'm so ready to get out of this place."

"I am sure you will miss me."

"--The least," Mavin added matter-of-factly with that smug little smirk on his face. To most, he might of stuck out his tongue for emphasis, but not towards this leader, not towards this person. They could play and they could banter, but Mavin still had more respect for the guy than he had for anyone else. He wasn't tip-toeing his way around, but he still managed to watch himself, tried to keep himself moderately in-line. It's the only time he bothered.

With a cane he didn't have when he first arrived, the elderly man jabbed him in the side with more force than a man that age should be allowed to have. "Watch it. I will have you fired."

He was always saying that. It never made any sense. Fired from what? Fired from knowing each other? Fired from magic? Fired from life? Who could know--the guy was going a little nuts in his old age. Mavin always just laughed along. "It's not like you're paying me."

"I guess we will see." See what? Mavin thought. They fell into silence as they wandered away from his small home, secluded from the others in the far corner of the village, closer to the exit near the woods than the entrance towards the trail to the next town, which is where they were headed now.

The old guy's name was Jeffrey, just like the name of the brother he didn't remember. Mavin knew he had a brother, an older one, and he knew his father killed him, but he didn't remember anything about him specifically. He didn't remember if they looked anything alike, or if he looked more like their dad (while Mavin tended more towards his mother, the last he checked), or if he liked card games or liked gems and runes more than potions and herbs, or any of that. He just knew that once a time he had an older brother named Jeffrey and, then he didn't anymore. He knew his mother called him Jeffrey a lot.

But he didn't want to think about that.

They passed a home that wasn't really enough to be considered a home anymore, not since a few hours before, but Mavin didn't pay any attention to it. Jeffrey shot a side glance at him, but looked away. Mavin heard he was leaving and he suddenly decided he wanted to know if that old tale about the Big, Bad Wolf was true, the one with the pig's in each house, and the house became hay, and the wind blew it away, and the items inside were lost to liquid, and--Mavin doesn't know what happened to the house. He really doesn't. And that concerns Jeffrey, but the elder remains silent as they walk.

Jeffrey was the man chosen by Mavin's mother to take care of him. They were close friends and, at the time, Jeffrey considered himself a bit of a brother to the slowly deteriorating woman and it was a sad sight to him to watch her go. It was a sad thing to a lot of people. Although she was never really right in the head, she was a kind person who cared for others. She often went out of her way to help even if she didn't really have the time to. That's why Mavin was such a disappointment to them all. It was almost as if he had a point to act anything but like his mother, completely bratty, crude, obnoxious, and more trouble than he is helpful.

But he wasn't a shame. Jeffrey enjoyed Mavin, and Mavin respected him like an uncle, or a dad, but the latter was more silent. "Are you gonna miss me?"

The question was sudden, especially for someone as dodgy as Mavin, but Jeffrey maintained his composure. He shrugged. "I try not to stray into pointless things." What did that even mean? Jeffrey was good about that. Or bad, depending how you looked at it. Some people said he could see the future, but there was no definite proof of it, and he'd never admitted to it one way or the other. He was a good warlock, but even Mavin didn't believe he could see the future. That'd be impossible.

It made him nervous. "Sure," he replied. He glanced behind him and frowned as something occurred to him. "I did that." He nodded to himself, but he didn't smile. He just watched the poor homeowner pick up the pieces of the items in their nonexistent house. The person, whose name he couldn't quite put a finger on at the moment, caught them staring and didn't even have the energy to shoot them a glare. Mavin didn't like that. He didn't like feeling guilty. He didn't like doing things like that. It wasn't funny. It hadn't been a prank--not one he remembered. It hadn't been planned out or laughable. It'd been cruel and pointless and nobody had even been around to find it funny with him, not that he even did.

"I did that," Jeffrey chimed from his side. They turned to look at each other and Jeffrey nodded his balding head to affirm his words. "I did that," he repeated, and gave a shrug as he turned away. And for a second, Mavin was inclined to believe him. Jeffrey walked on ahead of him with that cane that returned yet again from nowhere, the cane that could be made of anything he wanted, but instead was constructed of rickety wood, occasionally infested with termites. It was natural and there wasn't a single magical thing about it, and yet Mavin had always found it neat. Maybe because Jeffrey had it for seemingly no particular reason, and that piqued his interest.

Who did that? Mavin followed in silence a few paces behind. The guilt was real, but now he wasn't so sure if it was justified or not.

They reached the end of the village and Jeffrey stopped and turned to Mavin with a cheeky grin, rotted teeth and all. "It was nice knowing you."

"Oh now I know you're just screwing with me." Mavin rolled his eyes because he saw that Jeffrey was still grinning, but he had to look away because--what if he wasn't? What if he could see into the future? What if he was just--...Who cared anyway? Ugh, he was getting way too serious about this. He was totally excited. This was going to be way fun. He was getting out of this stuffy village full of rotten, stuffy people, and finally going on an exciting adventure. He wasn't going to die. That was just bad thinking! He was perfectly fine, and he was going to stay perfectly fine.

The good-byes were short and shallow and Mavin was gone before he could tell Jeffrey he was going senile.

He's going to have dementia. But that wasn't something that was his responsibility to think or worry about, so he simply didn't.

So let's see what we've got to work with here. Oh, yeah, there was definitely no way Mavin was just going to bust in on this whole operation without a plan at hand. He had a scope with him and, from a distance, he could see a total of...count 'em: eight suckers. One from each race, but he already expected that. Ugh, what was that? Why did those chicks have to be so... Whatever. It was cool, he was cool, the situation was cool. Oh man, he wasn't just last, he was dead last. Well, who cared, right? At least he was here at all. And he knew just the perfect thing to show these speed-demons just what coming in first did!

All it did was slow them down.

Mavin circled the area, getting a little closer to get a better look with his own eyes rather than the manufactured one in the scope. He was just about to do it--he really was too--when he caught sight of one of those suped-up lookin' girls and he seriously almost blew a fuse and whatever he had out of the spell rebounded and shot him right in the forehead--it hurt, too--and it definitely wasn't the slow-down spell he'd been aiming for. It ended up being some sort of weird glowy spell and now he looked like a stupid, embarrassing walking lightning bug in the middle of the night for no good reason and he literally had no excuse to explain it, or any way of getting rid of it until it wore off. Whenever that would be. Ugh. Ughughugh. Screw this day, seriously.

Since he was a hundred percent sure that if he hadn't been spotted before, he definitely had been now, so Mavin picked up his bearings and strolled towards the group of people like he was prepping for a party, as if there was nothing weird or wrong or different about his natural appearance at all, as if it were totally normal for him to be glowing a dull, ugly yellow-green color. "So what's everybody up to? If you were waiting for me, I already went on ahead and checked everything out. Seriously, you guys are way too slow." Ugh, this was a little embarrassing, but he still couldn't help but laugh incredulously to himself about his own idiocy. It was a little funny. "So, yeah, stop being lazy and get your bums moving. Mommy Mavin's here to guide the way." Literally, like this.

He laughed.


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[size=DF-KaiSB]Ariel Wylde[/size]

“Hey~” he jumped. He should have heard the fluttering of wings, but he didn’t. He was too caught up in his thoughts. Sindri. He missed him already. Ariel wondered if he had fallen back asleep like he always did when Ariel had to leave for something, or if he watched him leave the village. By now he had ran his hands through his hair enough times to pull all the soot away, leaving his white blonde hair shimmering in the moonlight. It was annoying, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. But anyways, back to the Fae would scared him. Letting a small sigh part his chapped lips, he tilted his head up ever so slightly to acknowledge the other, a thin yet polite smile playing on his lips.

“Oh? Hello there,” Lifting his gaze up, Ariel was met with blue eyes and blue hair, almost the same shade of color. He was pretty. Not like the Unseelie, but beautiful in his own way. Though that smirk on his face reminded him of Sindri and that made his heart give a painful thud, “It is nice to meet your acquaintance. I am Ariel Wylde of the Unseelie Court. Of course, you could have guessed that, seeing as I am a Fae as well as you.” He inclined his head and shifted his body a bit. He opened his mouth to speak but the perfect tune of a flute cuts him off. Not that he minded all that much. Small talk was never something he was good at. Instead, he leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes, letting the notes flow over his skin like freshly woven silk. It wasn’t something he heard from his own Court, where the music was dramatic and loud, then soft and beautiful. It was different, and Ariel didn’t know how to describe it in any other way other than amazing.

Like all things in the world, the song ended in time, and blinking his eyes open, Ariel smiled into the direction of the trees that he heard the flute. “Well, hello, then-are you all that has arrived as of yet?” Even her voice was different. Nothing like the sweet melodic tune of the Unseelie female Fae. It was rougher, a little deeper. But for some reason, Ariel wasn’t repulsed by it. Honestly he thought he should have been, being that it was nothing like what he was used to. Maybe it was just his curiosity kicking in, or something along those lines.

Focusing his eyes on her, he gave a much nicer smile to her, and bowed his head politely, “Ah, my apologies, it seems that we are the only two here.” He gave her a light laugh, a sound that was normal to him but in the back of his mind he wondered how it sounded to her, “Though I do wish the other’s would hurry up. I don’t want to be waiting all night.” That that he gave a yawn, and looking surprised, his cheeks colored a light pink, something the light of the moon easily shone its light upon, to his chagrin.

“OI!” It was booming and loud, but Ariel could say he saw this one coming. He heard him stumbling about through the forest like some intoxicated being, or a wounded animal. He was clumsy really. Flicking his gaze away from the only girl with a polite nod, he looked the new comer up and down as he came toward their little pod of three. He was tall, much taller than Ariel could ever hope for. Maybe, he guessed, six feet, if not taller. He was a dragonkin, which much was obvious, unlike the very uniquely pretty girl in the group. His hair was the color of a new fire, and two horns came from his head, curling back, much like his long horned cattle. Upon reaching the other three, the tall, no giant, dragonkin sat down next to Ariel. He grinned tightly, not quite sure how he felt about that, but he left it alone, finding on a different level, he didn’t care.

Next came another girl, much shorter than the dragonkin. Her hair was a curly mess, and Ariel found it really cute. He wanted to touch it, honestly. He was about to greet her when her whole body just stopped. At first he was worried that something attacked her from behind, ready to do some hand to hand combat or something, but when he noticed the minimal change of color to her cheeks with a tiny blush, Ariel turned to follow her line of gaze, only to stare at the massive boy next to him. He didn’t smile, only snicker in his head and pressed a pale hand to his lips, smothering the smile that was growing there. It was too early for relationships like what the girl wanted, though there was nothing wrong with finding him attractive. He just hoped that if anyone decieded to be with another, and things ended for some reason, they wouldn’t become hurt or annoyed and effect the who groups journey. They were going into a life or death quest.

“Ariel, I want you to remember something?” The small boy froze and slowly brought his legs to his chest. No. No he didn’t want to do this. Not now, not ever. Especially not now though.
“Ariel, are you listening to me, I know I didn’t tire you out that much.” A light caress made his body tingle all over again, and he nuzzled closer to his lover, a soft moan escaping his lips.

“Yeah, ‘M listening Sin.” His voice was muffled, and the words slurred, his body getting warmer as the other trailed his hands over the places he knew would get a reaction from him. Fleeting touches to his sides, nails scraping against his bare chest, lazy circles on his hips bones, scratches alone his inner thigh, it was driving him crazy. “Sin, just…tell me, will you?” it broke off as a mewl, his back arching, “Dammit. I hate you.”

A soft chuckle, “I love you too, Ariel. But, Shortie, listen to me.” All touches stopped and Ariel wanted to groan, though he held that in, “I want you to remember me. I know you want to say ‘yeah, yeah of course I will, I love you’ or something along those lines, but I don’t want you to remember just
this. I want you to think about me.” A pause, “I want your quest to be in the name of saving me.”

“Sindri, that’s dumb of course I will never forget you. When I come back, you will be right here, still stuck here with my greedy parents,” the look on his lover’s face halted him, “Sin? Sindri? Is there something you’re not telling me?” all his good mood was gone and he sat up quickly, tears springing to his eyes, “You aren’t leaving me are you?”

“God, fuck. No.” the older sat up with him and grabbed his hands, “No. But Ariel, I am 22 years old, how have I not gone to war yet? I am able to. Honestly, I think it is your parents doing, for you. And with you gone, I think I will be sent to fight. I am not needed here if you aren’t here. Your parents have their own maids. So I want you to remember me, for me. I want you to finish your quest with me in mind. Because Ariel, if I go, I’m positive I won’t be coming back.”

Another maid knocked on the door and Ariel understood that he was being summoned by his parents.

Flicking his eyes to gaze among the trees, Ariel tried to calm his quick beating heart. It was a horrible conversation, with a horrible ending, yet neither of them talked about it again. It was too heavy. Just like they never talked about when Ariel’s parents would give him the option to marry the princess, what would he do? Or what he would do if they got caught? It was selfish of both of them, living in a fantasy world with only each other, ignoring all else. But now…now it was time to face reality. It was time to grow up, after so many years of trying his hardest to not take responsibility, the music was going to be hard to face. He imagined that Sindri was going to go through the same thing.

It was a while before the next one came. Ariel counted the group again; along with himself there was a Seelie Fae and a Dragonkin. He looked at the two females for a while, trying to pick apart what they would be. The shorter looked too fragile to be anything but a Fae or a witch, and considering she didn’t have wings, he went with the witch. He let a small frown mar his face. He want overly fond of witches and warlocks. Their magic interested him, but he knew that some were downright nasty and used their magic for evil. And he wasn’t talking about the war. However the other female was hard to figure out. She was tall, so not a Fae. They had a dragonkin, so she wasn’t that either. He could say centaur, but he didn’t think her to be one. Not quite sure what she was, he gave a short sniff and leaned his head back against the tree, giving complete guess and saying she was a either a centaur or a nymph.

Not too much time had passed when a pale skinned and pale haired boy came out from the trees and Ariel without a second thought figured out he was a centaur. He carried himself much like one. He had seen them before, though he had to hide in order to not be killed, and the regal way they held themselves, and even the way they fought, was beautiful. Breath-taking even. “Miss Naga…” What? A Naga was here too? “It isn’t polite to hide up there, please come down. Everyone is waiting.” Ariel looked up and let out a whine, seeing a very large thing in the trees. He figured it was the Naga and looked back down, another yawn parting his lips. Maybe he should have taken a nap with Sindri while he had the chance. Oh well, too late now. Directing his gaze over to the centaur, he found that he was on the short side for someone of his race, or at least the men he saw fighting were huge, though he figured that since they were all still kids, they had the possibility of growing a few more inches. Except him. He was stuck. Forever at 5 feet. It was a horrible thing.

Smiling, Ariel looked up at the Naga in the trees, “Yes, please, I would love to meet you Miss. I’m sure none of us bite, you are safe here.” He didn’t move from his sitting position so craning his head up was a bit awkward and painful, but he made do so he could address her, “So please, Miss, come join us. You are among friends.”

Soon an Elf arrived and Ariel fought the urge to hug her. He loved Elves. They were an amazing race. Not true to their name, they could be any shape or size, and they were great at wood-work and had top-notch blacksmiths. Or they did, back before the war. He wasn’t quite sure how every race lived with the war raging on. She stood tall, and didn’t talk, which made Ariel a little put out because he didn’t want a moody Elf. Or in general, a moody anyone. They were going to have to get along, why try and fight it. The Elder told him that they were going to have to earn each other’s trust, and watch each other’s backs during fights. And that there would be many battles. He wasn’t sure if that meant external battles or internal. He just said it was going to be a bit of both.

About to say something to the Elf, a bright light shone through the trees and Ariel tensed up. They were safe here, or they should have been. After it faded into a dimmer glow, a young man walked out of the trees, shimmering in light. It seemed to originate from his forehead. Knowing no race that shimmered, he guessed a magicuser, specifically a Warlock. “So, what’s everybody up to? If you were waiting for me, I already went on ahead and checked everything out. Seriously you guys are way too slow.” Ariel raised a single eyebrow and quirked his lips, “So, yeah, stop being lazy and get your bums moving. Mommy Mavin is here to guide the way.” Ariel giggled a bit at that, his eyes closing for a second as the sound carried and brought a hush to the group.

He blushed. “My apologies. Anyway, Warlock.” He stood up and internally sighed at his height. Damn this. It was going to take a while to get them to take him seriously in his height, “In case your Elder didn’t tell you,” he pointed a finger at him with a huff, “though why he would tell you anything is beyond me. Why did that pick such an incompetent Warlock is beyond me,” he added under his breath, “We were to meet under the oak tree at midnight. Judging by the position of the moon, it is well past midnight. I’m quite sure the Elders did not say ‘go galloping into the forest and find a way to get through everything and show off your manliness’ or did yours specifically say that?” his hands ended up on his hips and a smile played at his lips. He normally wasn’t so informal, but the boy didn’t seem the type to care for formalness. And besides, Ariel was irked that they, he, had to wait for so long. Honestly, he could have been sleeping. But he wasn’t mad. Not really. “Anyways, I’m sure the other Elder’s told you this but we are granted safe passage through the lands that the races inhabit. After that, we are on our own for food, water, medicine, whatever.” He frowned and ran a hand through his hair. “You were right about one thing, Warlock. We need to get moving. So come on.” By this time he was sort of standing next to the magicuser, but a bit in front of him at the same time. As everyone started to shuffle around and get up, chatter also started to be heard, instead of the stiff silence. Smiling, Ariel tossed back a grin at the Warlock and moved aside to let him through, “Show us the way, or Great Warlock.”

As they began to gather their things and set off, Ariel cast one glance back to where he knew his land resided. Back to where Sindri was. His heart felt heavy, and all he wanted to do was run back into his arms and never leave them. I love you, Sin. he thought, turning back to face the front and smiling bitterly. If he thought about it hard enough, he could still feel the tingling of his touches along his body. The perfect hands, caressing his sides, running through his hair…just…

They laughed and kissed again. Then again, the giggling quieter. The next time their lips pulled apart, Ariel had the perfect shade of blush on his cheeks and Sindri was smirking. Bringing up his hands, Sin cupped the other’s face and pulled him into a deeper kiss, gently parting his lips with his tongue and starting a battle that happened each and every time. It was slow at first, slow and sweet and gentle, but when Ariel bit Sindri’s bottom lip in a challenge, everything turned on his head.

After being pushed down into the bed, Ariel looped his arms around the older’s neck and yanked him down for a much deeper and more heated kiss. Quiet moans were swallowed by the other, and their bodies began to rock slowly against each other. Pulling away to bite his neck, Sindri trailed his hands up and down Ariel’s body and then quickly rid him of his clothes. Next came the nips and the hot laps of his tongue. The warm heat that enveloped him, the areas that made his back arch off the bed and clasp his hands over his mouth to muffle the moans or screams. A dull pain, and then pleasure. And more pleasure. It built up, their bodies now rocking without a rhythm. His vision went white and then black. Perfection.


“Ow, dammit.” Blinking away the memories, Ariel rubbed his forehead with his hand, tears springing into his eyes and a pout formed on his lips, glaring at the tree that did him no wrong. He was so caught up in his memories, the memory that would be one of many to keep him going through this quest, that he had not been paying attention to where he was placing his feet, resulting in him running head first into an oncoming tree. Placing his other hand on the tree, he pushed off of it and tried to blink quickly, willing the black spots in his vision to go away. But it was to no avail, and for a long while, Ariel spent his time tripping over roots and rocks and other plants while he was trying to make his vision clear. There were a few snickers here and there, but he couldn’t tell who was who and in the end he just didn’t care. Or really, he cared a lot, but he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it because there was no point.

He remembered a time, when he was much younger, when a few kids were bulling him for his hair, pulling locks of it out and pushing him around, making him bleed. He was crying, sobbing really, trying to fight back. He was smaller than the other boys, though he was the exact same age as them. It really made him angry. He wasn’t even sure why they wanted to pick on him. To him, his hair was his hair. He was special. His mommy told him he was special and that no one could take that away from him. A rather loud wail escaped him and the two boys were picked up by the collar of their shirts
“What are you boys doing to my son?” his mother’s soft yet commanding voice pierced through his sobs and he opened his eyes to see his mom glaring at the two kids, “Don’t touch him again.” She put them down and they took off running, terrified of someone from the Royal Court. Especially the Queen’s advisor. Once they were gone, Ariel was picked up and cradled in his mom’s chest, and he started to cry all over again.

“Mommy, I don’t like my hair, I don’t like my eyes. I don’t like being short. Mommy I don’t like it. I hate it. I just wanna…I wanna be normal. Why am I not normal. I’m…I am…ugly. They told me I was ugly.” He sniffled a few times, but because he was his mother he stayed strong. She called him her brave little warrior.

She cooed and pet his hair, carrying him all the way back home. “Remember that you are special, Ariel. People are going to make fun of you your whole life, okay? But I want to you kill them with your kindness. Be polite to them, smile at them. Don’t be rude back, stay calm at all times.”

“Kindness is the best form of manipulation.” was what she told him. He took it to heart as a child, and kept it with him, using it with his father. He doesn’t remember his father every being a kind man, but apparently he loved him and his mother very much before being sent to war. War changed a man. It changed him forever. He hoped that Sindri wouldn’t end up the same way.

Glancing over at the Warlock, he frowned and stepped over a protruding root, “Pardon me Mister, but do you actually know where we are going? Do you have a plan in mind, or is mindless walking your plan?” Pale eyes rolled and a faint smile touched his lips, “Oh, I forgot. I am Ariel, a Fae from the Unseelie Court. As if you couldn’t tell already. But who exactly are you?” he shrugged his backpack to the other shoulder, “I mean, your sort of a powerful Warlock, judging by the magic you tried to use back there, but I see you can’t control it. Why did the Elders chose you?”He didn’t mean for it to be rude, and so he forced his tone to drop into a sort of mild curious one, instead of a flat, monotonous tone he normally used. A small tilt of his head also gave way to the fact that he wasn’t trying to offend, just merely asking. He wanted to know, honestly. What made this guy special. Ariel figured he was a wild card to the group, with his powers and all that. But what about the others?


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Micha felt a little bad for startling the young Fae, but he was quickly pulled away from the feeling as a short conversation started. “Oh? Hello there, It is nice to meet your acquaintance. I am Ariel Wylde of the Unseelie Court. Of course, you could have guessed that, seeing as I am a Fae as well as you.”

Ariel Wylde. The name brought out a familiarity, or at least the last part did, but he wasn't quiet sure where he had heard it before. He couldn't quite figure out why, but the tone was polished enough he was willing to be royalty. He nodded a bit at having guessed that much, Fae's weren't hard to tell apart from others. “Figured, you're too pretty to be a Seelie,” he muttered, then added in a louder tone. “Micha, by the way.”

Not to say that Micha wasn't entranced by his own court, but there was something about the Unseelie that was almost majestic. They were all beautiful for the most part. Especially this one with his fair skin and bright hair. Micha'd always had a weakness for those traits himself.

Ariel was going to say something again, but the sound of a flute cut him off. Micha fell quiet, not because he was particularly fond of the music himself but because it seemed rude otherwise. It was a fine tune, though it was over soon.

Micha twisted his head around at the sound of a voice, distinctly female, it was of a deeper variation. Definitely not Fae, at least. She was beautiful, though in a simpler way than his own race. He'd seen enough Nymphs in his lifestyle to recognize one when he saw it. They all held a certain visual aspect, like a flower in bloom. She had a darker skin tone that he rarely ever got to see, and some bushy hair that brought a smile to his face.

He nodded along with what Ariel was saying, it did seem as if the two were the only ones there. “Though I do wish the others would hurry up. I don’t want to be waiting all night.” “Agreed,” he muttered. “Though if they're going to be slow I wouldn't mind a nap...” Though just as he said it, a new voice joined the group. Loud and booming.

To be honest, Micha had an issue with paying attention to his surroundings. He knew it was dangerous, but he was tired and a little stressed. He hadn't heard the sounds, but as he raised his eyes he quickly became aware of the newest member to their group.

He was a very tall man, with flaming orange hair, strong, prominent features, and a very impressive pair of curling horns. Dressed in very little...and Micha thought he was being a rebel. This boy plopped down right by the young Fae, and Micha could only snicker softly at the expression that crossed Ariel's face—he was slightly uncomfortable about the situation. And the new comer looked a little too happy with his.

Another girl appeared way too soon and he sighed deeply at the fact that he was going to have to let go of the prospect of a nap. He should have slept before leaving, and he was regretting it now, but at least he'd had a relatively good night.

She was a tiny girl, definitely human, but very beautiful. Even in his lazy state, Micha lifted up on his elbow to look the girl over. She was very small, very fair, and very demanding of attention. While not necessarily his type, there was no doubt she was hard to look away from.

After a moment, he followed her own expression to where her gaze was locked and chuckled under his breath. Guess I'm not her type either... he thought to himself. Oh it was definitely going to be interesting with girls around...this journey was beginning to have a bright side.

Silence fell around the small group and after awhile Micha lost interest in looking at the others and laid back down again. He wasn't feeling like himself at all, normally he would have been down on the ground messing with the others and making jokes but...he was too tired.

Or at least that was what he was telling himself. Honestly, his heart felt heavy. He was thinking about her. After all these years, after moving on and having a life, she was back on his mind still hurt. Like it'd all happened yesterday. He figured a piece of himself would always lay with her.

He actually closed his eyes for awhile before anyone else came. He'd unfolded his wings, let them lazily glide in the air for a moment before dropping them at his sides. He normally didn't flaunt them so much—and that wasn't what he was doing, he was just tired and keeping them pinned was a lot of energy too.

He'd just thought about that nap again when a noise caught his ears, and he moved enough to see another male enter the group. This ones race Micha couldn't pin, but he carried himself with a certain type of...pride? He wasn't sure what it was. “Miss Naga it isn’t polite to hide up there, please come down. Everyone is waiting.”

His brow furrowed in confusion, when the hell had a Naga joined them? His eyes searched the branches and after he focused long enough he saw her. She was huge, but he figured a life-sized snake would be anyway. He didn't have a problem with them at all, and actually found her to be very cute the longer he looked.

“---I’m sure none of us bite, you are safe here.” Micha scoffed under his breath as he turned his head to the opposite side. “Not unless you're into that kind of thing...” he trailed off as his eyes landed on an Elf who had apparently just joined their group.

She raised an unamused eyebrow at him while he only grinned in response. She rolled her eyes slightly before they went around the rest of the group. Before anything else could be said, or anyone else introduced, a bright light suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Well hell, that caught Micha's attention, and he lifted up on his elbow again to look off in the distance.

Amarie, who could see exceptionally well, was already shaking her head. As to why the male was glowing, she had no idea, but she was sure there was an amusing story to the reasoning.

“So, what’s everybody up to? If you were waiting for me, I already went on ahead and checked everything out. Seriously you guys are way too slow. So, yeah, stop being lazy and get your bums moving. Mommy Mavin is here to guide the way.”

Micha felt confused, surely his attention wasn't that bad that he hadn't noticed someone else had arrived before him. Definitely not from a sky view, certainly he would have noticed a glowing dude. You're goin to get yourself killed...

The sound of a Fae giggle stole his attention once more, an he found himself looking down at the Unseelie, who blushed as soon as he realized everyone had gone quiet.

Amarie leaned against a tree just opposite them, enough to keep an eye on the group but not say anything. She raised an eyebrow slowly as the boy with hair almost as bright as hers stood. Fae, she noticed.

“Who put this kid in charge?” she asked under her breath.

Micha flipped out of the tree easily, lading just in front of her with his wings snapping into place. “You wanna lead the way, Princess?”

She gave him a look that probably could have sent anyone else running. “Bite me.”

“Where?” he retorted. It was just too easy. She stepped up to him as if she was about to retort something--and how he hoped it was going to be fun--but then a sound interrupted them.

“Ow, dammit.”

Micha looked behind him and Amarie over his shoulder at the Fae that had just run smack into a tree. He shook his head with a light snicker and fell into walking with the group, but Amarie held back a couple of paces behind everyone else.

She looked off towards the southeast for the longest moment, hoping her baby sister was having some good dreams, and blew off a kiss in the direction. She couldn't see anything, of course, but it gave her a little peace. Then she turned around and started walking again.

From her spot in the very back she could see all the others, smiling and making introductions as they walked. The blue Fae was by far the tallest, which was amusing because in counterpart the other Fae was the shortest.

She wondered for a moment why there was two of them when it occurred to her that they had different subraces as well. Something about being one thing and un-another. She knew she remembered in the back of her mind, but she couldn't pull the information forward.

Even from her spot in the back, she could hear them talking up front. Her ears were pretty amazing that way. Actually, the more he talked the more amusing she was finding the tiny fairy, who seemed to have a bit of a smart mouth on him.

A smile actually tugged on her lips as she shifted the straps on her back. The group that was in front of her seemed like a pretty able group. The guys appeared to be strong—except maybe the Fae's less so in physicality. However, they were powerful creatures and she wasn't worried.

The girls...the only one who stuck out to her like a sore thumb was the smallest. She looked like something that needed to be sitting at one of those shops that sold rare, priceless items. Not someone who should be on a mission such as their own. However, if there was anything Amarie had learned in her short life it was never to judge by appearances, which could be so deceiving.

Perhaps the young woman was a magicurser, who had powers no one could even dream of.

She sighed, deciding she was already done with people watching, and instead turned her attention to the trees around them. She loved the forest.


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Serafina Calidus

One of the first things that Serafina notices about the shorter of the two brilliantly-haired boys, both of whom are quite obviously representatives of the faerie courts, other than their appearances, is that he carries a bag made of familiar looking scales. Not familiar as in she knows the person they were taken from, but in the fact that she can recognize where they have come from to begin with. She easily ignores the unsettled feeling this gives her, just as she easily ignores most tension, because it is unlikely that the faerie folk would have easy access to any already dead water nymphs, unless said nymphs died in battle. Were she not so in control of her emotions, Fina may have been a bit angry at the sight of the bag. Had she not spent half of her life outside of nymph territory, she certainly would have been. Most fire nymphs are not known for their self restraint, after all, a slightly bitter stereotype that does stem from a little seedling of truth, unfortunately.

"Well, I'm certain that they will arrive soon enough, then," Fina responds amicably, visibly amused by something, though it is unlikely that one would guess it to be the high pitch of his voice, not his rose blush, that prompts this little smirk. Most of the men she's known have had huskier voices, and the faeries she has traveled with have only ever been female- if there is a reason for this trend, she is ignorant to it. He sounds like a girl, or a small child. And rather looks like one too- I wonder if that's a trigger for him? Shorty? she muses, the smirk still present on her face. "I wouldn't suggest falling asleep though- all manner of things in these woods, inclined towards all sorts of snacks, I'm sure," the nymph warns jokingly, her eyes dancing. So far, the group seem interesting enough- two rather pretty faerie boys, though distinctly from different courts, even to the eyes of an outsider like herself. There isn't really time for a response to her comment, as a booming voice resonates through the area, powerful in its single syllable: "Oi!" It is a small task to identify the speaker, as a large -as in tall and muscular, not portly- man saunters towards them with a smile and a rather casual air about him. He arrives with a wink towards the group, before quickly glancing over each member. Within seconds, he is own the ground, mouth nearly stretching into a grin as he finally says hello. Serafina looks him over in turn, easily identifying him, with his vivid hair and large horns, as a dragonkin. Did I not get the hair memo? I'd have colored mine. As it is, he looks more like fire than I, her mouth quirks into what nearly turns her smirk into a smile, but does not quite make it there.

"Salutations," is her distracted greeting- distracted because yet another person arrives. This one is a girl with a tiny frame, almost like a porcelain doll, and eyes that seem to freeze over the dragonkin's body. Any chance of the smirk fading is immediately reduced to zero, because the petite young woman's distraction proves to be quite funny. "And hello to you- sorry, I would have worn less clothing as well, if I'd thought it could grab a bit more of your attention," she teases the girl, clearly referring to her having been staring at the man with the flaming hair.

At the sound of footsteps, Fina turns her attention towards the tree, where she sees a young man extending his hand up into the branches. She hadn't caught what he had said, but certainly remembers his features. At this point, the smirk does do the unlikely, evolving into a grin at the familiar face. "Oi! It's you! Mr. Knight-In-Shining-Armor," she acknowledges him in this manner, unsure whether to be pleased -because he had been rather easily messed with- or irritated--as he had been a bit annoying, with his nosiness and such.

When another person, this time an elf by the look of it, joins the group and looks up the tree with some recognition, Fina is curious. She steps over the dragonkin to get a better view, and finds herself staring up at a Naga girl with glittering scales and a rather pretty face. As the moonbeam boy promises that the group on the ground do not bite, Fina opens her mouth to retort, her words coming perhaps a few seconds after the other faerie boy's, and therefore becoming lost behind them, for the most part. "Unless you ask nicely," she had said with the same grin she had possessed before. One that vanishes for a fleeting second when something bright shines in the corner of her eye. Fina turns to witness, and is very pleased to do so, a young man with dark hair and skin that glows a greenish hue speaking to them in a rather haughty manner.

He'll be fun, Fina decides, because the proud sorts of people are usually the best when it comes to getting interesting reactions out of them. "Be our guiding light then, won't you? On the bright side, none of us will get lost- how extraordinarily clever of you," she praises him sarcastically, the corners of her mouth dancing slightly. After this, however, she turns her attention away from the others in order to focus on the Naga girl, waiting until she has gotten down and introduced herself. This leaves the two at the back of the group, of course, but Fina finds that to be better- you can see a lot more funny things from behind, because people tend to forget about the eyes in the back.

"I'm Serafina, and I rather agree with you on that mark," Fina remarks brightly as they move, guessing that the warlock is not the best bet to be guiding the group. If anyone, it should be the Elf who leads them through the forest. Serafina has always envied elves their beautiful forests, and their aptitude for nature. She is, of course, an embodiment of fire, to some extent, but Serafina had always preferred trees to flames as a child. This only made it all the more unfortunate when she burned down a portion of the nymph forests as a child.

"But who am I to deny them the right to lead? Always been a sucker for a guy who glows like a toad," Serafina jokes, clearly not quite as concerned about wandering as Bailey, regardless of what she might have said. She is ever the fan of adventures and journeys, after all, regardless of their length.