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Chelsey Charming

Snow White's daughter

0 · 146 views · located in Fairytale

a character in “The Darkness within Ever After”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name


5 years old


-Evil people-
-Being formal-
-Parties and dance balls-

None, she is a child, duh!

Love Interests|Crushes
Not yet.



Chelsey is quite shy, among other people, she is nice, polite and charming. Only with her mother she can sometimes be a little brat, although she is still acting sweet and good. She loves reading a lot, she loves listening to every character's story that happenned in Ever After land, reading it or listening to her mother. She can be quite naive, believing good can defeat evil and everyone has a good side inside them, she will sometimes believe people's lies. She is quite the dreamy person, always daydreaming.

Chelsey is only 5 years old. Her history she remembers is just how she played with her parents and had a happy life with them till her father died. From there she was drawn to her books and stories, mostly can be seen in the library reading or daydreaming in the garden, which her mother always coming to call her for some social event or kingdom's business that the princess needs to be in it as well. Because she was reading the fairytales a million times she knows them by heart, she believes the stories of the past can help recover the Love Stone and help the Chosen One.


Hear me I'm the story teller
of knights and warriors I know many tales
"Their joyces and cries"
Around the fire, in the redening light
"I'll sing my song"
and tell everyone here
"About true heroes"
you'll know finally
"The end of this tale"

In the evening when the sun is down
"In the last hour of day"
I'll entertain the ones wishfull to hear
"These medieval tales"
And then in their sleeps, they'll remember days
"When lived the kings"
in their heroic times
"No one was in pain"
peace and happiness
"Rulled over the land

Far on the hills in the silence of dreams
the heart of all heroes will
sing in the name of our
Kingdom of gold magic lands of our hold
the wise and the faithfull could live there
and fullfill their quest of majesty [/center]Rules

So begins...

Chelsey Charming's Story


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#, as written by Geekly
Captian James Hook

James woke up, grogy eyes looking up to a strange ceiling. When he rolled his head to the right, he saw a girl tucked under his arm. A girl he didn't quite remember from the night before. Carefully and skillfully, he manuvered his way out of the bed stretching and beginning the search for his clothes. He slipped out the front door, still buttoning up his dress shirt from the night before. This often happened, most nights actually, he figured most the girls knew him and how he was so it was rare he felt guilty for all the one night stands he had. The Captian had walked all the way to the Red Queen's little lair when it began raining. He felt the weather didn't fit the mood he was in. He was quite happy actually. It was odd, it wasn't often that he, or any other bad guy for that fact, fell in lov- actually James had a policy on using that word, so instead he just finds himself confused as to his affections towards Ember. Entering her little lair, and hoping the queen was there, he called out, "Ember? I came for a little visit. Possibly plot for a bit of kingdom take over." James noticed the broken vase on the ground and the exact same vase on the table, shrugging as he walked further into the house, a small smirk on his face.

Mad Hatter

Zac slowly walked on a trail, he'd been walking since early that morning, he found he was restless and couldn't sleep, a short walk to clear his head lead to a long winding walk through the forest, getting lost a few times. He wanted badly to go to Alice's house, to talk to his friend, but each time the thought came up he reasoned with himself that it was a bad idea. Soon it began to rain and he made his way back to a village near the castle. He lifted a hood on his head, wrapping the cloak tighter around him to keep warm. He walked past the castle walls, a flash of a wide smile enought to satisfy the guards he walked past. The great thing about working for both sides is that neither side knew he worked for the other as well. Zac had stumbled upon the little princess reading in the libary. He wandered around the ailses for a while then as he was going to talk to the princess, she had stood and ran out. Curiosity getting the best of him, Zac followed. It was easy for him to sneak about, he had to be good at it after basically stabbing both sides in the back. He stood outside the door she entered, listening in on her conversation with the king. The chosen one? Why this was out of the blue. The last time someone had shown up at random was Alice. His heart ached at the thought. She was his good friend at first, then his feeling grew and now he wished he could just confess to her and get the rejection over with. Lost in thought, Zac sunk to the ground, sitting by the door and staring off into the distance.


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#, as written by Geekly
Mad Hatter

The Hatter's train of thought had seemed to run completely off the rails as in one moment he thought and pondered on his love for Alice and the next moment he was wondering why the colors were named what they where. But Zac was snapped back into the real world when someone crashed into him. Okay a little too dramatic, someone tripped over him. He looked around panicked, as if he would be attacked at any moment, only to find little Chelsey smiling cheerfully at him. In an instant, Zac was smiling brightly, "Why, hello princess, and good day." Raising his eyebrow a little at her, "A riddle huh? Why I don't tell riddles do I? I suppose it can't be helped, if a rooster is on top of a roof and lays an egg, which way does it roll? Why roosters don't lay eggs, hens do! There is no egg!" Zac paused for a second before his smile dropped, "Oh well, I suppose I should leave you time to answer... Ah, if i recall, you still haven't answered one of my riddles: Why is a raven like a writing desk?" he said tilting his head to the side. Alice hadn't answered that either, no one had really...

Captain James Hook

James could feel himself grow more cheerful and playful from each chug of alcohol he had, grinning as he tossed the now empty bottle and searched for more alcohol, grabbing the first bottle he found. "Isn't well guarded and loved by many... I must say, no one comes to mind." he admitted, "But the plan itself is brilliant, I'm sure it will work out splendidly." the last part was slightly muffled as he tried to open his new bottle with his teeth. After a slight struggle, he finally got the top off and he smiled triumphantly. Then turned his attention back to Ember, "I must admit I'm rather excited for this plan to progress." James took a big gulp from the bottle, giving a wide cheesy smile.


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#, as written by Geekly
Mad Hatter

Hatter looked a little dumbfounded as Chelsey ran back to the library. She was such an energetic, fun, sweet girl. It always reminded him of Alice in a way. It was those kind people like Chelsey who always made him feel a little bad about working for both sides. When he turned from watching the little princess run down the hall, jumping a bit when he saw the Queen suddenly there behind him. He stood quickly, bowing respectfully to the Queen. He listened to her command with a small grin, it felt good to know the queen trusted him to watch over her daughter, it really made him realize that he was going a great job with hiding the fact he worked for both sides. He bowed again, "As you wish, your majesty." He followed after the direction Chelsey left. Zac entered the library, looking around for a second before spotting the little princess. He watched her for a bit, looking with a wide grin as he saw her reading enthusiastically. Hatter plucked a random book from a shelf, plopping down in a seat beside Chelsey, opening the book and 'reading' it, looking over his book at her. Unbeknownst to him, he was holding his book upside down as he looked to Chelsey.


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#, as written by Maori
Frederick Florian

“Nobody knows I’m alive.” He thinks to himself as he lies on his hammock in the middle of the forest. He had just gotten back from sword play, alone. Now he was relaxing in front of his cabin (alone) that he’d built before deciding to run from his responsibilities. The cabin he shared with no one. He was once a social butterfly. He loved being the center of attention. Now he was just alone, his own thoughts to keep him company. Sometimes the wolf came by and as unpleasant as that was he hungered for companionship.

Well, now and again he would receive a pigeon with a brief message on it. Sometimes about his daughter, sometimes about Snow. When he helped to steal the Love Stone he had hoped it would stop his love completely. Love is a wretched emotion. It had destroyed his freedom and given him more responsibilities than he had ever wanted. He had expected to marry a wife with no spirit and rule the kingdoms through his adviser. But no, he had to fall in love with the strongest woman he had ever met. Frustrated to where his thoughts had led him he bounds off of the hammock just as the rain begins.

As much as he tries he can not rid himself for the love he feels for his family. From what the letters suggest, she still loves him, even though she somehow found out that he wasn’t really dead. How she knows makes no difference. He could go back to her on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness. “No. I will never go back to that life.” He growls aloud as the thunder rumbles overhead and the rain pours down on him. He runs his hands through his hair. He would talk to wolf. The man was a monster but an intelligent monster. All of this thinking has gotten Frederick frustrated. He’s just going in circles. There has to be another way.