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Sadoka Abe

"If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it."

0 · 390 views · located in The Family Home, Oakfield

a character in “The Davenport Family”, as played by Pusheen



Silhouettes by Smile Empty Soul || Illusion by VnV Nation || You Are Not by Young Guns {Main theme song}
Human by Christina Perri || Alone by Eyeshine
β€œDon't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss



β™› Full Name β™›
Sadoka Abe

β™› Nickname(s) β™›
Sado-Chii or Doka-Chii

β™› Age β™›

β™› Gender β™›

β™› Sexuality β™›

β™› Role β™›

β™› Face Claim β™›
Yukine || Noragami

β™› Previous Occupation β™›
He worked as a clerk at his grandmothers floral shop.


β™› Eye Color β™›
Bright Golden-Orange

β™› Hair Color β™›

β™› Skin Tone β™›
Light Complexion

β™› Height & Weight β™›
5'4" || 121 lbs.

β™› Physical Description β™›
Sadoka is relatively small in stature but is in top physical shape because of all the sports he has played over the years. He may not look it but. if given the chance, he could probably beat the average man in a race. He's fit though his physical strength is at average like any other.



β™› Likes β™›
βœ” Tennis
βœ” Helping Others
βœ” Meeting People & Talking
βœ” Penguins
βœ” Cooking

β™› Dislikes β™›
✘ Pessimism
✘ Black Coffee
✘ Slackers
✘ Being Belittled
✘ Large Bodies Of Water

β™› Habits β™›
Plays with a strand of his hair when bored or in a uninteresting conversation.
Cooks, even if not necessary, when upset.
Sticks his tongue out at someone in midst of an argument when he runs out of things to say and feels defeated; a child instinct he never bothered to get rid of.

β™› Skills β™›
Cooking ~ Being raised by his grandmother, he picked up a thing or two about cooking. The woman loves to teach her only grandson to pass the time.
Observant ~ Even though he talks a lot, he is a keen observer. Learning from a persons body language and their choice of words he can read between the lines like no other.
Sports Addict ~ Although he may not be extremely good at any particular sport, he gives it his all. He likes to stay active and sports is what caught his attention since all his friends were doing it as young kids. Needless to say he is in top physical condition.

β™› Flaws β™›
✘ Can't work well under pressure.
✘ His optimism can reach to a fault, such as, trusting people too quickly and willingly.
✘ Can't sing, but loves to anyway.

β™› Hobbies β™›
Tennis | Cooking | Sleeping

β™› Personality β™›
Optimistic | Oblivious | Pushy | Perfectionist

Sadoka is a rather too cheerful character, it easily gets people annoyed. Without really wanting to get on people's nerves though, he'll still be himself with determination and does only, what he wants. Of course that brought him tons of problems, but as uncaring and oblivious he is, he doesn't even take a notice of that. Being spirited all the time actually doesn't exhaust him the slightest. He can jump around, running and laughing, talking for a long time without a pause for breath. He doesn't tire easy and is almost always filled with energy. It's truly not something to wonder about when he sleeps like a rock at night.

Even though he is known to be rather eccentric, odd and weird, as he loves to do reckless things and is rather pushy when it's about his passion, he is and still will be a perfectionist. He wants everything to be as he wants until he reaches perfection, and that's probably what's made him most likable as an employee and friend.


β™› Shadow Manipulation β™›
Explanation || He can shape and bend the shadows but only to an extent and it takes a lot of time for him.
Strengths || Shapeing cute things out of the shadows has been proven to be easiest for him.
Weaknesses || He has to concentrate a lot which is the trickiest part for him.

So begins...

Sadoka Abe's Story