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|| 001-035-987 || ~You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have left~

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a character in “The Dawn of Rebellion”, as played by áƒĻ~Broken Wings~áƒĻ


Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 18-20
Power Class: Vacuous
Power: Physic Leeching- The ability to harvest another person's powers through physical contact, proximity, thought, etc., and utilize for a short period of time.
Price: If she uses the other's ability for too long, it causes physical strain and mental exhaustion. She can get extreme headaches and nosebleeds, as well as pass out if she goes to the extreme with it.
Skills: Martial Arts
Alliance: Rebel

Hair: Dark brown, almost black, straight hair that reaches her waist
Eyes: The right one is brown, the left is a dark green color.
Skin: Lightly tan
Height: Five feet exactly
Weight: Ninety-five pounds
Frame: Petite and slender
Other: Her serial number is located on her wrist. She also has other markings/tattoos on her side, along with a long scar running along her jaw on the left side of her face. People call her Ari, as opposed to Ariadne.


Ari is quite, witty, mysterious, and one who minds her own business and expects others to do the same in return. She is always calm and collected, not one to be quick to anger. She's very patient and tolerant of many people, even if she doesn't necessarily like them. When she does get angry though, she doesn't resort to violence unless she has to. Instead, she wields her words like a sword, slicing through those that oppose her. She doesn't hold back, and always tells it how it really is. Ari is very independent, and doesn't like needing other's help, since she sees it as weakness. She can be caring and kind, always willing to help someone, but only if they ask for it. She respects privacy, and hopes that others will respect her's as well. At times she can be cruel, cold-hearted, and fierce, especially when she comes face to face with those who are doing everything in their power to make her life a living hell. Ari likes to think things through before acting in a situation, never one to just jump in unless she knows the consequences. She loves seeing a plan fall into place and follow all the way through. In a situation of heart vs. mind, she will always choose her mind. She doesn't let herself get emotionally attached to anyone, and often covers her real emotions with her witty and sarcastic humor. She doesn't trust people easily, and is always on her guard, ready for anyone around her to turn out being the enemy. She may have a soft heart, but she guards it well with the steel walls she pulled up around it.


When she woke up from Genesis, she couldn't see anything. She was a little drowsy still and confused, not quite sure where she was. Inside, she was panicking. Streams of questions were racing through her mind. Where was she? Why was she here? Who was she? Why was it so dark? She closed her eyes and let out a long, cool breath, pulling her thoughts together. She didn't make a sound as she stood and walked around, arms outstretched. After a few steps, her small palms made contact with a cool, hard surface. It was a concrete wall, though this didn't yet register in her mind. She felt along the wall until she came to a corner, and felt along the other wall. She was locked in a completely black room with four concrete walls. She didn't even feel a door. She leaned against one of the cool walls and slid down into a sitting position, the cold floor freezing her ass through the thin cloth that was covering her. She drew her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, staring straight ahead. her mind was still racing, as she thought of all the possibilities.

After what seemed like a life time to her, she heard a noise outside the room, like a lock sliding out of place. A moment later, she was blinded by whiteness. She squinted against the light, sure her eyes were fried. She felt hands on her, lifting her from the ground and dragging her out of the room she had almost grown used to. She didn't fight them as they pulled her down a long corridor and into a room. When her eyes finally adjusted, she was shoved into a corner of the empty room. The men who had brought her into the room eyed her for a moment, before walking back out and locking the door behind her, leaving her alone. She looked around, not sure what was going on. She was still confused, and her mind was full of questions.

Suddenly, a door on the other side of the room opened, and a boy was shoved in. The door closed and locked behind him also, and they were the only two left in the room. She stared at him, wondering who...what he was. He stared back at her with the same expression on his face that she probably had on her's. There was a small crackling sound, then a loud voice rang out inside of the room, startling them both. She jumped a little, looking around to find the source of the voice, but there was no one else in there with them.

"Welcome, creations. You were made for a purpose, and today you will be proving your worth. Both of you are valuable assets, but only one of you will be helpful to us. The only way to save your own life, is to take the life of the creation across from you. May the best one win." The crackling sound went silent, and she blinked, taking in everything the voice had just told them. She was going to die? Her eyes locked with the boy's and they stayed where they were staring at each other for what seemed like forever. Finally, he walked over and stopped a few feet away, whispered sorry under his breath, and launched at her. She wasn't quite sure what happened after that, everything moved in a blur. A few minutes later, she was standing where she was when she was pushed into the room, and the boy was laying lifeless on the ground in front of her. She stared at him, unblinking, not sure what to think. She'd only touched him...

After that incident, she was placed back into the concrete room she had woken up in. Everyday after that, she was removed from the room to undergo a series of tests, training, and fight other creations. She eventually learned what times everything happened, whether it was when she was returned to her room, the twenty seconds of silence there was between the time when the door closed and when the lock slid into place. She formed a plan in her mind, and eventually followed through with it. When it was time for her next fight, she did as she always did. She touched the other creation, and used their ability against them. This time though, she held onto the ability and used it against the room she was in. She phased through the walls as quickly as she could, and eventually found herself outside of the building. She ran as fast as she could, the grass under her bare feet felt odd. After a few hours, she collapsed with exhaustion. Her head was pounding, and her nose was starting to bleed. She learned that when she held onto the other ability for too long, there were side affects.

She wondered around by herself for a few months, then found herself in a large city. There, she met a man who seemed to know what she was going through. His name was Cain. Though she didn't completely trust him, she allowed him to give her shelter, food, clothing, and explain himself. She found that he had also been in the project Genesis years ago, proven by the serial number on his wrist, and was part of a group of them called the Rebellion. After explaining a few things about it to her, he offered to bring her to them. During her time with him, they created a name for her in society. She was known by the humans as his niece, Ariadne Price. She took the name Ari and joined the Rebellion. Cain personally trained her himself, and she eventually became a great asset to the group.

Ari has been a part of the group for two years. She takes her job seriously, and works well where she is. She has a high rank, though she doesn't treat those below her any different than anyone else. She has become friends with quite a few of the members, such as Xypher. She and Cain are very close, and she doesn't trust anyone more than she does him. She views him like an older brother, and he in return would do anything for her. Ari likes where she is at the moment, and hopes to keep things this way.

She still lives with the deep regret of killing those like her when she was forced to fight. She has a marking on her side for each one so she won't forget them. She now wears gloves on both her hands to prevent any accidents, though now she is trained properly and can control her ability more than she used to.

So begins...

Ariadne's Story