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a character in “The Dawn of Rebellion”, as played by Zephyr


Gender: Male
Estimated Age: 19
Power Class: Psychokinetics
Power: Technokinesis - The ability to control the actions of machines via RNG probability control, script altercation, etc…
Price: Receives migraines from tapping into machines for too long.
Skills: Intelligent, with an extensive knowledge in hacking and coding.
Alliance: Rebellion


  • Hair: 4" long, auburn, wavy
  • Eyes: Emerald green
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Frame: Lithe
  • Other: Always wears a pair of fingerless gloves.


Firus is one of the three founding members of Armada. Originally, this group was intended to act as solely a sanctuary for mutants, but with the growing number of mutants integrating into this program, it evolved into a rebel faction.

Firus is a somewhat sadistic person; he enjoys doing things that make his enemies angry. He's still a bit childish, even as one of the heads of Armada. He is never seen without his laptop.

He spends almost all of his time in the Founder's Room of Armada HQ, along with Zulu and Firus.


When Firus awoke from Genesis, he was aware of two things. One; he didn't know anything about himself. Two; whoever these people were that surrounded him, he didn't know them. And that made him mad. There were a few people checking him out as he sat upon the cold metal table, the others were busy maintaining machines of sorts. He didn't know why, but he felt sorry for those machines, under the constant abuse of these strangers. With his temper now peaking, he ripped the wires that were checking his vitals off of his person, and stood up to attempt to get out of wherever it was that they were holding him. They tried to restrain him, only infuriating him further, and by accident, he ended up turning off all of the computers in the room, which caused most all of them to panic to restart them. Before the actual guards could get to him, the emergency doors to the room shut behind him, and he began his escape route. It seemed as though the building was helping him... telling him how to get out. And he did. He didn't know how, but after a few short minutes, he hijacked a major elevator and took it up to ground level, bursting out of the cover facility and running. He didn't know what had happened, but he didn't care. He just wanted to get away from there so he could think properly. After two days of running and hiding from the guards pursuing him, he ended up in a city called New York, dressed in little more than a hospital frock and a pair of shorts.

He was wandering the streets, asking people questions such as where he was and what day it was, until a woman and a man confronted him. They offered him answers, assuring him that they were on his side, and asked him only one thing; what his name was. He knew that there was no hopes of recovering his true name, so he came up with one on the spot; Firus. Whilst they were in a local coffee shop, discussing their situations, Zulu sensed something disturbing approaching. The agents from Genesis had followed Firus into the city. The three fled the coffee shop quickly, taking refuge in the basement of a nearby business firm; Firus, now understanding what had happened at the Genesis Facility [as the man named Zulu had called it], used his technokinetic abilities to open the electronic lock upon the door. The moment they were inside, Ouka erased everyone's knowledge of the existence of the basement from the minds of the entire city, making all doors and documents related to the basement appear blank. Figuring they were safe, the three decided to explore the expansive basement, and realized it would be the perfect place to set up a mutant support group.

The three utilized Firus' technokinetics to hack into a governmental bank account, and withdrew two million dollars [this event was later described as one of the biggest heists in current USA history seeing as it left no leads as to how it had happened, though the government probably knew all too well what had happened]. They used this money to purchase the equipment and such to renovate the basement to a more livable state. Soon after they had finished, they began their search for other mutants in the vicinity of New York, and harbored the willing from the Government. Their numbers grew rapidly, but as they did, so did the threat of discovery. The three decided it would be best if they were to constantly monitor the safety of the group. Firus is constantly on his laptop, monitoring Armada's computer network to assure it is undetectable. On the rare occasion, he hacks the Genesis Mainframe and screws around with their research documents, just to piss them off. Firus was also the one who brought up the notion of Armada being a rebel faction.

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Firus's Story