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0 · 220 views · located in New York City

a character in “The Dawn of Rebellion”, as played by Zephyr


Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 33
Power Class: Extrasensory
Power: Perceptive Altercation - The ability to manipulate an individual's perception of reality, creating an illusory one in it's stead.
Price: The illusions she implants into others are also implanted in her own mind. This is where Zulu's powers come into play...
Skills: High Intelligence [IQ 167]
Alliance: Rebellion/Neutral


  • Hair: Shoulder-length, Chestnut Brown, Pony-tailed
  • Eyes: Chestnut Brown
  • Ethnicity: Japanese
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Frame: Very lithe
  • Other: She has a scar stretching from the base of her left ear to the middle-point of her cheekbone.


Ouka is one of the three founding members of Armada. Originally, this group was intended to act as solely a sanctuary for mutants, but with the growing number of mutants integrating into this program, it evolved into a rebel faction.

Ouka herself is very calculating, rarely ever speaking. She is a very kind and caring person, but this fact never shows as she is almost always in question of what is real and what is not. She is slightly paranoid, but tries not to let it ever show. She spends most of her time with her nose buried in a books, reading about the perception of reality and various psychological disorders.

She spends almost all of her time in the Founder's Room of Armada HQ, along with Zulu and Firus.


Ouka was the third person to ever awaken conscious from Genesis. At this point in time, the Genesis Facility was still under construction.

When she awoke, there were a million questions running through her head, but she kept silent, and didn't object to anything the strange people around her. Eventually, one of the scientists told her she was called "Ouka", and right after was immediately rushed to experimentation. She found herself in a room with a girl named Wyrm, and another conscious mutant named Sleight. Wyrm, after a quick command from a man in the observation room, used her abilities to force Ouka to cast an illusion upon Sleight, making him think he didn't have hands, which in turn, made her think that she didn't have hands either. The experiment was cut off after this point to tend to the two traumatized mutants. They proceeded to experiment with the woman even further, forcing multiple illusions upon Sleight and herself. All of these illusions eventually faded, though, only further traumatizing the two.

One day, after they had successfully built the Genesis facility and relocated, whilst taking Ouka to another field experiment, she got a plan. She knew of its repercussions, but didn't care; she couldn't take another day in this hellish place. She used her powers to force the illusion upon everyone in the facility that she didn't exist, and had never existed in the first place. Instantly, the two guards let go of her, and assumed a patrol, and she herself collapsed to the ground in a heap. The only thing she thought about for the next day was how she didn't exist, until a spark of rationality appeared in the dark.

"But of course you exist. Currently, you are thinking. Does that not disprove your theory?" A voice seemed to whisper in her mind. The clouds in her mind preventing her from thinking any further seemed to dissipate, allowing her to think properly again. She pushed herself up into a sitting position, and stared at the man who had said these words to her. The man, Zulu as he called himself, helped her up, and showed her to an emergency exit. They escaped, and traveled for a full day and a half to south, under Zulu's guidance, to New York City. They used Ouka's powers to get some food into them, convincing a waiter at a restaurant that they had already paid, and with some convincing from Zulu, erased that illusion from Ouka's mind. They did the same thing to get themselves some clothes, a place to live, identification, and eventually, some money. All of this mental questioning in Ouka though was just traumatizing her further, even though Zulu was proving that they were just illusions, and so she stopped using her powers for a time.

They lived for a month in that apartment before leaving. They figured that there would most likely be others like them, and so they decided that to best help these new mutants by creating a support group. Zulu used his powers to probe the minds of the large city, but out of everyone only found a single mutant; Firus. He was wandering the streets, just having escaped from the Genesis Facility. They found him wandering in SoHo, and confronted him, offering the young boy with answers. He agreed, but whilst they were in a local coffee shop, discussing their situations, Zulu sensed something disturbing approaching. The agents from Genesis had followed Firus into the city. The three fled the coffee shop quickly, taking refuge in the basement of a nearby business firm; Firus was a technokinetic and used his abilities to open the electronic lock upon the door. The moment they were inside, Ouka erased everyone's knowledge of the existence of the basement from the minds of the entire city, making all doors and documents related to the basement appear blank, which also made her believe it didn't exist for a moment. She herself dissipated the illusions in her mind, seeing as she could not logically be in a place that didn't exist. Figuring they were safe, the three decided to explore the expansive basement, and realized it would be the perfect place to set up a mutant support group.

The three utilized Firus' technokinetics to hack into a governmental bank account, and withdrew two million dollars [this event was later described as one of the biggest heists in current USA history seeing as it left no leads as to how it had happened, though the government probably knew all too well what had happened]. They used this money to purchase the equipment and such to renovate the basement to a more livable state. Soon after they had finished, they began their search for other mutants in the vicinity of New York, and harbored the willing from the Government. Their numbers grew rapidly, but as they did, so did the threat of discovery. The three decided it would be best if they were to constantly monitor the safety of the group. Ouka's position currently involves her constantly keeping check on her illusions, making sure none of them break, and casting further illusions upon all humans who entered the city.

So begins...

Ouka's Story