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The Dawn Project

The Dawn Project


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have powers? To read minds, control fire, bend water, move things with your mind, even to fly? Well, now you can.

440 readers have visited The Dawn Project since Forensic_Anthro created it.


Hollywood Mental Asylum; August 1st, 2010

"Keep it moving!"

Chains clinked constantly as at least a dozen people walked down the hall; chained together and obviously miserable. They had been taken from their homes with no warning after accidents that couldn't possibly have involved them. So many accidents, so many people, and so many average stories that were about to twist into a tale of pain, misery, and power.


They stumbled along, barely able to think, much less walk because of the drugs they had been forced to take. As they passed doors to padded cells they heard screams of pain and cries for help, all mixing together in their muddled brains. They finally reached some doors that were ajar, two to a person, but they continued past, up a ramp and into a dark metal room. A room that was known to every patient as a room of pain.


As they were unshackled they sat obediently on metal dentist chairs. Each being strapped down and each being mutated. They gave them shots first; ones that changed their appearances so they wouldn't run away if given the chance. Then they enhanced their abilities; making them faster, stronger, and tougher.


They were unstrapped, writhing in pain, and dragged to the open doors they passed. Two put in each room.

Hollywood Mental Asylum; August 10th, 2010

"I want to escape."

The murmurs began spreading through the dozen or so patients that had been brought in little more than a week ago. They wanted out and they wanted it now. No more tests, no more mutations, no more training, no more being imprisoned in this horrible place. They didn't care if they fit in with normal people anymore. They would try and hide their animal-like mutations and their new-found abilities. Anything it takes.

They were called the Dawn Project. Will you make it out?


- Over a dozen people were taken on August 1st, 2010 with the claim that they were mentally ill.
- Those people were mutated, given animal DNA and enhanced abilities.
- They also gave them a single power (a different one to each)
- They were sorted to different rooms according to their mutations; two of the same DNA difference to a room.
- They were named the Dawn Project.
- They want to escape.


They have a schedule they go through every day. The exact same schedule over and over again.

8am: Wake up
8:15am: Breakfast
9am: Training
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Social break
2pm: Training
4pm: Shower time
7pm: Dinner
8pm: Quiet time
10pm: Lights out

Here's an overview of what they do at each activity:

Wake up - 8am
Get up, get dressed in facility clothing; White tank-top, shorts, white sneakers (girls), white wife-beater, shorts, white sneakers (boys).

Breakfast - 8:15am
Eat plain oatmeal or healthy cereal - drink water and small cup of energy drink- take vitamins.

Training - 9am, 2pm
Go to arena and fight human patients or other patients like you. Never fight someone in the same project as you.

Lunch - 12pm
Eat sandwiches - drink water.

Social break - 1pm
Socialize with other patients in your project - play games.

Shower time - 4pm
Each project goes to a different bathroom and showers.

Dinner - 7pm
Eat spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, or chicken noodle soup - drink water or milk - crackers available for soups.

Quiet time - 8pm
Patients have the opportunity to read approved books in their cell, otherwise can do anything so long as no one complains.

Lights out - 10pm
All lights are dimmed - it is suggested that patients go to sleep.

Rooming arrangements:
(Rooms will be added according to each species someone joins as.

Species | inhabitant | inhabitant

Rodent| Kayl | Deirdre
Canine | Kaylee | [Open]
Feline | Klaus | [Open]
Bear | Winchester | [Open]

Character sheet:

Code: Select all
[Picture Goes here.]
Appearance: [Description]
Age: [16-20]
Sex: [Are you a boy or girl?]
Species: [Almost any kind of animal. Nothing too crazy though]
Personality: [Who IS your character? What do they act like? How do they act?]
Biography: [Your character's history]
Power: [Everyone was given a different power. What's yours? Again, nothing too crazy!]
Thoughts: [What do they think about being here? Do they want to escape? Do they think it's possible?]

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"Ah!" Kayl fell out of bed as the morning alarm blared throughout Hollywood Mental Asylum.

He scrambled up off the floor, quickly throwing his bed back in order before he grabbed one of the many identical outfits out of his dresser and threw it on.

"A wife beater and shorts? So not my style," he muttered, going to stand in one of two bright yellow circles in front of the door that kept them here.

His roommate would be standing in the other, he knew that much, but he didn't cast so much as a glance in that direction. When the door opened he didn't resist as he was handcuffed and a collar clipped around his neck. He was one of the unlucky patients whom got tested every break for changes and sometimes they gave him a little more Sugar Glider DNA, seeing how it enhanced him and what weaknesses it gave him. The inside of the collar was jagged and had left his skin raw and cut, but he resisted the urge to complain. He had been told what happens when you complain. Sometimes they whipped you and left you out on display as a warning to others, other times... Kayl didn't want to know.

After the examination was over, he was led into the dining room and given a bowl of cereal, a cup of water, and a cup of some odd drink that made him hyper and more than a little unfocused as well as his daily vitamin. He took the vitamin with the energy drink and scarfed down his cereal, saving the water for last. He was finished before most of the others, so he simply relaxed a little and watched the others at his table. The others in the Dawn Project.

Kaylee barely stirred at the alarm, but at it's persistence to wake her, she finally opened her eyes. Remembering, she clamored out of bed and made it messily, remembering protocol that all patients were to make their beds. She threw on the white tank top, shorts, socks, and shoes that had been supplied to her and she stood in the bright yellow circle in front of the door. Handcuffed and led to the dining room. She got a bowl of oatmeal, her vitamin, and her drinks. She poured the energy drink into the bland oatmeal and stirred it quickly with her spoon, taking her vitamin an a large spoonful of energy-oatmeal. She finished her food a little slower than her brother, but at about the same time, and she began sipping at her water, relaxed and happy for the moment she had when it felt like she could be back at home in their kitchen with Kayl and her sisters sitting alongside her.


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Deirdre twitched in annoyance at the alarm clock, with a mutter she stood up and ran her tongue over her sharp fangs and winced, feeling them slice into it. Shaking her head, she made her bed quickly and then ran to get dressed in the stupid white tank top, shorts, and shoes. She hated light colors. With a mutter, she stepped to the circle and was handcuffed.

When she was led to the dining room, she sighed looking around at everyone obeying, she got her oat meal, vitamin, water, and energy drink. Deirdre sat down by Kayl and Kaylee. She took the vitamin quickly, just to get it over with and then looked down at the food, it wasn't exactly appetizing to her, the bland oat meal was just...Ew, so instead she took a sip of her energy drink.


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Winchester's alarm buzzed loudly enough to shatter glass as it went off. The large hand moved out from the pillow, and jarred it's fat finger down on the "Off" button. The large man rose from his bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with as about the energy a retarted sloth going through crack withdrawls would have. He threw his legs over the bed, and stood up, walking to his dresser, and looking inside of it. He donned his garb quickly, and looked at himself in the mirror in his room. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, before he stepped to the yellow circle in front of the door. Four men came forth with handcuffs, and escorted him to the dining room.

Once there, he gathered his food, and sat with the others he knew: Kayl was a little rough around the edges, but he was agreeable. Kaylee was rather nice, but seemed timid, and kind of strayed away from him. Meanwhile, Deirdre was sitting next to them as well. The bat-girl (with no pun intended, of course) was a tad bit strange, and didn't really socialize with Chester all that much. But they were at least friendly. He would swiftly eat his meal, with the speed of a hungry rhino. He remained somewhat quiet for the duration of the meal. He was waiting for the others to start a conversation.


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"Beautiful day," Kayl commented sarcastically, running a hand through his hair.
"Ja, that it is," Kaylee spoke quietly, but her sarcasm showed as well, "how is everyone? Still going deaf from their alarms I expect?"
Kaylee glanced at Deirdre, her brother's roommate, "If you pour the energy drink into the cereal it makes it taste much better..."

After that, Kaylee fell silent. She hadn't been much for being hyper, happy, and crazy since she got here. The environment had more or less sucked the energy right out of her and the only time she was really hyper anymore was when she was out in the arena. Kayl was rather quiet too, not the energetic, excitable, spontaneous boy as before, but still retaining most of his traits, unlike his little sister.

Kaylee glanced up at the clock, "It's about time to go. Good luck everyone..." She stood up slowly and stepped over the bench before retreating swiftly to one of the yellow circles by their table with 'Dawn' labelled clearly within the perimeter of each filthy brown-yellow circle.


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Deirdre raised an eyebrow at Kayl, "If you think this is a nice day, they've clearly fucked with your head." She started, glancing down at her food, still not wanting to eat any of it at all. "Still going deaf." Dei nodded at Kaylee and shook her head. Oh how she wanted to shoot every person who worked in this hell...In the face!
"Meh, maybe I'll try it." Deirdre replied, pouring some of the energy drink into the food and then looked up as Kaylee started to leave. Eager to get going? Probably not.

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Character Portrait: Winchester Jetsain


Character Portrait: Winchester Jetsain
Winchester Jetsain

An extremely large man, deemed mentally insane and sent to Hollywood Mental Asylum.


Character Portrait: Winchester Jetsain
Winchester Jetsain

An extremely large man, deemed mentally insane and sent to Hollywood Mental Asylum.

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Character Portrait: Winchester Jetsain
Winchester Jetsain

An extremely large man, deemed mentally insane and sent to Hollywood Mental Asylum.

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