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The dawning packs

The dawning packs


In a world where the peace of the packs are being shaken up. What will the Alphas do?

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Acadia is the home of many creatures big and small but the most known and feared are the 3 wolf packs. The packs have lived in peace due the treaty of Wolf'a bane but as the old alphas have passed the new have risen and with that so have new views and new problems. War seems to be drawing nearer and nearer but maybe they can keep the peace of their ancestors alive.

The pack of Storm calls the fallen woods home, the forest is plentiful in prey and clean waters as its host to the biggest lake fed by a waterfall this is where the packs meet at every full moon in peace . It seems the wolves of storm are bigger and well kept. Their alpha female has ruled for only 2 full moons but has risen from the ranks quicker than most.

The pack of Night calls the silver mountains home. Prey is scarce but the river waters are cold and crisp and home to a variety fresh water fish. The colder months are harsher on the night packs and the wolves are smaller but have thicker pelts than the others.

The pack of Dawn call the whispering plains their home. Cover is scarce as only a few caves and boulders provide shelter. The tall grass can be helpful to hide though wind swept hiding their acents can ve easy or hard at time. Prey here is plentiful but mostly small animals except for the few big game that trickle in and out from the forest. Decently sized wolves who are swift on their paws and rather sneaky seem to live here.

The packs seem to have a hierarchy the alphas are the highest follpwed by the Shamin then beta and lastly Hunter. The Shamin are seen are fortune tellers and healers as well as story tellers. They speak of packs of olde, knowledge of herbal medicine, and sometimes visions. The alphas run the packs and keep all in order In their respective packs. The betas are there to enforce the rules of their alphas and to take their place in death or abscence or by force (betrayal). Hunters are to care for the pack under their leader, protect, feed and care for each other. Pups are taught by their upper ranking hunters

Openings are as follow;

Storm pack: Beta, Shamin, hunters
Night pack: alpha, shamin, hunters
Dawn: alpha, Shamin, hunters

The roleplay will begin at the Shining lake at full moon where the packs come together every full moon for discussions of their packs as an open forum and will continue from there. Lets have fun guys.

Toggle Rules

1. Mature content is allowed I.e blood, Gore, violence, death, and so on but sexual content will be made as "fades to black" not detailed in any shape or form. This is a roleplays heavily influenced by the warrior cats series.

2. The main roles are Alphas, beta, shamin, and hunters. There will only be 3 packs each have 1 alpha ( if alpha choses a mate then 2 max) beta and shamin and any amount of hunters. Some packs may be bigger than others.

3. Starting packs are not permanent you may leave, join, or try and start a new pack as the story progress but please check if its okay.

3. At least 4 sentences it may not be the most literate roleplay but lets try our best. 3rd person is favored but not needed.

4. If you wish to kill a character or have one killed off it is okay only if agreed on by all parties involved!

5. Have fun

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