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Antonio Treveno

Former Business Man

0 · 279 views · located in Zombie Apocalypse

a character in “The Days That Follow”, as played by Selene Durlan



Name: Antonio Treveno

Age: 29

Birthday: April 11th

Place of birth: Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Parents: Maria and Luis-both deceased

Siblings: Two elder brothers, Rafael and Javier- both deceased

What was important to the people who raised him:
His Mother valued family and her Catholic faith. His father valued education and hard work. His uncle was also a devout catholic and believed in self-reliance.

Economic/social status growing up:
From birth to ten years old, Antonio lived in a low income neighborhood in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. On his eleventh birthday he was sent to live with his Uncle in London where he enjoyed all the modern comforts. Following the death of his parents, his uncle sent him to a boarding school in Spain where he stayed till he turned eighteen.

Ethnic background:

Places lived:
Santiago de Cali,
London, UK
Boarding school in Spain
London School of Economics

Antonio was first taught at home by his Mother, and then when he lived with his uncle he attended a local school. After the death of his parents, he was sent to a boarding school in Spain, and then he attended London school of economics where he graduated with a master’s degree in business.

Favorite subject in school:

Special training:
Antonio knows how to perform CPR.

While attending university, he worked part-time at a bookstore and upon graduating he received an offer from a big financial company in Manchester. He accepted the job and moved there with his wife.

Antonio has mostly traveled for business reasons, rather than pleasure. He has visited the U.S., Egypt, China, Japan, France, Russia, Germany, and most recently he went on a trip with his wife to India to visit her parents.

While he may have had many business acquaintances, he only counted one person as a friend. Alex Dumont was a childhood friend who he kept in contact with and regularly went out socializing with.

How do people view this character:
Everyone will see a calm and collected man who takes decisive action and does his best to remain positive and encouraging.

Lived with:
His wife.

Fights with:
Antonio often finds himself at odds with Lillian; she has taken to acting hostile and distant towards him ever since they fled their home at the start of the outbreak.

Spends time with:
Antonio is usually an agreeable fellow and gets along with most people. Though he tends to spend a lot of time talking to Cameron and Mark about fortifications, supplies, and improvements that need to be made around Chol Castle.

Wishes to spend time with:
He would like to spend more time with his wife, but she tends to avoid or give him the cold shoulder.

Who depends on him and why:
The survivors at Chol Castle depend on him to make the right decisions. A heavy burden he thinks about daily.

What people does he most admire:

Antonio doesn’t currently have any enemies, though he has clashed with Kenith on a few occasions over leadership decisions.

Dating, marriage:
Never was a “player”, Antonio was a good student who was too busy with his studies to have any time for girls. At university, through a mutual friend he was introduced to Lillian. Neither could stand each other at first, both being strong-willed and independent people, but slowly over the course of two years they began to grow close. Then on a rainy day in March, Antonio proposed to Lillian on the steps of the library. She enthusiastically accepted. They were married in February the following year.
A year passed of blissful harmony, but due to his demanding job, Antonio was frequently away. When he was home, he frequently had inadequate explanations for his absences. After the outbreak he has tried to make reparations for his past mistakes.

He and his wife are currently expecting twins.

Religious Beliefs:
Following in his family’s footsteps, Antonio is Catholic.

Overall outlook on life:
Antonio knows that everything is uncertain in the aftermath of such a disaster, and at any moment he could lose everything, yet he still has room in his heart for hope.

Does this character like himself:

What, if anything, would he like to change about his life:
Antonio wishes he could have his parents and brothers with him. He also wishes he could have been a better husband.

What personal demons haunt him:
The faces of the two people he killed.

Is he lying to himself about something:
Antonio still believes that the world and humanity can recover from the plague. He always looks for the best in people, and can be too quick to trust others.

Optimistic almost to a fault. Antonio could probably use a bit of pessimism.


Morality level:
Conventional-Stage four

Confidence level:
Antonio feels confident about Chol Castle’s position and its resident’s abilities. His self-confidence frequently depends on the community’s wellbeing.

Typical day:
Before the outbreak, Antonio was a workaholic, putting in extra hours and sometimes weekends in order to finish a project. After work he would hit a pub, maybe go somewhere else afterwards. Getting home was not one of his priorities. Post outbreak, he is very vigilant and has great concern for each resident of Chol castle. Antonio wakes up early and goes to bed late, he is nearly always sitting in front of the radio when the Salvagers are out, only leaving his post for restroom breaks or to fix urgent problems that occasionally arise at Chol castle.

Physical appearance:

Body type:
Lean, with average muscle tone.

Antonio stands straight with his hands either relaxed by his sides or tucked in his pockets. He does tend to hunch over while sitting at the radio, which causes him to frequently have a stiff neck as a result.

Head shape:
Fairly symmetrical, though sometimes he thinks his ears look uneven.

Soft Brown.

Straight and just the right size for his face.

Typically his mouth forms a warm smile.

Jet black hair, trimmed fairly short.

Light olive skin.

His right ear is pierced, but he rarely wears a stud in it. Antonio has extensive scaring on both his calves and some on his arms from a feral dog attack when he was a child.

Antonio tends to speak softly, with an obvious Spanish accent.

What people notice first:
People tend to notice his height, 5’8” first, then his nice suit. Though since the outbreak he no longer wears a suit, so they tend to just notice his height now.

Antonio used to have a large collection of suits and dress wear, now he throws on whatever he finds. Usually that turns out to be a T-shirt and jeans.

How would he describe himself:
Antonio would describe himself as a good man, educated and generous.

Overall good health.

Perfectionist, loyal, religious, considerate, ambitious, patient.

Personality type:

Strongest/weakest character traits:
Antonio’s ambition helped him achieve great success in his career and was the driving force behind his choice of setting up base at Chol castle. His weakest trait is often his perfectionism, as it causes him to be indecisive until he feels completely prepared to make a decision.

How can the flip side of his strong point be a weakness:
Being so focused on his career and personal goals, Antonio was unaware of how his ambition negatively impacted his family.

How much self-control and self-discipline does he have:
Antonio has an abundance of self-discipline when it comes to completing tasks and projects. When it comes to personal or social situations, he can be impulsive and say things he doesn't really mean or make hasty decisions that he later regrets.

What makes him irrationally angry:
Being disrespected or lied to.

What makes him cry:
The death of a close family member. While Antonio might like to think of himself as tough, he has cried at the end of sad movies or books; though mostly just a tear or two and a single manly sniffle.

Antonio has a deep fear and mistrust of dogs, after being attacked as a child. He is also afraid of drowning, since he isn’t a strong swimmer.

Antonio speaks both Spanish and English. He has a knack for resolving conflicts and remaining calm while talking to angry or hostile people.

What people like best about him:
His positive attitude can be infectious

Interests and favorites:
Economics, business, psychology, education, government. While most of his interests may have been academic research, he also enjoyed attending car shows and the occasional leisurely neighborhood cycle ride. Perhaps his favorite pastime was when he had the opportunity to sit and write in a notebook.

Political leaning:

Antonio wasn’t a wine snob by any means, but he did have a small collection of expensive vintages. He also had a multitude of cuff links.

Favorite Food, drink:
Despite all his travel and sampling of different cuisine, his favorite food still remains his Mother Maria’s recipe for Arroz atollao. A good glass of wine.

Antonio tries to keep an open mind when it comes to music and for the most part he enjoys most genres, though his favorite type will always be Colombian folksongs.

Antonio was never much of a book person, though he did spend much of his time reading business journals and news articles. He was always curious about current events.

Antonio rarely had the time to watch movies, but when he did, he usually saw an American action or superhero film.

Sports, recreation:
Antonio played some tennis and squash in school and continued to play for recreation after graduating from university. He enjoyed going for walks and writing.

Did he play in school:
Yes, his favorite game was Please Mr. Crocodile and he also enjoyed skipping rope.


Best way to spend a weekend:
It would depend on what kind of mood he was in. Sometimes he enjoyed partying all night long and other times he was perfectly content to sleep late into the afternoon.

A great gift for this person:
An unique or interesting pair of cuff links.


Silver 2014 Ford Focus

What large possessions did he own and which did he like best:
Antonio owned his own home in Manchester, two cars, and a small apartment in London. Perhaps his favorite possession was the large rug in his living room depicting The Last Supper.

Typical expressions:
Antonio usually wears a serious expression, especially if he is deep in thought. However, he is quick to smile when he talks to others.

When happy:
He will try to spread his good mood and may begin telling jokes.

When angry:
Antonio tends to grow quiet when he is angry and speak in a terse voice, though if pushed he will start yelling and venting about anything he can think of.

When frustrated:
When Antonio becomes frustrated with something or someone, he takes a deep breath and tries to re-approach the situation from a place of peace and calm.

When sad:
Antonio prefers to mourn alone and silently bear the sorrow.

Antonio always puts his socks on before his pants.

Laughs or jeers at:
Stand-up comedy routines, especially dry and self-deprecating ones usually make Antonio laugh aloud. The severely inebriated are also good entertainment as well.

Ways to cheer up this person:
Nothing cheers Antonio up like a good laugh, but sometimes all it takes is quiet supportive company to cheer him up.

Ways to annoy this person:
The quickest way to get on Antonio’s nerves is to be stupid or careless. He does not suffer fools or cowards well.

Hopes and dreams:
Antonio had hopes to achieve more in his career, but his goals have dramatically changed. He now hopes of making a self-sufficient community out of Chol Castle, where everyone will be safe and content.

How does he see himself accomplishing these dreams:
He sees these dreams become more of a reality by each successful mission completed by the Salvagers.

What’s the worst thing he’s ever done to someone and why:
Since the beginning of the outbreak, he has killed two people. He has near constant guilt from it, but he did it in order to protect his wife and unborn children.

Greatest success:
Antonio’s greatest success was when he received a job offer from a big financial company in Manchester.

Biggest trauma:
The biggest trauma for Antonio was when he got attacked by a pack of feral dogs.

Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him:
When Antonio was fifteen, his teacher caught him passing a note in class, marching him up to the front of the room, the teacher ordered him to read it aloud. As the teenager began reading it quickly became apparent that this was no lovey dovey note. It was a descriptively explicit and detailed, lust filled note, complete with crude drawings. After three sentences Antonio was dragged by the collar down to the principal’s office. The worst part of the whole situation was that he hadn’t even written it, simply got causing passing it. Not being a snitch, he took the punishment and the mockery by his classmates.

What does he care about most in the world:
Antonio cares about his wife and making Chol Castle a safe haven.

Does he have a secret:
Yes, several.

If he could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be:
Be a famous author.

He is the kind of person who:
Strives to do the right thing and always looks for the best in other people.

How is the character ordinary or extraordinary:
He is extraordinary by the fact that he has managed to survive so long while also retaining a mostly optimistic outlook.

Core Need:

Anecdote: It was May 2nd. Twelve year old Antonio sat at the dinner table with his uncle. He didn’t know what to feel, he wanted to yell and punch his uncle, to call him a liar. His parents couldn’t be dead. They were going to come and live together in London, like a real family. He couldn’t believe that it was true. Antonio’s uncle just sat there, saying over and over how sorry he was, as if he felt responsible for their deaths.

History: fin.

So begins...

Antonio Treveno's Story

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Chol Castle

June 26th 6:30am


Cliché, yes, but rather accurate in this instance. Three comforters and a wool blanket barely seemed to be enough to keep out the cold out some nights. Yet some shivering was a small price to pay for the security that the castle offered.

Antonio lay in bed staring at the stone ceiling listening to his wife’s even breathing for several more seconds before he carefully began to extricate himself from the tangled web of bedding. Eventually he freed himself without waking her; he dressed as soundlessly as possible and kneeled at the foot of the bed. Every morning Antonio uttered a small prayer before going about his day. Once completed he silently rose and stepped out into the hall, carefully closing the door behind him.

Striding confidently down the hall, Antonio headed for the stairs. He intended to check up on Cameron, who had likely been on watch all night long. An involuntary shiver passed through Antonio as he stepped out on the allure, a biting wind gust cutting straight through his thick sweater. Cameron sat halfway across the allure on a rickety stool, a scarf wrapped tightly around the man’s face and a pair of binoculars glued to his eyes. Antonio halted two meters away, not wanting to startle or break the man’s focus.

“You have something to say or what?” Cameron asked in a slightly annoyed tone as he continued to gaze through his binoculars.

“Well, I just came up to check on you.” Antonio crossed his arms in a futile attempt to ward off the blasting cold.

“That’s sweet of you.” Setting down the binoculars, Cameron turned to face Antonio. “What’s the real reason you came up here?” His eyes were surrounded by dark circles and narrowed in suspicion.

Antonio heaved a shivering sigh. “Listen, everyone knows you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. I just want to make sure you’re good and I’m always available to talk if you want to.” Tactfully, Antonio didn’t mention that whenever Cameron did try to sleep, he often ended up waking the other residents with his tortured screams.

“I don’t need a therapist. I appreciate the concern, but I’m fine and can take care of myself.” Cameron replied defensively.

“Alright, just know my door is always open.”

Cameron gave a grunt in reply. “Since you took the trouble to come all the way up here, I might as well tell you this now. That pack of dogs that’s been hanging around the castle came in closer to the walls last night than they ever have before. They’re either getting bolder or more desperate. I scared them off with some rocks, but I’m sure they’ll be back. I know you’re against thinning them out, but we might not have any choice soon.”

“Thanks for letting me know, I will keep that in mind.” Antonio replied with only a minimal amount of teeth chattering. “Would you like me to send up some breakfast?”

Cameron had resumed looking through his binoculars, but at the mention of food, he spared a quick glance towards Antonio. “I’d like a biscuit if we have any left. Have Alia bring it up if she isn’t busy.”

“Sure Cameron, I’ll see what I can do.” A small smile crept across Antonio’s face at the second request.

Antonio hurried back to the relative warmth of the indoors and rubbed his hands together as he descended the steps. By the time he reached the study, he had warmed up significantly and felt a great deal more alert. Opening the large doors, he crossed the room quickly and retrieved a small voice recorder sitting on the oak desk next to the radio. He used the little device as a babysitter for when he wasn’t able to listen to the static, which he typically only used at night. Holding the recorder up to his ear, Antonio listened to the playback as he exited the study and walked toward the kitchen.

The pleasing smell of warm oats curled through the air as Antonio was greeted by a cheerful Alia, who was perched on the counter next to the pot on the stove. The young woman had proven to be a fast learner in the kitchen and seemed to have a natural talent for cooking. He returned a warm smile to the young woman.

“Good morning Antonio, want a bowlful?” Alia asked, pointing to the steaming pot for emphasis.

“I would, thank you.” He replied, taking a seat at the table. “Oh, before I forget, Cameron asked me if we had any biscuits left.”

Alia’s brows crinkled, “I think we do. I’ll give him a bowl of porridge as well.”

“Good, he was hoping you would be the one to bring it.”

“I bet he does.” Alia giggled, as she placed a hearty bowl of porridge with raisins sprinkled on top in front of Antonio.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She replied pleasantly.

Pulling out a small notebook, Antonio started reading over the day’s planned schedule while Alia searched the cupboards for a biscuit.

After several minutes passed, a triumphant Alia proudly held a biscuit. “Success, I found one!” She announced, waving the slightly stale biscuit in the air.

“Found one what?” A new voice asked from the doorway.

Both Antonio and Alia gave a small start, instantly recognizing the voice.

Lillian stepped into the kitchen, her belly leading the way. Head held high, she took the seat opposite her husband and stared him straight in the eye.

“Oh, I just found a biscuit for Cameron, speaking of which I better take it to him right now.” Alia’s eyes darted between the seated couple. Hurriedly, the young woman scooped out some porridge and quickly left the room.

Antonio pretended to be fascinated with his notes as he felt the heat of Lillian’s stare burn into his scalp. Eventually Lillian broke the silence.

“Who’s going out today?”

“Five.” Antonio said around a mouthful of porridge.

“I asked who.”

“Aisha, Allison, Tyresa, Michael, and Jamal.” He finally said after a lengthy pause. “There shouldn’t be any problems; they won’t be going anywhere dangerous. If everything goes well, we should have more gardening supplies, so we can expand the garden plots.”

Lillian pursed her lips before replying. “Mmm. That is good news, especially with how much we have been giving to the Inners lately.”

“Yes it is.” Antonio agreed, taking note of his wife’s expression. “I need to go post these for the Salvagers.” He announced quietly as he rose stiffly from his chair and placed the notebook under his arm.

Lillian didn’t acknowledge his statement or subsequent departure, her eyes only fixated on his empty bowl.


Dishing the Dirt

Suggested Number of Salvs - 2

Area – Small gardening shop on the outskirts of Low Row, just East of Chol.

Objective – Secure gardening supplies

Information – As you all know, we have the start of a garden planted in the front courtyard. However, the soil we currently have is less than ideal for growing food, which is why it is important that we secure as many bags of high quality soil as possible. Any tools, seeds, or other supplies you find would also be useful as well.

I’m authorizing the use of the little white hatchback, to make retrieving the supplies a bit easier. Only a few dead have been seen roaming in the area, but be on your guard and try not to get the car stuck in a pothole.

Lean on the Horn

Suggested Number of Salvs - 1

Area – Car junkyard to the north of Brampton.

Objective – Help Nikoli retrieve several car horns/alarms.

Information – Nikoli is Chol’s only scout and reformed juvenile delinquent. We need you to accompany him to the junkyard in order to retrieve several car horns so he can make more of his handy distraction devices. While he may be quick and resourceful, keep in mind he’s still a teenager and you will need to keep an eye on him. Last time he tried to go alone a car nearly fell on him; stay alert for a few wandering dead that seem to hang around the place.

Chol’s small collection of bicycles is available to use.

Gas required

Suggested Number of Salvs - 2

Area – Close to Brampton’s west border

Objective – Retrieve propane.

Information – We’ve put off getting more fuel for the generators as long as we can. Currently, we only know of one place to get more, which is an outdoor tank in a small warehouse yard, which is unofficially inside the Crusaders territory. We have had friendly relations with them so far, but let’s not test that. Try to get in and out quickly, preferably without being seen.

You will have two five gallon propane tanks and two bicycles.