Hanna Beth Carrol


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”The Society is broken, yet we stay together, even as Demons overrun our homes.”

| Personal Information|


|Name/Nicknames| Hanna Beth Carrol; Bethy, Beth, or Nana

|Age| 25

  • - Cleanliness
  • - Tamor (her cat)
  • - Sunny days
  • - Waking up Early
  • - Fighting
  • - Being recognized as a Fauste

  • - Unclean places
  • - Messy
  • - Late risers
  • - Rain
  • - Being half human
  • - Having dim powers
  • - Being a caretaker
  • - Shedding
  • - Rodents

  • - Scrying; Speaking with spirits through mirrors.
  • - Demonic Embodiment; Less of a talent more of a curse. She has some form of control during Demonic Embodiment so its somewhat a talent.
  • - Lying; and manipulation.

Caretaker of an Old Estate used primarily for meetings or in the case that a Society member needs lodgings. Its quite small looking due to the protective Wards that make it look like nothing more than a run down house. On the inside however its three stories with a basement and an attic.

Otherwise to keep a human cover she works at a Grocery Store.

The Old Estate is her primary home but she does have the Fauste Household to go to if she were ever to feel the need.

| Strengths and Weaknesses|

  • - Not being accepted as a witch.
  • - Her spells backfiring.
  • - That she isn't good enough.
  • - That people will get hurt because of her.
  • - Spiders.
  • - Blacking out and hurting someone.
  • - Fire


  • - Precognition {to an extent}
  • - Alchemy
  • - Scrying
  • - Enchanting
  • - Non-magic jobs
  • - Blending in with society
  • - Manipulation
  • - Staying Positive
  • - Adventurous
  • - Leadership abilites; though she doesn't use them


  • - Kinetic powers
  • - Spell Casting
  • - Projection powers
  • - Hexing/Cursing
  • - Trusting others
  • - Seeing other people cry
  • - Hurting others
  • - Unable to stop her urges to kill
  • - Self-Flattering; but also arrogant
  • - Fire; as its a fear of hers



| Life|


Brief Personality:Known to be quite narcissistic and self-flattering at the beat of times. Hanna knows how to get what she wants and isn't afraid to use her body to get those things. She's a fighter, and definitely not a lover. Also known for her wild way of making people feel bad about things.

Ever lived with a clean freak before? Well nows your chance to learn what its likr. Hanna has an almost OCD obsession with keeping the Safe House clean (she is caretaker after all) and gets snappy and impatient when the others don't pick up for themselves or clean up any messes made from a demonic breach. She particularly hates when demons getn past thw perimeter and stink up the place with the sent of brimstone and sulfur.

Named traits; Narcissistic, Seductive, Dangerous, Clean Freak, Impatient, Sarcastic, Snappy, Lecturing, Charmer, Voyeur, Fighter, and Picky.

Brief History:Born to a wretch of a woman and a father nobody quite knew how to handle. Having the pleasure to grow up with one parent in your life barely stood to the fact that the living parent of hers was human! Hanna couldnt understand why her mother would mate with a human when she could have bore her with one of the Societies strongest leaders to date; her mother of course being a favored Consort at the time.

Adrianna Fauste explained by letter written before she came into being that she had fallen in love with her father - a human called Nathaniel Carrol and that Hanna would respect the father she is given for he is a great man. Nathaniel however didn't suspect that his daughter would have to face demon onslaughts and died while protecting her from a particularly powerful demi-demon. Hanna may have taken his name but since his death has upheld the Fauste tradition of being a caretaker in the Safe House.

The Fauste bloodline began the Society in the early 1400's but ultimely gave it up because of the volatile power that runs in Fauste blood. Instead the power position was given to a different family whose bloodline was more stable. Adrianna Fauste hailed from Russia, and traveled to America with the society when the burnings overseas became bad.

Hanna is named after her mother in all actuality since Hanna was a nickname for Adrianna (pronounced with an H sound by most Russians.) And Beth happened to be a family name that ran through the female lineage of the Fauste family.

Adrianna Fauste (Disceased/Witch)
Nathaniel Carrol (Recently Disceased/human)

Katerina Fauste (Disceased/Witch)
Guiseppe Fauste (Living/Warlock)

Marta Carrol (Living/human)
???? Carrol (unknown)

Mira Fauste (Distant eldest child of Adrianna, sent away for reasons unknown.)
Dimitri Fauste (Stillborn youngest of Adrianna.)

Berlioz Fauste (Living/Warlock)
Jeanine Fauste (Living/Witch)

Maybelle Barker (Living/Human)

Raymond Barker (living/Human)
Jamey Barker (living/Human)
Kendra Barker (living/Human)

Other: Has a familiar cat known as Tamor.


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