"I dont want anyone else to die."

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”I dont want anyone else to die.”

| Personal Information|


Samuel (He does not acknowledge his last name); Sam, or Sammy.


  • Girls
  • Casting Spells
  • Learning New Things
  • Playing Pranks
  • Animals
  • Moving things with his mind

  • Feeling alone
  • Any kind of Rodent
  • Being excluded from formal meetings
  • Not being considered full-fledged
  • Being treated like a kid
  • Being shy
  • Demons
  • Spirits (to abcertain degree)
  • Being accused of things

  • Able to Mimic voices.
  • Precognition (To an advanced degree for his age.)
  • Telekenisis (One advantage of his bloodline)

Apprentice Warlock

With his Uncle now that his parents are gone.

| Strengths and Weaknesses|

  • Storms
  • Demons/Spirits
  • His Uncle dying
  • Being Treated badly


  • Precognition
  • Alchemy
  • Telekenisis
  • Attack Based Spells
  • Martial Arts & other fighting techniques
  • Minor Curses; nothing long term
  • Building Magical Traps
  • Control Over most Elements of Fire


  • Lightening based Fire Control
  • The Headaches from Precognition
  • Is small for his age
  • Quite weak
  • Spells backfire sometimes
  • Random Anger Fits
  • Susceptible to Charm



| Life|


|Brief Personality|
Samuel is a kid most don't really see the point of trying to help. From a young age he rebelled from his parents and authority figures, and always found ways to make trouble happen wherever he went. However as of late he's been a lot more withdrawn with his trouble and almost painfully shy and untrusting of others. He doesn't want people to get close and then die, he doesn't want those feelings of pain to return. His Uncle in fact is one of the few he trusts, though Samuel hates that his Uncle doesn't really like the Society as much as he does. After all, isn't It the Society that allowed the Warlock race to continue on? Oh well.

Most don't notice but he has a painfully awkward crush on ({Shelley Hennig}Character) to a point that he goes out of his way to try and talk to her.

Samuel is known for frequent migraines and fits of anger because of them. The migraines are due to his unconttollable Precognitive abilities that are too quickly developing. Much like his Telekenetic ones.

|Brief History|
Samuel has been under the guardianship of his uncle for three years now since his parents unfortunate and mysterious death. Before that however Sam spent his life alongside his family in a secluded home just outside of Halifax, UK. His parents had a habit of moving around quite a bit and never settled anywhere for long. This is partially why he cannot talk easily with girls and has a hard time making friends with kids his age.

His only living family he knows is his Uncle. His parents are recently disceased.

His Telekenisis abilities do not come from his parents, but rather from his great great grandmother who was born a quarter human.

So begins...

Samuel's Story