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The Dead Keep Coming

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If it doesn't kill you first.


You ever get the feeling that something is wrong? Just that gut feeling that makes your stress levels rise and sense of security diminish. Well on April 5 2016, around 1:54pm an announcement was made on the radio. The broadcaster’s decided to go against their superiors and silence the rumors.

On November 15 2023 in Dallas Texas, a crudely made video was recorded and posted online. The video became an easy hit, the view numbers climbing by the millions. The video first showed a young Asian woman dancing alongside her friends, their high pitched giggles making the sound crackle. The recorded, which is a briefly seen girl, then started dancing along with the women. Techno music and flashing colorful lights made viewers presume the women were in a club, but not even the thudding beat could silence the fear stricken wails that came next. The curious recorder decided to head towards the screams and ended up filming the very thing the government has been trying to hide. The recorder fell, momentarily dropping the phone but she grabbed it just in time to document the gory event. The fuzzy video showed a young man with bright neon pink hair. Hissing and growling were the only sounds made by the man as he hunched over a body. The recorder must have somehow caught his attention for seconds later he turned towards the camera. With the low lighting and fuzzy picture it was hard to make out his appearance, but the crimson liquid that soaked his clothes was easily seen. The recorder screams and the video ends.

You could only imagine the rumors that spread, quick as wildfire. Soon everyone knew and became curious, some even booking a flight to the southern city though were later denied access as police quarantined off the city. No one was allowed in….and no one was allowed out. It wasn’t long after that many flights were unwillingly canceled, cruises and shipped were docked and military sightings became a regular occurrence. No one was allowed to leave their country and some of the larger cities were sectioned off from the rest of society.

Then around Christmas of 2023, rumors about an airborne virus started to cycle around. Of course the Military would never share such sensitive details and they were loyal to the government. Yet no matter how hard the higher ups denied it, their lies will catch up with them eventually. So on April 5, radio and news broadcasters confirmed the virus and the event in the video. The United States, China, Japan, all of the United Kingdoms, all of South America and Mexico have been quarantined off from the world, the virus having already infected over 80% of the population in those areas. That’s was all the broadcasters could share before the signal was cut and only static was left. Riots and protests started, violence spreading throughout the larger cities.

Then it happened. Everything just went from bad to horrible.

You are a survivor. You are immune to the airborne virus that now clouds the Earth, but you aren't fully immune to the virus. If it gets straight into your bloodstream you can be infected. Its been months since the broadcasters announcement and the rumor is still that in some places, a rumor. Today is September 25, 2024. You do your usual morning route, wake up, get ready, eat breakfast and head to work. You take note that the usual heavy traffic and large groups of protester's are absent but you don't worry to much about it. Its not until you get to work that you start you become worried as no one, not even the custodian is there. This is the beginning of your adventure and how you and a group of strangers will learn to survive.




CHARACTER FORMAT (Just copy and paste. If you guys need help with coding just let me know
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[size=120]Face Claim:[/size]
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[size=120]Body Type:[/size]
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[size=120]Physical Description:[/size] 
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later on in roleplay they will find weapons. What will your fire arm and melee be?

What they will find later on.

1. I am not going to put up a character sheet, I want you guys to be creative and make your own. Make it detailed and nice.
2. Reserve a spot in the OOC. Under your reservation put what your favorite zombie movie is so I know you have read the rules.
3. There are zombies in this roleplay. It will get gruesome.
4. I don't want any Military or ex-military characters. Make your character unique and not your standard, cliché "OH IM TOTALLY NOT PREPARED, JUST LET ME PULL OUT MY AK47 WITH INFINITE AMMO AND BACKPACK FULL OF SUPPLIES". If you do this I will not accept your character.
5. Have fun. I would like your posts to at least have 200+ words. Nothing under but you can always go over.

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