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The Death Chronicles: The Pale Tree

The Death Chronicles: The Pale Tree


In life, you made a deal with her; the Pale Lady, Death. For power, for money, for your hearts desire, you traded her your soul... Now, in death, you serve her as a warrior, a mercenary, doomed to forever wonder...

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The Death Chronicles:
The Pale Tree


The Ancient Wars

Long ago, in a time before humanity, there existed 2 powerful entities. The Creator, and the Destroyer. One used his hand to craft worlds, and shape existence. And one used his to corrupt the Creator's children, and bring death to the Creator's worlds. Both lived in perfect harmony with each other. Both had created their perfect kingdoms, with their followers and priests... and the time had come for the both of them to leave, resting the world of man in the hands of the 2 kingdoms. With the absence of their kings, 2 powerful warriors from each kingdom stepped forward... Mathew; a powerful angel, great warrior, and leader through example, adopted the mantle of the kingdom of the Creator. And for the Destroyers kingdom, a mighty and fearsome dark demon mage by the name of Luo took his kings thrown. Though both were vastly different from one another, they both shared the same burning hatred for the other kingdom. In Mathew's eyes, the Destroyer was a surge who leached his existence form the Creator. And to Lao, the Creator was a weak fool, who should have never taken power in the first place. Blinded by their hatred, the Ancient Wars began.

But, when the King's left, they bestowed a gift to humanity; to protect them form any danger they may face. They had combined their powers into a single being: The Creator gave his power to give life, and the Destroyer gave his power to take life away. Together, they're powers conjoined into the Pale Lady... Death. While the human kingdom was still young, the armies of Lao and Mathew waged war over the world of man, until the Pale Lady put an end to it. Using her powerful weapon, the Blade of Woe, she destroyed both of their army's in one fowl swoop. Threatened to be destroyed themselves by Death's power, the 2 armies left the world of man; and under Death's ever watchful eye, the kingdom of man grew...


Once, in life, you reached a low point. Perhaps you watched a loved one, die a slow and painful death. Maybe, you lived on the streets; and dreamed that you would live in a palace of gold. You wished for the strength to destroy your foes, and break mountains. But when you prayed to your gods, or your demons, you heard only silence as a reply... But she heard your cries. When your beings of worship failed you, it was the Pale Lady who took your hand, and granted your wish. You watched your loved one climb out of their death bed, you were given your palace of your dreams, and you laughed as you crushed your enemies like ants under a boot... But you had no idea the true cost of your wish...

On your last day, she came to you: The Lady in White. She gripped your hand, and took you away with her to sleep for entirety... or so you thought. But, little had you known, death was not the end of your existence. As your soul departed with her, you could feel you were dead... but the job wasn't finished yet. With your hands in hers, you felt a voice inside of your head. Instantly, though you had never heard the voice before, you knew it was the voice of the Pale Lady. Even without speaking, she explained where you were, and why you were there. You were in a place called Shol. Without her explaining, you could feel you knew the place. It was where souls who had not for filled their lives were placed, to haunt the earth for eternity. Before asking her why you were there, she explained to you that you had made a wish to her in your life... and the price was your soul. Your soul had been taken by her, to forever serve as a servant to death. She explained you had a certain set of skills, skills she wished for you to put to use for her cause... and now was your time to use them...

The Pale Tree

While in the Pale Lady's audience, you found you were brought to what looked like a cave. Inside the cave were no lights, only pure blackness. But, in the middle of the cave, lied a small pond of water; with a white, glowing tree growing from it. The Pale Tree, as She explained it, was known as the Reincarnation Cycle. At the base of the tree, the dead leaves of the past gave life to the roots. And as the roots became healthy and strong, the trunk grew as well. Through the trunk of the tree, the souls of the lifeless came to the branches, and from the branches into leaves: Bodies. Again and again, infinity, the circle would continue; and the tree would grow. For a moment you found yourself captured by the beauty of it... but then you spied something strange. The tree was dieing.

She explained to you about the war between Lao and Mathew, and told you how she put an end to it. But, slowly over the past thousand years, they have found away back into the world. Like weeds growing around the tree, Lao and Mathew have been taking the vital nourishment the tree needs from the souls. They have been taking the souls of mortals, and have been using them to fuel their armies. Before the Lady had noticed the killing of the tree, Mathew and Lao had both sent agents into her realm, and destroyed her powerful weapon, the Blade of Woe. Powerless without Her weapon, someone must put a stop to it. That someone... Is you.

Death had taken your hand once again, and explained to you why you were given your wish. You had special powers, skills, and assets that the Lady needed to stop both armies before their war quickly consume the world of Man, and the human race is destroyed in their squabble. It was the deal you made: Your eternal soul, in exchange for worldly goods.

Where You Come In

It matters not where you are from, what you did in your former life, or even what time period you were born in: Your soul belongs to the Pale Lady, and the Pale Tree. Your job is to stop their poisoning of the Tree, and put an end to their war in any way possible. Put away your preconceded notions of Angels and Demons, and understand that they are both the enemy... Find them, kill both Angel and Demon alike who stand in your way, and find the fragments of the Blade of Woe to restore Death to her full power...

The Realm of Shol

Shol is Deaths world[/url]. Her kingdom, her own little slice of eternity, which exists inside the trunk of the Pale Tree itself. Shol is a world of infinite mass, and infinite space, where time has no effect. The past, the present, and the ever expanding future exist at the same time in Shol. Shol itself has been ravaged by destruction at the hands of the kingdom's warriors who fight for control of the tree, giving it a war-torn and post-apocalyptic look. Within Shol, restless souls wonder endlessly. But, these souls can not see you, hear you, nor even notice your existence. That does not mean they cannot be harmed... If a soul is destroyed in Shol, it is lost for ever...

The Rules of Death

-Normally: Death has the ability to reach through both time and space to end the life of her foes. Without Her weapon, Death is unable to do so. Once you enter the world, you are alone with only your fellow warriors to protect you.

(Ill work on these later :DD Too lazy!)

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