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The Death Dream

The Death Dream


When you are close to death you have the most bazaar dreams. -Read More-

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Some say when people are close to death they have the most bazaar dreams

There are many in this dream world who face both lovely and wicked things, Past loves, Forgotten Dreams, All the sins of your life.

When you dream while being close to death is the only time you will be able to see this place...
The world is seen differently by everyone, yet they all are in the same world. Is it heaven? Is it hell? What is this place?

This world appears perfect at first, and remains perfect longer depending on how pure your heart is, some people who have done horrid things in their life will be faced with more horrid challenges in this world.

There are many myths that say in the dream realm you lose all sense of emotion and all your memory, and for some that's true, some discover themselves by being faced with events from their life in the dream world.

But you can't trust the myths, because nobody has ever made it back, not ever.
I've lived in the dream world for 3 years and I still haven't found my way back, and I haven't found the way to heaven either, but I see glimpses.

In the Dream realm I have met many people who are just as lost and confused as me, some are tormented by their visions, others love it here.
I am sure of one thing, you do not lose your emotions. I still feel love, and fear, and sadness.

We are all just trying to find the truth about life and death.

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A figure floated lazily about in the void. Nothing but pale hues marked their presence about him. The space seemed to go on forever. It was in a constsnt state of flux. At the moment things were rather boring. No other person occupied the space, not that there weren't people. He met plenty of people, but either they were too much of a bore to hang around or they just couldn't get a grasp on him. And he had his fill of irritating at the moment.

Instead he floated with the void colours. The overall change in scenery was slow, but it didn't bother him. The colours swirled about him like clouds in motion, their own secret dance. Most of his time was spent like this. Just floating. He always dreamed he could fly, but like they all say "You can't always get what you want". He was content with his hovering, not like there was any rush.
His short, aburn hair tickled his eyes as he slowly twisted around with the colours. He frowned deciding he could use a bit of a change. Within the next rotation he had transformed into the female version of his other self. in all honsety, she didn't like either of her forms. Something about them just screamed uneasiness and rage, but once again, that was something she had no control of. She pushed thought away like a bad taste and went back to floating in blistful nothingness.

Too much time had been wasted when she first arrived here. Wherever 'here' was. And with nothing to go on but a name and two faces, Quinn descided to take them all. It made things easier when you didn't have to pick and choose.


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#, as written by Grahf

Pain. Blinding searing pain.

Then darkness.


Todd opened his eyes not on the dirty ugly world he was used to, but onto a pure clean world. It was the first time in his life that he felt calm. He had no idea that in the real world his heart rate was spiking, his ECG was going nuts. He was at death's door. All he knew was how nice it felt not to have to pick at the dirt under his nails, the blood. It was perfect here.

The nurses got him stable, the doctor ruled him comatose, unable to even respond to pain. He demonstrated by stabbing Mr. Finn in the big toe of his right foot. No reaction. But somewhere deep inside his mind Todd thought he must have stepped on a splinter, because his toe hurt. The area was slowly taking on color, green for for sky. His hospital room was that same unappealing shade of greeninsh-yellow they say promotes healing. Todd's eyes were closed there, thankfully. The vista before him was far better.

Today was the start of a new life.

Stitchwork thought so too...


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#, as written by kkpigs

Even in her sleep, Odessa clutched her aching chest. Nobody believed her, nobody ever did, nobody ever had. She tossed and turned, searching for something she would never be able to find why she was awake...answers. It seemed that they were impossible to find, but something inside told her she would be able too eventually.

She walked along the narrow corrider in the rain, staring at the empty space in the ground where her father's grave was, as always. Her hood was down this time, a first. The rain ran down her dry face, and familar voices sprang from the dense forrests surrounding the building she was in.

It was like always. The roof was gone and a red light fell over everything, the whole in the ground shifted and spelt something. O...d...e...s...s...a...i...s...a...g...o...n...e...r

Her heart dropped as she read. She sat down and allowed the empty plot in the ground to engulf her, and she lied there, waiting to hear them pronounce her dead. The latest dreams she had lived, but this one, she knew, was the death dream, the one she hated more than any other.


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She grew bored quickly; one could only drift in nothingness for so long. She twirled herself slowly until her feet were firmly planted on what she formed as earth. As she stood everything around her became substantial. Lush green grass rushed forth from beneath her feet and carpeted the ground as far as her field of vision allowed. She gazed over where her green land met the swirling colours of the horizon. As she traced her eyes across the sky it changed, like a paintbrush trailing it's line of creation. The soft swirling colours that once surrounded her now grew darker and formed other substantial things, such as clouds, unknown creatures and rain.

She smirked at her new creation the sudden vastness of it taking her by surprise. She gazed around, hoping someone watched her create her little sanctuary. She was in the mood for showing off. Disappointed by the lack of people she decided to explore a bit.

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Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Well, this was disappointing. It was a cooI idea and would've been fun to play if something was actually done with it. I was hoping the creater would chime in at some point. Oh well, i guess. I'm out.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Huzzah! There's some activity!

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

I agree. Why has the creator done nothing. Hell, it fell on NotSo to post the first/only post on here. Automail...come on man. This is hardly how you run an RP. I guess I'll post something as well, keepin it vague until our missing leader sets things up.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

I'm getting a little worried that no one's really interested..
Is no one else going to post? Auto, are you going to create a character or even write in this?
I'm not trying to be a dick, but there's little to no feed-back about what's happening with this RP.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Alright, guys, I posted. I left it a bit vague, AutomailJunkie, cause I don't want to write things down and take your image of however you want this RP to be.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Are we still waiting for more people to join? When can we start?

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Followed NotSoHeartless here, and submitted a bio. Hope you like him.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Submitted my character. Quinn's a bit of an oddity, but I hope you like him.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

I'm definitely considering joining. (: This sounds like a very interesting RP.

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Thanks for accepting me!

Re: [OOC] The Death Dream

Hi, the roleplay sounds great :P i'll totally join, i'll go ahead and start working on my character if its alright :]

[OOC] The Death Dream

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