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Un D. Ulat

"Hm. I'll finish it later."

0 · 334 views · located in this is set in the sword art online universe

a character in “The death game”, as played by Armin


Un is 180 cm tall and wears clothing depending on occasion, though he likes pants that are not tight so he and his precious can move freely. He has red hair and he posseses a casual, no a lazy beard, or bristle. Un himself is also lazy.

So begins...

Un D. Ulat's Story

#, as written by Armin
It was a long lasting yawn, yes, if you had seen it in person you would have first been surprised that the man had not closed his mouth yet, then irritated at him for never closing his mouth, and finally you would have given up on observing his gaping. Though while you were observing, it would have appeared as bottomless black pit, his thoat and mouth.
Back to present tense:
Un has just woken up, stretched and yawned. His eyes are sleepy still and he has yet to use his brain. He has not had a single thought, not even has he tried to calculate what time it is based on the sun and the birds singing. Un is a bird expert in SAO you see, and birds in this world are poorly coded, or not poorly, booringly and reliably as in non randomly. They sing predictably, so you can use their singing to figure out what the time is.
Un had been sleeping under a random tree. It was a fine tree since it had apples in it. When sleeping it had supplied him with shadow, now it would supply him with breakfast.

Un grabbes an apple and takes a bite. HIs posture and face are still screaming "sleepy!" or "lazy!" and so is his chewing. It is slurpy and sluggish.

Appearance: Though never mind the sword, it wont be like that. I think, just ignore it for now.

#, as written by Armin
"Snore while sleeping?" Un said while chewing, not willing to compromise eating for the sake of conversation.
"Man, thats cruel. Now i can't sleep shamelessly among people anymore, knowing my snoring will keep them awake."
After consuming half of the apple, he held up the half untouched by teeth in front of his face. It dangled from the woody strawtypething which stick out the indention. He was looking at it intensely, like he was suspecting it or analyzing it. Then he threw it away.
"Yosh! lets go!" he said and sat down on a nearby fence.

#, as written by KazutoK
He looked around his friends weren't in a good shape he dragged nari back to kuro " dam this doesn't look good" he said he say Jessica who was severely injured by the battle and wouldn't last another one, he moved to klein who had protected silica but had cost him a great deal of his life " if I don't get help soon then" he shook his head he used his tracking skills to look for help he saw two tracks no far off by his calculations he knew the people who made them weren't far off " I got to get help " he said but he knew leaving his friends was a huge gamble but he was going to take it in order to help them, he began sprinting as fast as the game would allow it he saw the two players ahead he was careful in SAO they were all kind of rogue players who would finish you up sooner than helping you" yo" he called" im looking for sale swords to help me with a problem is urgent if you are interested i'll pay you two 2000 gold pieces each if not i'll buy all the teleporting crystals you got" he said his eyes firm on them he was already thinking of a strategy to counter attack in case they weren't the friendly type.

Knight watched in quiet annoyance as Un ate. "Its rude to speak while eating didn't your mother teach you that?" he complained as he watched the skinny man eat the virtual apple. "Your shameless to begin with so you'll be fine." Knight started pull up his inventory and selected a portal crystal which instantly appeared in his free hand. "Then too the next town it is then can't stand this area anymore too many people not willing to try to get out of here. They rather wait and hope someone else does it for them." He said angrily as he suddenly heard someone yell at them. Knights instincts reacted quickly his axe was already in his left hand as he faced the unknown man. " im looking for sale swords to help me with a problem is urgent if you are interested i'll pay you two 2000 gold pieces each if not i'll buy all the teleporting crystals you got" He heard the player call out to them. Knight stood there watching the man trying to see if he was telling the truth. "That's a lot of money your offering. you sure you can back it up with more then just words?" he called back his axe still ready if need be. "And why do you need sell swords your a decent level." he said carefully as he scanned the player.

#, as written by KazutoK
" I don't for me, but i'll spared you the details alright I need a couple players escorted to safety " he grab his sword noticing the axe" I have the money" he said pulling out his menu and showing them the money for the transaction " but like any smart player you get half now and half when the job is done " he said watching for their reaction " i however warn you i'm not very good dealing with snakes i often just cut their heads off so keep that in mind if you accept my deal" he relaxed leaving his sword still he wasn't defenseless he had been watching and he knew a sword swing faster than an axe but the other player he wasn't sure about his type of weapon" so do we have a deal ?"

#, as written by Armin
Un was sitting on the fence with arms crossed, right foot on the ground and left foot on right lap.
"AHAHAHAHA!" Un laughed obnoxiously, or hilariously, who knows. It was loud. "You are a fast runner! Don't worry though, that does not make you an enemy." He stood up with a "humpf", uncrossing his arms and propelling himself of the fence with their strenght.
Standing, he placed his hand brotherly on Knights shoulder and smiled at the stranger.
"Hand me the 4000 and we're off!"

#, as written by KazutoK
Kirito couldn't help but smile there weren't many players he could have friendly matches with and he was always excited for a match that would test his skill " here then " he transfer the money to un" there now let's go and about our duel you got it, after you save my friends " he walked towards the other he left behind he was relaxed with their help he could get them to safety " if you don't mind asking why are you here the boss raid wasn't schedule till tomorrow " he said as he watched the road where there other solo players like him he wonder maybe beater wasn't a sole title to him" there are up head " he said

#, as written by Armin
"if you don't mind asking why are you here the boss raid wasn't schedule till tomorrow " the stranger said.
"Ahehehe" Un was laughing with his eyes too. He had one hand in his pocket and the other one held behind his neck or the back of his head.
"I don't know. I just follow this one around" he said and pointed at Knight with his freer hand. He did not look at the knight he was pointing at.
"Anyway. Who are you? Nono, thats wrong, what is your name? Where are we going?"

"if you don't mind asking why are you here the boss raid wasn't schedule till tomorrow " Knight heard Kirito ask as he walked towards the group of people stopping for a moment. "I was going to kill the boss i'm tired of waiting here until someone decides its time to do something." His voice was monotone as he spoke slowly turning to Kirito. "The last few bosses weren't that hard to kill figured I do this one then explore the next floor." Knight stood there for a moment as Un spoke and he couldn't help but laugh slightly. "You follow me because there's money to find and treasures to seek out and you don't like doing any hard work so you let me do it for you. Oh and what is your name stranger or should I say leader?" he said as he looked at the smaller boy.

#, as written by KazutoK
" im kirito and im not leader I play alone but I do know this players " he said quietly looking to the side remembering what happen with the black alley cats he shook his head" I need you to help some of my friends to safety that's all " he said watching un he was odd his character seem like something kirito would normally avoid but he needed their help plus how back could he be if the other one was his partner" here we are " he said as they arrived and saw all the players who had take place in the battle badly hurt and lying around " some of them will make it on foot but the other I need them teleported to the nearest town for healing " he said as he pick up kuro " i'll take this one you take the girl and the other redheaded boy if you would " he said as he gave silica a crysta " go to back to the first floor ok this is dangerous from now on" he smiled as best as he could " let's go guys "

#, as written by Armin
"I'll take the girl." Un said and without pause he picked her up from the ground, throwing her across his left shoulder. Her face was hanging next to his for a moment and he looked at her, with the same analyzing neutral, perhaps with a hint of curiosity, look he had used on the apple before. Then he ajusted her to a more balanced position, her face was moved forward and down.
"All set. Let's go." He turned towards Kirito.
"We musn't waste time, no?"

Jessica didn't like the look of these guys much but one look at her men told her she needed to trust them. She sighed and nodded. "Alright, lead the way." She stood up, though she herself was badly injured, with a large gash in her side and a low health bar, she still used one shoulder to support one of her other men who had been injured in the leg.

#, as written by Armin
"Alright, lead the way." Said the girl with green hair to Un and knight. Un looked at her. Then he turned toward knight and said:
"Alright! lead the way."

Jessica looked back at the strange man, wondering why he had been staring at her but shrugged and helped the man she was helping stay up.

#, as written by KazutoK
" you see him too right " he said in a quiet voice putting kuro down while he prepare his swords " black wolf at least 4 more should be around he hasn't notice us so we can prepare better " he look at knight and in " you two thanks for healing my soldiers but I'm afraid even with this we can't afford to risk them i'll lure the wolf and you should be able to easily finish them " he said as he prepared his sword skill " on three got it "

Jessica was surprised that the second shorter one had given them all health items, surely that would deplete his stock quite a bit but she was grateful for it. She then looked at Kirito and hissed. "Are you crazy!?" At him as he talked about his plan.

#, as written by KazutoK
" listen I wasn't here to help you last time I'm here now and I'll put my life on the line for you and the others" he said his face was sad he hadn't been there and they almost got kill for it now he was going to try to protect them with all he got " you know better than anyone how it can be to lead a team and have their life in danger I might not be part of your group but I'm your friend and thats why I want to keep you safe " he smiled " even if I die " he launched his attack as well his star burst stream quickly put him I'm front of the coming wolf he began slicing only medium wounds to some killing others leaving the ones behind him to knight " skill isn't measure from head to toe my friend "

Jessica wanted to help but she was still too injured to.

Jessica had gone to replenish her supplies while the others had been dueling.

#, as written by KazutoK
" Hey we are over here " Said kirito as he came.out with an apron " We are starting the dinner we are still waiting for the other to show up so feel free to take a sit if you wish " He smiled and went back to the kitchen and continued boiling the water " Hey Jessica do you need some help cutting those vegetables ?" he said smiling and pull the knife up.