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Adalyn Hathaway

"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind."

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a character in “The Decider”, as played by dreammuffin


"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling


Name: Adalyn Olivia Hathaway
Nickname: Addie, Livi
Age: 18
Birth date: July 21
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Camp: Fairview
Cabin: Cabin #3

Adalyn has the power of Persuasion. She can compel people by speaking, using her words to control people. The victims are unable to disobey; her power makes her words far too compelling.

Her power is strongest when she looks into a person's eyes, it deactivates the inhibitions of subjects and her words gain strength. Sometimes she can disarm a person just by looking at them, putting them into sort of a trance.

The proximity to a person she is persuading also determines her power. If she is far away, it is possible for a person to resist her persuasion, though it would have to be one with a strong will.

Adalyn needs to speak her commands if her power is to work, and the person she is directing them to has to be able to hear it. If the person doesn't hear it, then her power doesn't work.

Someone with super intelligence can resist her power, but no one else.

If no one is around to be persuaded, then her power becomes useless. Her power can only be implemented when there are people around her.


✓ Flowers
✓ Rain
✓ Friends
✓ Brownies
✓ Dancing
✓ Music

✗ Sadness
✗ Bugs
✗ Heights
✗ Being manipulated
✗ Scary movies

â€ĸ Being Alone - She's afraid that she'll lose her friends, or that they will leave her. The feeling of being all alone is one of the worst feelings in the world.
â€ĸ Losing Control - Losing control of herself or her ability is someone that would be incredibly dangerous.
â€ĸ Heights - She's terribly scared of heights for some reason.

âœĻ Hand to Hand combat - Her power only works on people, and in circumstances that make it useless, it's nice to know she's not helpless.
âœĻ Dancing - Just something she likes to do. She's taken classes growing up since she was little.
âœĻ Drawing - She likes to draw random things, it calms her down, and gets her mind off things.

Thoughts: I like Fairview, everyone here is really nice.


Easy Going | Charismatic | Guarded | Compassionate | Smart | Cynical | Lazy

Adalyn is very easy going, always making sure to take a step back before she does anything. She likes to take things slow, not let excitement cloud her judgement in the things she does. This is key to her powers, seeing as a stray command can get someone hurt. If she doesn't maintain her laid back demeanor, she can get impulsive, and that's never a good thing for a person with her power. It doesn't mean she doesn't like to have fun. She loves to be around people, and her charisma makes it easy to make friends wherever she goes. If anyone cracks a joke, she'll be the first and probably the loudest to laugh, it's just one of her quirks.

Despite her outgoing personality, she's always guarded towards others, and doesn't share anything personal to others. Her emotions are something she rarely discusses. She feels that talking about her feelings and telling others is a sign of weakness, and she doesn't like to trouble others with that kind of stuff. She'd much rather let someone else talk to her about something, as she's always there to lend a listening ear.

Adalyn has compassion for her friends and the people around her. People might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She can go to great lengths to protect someone, or help them in any way. It's her way of showing others that she's not a dangerous person.

Another quality of Addie is that she is very clever. Usually she can solve any problem that comes her way, carefully thinking through every possible outcome. Her calculating [finish]

Because her power deals with manipulating and controlling people, most tend to stay away from her. She's never made any real friends before, and anyone she ever called a friend was just using her to get what they wanted. Now, whenever someone tries to offer her kindness or friendship, a part of her doubts their motives.


Adalyn was born to Dave and Elizabeth Hathaway on July 21. Her father was a doctor, and her mother was a stay at home mom. She had an older brother, Liam, who was two years older than her. They grew up in a small neighborhood, one where the two could wander and play, without her parents worrying about something happening to them. Her brother and her were inseparable, always going places together, and playing.

Out of her parents, Adalyn was particularly close to her dad. He was such a role model to her, being a doctor. All she wanted to do was follow in his footsteps. Then, at the age of 8, she discovered her powers, or rather, her mom did. Her mom found it odd that whenever Adalyn asked Liam to play with her, he adamantly said no, yet minutes later he would be doing just that. Then one day, she found Adalyn tell her brother to play, not as a question, more of a command. Liam complied without another word. That was when her mother's suspicions had been confirmed.

Adalyn was told about her powers, and was trained everyday by her mother to hone, and control them. She had gotten them genetically from her mom. A couple years passed, and she learned and harness her persuasion. Of course, she told her brother, as they told each other everything. The only one left in the dark was her dad. She wanted to tell him, but her mother forbade her, much to her surprise.

When she was 13, her dad walked out on their family. It was really hard on Adalyn, and she clammed up after awhile. She finally got around asking why he left. He had left because he figured out what her mother could do, and that the first time they met, she had used his powers on him. It was too much for him.

After a couple more years, when they had settled down again, her mother discovered Camp Fairview, and Camp Maydon. She couldn't make a decision, and asked her brother, who chose Camp Fairview. It changed her life, to know there were others like her. She'd been going every year since.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Adalyn Hathaway's Story


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#, as written by Issa
Lake Meadstone
The Amphitheatre
12.30 pm


Midday has passed and the campers from each side have just finished lunch. Many slowly wonder towards the amphitheatre, the meeting place for the beginning of the game. At 1pm the camp directors will begin by explaining the rules for the capture the flag. Maydon and Fairview might not get along, but the directors have made sure to set out a variety of rules to give the impression of cooperation. If those rules are actually followed, well that's another question.
Until then each camper has an opportunity to analyse their opponents. Or, alternatively, they might just want to have as much time to prepare themselves for the coming 'game'. Whatever they decide everyone must be at the amphitheatre in time and ready to begin the Decider.

Image Image
Nona Syborn sat at the back of the amphitheatre, halfway along the row. Her legs were cross and her elbows rested behind her as she reclined on the sloped grass. A small smirk played across her face as her eyes swept across the arriving students. Nona had made her way early to the amphitheatre, all the better to sort through the gifts of the campers from Fairview. She knew that there were strong powers in the other camp and the longer she had to assess what was what, the better her ability to replicate them. Of course it also let her assess more than just each camper's power.

Her smirk turned to an expression of disdain as a power on the edge of her range indicated an approaching camper. Emmy South wondered into the amphitheatre, her expression as empty and distracted as could be expected. Nona had never liked the girl, but she had to admit that Emmy's power of gravity manipulation was one she never passed a chance to replicate. Luckily Nona would soon have a vast range of gifts to pick from. She would wait until the games actually started too, all the better to lengthen the time she could replicate each gift. She had already decided that, Markson Maydon's, Maydon's director, power was one she would use in the game. Sure, she could only create blasts of wind and balls of flame so far, but give her a chance and she'd soon be able to manipulate all the elements like he could.

Nona's eyes scanned those present and those arriving, hoping to find someone she liked. Josh was always fun to flirt with and since he was in fairview she wasn't bored with him yet. Or perhaps she would amuse herself by playing with one of Maydon's shyest. Her eyes fell upon Noah Fenton, inhabitant of cabin three and currently fidgeting nervously as he waited for everyone to arrive. As if he sensed her gaze Noah frooze and Nona felt her interest slip away.

Emmy was reading, the book currently held most of her attention and if it wasn't for the almost subconscious use of her powers she most likely would have fallen over long ago. She bit her lip as she flipped the page over and kept walking. She was aimed vaguely in the direction of the amphitheatre, it was almost time for the game to begin. But Emmy was determined to finish her book before that happened, which was why she was now walking and reading.

A set of steep stairs appeared in front of her. Instead of tripping and falling down them she simply continued walking in a straight line, her powers letting her float over the top of them. She really didn't even need to move her legs since she could basically make herself fly. She could just float to the amphitheatre if she wanted to really. A moment later she stopped, simultaneously realising that she was several feet above the stairs and coming to the end of her book. She closed the book with a satisfied thump and a moment later lowered herself to the ground. Then, leaving gravity to act naturally, she walked the rest of the way to the amphitheatre.

The area itself had once been used as the gathering place for when the camps were one, or at least that's what Augustus Axel one of the Fairview staff members had told her. Whatever it had once been, the amphitheatre was now used to stage the beginning and end of the annual grudge match between the two camps.

The stands were relatively empty at the moment. Emmy spotted Nona at the back, her eyes scanning the campers for someone to bully no doubt. Others were seated already and many were still to come. Emmy took a seat in the front row on the fairview side of the gathering. She rested her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands and waited for the fun to begin.

Noah was nervous. He disliked the thought of going into this 'game'. It would, undoubtedly, turn violent. He knew that there were grudges, he even had some of his own. But where he differed from some of the other campers was in his powers. His powers were only good for escaping. They weren't offensive at all. Others had the type of powers that could start wars.
Extreme sports, bungy jumping and so on were things he could handle. He loved those kind of challenges, but put him face to face with another person who was threatening him and Noah became slightly less than willing. Sure, he could basically escape any situation but he liked to think that that was also because he knew when to avoid them too.

Noah sat at the front, closest to the exit that led back to camp Maydon and his safe cabin. It was his habit to make sure he had a quick getaway. He could feel eyes on the back of his neck. Perhaps it was his powers or perhaps it was instinct, but he stopped fidgeting and soon felt the pressure vanish. Feeling relieved Noah stretched out his legs and glanced up at Mr Maydon, the director of his camp. He was a hard man who believed that a regimented camp was better than what went on at Fairview. Noah had never been too sure. He thought that Fairview always looked like a lot more fun for someone like him with a less powerful ability.

He shook his head, now was hardly the time to be thinking about what camp he preferred. He was about to fight them after all. Well avoid was the better way to put it. Perhaps he would be tasked with running avoidance, or holding the far flank. Just as long as it wasn't anything too central and in the action. There was usually some discussion amongst each camp over the plan of attack. Maydon's plan was usually centered around the campers from cabin one.


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Adalyn left her cabin, and started her trek to the amphitheater. As she walked, she let her mind wander to the thought of the game she was about to partake in. The thought of pitting the camps against each other didn't really appeal to her. What was the point, to see which camp was stronger? Even though she didn't understand it, she didn't let it agitate her. The game was also a small problem for her, seeing as her power wasn't that useful on the offensive; persuasion is more of a defence. It was possible to be offensive if her power was used creatively, she would just have to figure it out.

The amphitheater wasn't that far from her cabin, so it only took a few short minutes to reach it. As she went in, she spotted a small number of campers already there. Among them, Nona caught her eye, sprawled on her back. As she passed her, she couldn't help but send a glare in her direction. It was safe to say the two didn't get along well. Up in the front row, she saw her fellow Fairview campers, and went to sit with them. "Hey guys," she greeted. She knew people were somewhat wary around her, due to her capabilities, so she just left it at that.

Her attention turned to the camp directors on the stage in front of them, awaiting as they explained the rules of the game. It wasn't her first time playing, so she already knew the rules, but they went ahead and did this every year.


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#, as written by Issa

Emmy hadn't been seated long before she was joined by a fellow Fairview camper. He wasn't in her cabin, but she recognised him from one of the other cabins. Bret was his name, he was a camper that she hadn't had much to do with until now,
"That was pretty neat right there. Gee, I'd to something to like that, it'd be a nice running start and hope ya glide a bit. Man reading and flying... that must be like, walking and chewing bubble gum, while juggling chainsaws." He had obviously seen her floating in the air while reading, a trick she hadn't consciously done.
Emmy shrugged, a smile on her face as she shook her head,
"Juggling chainsaws?" Emmy giggled, finding the imagery behind the words quite funny, "I wouldn't go that far." Perhaps to someone who couldn't manipulate their gravity and fly it looked hard, but to Emmy it was one of the easier things to do.

A moment later Cain sat down on her other side,
"Hey Emmy, how's it going?" He said as he joined her. Emmy grinned at him, pleased that her friend had joined her. Cain and Emmy shared cabin one in fairview and had become friends.
"It's going great!" Emmy declared with a grin, "I can't wait for this game to begin." She added, making sure to include Bret in the conversation too.
Cain's attention slid down to the book in Emmy's hands. He attempted to read the title,
"Good book?" He asked. Emmy angled the book so he could read the title and nodded happily,
"Catch-22" She said, reading the title, "Crazy and confusing, but a great read.

It wasn't long before another fairview camper joined the group. Adalyn sat down with the three, a simple "Hey guys." her only greeting.
"HI Adalyn." Emmy replied with a friendly smile.

Emmy glanced around the amphitheatre. The seats were still relatively empty, but there was still plenty of time for people to arrive. Emmy caught sight of Nona seated at the back, her face seemed to be set in a permanent smirk as she surveyed those below her. Emmy knew that Nona could copy people's powers, a trick that could mean even now she was acquiring Emmy's gravity manipulation. Emmy hated the thought of someone else being able to control gravity, not because she wanted to keep the power as her own, but because she knew how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands. Emmy just had to hope that Nona wouldn't know how to use it yet.

"So, what do you reckon?" Emmy asked, bringing her full attention back to those sitting around her, "Fairview has it in the bag?" She asked with a grin. Sure, Fairview might not have the same strict rules as Maydon, but there was a lot to be said for enjoying yourself. Emmy often felt that people from her camp were able to work together a whole lot better because there wasn't that whole competitive, ranked thing going on.