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Daphne Evans

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a character in “The Decider”, as played by Unoriginal Mess



❝ Who needs a doctor when you have an eighteen year old girl with a magical touch? ❞


Daphne [Daff-Nee] Rachel [Ray-Chell] Evans, with little nicknames, though her father used to call her Daffy Duck.

Eighteen years of age, and her birthday falls on July 2.

Bisexual - interested in male and female.

Camp Maydon - Though it is considered stricter than Fairview, it is much more controlled and a much better atmosphere to practice ones abilities.

Cabin One - Where the most powerful students are placed.

Daphne has the ability to manipulate ones health. Her power is mostly centered around physical health, though as her practice has continued she has recently dabbled in mental health. She can speed up the healing process, making wounds and pains heal quickly, though not always painlessly, and often where she heals someone, even if it is just a small scratch, it can leave a scar. She also finds it harder to heal those with a different blood type of her own, making it easiest for her to heal herself, and her family. If the healing process is too long or painful to heal on the battle field, she will sometimes simply block the pain. She can manipulate the nerves to stop the victim from feeling physical pain in specific places for about half an hour before the pain will slowly begin to come back.

Her power, however, does not stop at healing. There is a reason she was placed in Cabin One, and it was not her defensive abilities, it was her offensive ones. Daphne has the ability to inflict wounds with a single touch. She usually will just give people bruises, scratches, cuts, but she has been able to give people broken bones with a touch before, though it has drained her severely. She finds it easier to inflict wounds on others if they have already had these wounds, specifically in the place she is inflicting it. She can give people illnesses, also, though like her mental health abilities, it hasn't gotten very far, and the worst thing she has given anyone yet is the chicken pox. Still, overtime, she is sure it could be a real weapon, and she has healed several colds.

As far as mental health goes, Daphne is struggling to reign in this power. They have practiced healing it, making it, but it just isn't working. It only worked once out of weeks of practice, where she managed to make a woman hallucinate. It lasted about a minute before it wore off, though she's unsure if it simply wore off by itself or stopped because she had fainted. Also, though it may just be intuition by now, she seems to have the eye of a doctor - that is, able to spot others weaknesses and past health experiences, or rather sense. It's not very strong, for if it is a power she has never practiced it, but it can sometimes give her an edge over her opponent.

When healing others and herself, Daphne has to be touching the wound to be able to cure it. Touching it with her hand, that is, as she is yet to channel her abilities from anywhere else. The healing process can often take a long time, and with something extremely serious, such as a brain tumor, it could take weeks of her simply pressing her palm to the victims head, her energy draining away as she does so. The healing process can sometimes be painful, and a lot of the time leaves behind small scars, so Daphne rarely uses it on herself unless she is seriously injured.

Daphne's offensive abilities leave her weak, and are usually very minor injuries unless she wants to pass out. She can, however, inflict large injuries - but usually only if the person has had these injuries in the past. She also can't (yet) damage the brain, heart, spine or neck in any shape or form, and can't kill anyone, whether that be from blood loss or anything else - she most likely would have passed out by then.

She is still mastering her skills when it comes to illnesses and anything to do with mental health - and by that, I mean she's a complete amateur. Give her a few months, and she should be fine, but for now, she's a complete mess in both of these categories.


» Her power.
» Chocolate milk.
» Surprises.
» Drinking water when she's really thirsty.
» A cold breeze on a sweltering hot day.
» Rain.
» Wrapping herself up in a blanket during winter.
» Music.
» Movies.
» That clean teeth feeling after brushing her teeth.
» Metaphors and similes.
» Swings.

» Bugs, moths in particular.
» Feeling worn out and overwhelmed; feeling out of her depth.
» Ignorance in all forms.
» Complete lack of common sense and stupidity.
» Violence for the sake of violence.
» Badly written stories.
» Sexism
» Humanity as a whole.
» Overthinking.

» Overthinking; Though previously listed as a dislike, it is more a fear. She isn't at all afraid of actually overthinking, more what she thinks about. She worries about her future, she starts to think of herself as simply another speck, another human that will be forgotten in one hundred years. She starts to question her worth, the worth of the entire human race, whether anything is worth it, and has a mental crisis, as she likes to call it.
» Her life being meaningless; She is afraid that she won't change anything, that she isn't important enough to end up in history books, though she is trying to fix this.
» Major illness; She is afraid of getting a serious disease and dying as a result.

» Horseriding; She hasn't done so for a long time, but as a child she used to love it, and is eager to get up on a horse again.
» Daydreaming; She dreams of different scenarios, past events, dream lives, stories to tell someday.
» Exploring

❝ Maydon is the best camp, that's just fact. Think of Maydon as the big boss in town, and Fairview as the little child who still has the maturity of a four year old. For there to be any contest whatsoever is laughable. ❞


Daphne is a lovable girl, though her sharp tongue and strong opinions often work against her in that aspect. She has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and if she feels you're wrong, she will constantly argue with you until she has completely gotten her point across. She can be blunt, but is not a fool, and usually knows when to keep her mouth shut when she might insult others. That being said, she loves to use sarcasm, so if you're sensitive you will probably find her sense of humor cruel and harsh. This is mostly because she doesn't see how her comments could be taken as insults, as she is very thick-skinned and rarely takes comments to heart, particularly if they come from friends. She loves irony, puns, metaphors and similes, she finds these things to be very witty and appreciates them.

Though she loves to talk to others, she is far from bubbly, and would be a glass half empty type of girl, though she often pretends the opposite to those around her. She can be very demanding. She is stubborn and strong-willed, and refuses to back down out of anything. Her mother used to joke that she would be a lawyer when she grew up, for she loved to argue and back up her points. Though this aspect can often help, it can be a disadvantage, and has often almost gotten her beaten up before, and she has had to quickly think of a way to talk herself out of it. That is another thing she is good at; Lying, and talking herself out of bad situations.

When you look at Daphne, you presume she is sweet, always willing to help out. She is generally both of these things. She tries her best to avoid as much negativity as possible, but if she does find negativity then she will argue until people can see that what they're doing is wrong. She will try to help out others, but it depends on who wants her help, and he can be biased in that aspect. She almost never judges people on their appearance, but will make a quick decision on their personality based on their opinions and reactions. Homophobic? Sexist? Racist? Can't take a joke? She can be hypocritical, judgmental and pessimistic, but the girl is generally a nice girl with a happy smile and a smart tongue. She often acts like she has a big ego, she is constantly finding faults in herself, whether it be her appearance, her personality, her powers, her decisions, her strength anything.

Daphne was the middle child of the Evans family, with an older brother four years named Dylan and a younger sister by five years named Lucy. Her father Sam was a mechanic and her mother, Connie, was an accountant. Daphne had a very normal, unextraordinary childhood, with good but not exceptional grades, three or four friends, and two family dogs, a friendly, idiotic and protective Great Dane named Roy and an energetic, impatient Beagle named Ruby. In fact, the weirdest thing about her childhood was when her little sister would ask her to 'kiss her cuts better' and her simply touching the injury would heal it. The injuries were minor, though, and Daphne never told anyone, seeing it as a fluke or something people would roll their eyes at.

When she was twelve, her family was in a car crash, and though no one died, quite a few were seriously injured, Daphne included. Her father, her brother, and her all ended up in the hospital. The doctor's were worried about her head, which she had hit against the window, but it didn't seem to have been injured. She did, however, have a very bloody arm and a broken leg. She saw this as her opportunity to test her theory on her magical touch - she placed one of her hands against her bleeding, cut arm, the other on her broken leg. The doctor's ran in as she started to scream. As she had healed herself, she had been experiencing what she later described as 'growing pains, but way more intense'. When they ran in, they were shocked to see that her arm was healed, bar one or two scars, and her leg was considerably healed. Two days later, and she was able to walk like nothing had happened.

The doctor's called it a miracle, but Daphne knew better. She told her mother, who told her that she was talking nonsense. When her father came home from work with a swollen thumb a few days later, Daphne decided to show her mother that she was telling the truth. She pressed a finger to the thumb and her parents watched as it started to heal before their eyes, and within ten seconds it was good as new.

Four months later, her mother Connie called her into the kitchen, where they all gathered around the laptop sitting on the table. They showed her Camp Maydon, a camp the had found online for children with abilities. Daphne rolled her eyes and told them that it was a joke, or that the people were insane. Her ability was a miracle, one of a kind, and even if there was a camp for people with abilities, how would her parents have been able to find it with an online search?

They all headed down to the campsite, however, and were pleased with what they saw. The next year, that's where Daphne found herself, and she has been going since. Though she often says that Maydon is the best camp and there is no competition, she can't deny that she is jealous of all the fun that the Fairview kids have, and she often wonders if she would have been any different if her parents had found the Fairview camp first.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Daphne Evans's Story


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#, as written by Issa
Lake Meadstone
The Amphitheatre
12.30 pm


Midday has passed and the campers from each side have just finished lunch. Many slowly wonder towards the amphitheatre, the meeting place for the beginning of the game. At 1pm the camp directors will begin by explaining the rules for the capture the flag. Maydon and Fairview might not get along, but the directors have made sure to set out a variety of rules to give the impression of cooperation. If those rules are actually followed, well that's another question.
Until then each camper has an opportunity to analyse their opponents. Or, alternatively, they might just want to have as much time to prepare themselves for the coming 'game'. Whatever they decide everyone must be at the amphitheatre in time and ready to begin the Decider.

Image Image
Nona Syborn sat at the back of the amphitheatre, halfway along the row. Her legs were cross and her elbows rested behind her as she reclined on the sloped grass. A small smirk played across her face as her eyes swept across the arriving students. Nona had made her way early to the amphitheatre, all the better to sort through the gifts of the campers from Fairview. She knew that there were strong powers in the other camp and the longer she had to assess what was what, the better her ability to replicate them. Of course it also let her assess more than just each camper's power.

Her smirk turned to an expression of disdain as a power on the edge of her range indicated an approaching camper. Emmy South wondered into the amphitheatre, her expression as empty and distracted as could be expected. Nona had never liked the girl, but she had to admit that Emmy's power of gravity manipulation was one she never passed a chance to replicate. Luckily Nona would soon have a vast range of gifts to pick from. She would wait until the games actually started too, all the better to lengthen the time she could replicate each gift. She had already decided that, Markson Maydon's, Maydon's director, power was one she would use in the game. Sure, she could only create blasts of wind and balls of flame so far, but give her a chance and she'd soon be able to manipulate all the elements like he could.

Nona's eyes scanned those present and those arriving, hoping to find someone she liked. Josh was always fun to flirt with and since he was in fairview she wasn't bored with him yet. Or perhaps she would amuse herself by playing with one of Maydon's shyest. Her eyes fell upon Noah Fenton, inhabitant of cabin three and currently fidgeting nervously as he waited for everyone to arrive. As if he sensed her gaze Noah frooze and Nona felt her interest slip away.

Emmy was reading, the book currently held most of her attention and if it wasn't for the almost subconscious use of her powers she most likely would have fallen over long ago. She bit her lip as she flipped the page over and kept walking. She was aimed vaguely in the direction of the amphitheatre, it was almost time for the game to begin. But Emmy was determined to finish her book before that happened, which was why she was now walking and reading.

A set of steep stairs appeared in front of her. Instead of tripping and falling down them she simply continued walking in a straight line, her powers letting her float over the top of them. She really didn't even need to move her legs since she could basically make herself fly. She could just float to the amphitheatre if she wanted to really. A moment later she stopped, simultaneously realising that she was several feet above the stairs and coming to the end of her book. She closed the book with a satisfied thump and a moment later lowered herself to the ground. Then, leaving gravity to act naturally, she walked the rest of the way to the amphitheatre.

The area itself had once been used as the gathering place for when the camps were one, or at least that's what Augustus Axel one of the Fairview staff members had told her. Whatever it had once been, the amphitheatre was now used to stage the beginning and end of the annual grudge match between the two camps.

The stands were relatively empty at the moment. Emmy spotted Nona at the back, her eyes scanning the campers for someone to bully no doubt. Others were seated already and many were still to come. Emmy took a seat in the front row on the fairview side of the gathering. She rested her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands and waited for the fun to begin.

Noah was nervous. He disliked the thought of going into this 'game'. It would, undoubtedly, turn violent. He knew that there were grudges, he even had some of his own. But where he differed from some of the other campers was in his powers. His powers were only good for escaping. They weren't offensive at all. Others had the type of powers that could start wars.
Extreme sports, bungy jumping and so on were things he could handle. He loved those kind of challenges, but put him face to face with another person who was threatening him and Noah became slightly less than willing. Sure, he could basically escape any situation but he liked to think that that was also because he knew when to avoid them too.

Noah sat at the front, closest to the exit that led back to camp Maydon and his safe cabin. It was his habit to make sure he had a quick getaway. He could feel eyes on the back of his neck. Perhaps it was his powers or perhaps it was instinct, but he stopped fidgeting and soon felt the pressure vanish. Feeling relieved Noah stretched out his legs and glanced up at Mr Maydon, the director of his camp. He was a hard man who believed that a regimented camp was better than what went on at Fairview. Noah had never been too sure. He thought that Fairview always looked like a lot more fun for someone like him with a less powerful ability.

He shook his head, now was hardly the time to be thinking about what camp he preferred. He was about to fight them after all. Well avoid was the better way to put it. Perhaps he would be tasked with running avoidance, or holding the far flank. Just as long as it wasn't anything too central and in the action. There was usually some discussion amongst each camp over the plan of attack. Maydon's plan was usually centered around the campers from cabin one.