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Akuma Kei

"Watch the skies; I will surely be there."

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, as played by Dead


Akuma Kei

☠ Yᴏᴜ ғᴏʀɢᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ I ᴀᴍ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. ☠

Name: Akuma Kei
Age: Unkown.
Race: Jabberwocky (Humanoid version)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Role: Jabberwocky (Offspring of previous)
Faction: She hates everyone except clubs.
Abilities: Venomous fangs & nails, as well as razor sharp teeth so she can rip flesh and giant wings that allow her to fly.
Best Feature: Her magnificent wings that reign color in deep red and black, allowing her to soar in the sky. She is also quite skilled in the dark arts and potion making.



Akuma stands at the intimidating height of 6 feet and 3 inches, with a slender body allowing bones to push clearly against snow white skin that resembles powdered porcelain. Her bones are strong though, muscle hiding underneath flesh as her long limbs are always covered in dark colors that illuminate a more Gothic aura; she also adores wearing dark robes with various patterns to blend, as well as chains and jewelry on her long fingers. She adores dressing herself in the bones of her kills as well as the feathers and other little trinkets she finds or gets from a kill. Her nails are long and sharp, more like claws if you felt them rip your skin, and her teeth are like razors with pointed ends that can easily rip flesh and crunch on bones; and they also drip with killer poison that numbs and slowly burns the victim alive. But even with her terrifying abilities, claws, and venomous teeth, Akuma has an innocent yet mysterious look about her. Her hair is almost the color of freshly fallen snow, laying in messy layers down past her shoulders. Her eyes are the color of blood, with silver around the iris, a terrifying gaze held deep within to see her troubled soul.

But the most extraordinary physical attributes Akuma has are her animalistic ones. Her horns are long and curved backward, the tips seeping with black and slowly blending into blood red. Her wings are black with red bones around the edges and vicious tips at the top, sharp enough to stab if hitting something around her. They match each other perfectly, and her horns are quite sensitive, and sometimes if stroked right, she purrs like a cat. But that's if you can even get close enough. With her mysterious and terrifying demeanor, Akuma resumes a role of something to admire but never to touch.


When someone says "Their bark is worse then their bite", you can also be sure her bite is far worse then her bark when it comes to Akuma. Mysterious and cold, she comes off as a statue at times, her graceful movements giving off a cold aura when she walks by. Even though she is often very silent around strangers and sometimes even "friends", Akuma is always thinking; all the time. She handles situations well, usually giving quiet warnings of terror instead of bursting out with anger like her father would. She refuses to be arrogant, knowing even the smallest of enemies can take you down one way or another, and never under estimates anyone she comes into contact with. Trusting Akuma can be hard, therefore she has a hard time trusting back when judgment falls on her so harshly. She would not consider herself wholly evil, even though she would have no problem killing someone, she does not plot to destroy anyone and she certainly does not take orders. Her relationship with Claudia Club proves that immensely, and shows trust will gain favors from the Jabberwocky, not power.

When she does let down her dark wall of storms, Akuma can be quite helpful. She gives blunt advice, and has the maturity of someone who has lived far too long, even though she would still be considered a baby to her fellow species. When most Jabberwocky live to kill and to mangle, she prefers to study the things not known enough in Wonderland, like the chemistry of potions or the tales and facts found in thick books on various subjects she can memorize with ease. And even though her practice in the dark arts has seeped into her bloodstream, she was born with a cold heart, and therefore the dark magic does not turn her against herself like it has the dealers. Power is not in her goals of life, and she proceeds to gain knowledge and live a life of mostly solitude within the southern reaches of wonderland. The only person she will ever do favors for is Claudia Club; because being fair and the relationships that are strong and true, mean something to her, even if she never shows it.


☠ Potion Making & Chemistry
☠ Reading Books
☠ Flying over Wonderland
☠ Blood & Raw Meat
☠ Cold Weather


☠ Chatty & Arrogant Individuals
☠ She does not get along with other animals
☠ Immature Behavior
☠ Sweets (Drinks and Food)
☠ Bright Colors.


☠ Reading books
☠ Spending time outside
☠ Hunting
☠ Working with magic and potions
☠ Carving (Wood, bones, ect.)


Working on later.

So begins...

Akuma Kei's Story

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#, as written by Dead
♟ Akuma Kei ♟
Akuma Kei’s face was grim and straight as she sighed, long sharp black nails rubbing against her pale forehead as they grew closer to the bright and sunny center gardens of Wonderland. She dreaded parties, to be honest, unless they were small in numbers. Otherwise, she hated them and wouldn’t want anything to do with them. But her dear friend, her princess, her beloved mistress had wanted to come and how could Akuma say no to the power and beauty and genius of Claudia Clubs?

Her mind was already wavering towards other things, her head buzzing with thoughts and memories with the quiet silence in the carriage. She looked over at Claudia, smiling softly and remembering when the Princess just found her as a baby and raised her. Iracabeth had used her to try to kill a small child in a tower, bruised and bloody, and Akuma had recently come to learn that child had been Ruby Heart. Since Akuma had failed to kill Ruby, Iracebeth had her thrown out of the kingdom to fend for herself. You'd think a father would protect his daughter and try to save her, to take care of her... but no. Her father had been too arrogant and stubborn to let anyone think he loved his daughter and he let her go out to die, and if it hadn't been for Claudia, Akuma would not of made it another week. So when her father's head tumbled off his shoulders after Alice sliced it clean, she felt no remorse or pity for the fool. She only felt relief and that justice had been served in the world, and she hoped he rotted where he landed.

With a heavy sigh the carriage lurched to a stop and Akuma gripped the leather seat of the dark carriage with her nails, causing the fabric to rip slightly before she growled under her breath and ducked her horns low so they wouldn't crash through the top of the carriage door, jumping out and almost being blinded by the sun’s harsh rays that peaked through the cloudy skies. You’d think with them so dense, the sun would go away; but no, it remained, and Akuma felt tempted to bare her razor sharp teeth, pointed like carved boned, up at it and would hope to scare it off. No, that would just cause any onlookers to panic. She sighed in dismay, her nails bawling into fists as she quickly shielded her face with one hand to keep the beating heat off of her skin and let her eyes adjusted to the level of brightness outside in the fresh world.

She quickly straightened her long, dark robe that exposed a dark tunic with white ruffled coming from the collar and dark, tight pants with tall, dark boots that made her look as if she were night herself. She also wore a light, sleeveless feather coat over her dark robe and her long fingers were simply covered with silver and gold rings. The sun spilled over her light hair that was almost the color of snow, draping down in messy layers and hiding parts of her porcelain looking face. She wore blood red eye shadow and lipstick, dark eyeliner going across her lids and long lashes spiked like blades over those blood red eyes. She rolled her shoulders and her massive wings suddenly popped out from behind her, presenting a shadow over the carriage door as she quickly opened it up for Claudia, bowing her head slightly before she recoiled her wings back a bit to fold closer against her body; if she knocked anyone over, Claudia might get yelled at for Akuma’s ignorance of people’s well-being.

She sighed softly, waiting for Claudia to come out of the carriage, her eyes going over to the bustling crowds within the garden gates and the “sweet” songs she heard that made her ears want to bleed. “Claudia, I could come back after the celebration or party or whatever is going on here is over. I would hate to be the dark cloud hanging over your head.” Akuma pointed out. Her voice was cold as a glacier frozen in time, slippery like a snake and threatening like the roar of thunder but yet so calm and so quiet you wouldn't even know she was there if not for the massive wings and horns protruding out of her, clearly stating she was more then just some humanoid. She sighed, knowing Claudia probably wouldn't want her to go, but there was no harm in asking as she straightened her spine and stretched out her wings again, accidentally causing someone to trip and fall face first into the grass.

She sighed and held her forehead in one hand, shaking her head and not even offering an apology as the man scrambled up and gave her a harsh glare with grass stains covering his shirt before stomping back off towards the party. She couldn’t help but offer a small, sharp grin at the man. Akuma wasn't the type of woman or creature to kill simply for the pleasure of killing, but when someone hurt themselves, she couldn't help it. She had to laugh, because it was hilarious.

The setting changes from The Center of Wonderland to Wonderland


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