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The frumious Bandersnatch

0 · 715 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, originally authored by Miyer, as played by RolePlayGateway



Basic Information

Name: BanderSnatch

Nickname: Ginger. Sometimes GingerSnap if from a close friend or lover.

Age: Looks 19

Race: Possible Neko but no one is sure.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Heteroflexable - More to do with her genetic need to reproduce then attraction.

Relationship Status: Unmated

Role: The Bandersnatch

Faction: Rebellion

Brute Strength
Super Speed
Retractable Claws
Razor Sharp Teeth
Night Vision
Strong senses (Sight, Smell, Hearing, ETC)

Best Feature:
Ginger, otherwise known as the BanderSnatch, is one of the he best fighter wonderland has to offer. With her powerful combination she is the ultimate fighting machine and not many people can best her if she has a good strategist behind her.


Ginger is a average sized girl coming in at the height of 5'5" and weighting in at 49kgs, and having a lean muscled body with a skin tone of light coffee. She has long blonde hair unlike most and wears it in a set of twin plaits which come through a set of holes in her hoodies, her fringe being messy and falling over her face most of the time but never covering up her eyes. Her eyes are that red and can be seen as simple two red dots when her face is covered and almost cat like when uncovered, her grin also takes on an almost Cheshire like quality when her face is covered but is normal when not covered. The main give away for. Gingers Neko heritage is the fact that she has sharp, feline teeth; sharp claws; and a black tails with a white tip.

Ginger can always be seen wearing a beige-color hoodie with a cat hood and long cat-themed sleeves that cover her arms and hands. She wears a pair of unusually designed high-heel boots with the same cat theme. She often wears her cat hood up to hide her face from other people and this is for all forms of things, like intimidation so to just because she forgets to take it down. Not many people have had the pleasure of seeing Gingers real face and those who haven't don't call her ginger but the 'BanderSnatch'.


Loyal | Subservient | Voracious | Stupid | Kind | Childish | Happy-Go-Lucky

Ginger is one of the strongest creatures in all of wonderland and because of this, she has spent a lot of time learning how to fight and beat others with her sheer vicious strength and impossible speed however this didn't leave her much time to study and learn. Keeping in mind, Because ginger was born with a superior body she lacked a superior brain and is actually not very smart.
She is therefore a very loyal and Subservient person who is quick to follow orders without question or complaint as she knows anything she might say is probably stupid and will be ignored as after so long it is best just to follow orders and not ask questions instead of looking even more of an idiot.

Ginger has a very happy-go-lucky personality with a childishness to her that can be annoying for most people. She is innocent and trusting though holds an almost childlike cruelty to herself when she is in battle that can be both shocking and horrifying.

One last thing about ginger that many find quite humours is the fact that she is always hungry for meat, and nothing else. She doesn't like vegetables and isn't a big fan of anything but meat and... Sweets?


+ Meat
+ Sweets
+ Play Fighting
+ Hunting Animals
+ Exploring
- Books
- Being looked down on
- Betrayal
- Losing a fight
- Being under-appreciated

> Play Fighting
> Eating
> Collecting Trinkets
> Exploring
> Hunting


Not much is known about the BanderSnatchs past. She has lived most of her life in wonderland and has watched the land grow and age, watched it change under each ruler and even took part in the first rebellion against Iracabeth of Crims. She first was part of Iracabeth's rebellion against De'laire Slaye and stood by her side as she rose to become queen, proud for what she had done to help Beth rise. Sadly, Ginger did not see the corruption in Beth's eyes until it was to late.

When she first met Alice, it was attacking her and trying to take her back to Beth as Ginger had been ordered. She did not question it as she did not question most orders made by her queen and master, but when she had her next in counter with Alice and saw the wounds she had inflicted on the girl, she felt guilt and began to question Beth's rule. She chose to heal Alice and help her overthrow Beth so that the white queen may take her place.

Once again, Ginger has joined the rebellion as she watchs the new royals with caution and worry.


So begins...

BanderSnatch's Story


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