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Claudia Marie Clubs

"The walls? Talking? Oh, child, don't be silly. Walls don't speak..."

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, as played by AlexAnnify


Basic Information;

"Won’t you come in and stay a while?"

Name: Claudia Marie Clubs
Age: 20
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Role: Princess of Clubs
Side: “Clubs. The world is a mess, and would just be better if I ruled it.”
Best Feature: Her brain. She may not be the most social person, but her books are her best friend. Her need for mental gymnastics is unfathomable.

Claudia is a lovely young woman, her full height coming to about 5’9. She takes pride in her looks, keeping her body fit without being too slim. She has long, thick auburn locks of hair that fall to her waist. Ruby took a fondness to her hair, always playing with it when they’d meet for tea at the Princess of Heart’s home, twisting and braiding the long mass of hair for fun. Her face is angled, exotic but soft, holding its own odd beauty in the way the jaws slope, or the cheeks curve. Her eyes are not large, nor are they too small, but fit her face perfectly, bright, vivid green orbs always watching, and noticing the tiniest little details. Her eyebrows are shaped softly to the curve of her brow bone, only adding to her lithe like appeal. Her shoulders slope in a soft manner, her ribcage suited for her ample bosom, and her hips fitted to have a gentle swing when she stepped. Her makeup changes. If she does it, it’s dark colors that stand out against her porcelain skin. If Ruby does it, it’s whatever Ruby likes. Often times, she finds herself in the makeover chair at the Princess’ house, not that she doesn’t mind the attention. She tries hard to be graceful in her movements, while her figure on its own is striking and eye catching. Across her lower back is a burn, given to her by her faithful companion the jabberwocky, it consists of a club on the base of her spine, with veins with thorns on them stretching out to her hips. Then on each wrist, on the underside is a burn of the clubs symbol once more. The club on her back has the initials ‘C.A.C’ and ‘C.C’ while the club on her right wrist has ‘C.C’ and on her left- ‘A.C’. Each Initial stood for one of her family members, on her back, her parents- Cinder Alexander the 4th, and Cerdona Clubs. And on her wrists, her two brothers: Celeste and Alexander Clubs. She also loves to wear anything shiny, jewelry, her crown, rings, earrings, necklaces. Rarely will someone see her without a ring or a necklace on.

Rarely will you see Claudia not dressed as a queen. Dresses, long and lovely, adorned in fancy silks or accessories. Even the clothes she would use to spar in as a child were rather fancy in their own way. She settles for nothing less than perfection. Her lands are not harsh in temperature, very moderate really, and so she has the luxury of wearing what she likes. But in the later months when the cold hits, she has long extravagant coats with fur to wear.


Claudia is quiet. She speaks when spoken to, and enjoys talking, but find solace in her silence. When she is quiet, one should fear what might be mulling through her twisted head. She’s never been big on people, though she can be charismatic, she doesn't like many, and there’s even fewer she declares as a friend. Her temper is extraordinary, and no one has been known to hold a grudge for as long as her.
She is blunt, but friendly to a point, and soft spoken, until she’s upset. She’s genuinely obsessed with looking perfect, and gets upset at the slightest thing out of place on herself or in her home. In general most describe her as cold, abrasive, maybe even anti social. She simply has a hard time showing any emotion other than anger and a forced pleasant smile. She doesn't let people get close to her, and though she is friendly to people, she tends not to like them. She has a bad habit of finding the flaws in someone and never looking for better qualities. Due to how she was raised, she became a bit narcissistic, and aims to impress.
She loves to argue, and have small parties for elaborate guest, and masquerades. She always carries herself in a way that is proud, not condescendingly so, but enough to be noticed. However, she likes to get her way, and when things don’t work out how she likes.. well.. many never grace the world again. Her twisted little quirk comes into play here, as she enjoys turning people into furniture or absorbing them into her home.
People who undermined her or belittle her in any way tend to find themselves in positions like this. A hand for a doorknob. Or a face upon a room hidden deep in her castle. Her castle is lavish looking, but many of the structures are made from the bones of the people the house has absorbed. She is only able to do this if someone has a black rose on them, or if they have been poisoned by the rose itself. Small amounts of the poison only give her power to kill, absorb or transform the person, whereas larger amounts will cause internal bleeding- like that happened to her mother.

♣Tea- Really a drink she warmed up to after meeting Ruby.
♣Pie- Something she’s always had a liking for.
♣Roses- Black ones more specifically. She has fond memories of lingering hours in the fields around her house picking them.
♣Gems of all colours- She likes colour, especially green. The shinier, the better.
♣Books- A complete book worm, always has been. Her brain is full of useless facts. More specifically history.
♣Music- She learned to like music at a young age. Playing the piano is a fun pass time for her.
♣Clothing- She likes to look good, and thinks a good wardrobe should never have a dress worn twice in one week.
♣Her Jabberwocky- Her oldest, and most beloved friend.
♣Cool weather- She hates it when it’s hot. She hates it when it’s freezing cold.
♣Drama- She is always up for an argument. Best rush she gets is when she knows she’s upset someone.
♣Knives- She was taught to fight and as an odd obsession with sharp pointy objects.

♣The colour orange- She thinks it’s a strange colour and doesn't go well with much.
♣Being ordered around- She has her own way to do things. Quick way to find her wrath is to try and command her to do something.
♣People- She enjoys humoring people, meeting people, and interacting with them. But she hates them all. Ruby is the only exception, and even then, she’s a bother at times.
♣Stupidly bright lights- Same concepts as weather. She likes it moderate.
♣Liars- She tolerates very little bull.
♣Being undermined- She doesn't always let on she is strong, or knows how to fight. But to be undermined for her rather girly attire irks her more than anything.

♣Reading, writing- Claudia often retires to her study to write or read the night away.
♣Playing piano- She finds it calming, and the prettiest noise around.
♣Flying with her Jabberwocky over her lands- Nothing clears her mind better than flight.
♣Sparing- She enjoys engaging in friendly spars with her servants. Keeps her skills up to par.
♣Cooking- She enjoys cooking sweets (cookies, pies, bread, ect.)especially for Ruby. Ruby loves sugar more than anyone Claudia knows.
♣Debating- A well-educated mind loves to debate.

Claudia was a strange little child. Not pretty, not graceful, not even really smart. She was rather dumb, odd, and out of place among the Clubs family. Her brothers were everything their parents wanted, and had they not already been pregnant with Claudia, they’d have never had another child. She was a mistake, a problem to their perfect little equation. The boys were strong, handsome even and did everything their father asked without question. Claudia, however, was not like that. She questioned everything, her curious little mind only wanting to learn why, or how. Each time she would ask though she would be scolded, “Why do you ask so many questions!?” Her mother would rage, as her father would drag her from the room and put her outside. The punishment was always the same, go pick the roses from their thorny home and bring back enough to fill all the vases in the house. She hated it at first.. but the more she got stuck out there, the more she learned to love the quiet, stillness that surrounded her as she pulled the roses from their beds to put in the basket.

After years of picking them, she had learned to ignore the pain when her skin was pricked by the needle like thorns. This numbness came in handy because there was never a break to bandage her puffy, bloody hands. Was straight from her exile and punishment into the spar room where her older brothers would always win and leave welts on her tiny frame. It bothered her that she would always lose. Not that there was welts on her skin, or bruises, she didn't care. She hated losing to those two. Of course, this was when the mocking would start. Once her brothers had stripped her of her dignity in front of her parents, they would laugh at her, call her names. Her parents would laugh, and say they were only teasing but the words were worse than any pain she had ever endured. She would try to make friends but her brothers refused to let their awkward little sister have a soul in the world, turning people on her by teasing her. She was alone, and came to embrace it. Every flaw, every little broken heart, she embraced and grew cold. She only felt comfort in her study. No one went there, just her. She would sit and read for hours, her dumb little mind soaking in all the letters and words as she took her basic lesson of reading and turned it into an entire education. Science, math, cooking. Every book you could imagine, she read. And she enjoyed them all. Her mind never full, only wanting more. When she wasn’t reading, picking roses, or sparring. She was in her room, hidden away in her closet, cuddled up with her secret pet. She had found the tiny animal, which she learned later to be a Jabberwocky, tangled in the brambles out in the rose patch. It was alone, like her, hungry, and scared. She plucked it from its thorny bed and carried it home, nursing it back to health, reading it stories, and playing with it every day.

As time moved on though, Claudia grew. By the age of 15 she was 5’9, she would grow no more. She was stronger than most girls due to all the sparring she was taught by her father. And much colder than most adults she knew. She could not stand the sight of her parents, her brothers. So imperfect and yet they dared point their fingers at her. Disgusting. Pigs. She fumed, each night, finding herself more and more enraged that they still breathed, tainting her air. She found herself watching other children play, seeing their happy parents and couldn’t understand. Their child was not perfect, she worked so hard to be perfect, and she was close but… they were far from and yet their parents loved them more than her parents ever had. How was it fair? How did it make sense? Then her mother saw her staring at the children. She wrenched her back into the house and shoved her into a seat, lecturing about how the Clubs were a mighty, not friendly. How they were to rule with no leeway for friends. And fun was a luxury they did not have. She was to stay clean, dress well, and defend the kingdom. Her parents were iron clad in their rule. To them it was an eye for an eye, or into the arena. Eye for an eye tended to be what people picked- a code that was followed by most. But when it was a large enough offense, a council would decide of the law was to be upheld or if the offender was to go to the Arena. The sand within the stadium was stained red from blood, the bodies’ only piling, getting cleaned out and burned only when there was too many. The Arena was a slaughter house... whoever went in rarely came out. They had to face one of the toughest warriors in the Clubs army, or King Clubs himself. It always ended bloody. And Claudia always watched, it was there, in that godforsaken hole that she found her lust for vengeance, and death. And that was when she promised to show her family she was fit to rule, better than any of them.

She started with her mother. That treacherous woman- ugly, un-kept, and yet dared to lecture Claudia on the importance of image. Claudia could remember vividly her own smile as she poured a smile vile of black elixir into the morning tea, and served the entire family tea that morning. She never liked tea, so always passed. She continued this routine for a month, before she gave her mother a special apple pie. Her mother, who loved to eat, took it happily and ate it. No less than seven hours later, she had died, slowly of course.. her insides bleeding. Claudia was the last to see her on her death bed and combed her mother’s hair back. The memory was so clear, those black locks pinned under her hand as her mother struggled to speak to her, before Claudia answered sweetly, “Aw.. mother… smile. Remember? It’s a queens duty to smile.” She laid a black rose in her hand as her mother realized what she had done. But it was too late, and Claudia skipped from the room to report to her father that their mother had passed. The king went to the room and discovered the rose, and knew exactly what had happened. In fury, she recalled, he stormed from the room and came out to find Claudia sitting in the Queen’s throne, the crown tipped on her head as she offered her father a dark smile, his favorite battle axe lay next to her. Her library, her best friend, had taught her that a rose in a completely liquid concentrate had the power to kill, or that… if she was careful, the correct amount left people at her whim to kill or absorb into things. He demanded she die and she laughed in his face, reminding him of his precious rules. He spared no time. Within an hour Claudia stood in the Arena, her brothers and father on the other side facing her. They spit venom at her, cruel words that she had heard her whole life. They held no power here and she simply smiled as she raised her hand. Their insides twisted, rotted instantly, and the royals began to decay in front of the people, still very alive. She smirked darkly, as their bodies dissolved but their heads remained. She took the heads, putting them in a sack before picking up the crown once more and placing it atop her head. The entire arena went silent. And that day Claudia Marie Clubs became ruler of the Clubs territory.

She was just, but had little tolerance for people who spoke against her. She wasn’t a bad ruler, her people feared her, but she created no problems for them. And no one dared to question her judgment. No one understood how she had done it, killed her whole family that day, but no one thought twice about it. When she threw parties they came, they ate. And rarely was there another fight in the arena, it seemed those wrong doers who went to be judged by her were never seen again. All the lips in town however smiled her name and echoed that she was kind, and that you should go in.. have tea with her, stay awhile. They did not hate her as they once had, but she remained secluded in her castle, her Jabberwocky flying high above to guard the place.

So begins...

Claudia Marie Clubs's Story

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#, as written by Dead
♟ Akuma Kei ♟
Akuma Kei’s face was grim and straight as she sighed, long sharp black nails rubbing against her pale forehead as they grew closer to the bright and sunny center gardens of Wonderland. She dreaded parties, to be honest, unless they were small in numbers. Otherwise, she hated them and wouldn’t want anything to do with them. But her dear friend, her princess, her beloved mistress had wanted to come and how could Akuma say no to the power and beauty and genius of Claudia Clubs?

Her mind was already wavering towards other things, her head buzzing with thoughts and memories with the quiet silence in the carriage. She looked over at Claudia, smiling softly and remembering when the Princess just found her as a baby and raised her. Iracabeth had used her to try to kill a small child in a tower, bruised and bloody, and Akuma had recently come to learn that child had been Ruby Heart. Since Akuma had failed to kill Ruby, Iracebeth had her thrown out of the kingdom to fend for herself. You'd think a father would protect his daughter and try to save her, to take care of her... but no. Her father had been too arrogant and stubborn to let anyone think he loved his daughter and he let her go out to die, and if it hadn't been for Claudia, Akuma would not of made it another week. So when her father's head tumbled off his shoulders after Alice sliced it clean, she felt no remorse or pity for the fool. She only felt relief and that justice had been served in the world, and she hoped he rotted where he landed.

With a heavy sigh the carriage lurched to a stop and Akuma gripped the leather seat of the dark carriage with her nails, causing the fabric to rip slightly before she growled under her breath and ducked her horns low so they wouldn't crash through the top of the carriage door, jumping out and almost being blinded by the sun’s harsh rays that peaked through the cloudy skies. You’d think with them so dense, the sun would go away; but no, it remained, and Akuma felt tempted to bare her razor sharp teeth, pointed like carved boned, up at it and would hope to scare it off. No, that would just cause any onlookers to panic. She sighed in dismay, her nails bawling into fists as she quickly shielded her face with one hand to keep the beating heat off of her skin and let her eyes adjusted to the level of brightness outside in the fresh world.

She quickly straightened her long, dark robe that exposed a dark tunic with white ruffled coming from the collar and dark, tight pants with tall, dark boots that made her look as if she were night herself. She also wore a light, sleeveless feather coat over her dark robe and her long fingers were simply covered with silver and gold rings. The sun spilled over her light hair that was almost the color of snow, draping down in messy layers and hiding parts of her porcelain looking face. She wore blood red eye shadow and lipstick, dark eyeliner going across her lids and long lashes spiked like blades over those blood red eyes. She rolled her shoulders and her massive wings suddenly popped out from behind her, presenting a shadow over the carriage door as she quickly opened it up for Claudia, bowing her head slightly before she recoiled her wings back a bit to fold closer against her body; if she knocked anyone over, Claudia might get yelled at for Akuma’s ignorance of people’s well-being.

She sighed softly, waiting for Claudia to come out of the carriage, her eyes going over to the bustling crowds within the garden gates and the “sweet” songs she heard that made her ears want to bleed. “Claudia, I could come back after the celebration or party or whatever is going on here is over. I would hate to be the dark cloud hanging over your head.” Akuma pointed out. Her voice was cold as a glacier frozen in time, slippery like a snake and threatening like the roar of thunder but yet so calm and so quiet you wouldn't even know she was there if not for the massive wings and horns protruding out of her, clearly stating she was more then just some humanoid. She sighed, knowing Claudia probably wouldn't want her to go, but there was no harm in asking as she straightened her spine and stretched out her wings again, accidentally causing someone to trip and fall face first into the grass.

She sighed and held her forehead in one hand, shaking her head and not even offering an apology as the man scrambled up and gave her a harsh glare with grass stains covering his shirt before stomping back off towards the party. She couldn’t help but offer a small, sharp grin at the man. Akuma wasn't the type of woman or creature to kill simply for the pleasure of killing, but when someone hurt themselves, she couldn't help it. She had to laugh, because it was hilarious.

The setting changes from The Center of Wonderland to Wonderland


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