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Cordelia Bellamont

"Death is only the beginning."

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, as played by Dead


Cordelia Bellamont


ღ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ ɪs ᴏɴʟʏ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴɴɪɴɢ ღ

Name: Cordelia Bellamont
Age: 136 Years Old
Race: Human/Dealer
Ethnicity: Caucasian/French
Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Role: Dealer
Faction: The Dealers and only the dealers
Abilities: Cordelia has a very unique gift. She is able to take raise the dead, as well as take form of dead people.
Best Feature: Her calm and peaceful disposition, even when angered.



Cordelia Bellamont is has a thin and lean figure, reaching the height of about six feet with long arms and legs as well as a lean stomach and long, spindling fingers on the ends of her hands. Her face is quite angled with a distinguished jawline, and her eyes take the form of a dark gray that sometimes can be seen changing into a dull green. She often adorns her face with dark eye shadows and eyeliner, and often also puts different head dresses on her long and fairly straight dark chocolate brown hair that falls a little bit past her apparent collarbone.

She usually likes to wear dull colors and mix them with white, often black or grays are her preferred color of choice, as death is her forte and she enjoys making that her theme. Jewelry is also a passion, she enjoys buying and making bone carvings to wear and always will encourage herself to steal them from unknowing merchants. Gems have always fascinated her, and many times as she attempted to force zombies to swim down to the bottom of the black lake and bring her back handfuls of glorious jewels. But each time they have been found by other creatures, and so she enjoys scowering wonderland, including the dead, to find other treasures.

Now when Cordelia takes the form of a dead person, you really can't tell the difference. The only thing that might give it away are Cordelia's gray eyes, which remain the same no matter what form she takes. But if the person is dead and the body is still around, she can become them and look exactly as they were when they were alive. Cordelia finds herself in precarious situations when the other dealers want her to frame another or get information, and this power of hers takes a lot out of her.



Like the dead themselves, Cordelia is a very quiet individual. Since she often takes the form of the dead, she finds her behaviors are very much similar. She is tired very easily and often is laying down or sleeping, resting to build up the power so easily lost by a simple raising or a simple transformation. She is by no means timid though, and will speak her mind if she truly has to, but often just does what the others need her to do because she is just too tired to try and argue about it. She could be figured as a delicate dealer, but when she has to do something, she will do and she will give it her all.

She doesn't have much of a temper, and when she does, it only comes out after long periods of time letting it settle inside. She can also have a depression disposition when she knows she can get away with it, but like previous said, she is quiet calm and emotionless. She by no means has an arrogance level either; that is stifled by the fact that she has been beaten many times before, especially when the Red Queen threw all the dealers into the shadows, and so she knows that overcoming an enemy or achieving a goal takes skill, strategy; basically a lot of knowledge which she strives to have.

You never know how Cordelia will react to certain situations, especially since she is apparently numb by physical appearance on her face and her lifeless eyes show no hint of feeling. But she also has her moments when she bursts out with the bottles things she can feel, which can cause a stir in the air, but most of the time you won't even know she's there because of her quiet and thoughtful disposition.

(Still finishing.)


ღ Graveyards
ღ Jewelry
ღ Dark Colors
ღ Cold Weather
ღ The Dealers


ღ Sunlight
ღ Becoming someone else
ღ Crowds of people
ღ Wonderland
ღ Moving


ღ Taking strolls inside graveyards
ღ The Dark Arts
ღ Playing Chess
ღ Making Trinkets
ღ Sleeping



So begins...

Cordelia Bellamont's Story

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#, as written by Dead
☠ Cordelia Bellamont ☠

The singing was driving her absolutely mad. Cordelia was simmering and writhing in irritation in the back of the gardens among the lush green hedge maze where red and white roses sprouted within the green leaves, her hands crushing one easily before taking in a deep breath and letting it back out. She hadn't slept enough again; she never slept enough. “Bloody flowers.” She muttered, letting the crumpled flower petals drop from her thin, pale hands and she slowly began to walk through the maze, struggling to block out all the laughter and the singing and the talking. A bloody party? Was De’laire mad? Of course he was mad, and of course she would never question their leader, but what was he hoping to accomplish with this? Getting everyone together; was he going to kill someone? Part of her jolted with excitement with that thought; but she hadn't seen him ever since the party started, and she had been trying to avoid every figure that came near, even the members of her group. She was always just so irritated, so uptight… she was only calm when she was practicing the dark arts, and her specialty… necromancy.

Just last week she managed to reanimate about 5 corpses at once, but controlling them was another story. The more she had raised, the less control she had over what they did, which could be anything at random and that was hard to maintain. Lox often teased her and goated her about it, always adding some smart ass comment that gave her blood the boil but she always tried her best to impress De'laire... she wondered how weak he thought she really was. Transforming into a corpse was hilarious though. Just last week Lox had tried to pull the move on Cordelia, and in his arms she transformed herself into a rotting old man from the ground; Lox had shrieked so loud the mirror cracked and he had run faster then a rabbit fleeing a hawk. And he had sounded like a little girl, his hands covered in rotting flesh as she fell to the ground and could not stop laughing for ten minutes. She grinned to herself, licking her lower lip with her evil smirk before looking over the rings and chains adorning her snow white hands, a soft sigh escaping her lips in irritated contempt.

She combed her thin digits through her brown hair that glimmered with a hint of red from the bleak sun that was being covered off and on by her favorite color in the sky. Her gray eyes sifted through the various plants of green, her fingertips brushing over petals and leaves and thorns as her long, thin black skirt trailed behind her. The front was short, her black stockings with the garter belts to be seen along with her dark, black silk corset that complimented her thin figure. The top of the corset was adorned with white lace, along with the top of her garters that had white bows on them; each in sync, each matching perfectly as the black veil on her head fell down over the back of her hair and along the middle of her sharp back. She was the image of a beautiful death, lips a dark, pale red and eyes shaded with dark. But some thought she would break if you so much as laid a hand on her with her slender figure, but they would be so wrong if they tried.

But her shining jewel was the metal made head piece on top, a large tiara of dark gold with chains running all over, down the sides of her head and resting on her shoulders; the image of what she once was, and what she wanted to be; the Queen of Diamonds. But her past revealed how the King found out about her dark practices, and decided to give the right of rule over the Diamond Bloodline to the pure mages, casting her out along with the rest of her group. But she had taken over; she had become the queen through evil means, through dark ways only to be cast down again by that bitch; Iracabeth, the big headed oaf. How that woman had embarrassed them and insulted them, thinking she could waltz right in and take Wonderland for herself in such a swift mood. They never spoke about Iracebeth though, afraid that De'laire might kill them with their own pain if they breathed about it in his presence.

She was seething again, her jaw locked as she struggled to erase the memories. De’laire had a plan; they had a plan to take it over once again. She could see the Prince of Diamonds in her head so clearly, she wasn't going to deny she visited him often in the shadows through ice covered windows, struggling to put together his death. She imaged it silent, his scrawny neck between her long fingers with the might she had to squeeze him to death. She had no idea how her magic had gone so wrong… how it could of given him life, but not life? She sighed and sat down on one of the black benches, struggling to push these thoughts away; she had to get it out of her head! De’laire had mentioned to enjoy themselves, but all she could do was be anxious, tired, and utterly… bored.

“Parties.” She grumbled to herself, looking up at a well-dressed waiter who came by, offering her a glass of wine. Although she considered ripping his throat out with her sharp nails, she greedily snagged two glasses from the tray and watched him walk away as she began to sip her wine in silence with dark eyes drifting off into the fresh air. As soon as she downed the first glass she threw it against the bushes and slowly worked on sipping her last one, the burning sensation in her throat giving her a sense of feeling as the bitter sweet taste left her tongue tingling in delight and once again breathed in the smell of flowers and cake and tea. She preferred the scent of graveyards, herself.

She then eyed a blank chess board over at the right end of the garden, her eyebrow raising as she rolled her eyes and forced herself to get up, balancing herself in her black heels as she made her way over to one of the black chairs and sat herself down in front of it. "Why not, this party is dead." She said, and then she grinned to herself. "Or I wish it was." She let a small chuckle escape her thin lips as she pulled out the pieces from a black box underneath the board, lining them up properly away from each other and began to play against herself in boredom. She of course, was black.

The setting changes from The Center of Wonderland to Wonderland


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