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De'laire Slayer

"Be prepared for what is about to befall these lands"

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, originally authored by conor, as played by RolePlayGateway


Basic Information
"Be prepared for what is about to befall these lands"

Name: De'laire Slayer
Age: 145
Race: Magician
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Relationship Status: Unknown
Role: Leader of the dealers.
Faction: Loyal to himself, and the dealers.

Abilities: De'laire is the most powerful of all dealers. His magic ranges from the mundane to the purely spectacular. His power is in tricks of deception and illusion. Twisting and playing with your mind. Planting the seeds of chaos and doubt. De'laires favorite kind of magic is illusion. He likes to play with the minds of his victims shaping what they think. Instead of transforming the physical world which requires a lot of energy he instead prefers to transform how his victims see the world, instead of seeing a chair he could make them see a vicious lion. De'laire enjoys noting more than to torment someone from within their own mind.

Best Feature:
De'laire is cunning and he is intelligent, he knows how to play people off of one another and he enjoys doing it.


Physically De'laire is unremarkable. Standing at just about 5' 8" he is by no means tall, but not exactly small either. The day he became immortal his body was frozen in time. In the one hundred years since it has not aged or even changed much. Of course if he wanted to change his appearance he could but it would require a lot of effort to pull that kind of magic. Instead he relies on planting illusions. If he wants to make sure he isn't seen he can use his magic to make some people blind to his presence.

His hair is a brownish-blonde and in some places balding. His eyes are dark brown and the lower half of his face is covered with facial hair. As for his sense of style well he doesn't really have one. De'laire is not bothered with the elaborate and garnish clothes of someone who is rich. Instead he favors a simple wool tunic underneath a leather jerkin. His pants are again simple and made of wool. His shoes are high leather boots.


How do you describe a man who is twisted beyond belief. De'laire is a man who sees the world as his and the inhabitants his to experiment with. After the dealers overthrew the king he became a much darker person. The magic he wielded unlocked a person inside he had hidden from the world since a child. One could argue that De'laire was deranged, he shows contempt for anyone that he see's as an obstacle in his way.

De'laire is known as a cruel man, often killing for the sake of killing and some rumors would say he gets great pleasure from torture and there are even those who say he is no stranger to rape. De'laire wants nothing more than to regain control over wonderland and see everyone under his control. More importantly he wants the royal bloodlines under his boot. Not least the Hearts.

There is no question about it, De'laire is a power hungry sadist. He wants what he considers his and he has no problems trying to get it by any means possible. There are no rules with chaos and when it comes down to it, fear is his poison of choice.

Alcohol | Hunting | The outdoors | Alchemy | The Dealers

The Royals | Cats | Tea | Warm weather | Paragons

Drinking | Fighting | Hunting | Reading | Magic




So begins...

De'laire Slayer's Story


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The setting changes from Wonderland to The Center of Wonderland

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#, as written by conor
WARNING: This post is a bit graphic

"Tick.........tock. Tick........tock. It's almost time for the grand opening" The faint, muffled sounds of screaming was just barely audible. The cloth was doing it's job so well. A young girl, no more than 18 bound by her hands and legs sat gagged atop a tree branch. Try as she might nobody could hear her scream. Tears rolled down her pretty little face as she came closer to the inevitable.

De'laire slayer sat on the branch next to her, twiddling a small knife between his fingers. Unlike the rest of the people at the party going on below him De'laire was not dressed for the occasion. He simply wore leather breeches and woolen tunic with a leather jerkin on top. Simple attire for a simple occasion. Of course De'laire couldn't be seen at this party. It would ruin everything. He also trusted the other dealers not to reveal their identities either. To much planning had gone into all of this. It would be a shame to mess it all up. As the party began to fill De'laire decided it was time for the opening act.

A wicked smile cut across De'laires face as he gazed at the girl beside him. She broke down crying once more, grasping at her bonds desperately trying to get lose. She screamed as loud as she could but no body could hear her anguish. Grabbing her cheeks he pushed his lips against her ears. "It's time now for your part in todays party. Don't worry you will be the centre of the show." He laughed to himself, enjoying her screams. He pushed is tongue against her cheek and tasted the tears that rolled down.

Finally he pulled his face away from hers and stood up. Balancing himself on the thick tree branch he placed a thick rope noose around the girls neck. It was time to stir the party and shake the guests. One hundred years of waiting and he was now ready to make a move. It would take some time but ultimately his victory would be crushing and wonderland would be his to subjugate once more. The royals would be replaced by each of the dealers and wonderland would be ruled by chaos once more.

Kneeling down in front of a terror stricken girl he put the little knife in his hand. "Know I'd like to say this won't hurt a bit, but that would be a lie, it wouldn't be fun if it didn't hurt". Grinning he pushed the girl down against the tree branch and placed the knife against her forehead. Slowly he pulled the knife across her forehead and down her pale white cheeks. She groped and screamed begging for relief but it was no use. If she was lucky she would succumb to the pain and pass out. Continuing down her cheeks he turned the knife across her jaw, slowly cutting and outline across her face. Eventually it was done. "Time to start the show"

De'Laire pushed the girls body off the tree watching as the rope unravelled and suddenly became taut. Peering down he could see the girl sway in the soft breeze. She swung lifelessly above the party crowd, her white dress now stained with crimson blood and the outline of a skull carved around her face.