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Emily Xavier

"There is no pleasure... no joy... Only Darkness."

0 · 269 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, as played by ElsScales


Basic Information
“There is nothing worth living for... Nothing but the will to see everything become Darkness.”

Name:Emily Xavier
Age: 130 but looks 16.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Orientation: Asexual
Relationship Status:: …
Role: Dealer
Faction: The Dealers
Abilities: Ability to control shadows, create darkness, and short distance teleportation.
Best Feature: Her brutality and ability to strike fear into people. She can make herself look bigger and scarier than she actually is.
Emily is a small girl, only 4’9”. She has long white-silver hair that drops down to her waist and she wears a black rose in it. Her skin is very pale white, obviously someone who doesn’t go out in the sun often. Her favorite outfit is a red and black dress with a red and black cape and purple stockings. But her most outstanding feature, is her dark blue eyes, that if you look into them, they feel like you are looking into a dark lifeless abyss. She likes to carry her toys around with her, making her look like an innocent little girl.
Emily is not the most powerful dealer, or the smartest, or the most charming; in fact her magic is rather weak, she’s simple minded, and is very unlikable. But there she has something going for her, she’s terrifying. Emily is terrible monster, who destroys almost anything she can get her hands on in the most brutal ways she can (normally very publicly so that everyone can see want happens when you cross Emily Xavier). Her only wish is to see everything destroyed and become dark.
Emily seems to always to be angry. She never smiles, never laughs, or shows any signs of joy or happiness. Her face is always stern and her blue stare deep with hatred. For the most part she is a quiet and doesn’t speak much, but, when she does speak, she often yells and screams. She seems not to like anyone, and lashes out at those who speak to her. Even her fellow Dealer can get attacked by her at times, but she normally lets them get away with more than anyone else.
The strangest thing about Emily is, however, despite how destructive she is; she doesn’t seem to enjoy destroying. It doesn’t bring her any sort of pleasure. It’s more like, she has to destroy and kill. Like she has this inner burning desire just to burn everything.
- Impaling People and other cruel scare tactics.
- Toys and Dolls
- Sour and Spicy Food
- Milk
- Darkness and saying “Darkness”
- Wonderland
- Tea
- Sweet Food
- The Sun
- Laughter
- Torturing people
- Collecting Toys
- Destroying Plants
- Killing Small Animals
- Ripping the heads off her dolls, then buying new ones

So begins...

Emily Xavier's Story


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