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Nemaren Spadille

"Only the Spades have my true loyalty."

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, originally authored by Sanarith, as played by RolePlayGateway


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Nemaren Amaraa Spadille
Spades Adviser
Spades, and only Spades. Well, the Eastern side of Wonderland counts too, but that's all for now.
Nemaren is a blur with daggers. She is also talented at drawing and playing piano, but she doesn't care much for these.
Nemaren's eyes is her best feature. Although her abilities with daggers (Although a hobby) is a thing to see.
Nemaren's loyalty and caring personality is a special thing, especially when it comes to advising the Prince of Spades. Nobody knows why.



Nemaren is a pale beauty, with the only colour to her being her eyes. They are a startling blue colour, which match the only blue thing she wears, two flowers, in her hair. She has a small nose and mouth, giving her quite a stern look, but can be sweet if she smiles... Which isn't that often. Her skin is a shade slightly darker than alabaster, or snow, and the flaws are there, but hard to spot. Her hair, while naturally white, has a slight pink tint to it, and reaches to her waist. It's soft, and silky, and fine, too. Thickness is what she desires, though, but of course, that's not easy to obtain in Wonderland.

Nemaren is of average build, standing at 5'7" and having a weight of 8 and a half stone. She looks thinner than she is, but don't underestimate her. She can still put power into her attacks. Her hands and feet are quite small, and she has long fingers, which would be ideal to play the piano, but she has never learned. Nemaren is always seen wearing white, with black spades decorating her knee high socks, or the hems of her dresses. She also wears a white ribbon around her neck, with a black spade sewn onto it, too. The dresses she wears are often quite short, and easy to move in. Only if she is going across Wonderland does she wear breeches. On formal occasions she often wears floor length dresses.


Nemaren is a loyal, caring and intelligent young woman. She doesn't act like it all the time, but she is. It's mostly around the Prince that she shows her true nature, but to others she is cold and can even be considered ruthless. Some say she's multi-personality, but in truth, it's to hide her own wishes and desires for the sake of the kingdom. Nemaren desires to be a hero, and so therefore puts the Kingdom before herself. This includes her life, and her emotions. She is cold and ruthless because she is soft on the inside, a kind, caring woman. With Grey, she's always soft, and tries to help him out the best she can. However, with new people, she tends to shut them out, because if people worm inside, she can get attached.

Nemaren can be quite scary if she's angry. She doesn't yell, she just gets really, really quiet. Her eyes show her emotions, and if she's angry, they seem to sparkle, and not in a good way. She can look like she is picturing a thousand ways to murder you in a few seconds. Unless, of course, she's told to calm down, and then she becomes unfazed and returns to her normal, unsmiling self. She only ever smiles in the company of the Prince Of Spades. She won't tell anyone why.

Serving The Kingdom||Daggers||East Wonderland||Tea (Especially East Wonderland Tea)||Helping Out||The Colour White||The Colour Black||Books||Piano||Climbing Trees

Nosy People||Bullies||Being Manipulated||The Jabberwocky||Being Alone||Tarts or Jam||The Colour Red

Training with her daggers||Wandering Around||Exploring||Serving the Prince of Spades||Playing Piano, (although very occasionally)||Drawing

Nemaren was born into the Spadille family, in Eastern Wonderland. Her father was the adviser to the previous King, and would teach her everything she would need to know. Her mother died shortly after she was born. Her father was just as cold and just as ruthless as she would grow to be, and as unforgiving as the King. She would often be taken to his workplace and see the Prince, but she never spoke a word.

As time went by, Nemaren saw things that shouldn't have been seen by a young girl her age. Thousands upon thousands of dead men were slaughtered. She watched her father murder men who chose to be executed. She shouldn't have had to see them. But she did. "All for the better, my dear." He would say, his face spattered with gore. At least, how she remembers it in her mind.

Her happiest memory has to be the day she saw Grey. She knew she wished to grow closer to him since a young age, but she never got the chance to. She always kept her distance, this boy intriguing her immensely. And every time she got pulled away from the boy who she wished to befriend, she grew colder, more unforgiving. And finally, once her father had passed away, she took up the job as adviser immediately, taking his place. She finally got her wish - she could talk to the Prince. But she had to serve his father, first. She saw the terrible things, but learned to keep her mouth shut. She knows why the Prince has the scar across his eye. She knows why she must keep her mouth shut if she doesn't want trouble.

Nemaren has a teensy little crush on the Prince... Okay, well, a large crush on him.

So begins...

Nemaren Spadille's Story


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The small mutter came from the lips of the young woman dressed in white and black, the only other colour in her white hair being the flowers that she adorned, and the small drop of blood on her fingertip. The blood splashed down onto the petals of the rose she held in her grasp, one thorn having a small discolouring of red on the tip where it had pricked her. The white petals, once so pretty to Nemaren, was stained by her blood, and she sniffed a little at it. She hated the colour red. White and black was her forte.

"Tch." She muttered, placing her fingertips to her lips and licking the blood from the fingertips. She dropped the flower into the bush, and continued walking through the garden where the party was. She was here on her own, having being sent along first by the Prince. She hadn't agreed, of course, she hated leaving his side, where she could protect him much more effectively. She had left at his word, though, after her lengthy protest. She hadn't seen his carriage yet.

She finally reached the party grounds, after her long walk around the gardens. They were pretty, of course. Nemaren just prefered black and white to colour, and the gaudy flowers that almost followed her around the gardens. She fiddled with the hem of her dress a little, in slight nervousness... For what though, she didn't know.

She decided to make her way to the table with the teacups on it. She really did like tea, it was a warm drink, and it made her feel the same inside. Plus it was tasty. She spotted red by the table - Princess Ruby, no doubt - but ignored it and made her way over anyway. A few minutes later a warm cup and saucer filled with brown liquid (And just a spoonful of sugar) sat delicately in her hands, and she sipped at it. It was almost as nice as back home... Assuming it wasn't from there, of course.

Looking around herself again, Nemaren wasn't sure whether the bright petals of the flowers were for her... She preferred the marshes of her home, and the Tea Village. The bright colours made her eyes hurt, no matter how pretty they were. She found herself looking around for the Prince, time and time again, wanting to assure his safety... She would blame herself if anything came of him.

A few others passed by her notice, including a man with the ears of a hare, a few more red dresses, and a man that looked slightly ill. She ignored them, however, and the voices grew to a quiet buzzing all around her. She felt alone, almost, in the crowd. Her stomach twisted into knots, and then butterflies - everything all at once, and she realized she was growing paranoid at the thought of him being injured. She shook a thousand terrifying thoughts from her mind and instead focused on pretending to have fun. She sipped at her tea again, trying to keep the cup and saucer from rattling as her hands shook.

Then, she saw him. He was over in a slightly less crowded area, whereas she felt like all of the air was being squeezed from the space she occupied, and was almost crushing the oxygen from her. Slowly, at first, she began pushing her way through the crowd towards him, but as the feeling of impending doom overcame her, she became more and more frantic, the sea of people in posh frocks and fancy suits seemingly crushed the air from her, and made her desperation that much more frightening. And then, it happened.

Nemaren swore the crack of her neck could be heard from here. Her head snapped up, from instead looking at where she was going and keeping the cup upright, up to where the girl hung. The saucer slipped from her fingers and the china broke into a thousand pieces upon the ground. The blood on the girl's dress reminded her of the petals of the flower from earlier, and it was all she could do to pull herself away from looking upon the grisly mess of her face - no, what was her face. Blood dripped from the gory mess of her skull and flooded down her throat and stained her pretty white dress. Her skull was still red, the blood was fresh - the culprit was around here.

Nemaren hated red.

Tearing through the crowds, Nemaren frantically pushed her way towards the Prince. Now in her hand, instead of the saucer, was the small dagger she had hidden in her boots - an item she hadn't expected to have needed, but was glad to have brought anyway. She hurried over to the Prince, out of breath, but generally okay. She looked up at him, her knuckles white where she held the knife. "Are you okay, sir?" She asked in a quiet voice. She kept looking around herself, but tried to distract herself by talking to Gray.


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Image Spadille was easiest to find the moment she had walked into the area. He sorta felt a bit more at ease when she found him through the sea of people. He had just finished his tea, when a body had fallen from a tree swinging from a rope. Sure anyone else would have panicked and lost there heads over this, but Spades found it a work of heart, someone just wanted to show off, not for the fun of art, but for the fun of the show. This displeased Spades deeply.

When Spadille reached him, he reached out with his free hand and took her hand that held the knife. Pulling her into him closely, he turned the blade so it wouldn't stab either of them, but it was hidden from the people behind his clothing. "My dear, this is not how we handle things. You know of this from I." His voice sharp, but calm.

The sight of the dead body didn't faze him, he was more concerned about image. He was a Prince and she was his Adviser, to him this is not how they should act in front of others. Putting his tea cup down, without the clank of the cup hitting the saucer, he took the knife out of Spadille's hand with a gentle touch. His face calm and composed he bent down and put it back into her boot, where she had put it. But he made it look as if he was fixing his own shoe.

Without the other's seeing much he fixed her gown, taking cloth from his own he made a bow out of it around the blood spot on her gown. To cover up the mess. Now he looked her straight in the eyes, sliding his finger down her hair, fixing it back into place. His long pale finger slid down her jaw and stopped at her chin. In a way it was how he tried to calm her. Dropping his hand he looked over at the body, bored with it already. "Perhaps if we stay there will be more to the little show." He tilted his head just slightly, letting his long hair shift over his shoulder.

Image Val's invite to the party came in about a week early, mainly because no one ever knows where his next location would be. So he was given it at the first chance anyone had got. To find his shop's location, you'd be considered very lucky and it was fated you be there. It was a simple Victorian style home. Shop at the bottom and his home at the top. Everything was filled with fancy items, some older than you like to think. There was even a spot filled with nothing but books and a little place for you to read them at.

Val is a many of many mysterious, only few know about him and of him. From his shop, only a couple dare to talk to him. But as for today things might change, this was a good chance for him to get to know others and find some great traders. This was a rare opportunity and one that he will take hands down. Deciding what he would wear, it was a black victorian suit, with a few ruffles here and there. It was clean and fit his long body perfectly.

After he had decided that he looked perfect, he made his way out the door and onto the party. It took him a while before he got there, it seemed that when he did, the crowd of people was left in screams and shambles. A light chuckle slipped through his lips. "Talk about a scream of -" The scent of a dead woman surrounded his lips and nose, the scent was fresh and it had cut his words clear off.

His was green eyes turned into the color of copper. The blood on the body was fresh, it made his skin slightly crawl in excitement. Before he could find himself walk towards the smell, he was already standing next to the body. His fingers already touching the poor dead girls body. But there was another smell, a smell of a man covering her scent, it wreaked. It made him step back and cover his mouth and nose with a handkerchief. "It would seem, my lady, that your death would be save from I, my dear."

Val wasn't in the slightest worried about whether people would think of him as the killer. Mainly because it wasn't his style of killing. To them he was only a Trader, that was all. Only a few knew of his secrets, but also knew he was a decent man when it came to his, choice of meals presay. Moving away from the body, he could help but feel like something was missing from it.

Once his sense because clear from the body, a new scent made his body shift. It was of someone he knew very well, but hasn't seen since the man was a boy. Prudentius. He knew the Prince was alright, he couldn't smell any cuts or bruises, he was perfect as always, but still his nerves want to be 100 percent sure. Slowly this time, he made his way through the crowd and over to the Prince. With a bow of his head he smiled kindly. "Pardon my instructions." Though the Princess of Hearts was before them, his attentions was set on Prudentius. "There is something that I must check, it would only be a moment."

Without a word, without asking. Val, only overlooked the Prince from head to toe. Making for sure he was fine. He wasn't trying to be a parent to the boy, nor was he being a friend in care. The two always had a bond with one another, that no one could explain. It wasn't what one might call love, but a bond much more than that. It was something they had always had, from the moment they first met each other. With another smile, but this smile was of relief, he nodded satisfied and bowed once again. "Thank you and do excuse me. I believe this party has become over exciting."

People started to shove in panic, and just before someone could get shoved into the Prince, Val had shifted his body right behind him, a slight grunt slipped from his lips. But he caught hold of the Prince by the waist, in a graceful and polite way, so neither of them would fall. "Forgive me Sire." He smile slightly as he spoke, his words near the Prince's ear.

There he was protecting him once again, it was as if the past years had never happened. It was like it was back in the older days. It felt a bit nice, but he didn't want Prudentius to be uncomfortable. Slowly he started to let go and step back, helping the woman who had fell, back to her feet, turning his attention away from the Prince, only for but a moment. "There you go Miss. All is well."