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The Mad Hatter

"We need no Queens or Rulers. All we need is madness!" Still WIP

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a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, as played by ElsScales


Basic Information;

"A land divided is one with less interesting parties!"

Name: The Mad Hatter
Nicknames: Hatter, Hatty
Age: Unknown
Race: A Mercury like blob substance
Ethnicity: Unknown. Can change between them.
Orientation: Pansexual... I guess. Hard to actually place since The Mad Hatter doesn't have a defined gender.
Relationship Status: Single, but The Mad Hatter practices "Free Love" and is open to multiple romantic partners.
Role: Rebellion Leader
Faction: Rebellion
Abilities: The Mad Hatter is actually a thick silver liquid substance that transform itself into anything as long as it is constant with the volume of The Hatter's true liquid form (The Hatter cannot transform into anything over 7ft). The Hatter takes a humanoid form most of the time and there are four main forms it uses. They are known as:
1. The Charismatic Hatter
2. The Mad Party Girl
3. The Mysterious Hunter
4. The Studious Witch
The Hatter can pull small objects out of itself, nothing bigger than 3ft.
They say touching the Hatter in its true liquid form can make you go mad.
Best Feature:
The Mad Hatter's multiple personalities and its ability to mimic people.




The Mad Hatter is a friendly, peace-loving person. Even though it enjoys playing the fool and doesn't take much seriously, The Hatter is an incredible smart and clever person. Of course the Mad Hatter is quite... Mad... It often seems distracted, it sometimes says things that have no relevance to the situation, and it doesn't seem to care who it's with. It treats everyone the same, like they are its buddy, even when they are enemies. The Hatter also enjoys, observing the behaviors of those around it, then mimicking them. But with each form there it takes there is a silent change in personality:

In the Charismatic Hatter, the Hatter is a smooth talking, lady's man. He is very out-spoken and wonders Wonderland talking about the evils of the Royals and the Dealers. This is the form mostly known for being the Leader of Rebellion. This is also the form he takes when speaking to the Royals or Dealer themselves when in a more serious.

In the Mad Party Girl, the Hatter is an energetic goofball. She's very loud and very spontaneous. She is often seen attending crazy parties and doing all kinds of random stuff. She also enjoys making humiliating people and pulling pranks. This form is common for going to parties and harassing people.

In the Mysterious Hunter, the Hatter is strong and quite type. He doesn't say much and mostly just stands there. He always ready for a fight. This is the form used mostly in serious battle, but is also used to stalk people and gather information.

In the Studious Witch, the Hatter is shy but friendly. She doesn't really talk unless spoken too and likes to be left alone. She always willing to help strangers, however, and is very kind. This form is mostly used when the Hatter wants to be left alone to think of its plans, or when studying, reading, and writing.

- Hats
- Parties and Celebrations
- Tea
- Dancing
- "Unbirthdays"
- Mimicking
- Romance
- Almost everyone it meets.

- Royals (as Authority Figures. Not as individuals)
- The Dealers (as a group. Not as individuals)
- Battle/Fighting
- Water
- When there is no tea.
- Magic

- Hatting
- Giving Speeches against the Royals
- Celebrating "Unbirthdays"
- Flirting
- Breaking out into song and dance
- Writing




So begins...

The Mad Hatter's Story


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Thackery delicately fastened the buttons of his waistcoat, gently tugging the material down to smooth out the creases. His hare ears were twitching, as they often did, searching for any signs of danger. His human ears remained still as they always did unless someone tugged at them to get his attention. He exhaled deeply, staring at the letter once again. It was folded so the contents could not be seen, but he knew the contents by heart anyway. Whoever this T.D was, it unnerved Thackery slightly that they, for he was still uncertain as to anything relating to the gender of their host, had found not only himself, but also Hatter.

He felt the soft weight of his ears as they fell back against his head. The hare had obviously realised it was safe, something his human instincts had told him long ago. Regardless of whatever the letter meant, Thackery was in his home. Home had always equated to safety, no matter what state Wonderland found itself in. Not for the first time, Thackery wondered what it would have been like had Alice never saved them all from the Red Queen. Thackery and Hatter would still be hosting tea parties and unbirthday celebrations. Those days had been much easier but felt like another lifetime now, and in a sense they were. Times were different now. Yes, Thackery was still an outsider of Wonderland, no less odd than the other citizens, but as a member of the rebellion, it was in his interests to remain outside. But he was no longer trapped in himself. Thackery had achieved an autonomy of sorts and was no longer as ‘mad’ as he had once been. That had been Alice’s mark on him. The regaining of some semblance of sanity.

Thackery snapped his cufflinks into place. They were nothing particularly fancy, but they were a teacup and a teapot, so naturally his heart had been stolen by them. He pulled on the jacket of his suit, leaving the buttons open. He picked up the letter and slipped into his inside pocket. Why was a raven like a writing desk? The question sprung into his head as he had taken the letter, his friend’s voice echoing the words. It was a question Hatter had often posed to people. He would have to ask him the answer one day or go mad wondering what the answer was to the riddle. Why was a raven like a writing desk? Thackery dismissed the thought from his mind, gathering his hare ears into a tophat. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of his para-human nature, it was just easier to blend in when no one could see your hare ears. All people saw was a well-dressed man among many others who dressed well. He was hiding in plain sight, and it was glorious.

The journey to the neutral ground was short enough to walk. The air was warm and a gentle breeze played through the trees. The flowers were bright, swaying gently as though they were dancing. If he listened carefully, Thackery could hear them whispering to one another, the same idle gossip they had engaged in since he had been a leveret boy. Feeling lighter than he had done in years, Thackery stepped into the gathering. It felt strange to be surrounded by so many people that, in any other context, he would be fighting, or Hatter would be annoying greatly. There was always the chance that Hatter would annoy and provoke them anyway, depending on which form his mercurial friend chose to take. Thackery nodded to himself, Hatter was the master when it came to hiding in plain sight.

Making his way to the central table, Thackery sought the teapot containing Earl Gray, and poured himself a cup. Taking a sip, Thackery decided that it was drinkable, but not quite perfect. He had had years to perfect the art of tea making, given that all he had done for those years was host tea parties. It was amazing what murdering time could do for you. The whole party was reminiscent of summer, from the way the food was laid out, the colours, down to the smells and the ambience around him. Despite the rebellion, everyone seemed to have their guard down and was talking openly, mingling with the crowds that would be enemies tomorrow. Keeping to the edge of the party, Thackery kept one eye out for Hatter and the other he kept on the people around him.