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Valentine Vitriol

0 · 137 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Deck - Wonderland”, originally authored by Ville.Sunfall, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Valentine Vitriol's Story


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Image Spadille was easiest to find the moment she had walked into the area. He sorta felt a bit more at ease when she found him through the sea of people. He had just finished his tea, when a body had fallen from a tree swinging from a rope. Sure anyone else would have panicked and lost there heads over this, but Spades found it a work of heart, someone just wanted to show off, not for the fun of art, but for the fun of the show. This displeased Spades deeply.

When Spadille reached him, he reached out with his free hand and took her hand that held the knife. Pulling her into him closely, he turned the blade so it wouldn't stab either of them, but it was hidden from the people behind his clothing. "My dear, this is not how we handle things. You know of this from I." His voice sharp, but calm.

The sight of the dead body didn't faze him, he was more concerned about image. He was a Prince and she was his Adviser, to him this is not how they should act in front of others. Putting his tea cup down, without the clank of the cup hitting the saucer, he took the knife out of Spadille's hand with a gentle touch. His face calm and composed he bent down and put it back into her boot, where she had put it. But he made it look as if he was fixing his own shoe.

Without the other's seeing much he fixed her gown, taking cloth from his own he made a bow out of it around the blood spot on her gown. To cover up the mess. Now he looked her straight in the eyes, sliding his finger down her hair, fixing it back into place. His long pale finger slid down her jaw and stopped at her chin. In a way it was how he tried to calm her. Dropping his hand he looked over at the body, bored with it already. "Perhaps if we stay there will be more to the little show." He tilted his head just slightly, letting his long hair shift over his shoulder.

Image Val's invite to the party came in about a week early, mainly because no one ever knows where his next location would be. So he was given it at the first chance anyone had got. To find his shop's location, you'd be considered very lucky and it was fated you be there. It was a simple Victorian style home. Shop at the bottom and his home at the top. Everything was filled with fancy items, some older than you like to think. There was even a spot filled with nothing but books and a little place for you to read them at.

Val is a many of many mysterious, only few know about him and of him. From his shop, only a couple dare to talk to him. But as for today things might change, this was a good chance for him to get to know others and find some great traders. This was a rare opportunity and one that he will take hands down. Deciding what he would wear, it was a black victorian suit, with a few ruffles here and there. It was clean and fit his long body perfectly.

After he had decided that he looked perfect, he made his way out the door and onto the party. It took him a while before he got there, it seemed that when he did, the crowd of people was left in screams and shambles. A light chuckle slipped through his lips. "Talk about a scream of -" The scent of a dead woman surrounded his lips and nose, the scent was fresh and it had cut his words clear off.

His was green eyes turned into the color of copper. The blood on the body was fresh, it made his skin slightly crawl in excitement. Before he could find himself walk towards the smell, he was already standing next to the body. His fingers already touching the poor dead girls body. But there was another smell, a smell of a man covering her scent, it wreaked. It made him step back and cover his mouth and nose with a handkerchief. "It would seem, my lady, that your death would be save from I, my dear."

Val wasn't in the slightest worried about whether people would think of him as the killer. Mainly because it wasn't his style of killing. To them he was only a Trader, that was all. Only a few knew of his secrets, but also knew he was a decent man when it came to his, choice of meals presay. Moving away from the body, he could help but feel like something was missing from it.

Once his sense because clear from the body, a new scent made his body shift. It was of someone he knew very well, but hasn't seen since the man was a boy. Prudentius. He knew the Prince was alright, he couldn't smell any cuts or bruises, he was perfect as always, but still his nerves want to be 100 percent sure. Slowly this time, he made his way through the crowd and over to the Prince. With a bow of his head he smiled kindly. "Pardon my instructions." Though the Princess of Hearts was before them, his attentions was set on Prudentius. "There is something that I must check, it would only be a moment."

Without a word, without asking. Val, only overlooked the Prince from head to toe. Making for sure he was fine. He wasn't trying to be a parent to the boy, nor was he being a friend in care. The two always had a bond with one another, that no one could explain. It wasn't what one might call love, but a bond much more than that. It was something they had always had, from the moment they first met each other. With another smile, but this smile was of relief, he nodded satisfied and bowed once again. "Thank you and do excuse me. I believe this party has become over exciting."

People started to shove in panic, and just before someone could get shoved into the Prince, Val had shifted his body right behind him, a slight grunt slipped from his lips. But he caught hold of the Prince by the waist, in a graceful and polite way, so neither of them would fall. "Forgive me Sire." He smile slightly as he spoke, his words near the Prince's ear.

There he was protecting him once again, it was as if the past years had never happened. It was like it was back in the older days. It felt a bit nice, but he didn't want Prudentius to be uncomfortable. Slowly he started to let go and step back, helping the woman who had fell, back to her feet, turning his attention away from the Prince, only for but a moment. "There you go Miss. All is well."