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Jason Brooks

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a character in “The Demi-God Academy”, originally authored by Zoey26123, as played by RolePlayGateway


(Not a character)

So begins...

Jason Brooks's Story


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Alana woke up to sun shining through her window. She groaned and attempted to roll over. This of course was useless since she was deeply entangled in her sheets. She sat up and shoved the heavy comforter off her, only to discover she was wearing the same black mini dress from the night before.

She groaned and immidiately ran to the nearest mirror, praying she had remembered at least to remover her makeup. If she remembered correctly she wore smoky eye makeup last night to play up her bright blue eyes.
She exhaled as she peaked and the mirror and happily sighed, of course she remembered.

She smiled and happily strode off to her bathroom for a scalding hot shower. She exfoliated her face until she had a natural glow and dewy tone. She washed her long hair, she let it grow over the summer so it hung all the way to her mid behind. Then once she blowdryed it she straightened and curled it so she had bigbombshell curls. She then focused on her face. She applied liqued eyeliner along her lids, applied mascara, and slicked red lipstick along her plump lips.
She glanced in the mirror and a smug smile played on her lips. "Pefect "She said blowing herself a kiss. Once she was thouroughly satisfied she strose her long legs over to her closet. After numerous attempts she settled on a pair of tweed shorts that showed off her long tanned legs, a silk cream blouse that was loose yet still hugged her impressive chest and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lita boots. She finished it with gold hoops, a delicate gold and diamond necklace, and a Channel purse.

She grabbed her phone and keys as she headed out of her dorm. She glanced at the buildings as she walked to the cafeteria. He head was high, her long blonde hair caught the sun perfectly like a golden halo, and her dewy tanned skin glowed. She proded herself on the fact that though she never met her mother she had often been called the epitome of Aphrodite.

She walked into the cafeteria and smiled a little. She waved at a few friends before walking over to the food. She grabbed a strawberry smoothie, granola bar, and a fruit salad. She immidiately smiled as she saw Rose and Eddie. "Hey guys, has anybody seen Ariel?" She said setting her food down and kissing them both on the cheek. She suddenly could feel all the eyes on her. She glanced around "Well they're a bit... bolder this year" She said spearing a slice of kiwi and popping it into her mouth. She chewed thoughtfully before spotting Jordan. She smiled at him before turning to her friend "Be right back. Don't leave without me."

She walked over to Casey, Jordan, and Jasons table. "There you are" She said easily sliding onto Jordans lap. "Hey love"She said with one of the smiles reserved just for him. She smiled at Casey too "Hey Case by the way I got thia new nail polish that will look crazy cute on you". She reluctantly nodded in greeting to Jason.


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Jason frowned as he watched Alana from across the cafeteria, his eyes following her hands as she was practically begging Eddie to flirt with her, or probably prove Jason right in his assumption of a sl*t. "Excuse me, I'm going to go make sure Rick can fix those arrows that you broke," Jason says to Jordan with a wink before standing. Being a child of Apollo and having the ability to act was more than a blessing, it was a key to living. Jordan gives a nod and points to Jason as he agrees with his brother.

Jason moves away from the table, tray in hand as he walks over to the table where he only liked two or three, maybe four people. As he walked up to Alana, he gave her a friendly smile. "Hey everyone. Alana, I just wanted to give you this. Jordan was going to but forgot, so I came over as I was already on my way," Jason says kindly as he offers her a small little wrapped box. "I like the new look for the shorts by the way. Also, don't open the box just yet," Jason advises with a wink before turning to Rick, hoping the guy wouldn't recognize the little box that had been one of his projects he had helped the twins on.

The box had been one of their first team collaborations years ago. It was a small little harmless thing that would result in a slightly scared person. It was just a thing that could use the surrounding light to make an image of your smallest fear in the box. When Jordan had given it to Jason, the brother had seen a spider and had freaked when the thing moved, then realized it was just a fake thing. Alana would probably see a bug, get a bit freaked, drop it, and run off before having Jordan or Eddie go get it for her. Not a big deal. Jason felt slightly saddened that he couldn't come up with something like his brother could to get at someone. Jason didn't want to pull a larger card like dying her hair or painting her face blue, for that would result in Jason probably not getting out of bed for a few days with all the revenge that could potentially come his way, from Jordan.

Alana would be able to tell right away it wasn't Jordan who gave it to her, but who cares? Jason was okay if she figured it out as long as Jordan didn't get too mad.

"Hey Rick, I forgot to tell you, I need someone to fix some arrows that Jordan broke. I'd do it, but they just don't fly the right way sometimes," Jason says honestly and with a relaxed form. "Dude, are you choking?" Jason asks with a somewhat smile. He gives a laugh as he hits Rick on the back right where he knew he needed to thanks to his studying of medical stuff. "Later," Jason says before leaving the cafeteria to go get his glasses. Contacts weren't always optimal, so glasses were a good thing. Some people might imagine a person shooting a bow with glasses wasn't a good idea, but Jason could out shoot them and make them shut up rather quickly.

Jason hoped that Alana would at least stop flirting with other guys considering how Jordan thought what they had was somewhat serious. Jason could see it otherwise. Maybe he just saw it that way because he wanted to, or maybe it was that way. Whatever it was, Jason didn't like how Alana toyed with his brother and was willing to at least mess with her to try and discourage her. Hopefully she wouldn't try to mess with Jason back... she definitely knew how to anyway.

With that, Jason made his way to his room rubbing his eyes rather frustrated.


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#, as written by Cloud

Eddie had to say that he appreciated Alana's way of dealing with a little *ahem* chicken shit. Instead of getting into a huff, she leaned down and changed from her spoiled shorts to a skirt. "Hey Eddie, don't you think my body looks great in this?" Alana asked, casting a flirty look towards Eddie. Eddie nodded, he wasn't about to deny that.
"Best legs in the school." He replied with a grin and a wink, enjoying the way that Lana was looking at him. He always enjoyed flirting with the Daughter of Aphrodite.
"So I feel we should do something naughty. I want to start this year with a boom. A hot, fun, naughty boom. And you two." Alana said. Eddie raised an eyebrow, wondering what she had in mind. His eyes followed the blonde and she got up and walked over to Eddie, draping her arms down his shoulders. No doubt about it, this was the life. Eddie felt a pleased smile appear on his face, no doubt he looked like some love struck teen, but that was the effect Alana usually had on people. "Or we could just have a hot fun party and save the naughty for a private party later." She breathed into her ear. untangling herself from Eddie, Alana then proceeded to hug Rose before ordering the Dionysus siblings to get to making a party.

It was as Eddie was opening his mouth to reply that Jason popped over, greeting the table as he gave Alana a box and warned her not to open it right then. It was a curious gift, but Eddie shrugged, surely people gave Alana gifts all the time. He once again prepared to reply to his friends when again Eddie's attention was drawn away from Alana, this time to Cyrus who had quietly sat down with the group, or at least Eddie had to assume so. He hadn't actually noticed Athena's son until Cyrus had spoken up. Then again he had a perfectly good excuse given that his attention had been held by Alana. "Alana... I know this is the way you are, but Jordan has a huge crush on you. You are in the position to break his heart in a million pieces. So, don't toy with him,"
Eddie glanced from Alana to Cyrus and then over towards the Apollo twins with a questioning glance. From Eddie's perspective his and Alana's flirting was rather innocent flirting. He had hardly been offended when Alana placed herself on Jordan's lap, but perhaps Jordan's feelings were more than his own. His own took more of a friendly inclination, although he never missed an opportunity to playfully flirt with her. It was as he was thinking these thoughts that Poppy spoke, reminding the table that classes would be starting soon. Eddie nodded, "Yeah, and unfortunately I promised Amelia that I'd attend class today." Eddie said, aiming his words at Alana, "Might have to postpone being naughty until after class." He added giving Alana a wink.


As Amelia sat at the table she was greeting with warm welcomes from Max and Simon. Simon grinning and indicating an empty seat.
"Of course not... I hadn't even noticed, I was completely captivated by Simon." Max replied, glancing momentarily at the louder group before back at Simon. Amelia hid a smile at his words and obvious affected for the other boy by taking a bite of food.
“Some might call it intense, others lunacy, but you have to admit they’re quite entertaining. They even have their own livestock, and which of us can say that?” Simon added, even chuckling as he glanced over to the other table.
"Undeniably the most entertaining thing I've seen this morning." Amelia agreed, raising an eyebrow as Alana's request for some 'naughty fun' drifted across the room. Amelia may have been on friendly terms with Alana (rather a surprise given Amelia's enmity with Alana's sister), but that didn't mean that she agreed with everything that the girl did or said. Of course, she doubted Eddie would mind Alana's forwardness or request for fun. Stifling a laugh Amelia turned her attention back to her own table.

"Are you both looking forward to classes?" She asked, knowing that both Max and Simon were in the university division of the Academy with her. "I think we have Power Control first." She added. Amelia rather enjoyed Power training. For one thing it took place at the training fields, which being outside were a lot more enjoyable to the indoor classrooms. She also liked that here the students were free to use their powers. While she might not be allowed to call up huge storms, she was allowed to create lightning without fear of being reprimanded for it. Besides, it would be a good warm up for when the played Capture the Flag later. Amelia glanced up at the large analogue clock that hung in the cafeteria, checking the time. Classes weren't far off starting, she should have time to finish eating and then she would make her way to the training zone.


It was only shortly after Ariel had joined Elinor under the tree that Camden joined them, greeting the two girls with a wave and smile, "Good morning Elinor, Ariel."
"Morning Cam." Ariel replied, gifting him with one of her more genuine smiles. It wasn't long after Cam's arrival that Amelia wondered past the group. Ariel couldn't help but make some comment about the girl, the two had been at each other's throats since Ariel's first week after all. Luckily, Ariel felt especially secure at the moment considering she was surrounded by friends who didn't have a particular fondness for Amelia either. “She says that as if it’s bad. Poor thing.” Elinor said, responding to Amelia's remark about manipulation, “All those pesky morals equate to a giant stick up her...Hey, Kyle.“ Ariel smirked at Elinor's agreement before nodding a greeting at Kyle. The two were on friendly terms, but Ariel knew that Kyle was someone easily manipulated so friendly only went so far as she could use him.
"She's just a bundle of joy in the morning," Camden added, his statement thick with sarcasm.

However not everyone seemed to agree with their sentiments. An unwelcome voice chimed in a moment later, "Perhaps because it is a bad thing." . Ariel frowned slightly as Leslie joined the small group, he was hardly her favourite person and in fact he only seemed to be on friendly terms with one of their party, Camden. Indeed, Camden was the only one he greeted or even acknowledged after his first sentence. "Good morning, Camden... Always surrounding yourself with these people."
Ariel's eyebrows shot up at that, "And yet you still take a seat with us, uninvited I might add." Ariel replied to the boy, even if Leslie's words weren't meant for her. She had to question him somewhat, why would he sit with them if he despised most of those there?

However Ariel was saved from having to consider Leslie for any longer by the sudden appearance of his half-sister. The quiet girl was holding out a pair of heavy gold earrings, "Yours?" . Ariel glanced from the earrings, which she immediately recognised as her own, to the girl holding them out for her. "Still can't control your power, can you?" Ariel said, her tone falsely sweet and caring. She even favoured Gwen with a small smile as she took her earrings back, "Or have you taken up thievery?" Her smile changed from friendly to a sneer and her voice took on a biting tone. Of course, Ariel knew of Gwen's powers and knew it had probably been them that dragged her earrings from her jewellery box, but that was hardly the point. Ariel usually either completely ignored Gwen, or simply cast judgemental looks at her. She rarely went out of her way to harass the girl, only now doing so because Gwen was there. Indeed, Ariel didn't even attempt to use her powers to intimidate Gwen, what was the point when Ariel simply didn't care?