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Melina Wincrest

"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."

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a character in “The Demi-God Academy”, as played by dreammuffin


“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”



Full Name:
Melina Nerra Wincrest

Mellie, Mel


Birth Date:
January 3rd

Home Town:
San Clemente, California


Studying Marine Biology

Being Demi-Gods

Godly Parent:

As a child of Poseidon, she is gifted with the powers over water. She can control and manipulate water in all of its forms. While she hasn't mastered her powers, she is quite proficient in using them. She can attack and defend with water, bending it into different shapes for her use. Melina is able to change water to different states as well. She can turn liquid water into ice, or gas, and vice versa. While she doesn't usually change water into gas, she does quite often turn it into ice, which makes for very useful weaponry. Many times, you might any water around Melina turn to ice when she is upset or angry.

She is also able to heal when in contact with water, but she's only ever done it twice, and hasn't been able to control when and how she does it. For now, she can only heal herself or others when she has the dire need to do so. Melina has the ability to breathe underwater as well. It's as natural as breathing air. Aquatic animals are also able to communicate with the children of Poseidon, and they're able to communicate back.

Swimming || Dancing || Rainy Days || Bodies of Water [lakes, ponds, pools] || Agility/Flexibility || Swordsmanship

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Terrible at Drawing || Temperamental || Heights || Fire || Competitive || Dry Places

Sharing Our Desires

✔ Likes: ✔
Swimming || Rainy Days || Dancing || Storms || Water || Her Powers || Reading || Communicating with aquatic animals || Music || Friends || Her half siblings || Beaches || Nighttime || Relaxing || Hot Chocolate || Competition || Winning || Winter || Snow || Cute Sweaters || Old books || Stuffed Animals || Fantasy novels || Her family || Large cities || Beautiful Scenery || Traveling || Dolphins || Spicy Food || Watching Movies

✘ Dislikes: ✘
Heights || Hot days || Her temper || Anything sour || Being Underestimated || Waking up early || Non fiction books || Romance novels || High heels || Losing someone || Failure || Restrictions || Deception || Being Bored || Being let down || Sound of knuckles cracking || Bees || Documentaries || Being Fussed about || Worrying || Bugs || Arrogance || Pink || Gossip

Dancing || Dancing was something she started doing at a young age, and fell in love with it.

Reading || Reading has always been a passion of hers. Her ideal alone time is to relax with a good book and some food.

Swimming || Being a child of Poseidon, it's no surprise she's good at swimming. The water is like her second home. It also helps that she can breathe underwater.

Heights || for some reason, Melina's been scared of heights ever since she can remember. Great heights terrify her, and she'd much rather have her feet firmly planted on the ground, or better yet, splashing in the water.

Disappointing Poseidon || Melina's feels she needs to prove her worth to Poseidon, and she's constantly trying to make her proud. Disappointing her father would be one of the worst things she could do.

Her Temper || Having a very short temper, Melina is constantly trying to keep herself in check. She knows from experience that her outbursts can be destructive, and it scares her to think she might seriously hurt someone one day.

Never met her father || Melina's never met her father, though she tried to squeeze everything about him from her mom. It makes her feel like he wants nothing to do with her.


Patient || Temperamental || Honest || Compassionate || Stubborn || Competitive

Melina’s patience is something that hardly wears thin. While it didn't start out that way, Melina slowly learned to wait for things to happen, rather than rant about how slowly something is. That isn't to say that she won't fight for what she wants, but she knows she won't get anything immediately. Her patience makes her very good at planning and problem solving, and working towards her goals. It also helps her deal with people, as she won't rush anyone into telling her something by hassling and annoying them. It also helps to keep her temper in check.

Despite her patient and calm exterior, Melina has a very hot temper lying dormant underneath that, when prodded enough, can come lashing out. She finds it best to stay as calm as she can to keep her temper in check. She's had outbursts of rage in the past, and they've never ended well. Her anger causes her to get increasingly impulsive and destructive. She lashes out at the people and things around her. In this state, she seems to draw more power from herself than usual. She can get impulsive when she gets angry. Thankfully, her rage has rarely ever shown itself, as she's kept herself in check.

One thing you can always rely on Melina to be is honest. No matter what, she will always tell you the truth, however hard it may be. She doesn't like the idea of deceiving someone by lying, and finds it better to be candid instead. If the truth may be harsh, she'll try and soften it when she speaks. In turn, Melina doesn't really like it when people lie to her either, and can usually tell when they are. As candid as she is with others, Melina is rarely honest with herself. She doesn't usually listen to her own emotions, and tends to hide what she's feeling.

Mellie is very compassionate towards her friends, and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She loves to help people, even if it means putting others' needs before her own. She also tries to alleviate any suffering that people might be feeling, and is open to listening if anyone wants to talk.

Mellie can also be really tenacious and strong-willed. She likes to get her way, and by any means possible, she usually always does. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it. Trying to talk her out of something is like trying to wear a boulder down into sand because of her patience. That stubbornness has gotten her into trouble on more than a few occasions.

When playing a sport, or anything for that matter, Mellie gets increasingly competitive. It's when you see a more aggressive side to her, quite contrary to her usual calm personality. She could turn something as simple as learning a charm into a contest to see who can master it first. On top of that, Melina likes to win, and will work very hard towards to achieve that goal. She even competes with herself in trying to do her best academically and extracurricularly.

The Past Defines Us

Olivia had given up on guys when she met Pierce at the age of 23. She had never met anyone quite like him. He was kind and gentle, and whenever she was around him, it felt like the land gave way and she was floating out at sea. Their relationship was got serious pretty quickly, but Olivia didn't mind. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, though it wouldn't' come to be. At the age of 25, Olivia got pregnant, and Pierce left her. It came as a shock, but she knew how to deal on her own. Her beautiful baby girl was born, who she named Melina. Olivia finished college, and got a job as a part time lawyer so she would have time to raise her daughter. She bought a beach house in California and settled down.

Melina's powers didn't manifest until she was three. Even then, they were barely noticeable, so Olivia wasn't aware of her daughter's gifts until she was 5. One day, Melina had wandered onto the beach while her mother was cooking, and ran towards the water. Olivia looked out her kitchen window in time to see little Mellie go under the water. She dashed outside, and ran into the water searching for her. It wasn't until 10 minutes later, that she found Melina a few yards away from shore underwater. Any grown person would've drowned in that time, but Melina came up looking normal and happy.

The incident shook Olivia, and she in turn focused on her daughter more. She noticed things like the water in the house turning to ice whenever Mellie had a temper tantrum, and her affinity for swimming at such a young age. It wasn't until Pierce arrived on a rainy sunday night that everything made sense. He sat her down and explained who he was, and what might be happening to Melina. It took awhile for Olivia to wrap her head around what she heard, but she accepted it without question. It also surprised her that still felt the same way about him.

Melina made great progress with her powers soon after that. Of course, it was kept hidden from everyone but her mother. Other than that, she had a great childhood, filled with friends and play dates. When Mellie turned 8, Olivia met Richard, and they soon married when Melina turned 10. As she grew older, her powers became stronger, and she became more proficient in controlling them. She joined the academy at the age of 13, and to this day, she still loves it.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

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So begins...

Melina Wincrest's Story


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Sunlight filled the Melina's room as her eyes fluttered open, filling the room with a bright glow. The faint smell of the sea and salty breeze filled her nostrils. It was a scent that clung to the Poseidon dorms, and always made her feel like she was at the beach. She rubbed her eyes and ran a hand through her knotted hair, sighing. She never really liked mornings, or waking up early. Turning her head, she checked the clock on her nightstand and gasped. It was late. Really late. It seemed that her alarm didn't pull her out of her deep sleep this morning. Throwing her covers off, she darted into the bathroom and took a hot shower. She finished her morning routine as quickly as possible.

Walking back out, Melina got dressed in a maroon tank top and white shorts. She hurriedly ran a brush through her hair and went into the main hall. The hallways were all empty, and she noted that her siblings had left already. She gazed thoughtfully up at the statue of Poseidon that towered over her, before leaving the dormitory.

A pleasant breeze greeted Melina as she stepped out the door. She still had a little time effort classes started. The camp was alive with activity as students went about their business. Melina walked in a brisk pace, angling herself towards the cafeteria. Hunger gripped at her, and she needed to put something in her stomach before class. As the hall came into view, she could see the clusters of campers around it. There were many faces she recognized, and smiled over at a few before ducking into the cafeteria. The twins, Jordan and Jason, rushed passed her with a multitude of weapons in their arms. She gave them a confusing look before going to the breakfast line. She lost a few precious minutes as she mulled over her options for breakfast, before she settled on a banana but muffin and some coffee.

She turned from the line and glanced around at the tables, and spotted Casey, her half sister. As Melina headed for her table, she noticed a lone figure sitting by the window. She recognized him as Darren, and smiled. "Good morning, Darren," she greeted.


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Darren's mind was a train wreck, his thoughts becoming something else left and right as he tried to think of ways to help pay for his sister. He sighed, shaking his head and dropping his gaze to his coffee before taking a sip. Not the best he had ever tasted but it would do. As he was taking a drink someone seemed to speak rather close to him and he choked as he was startled.

Going into a fit of coughing, he felt rather idiotic to let someone startle him like that. He took a deep breath, looking up. He recognized the girl as one of Poseidon children, but he did not know her name. Feeling bad that he didn't know her name he just smiled, motioning his hand towards the other chair in case she wanted to sit. Better to make friends rather than enemies.

"Oh, hey," He smiled, trying to figure out her name, "Melina?" He asked, hoping he had gotten her name right. He looked around the cafeteria, wondering why she had picked to sit next to lonesome him when she could have sat with anyone of more interest. Not that he was complaining but he did find it odd she would pick him in the shadows when other were around.

He knew she was the daughter of Poseidon, God of the Sea and that unsettled him a bit, having a paralysing fear of large bodies of water. He smiled softly, shifting in his chair.


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#, as written by Cloud
Time: 9.45am

Classes have started for the students.
The University students are currently in Power Control situated in the training courts.
The high school students are in either English or Maths class.


The class had started 15 minutes ago. The teacher, one Mr Frank Solomon, had first greeted the returning students warmly, obviously pleased to find the majority alive and relatively sane. His instructions had then been to enjoy the first day of classes. He had given them several options, each designed to help them get out of their holiday funk and get back into the swing of things. Set up at the further end of the training courts was a collection of targets and dummies, ranging in shapes and sizes. Some were stationary and some would move when in play. All offered a good place for students who wished to exercise control and train their precision with their powers. Closer to him, where he could watch and make sure that nobody went overboard, were the sparring areas. These were places where students could have mock fights against each other, using their powers to defeat their opponents. Of course, actually hurting anyone was against the rules, hence why Mr Solomon was hovering nearby. As usual for those not inclined to fighting, tables had been erected to the side to allow students, usually Athena and Hephaestus' children, to but their brains to the test. In between each area other students had come up with their own lesson plan, each stretching out their powers in their own way.

Amelia had been inclined to head down to the set up of dummies. There she, and the other students who had picked the moving targets, were busy decimating the Academy's population of stuffed targets. With a grin Amelia sent another sizzling bolt of lightning flying towards the dummy, reducing it to a smouldering heap of ash in seconds. Her hands were buzzing with miniature lightning bolts, the air around her seemed to be giving off a slightly static vibe and she couldn't help but smile. She sighted down the range again, threw her hands up in front of her and sent a flurry of lightning bolts flying towards a target set up halfway down the range. It exploded in an eruption of smoke and Amelia turned her attention to the next target. This one popped out of the ground on her left side, moving forward on it's mechanism. It was shaped like a mythical hall hound and ran low to the ground. Even so it didn't stand a chance as Amelia sent another bolt of lightning flying at it.

She took a step back from the moving targets, both to let her peers have a go and to catch her breath. Power control was undoubtedly one of Amelia's favourite classes. Where else was she able to use her gift without the fear of hurting another person? After all, lightning wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing to be hit with. She loved the feeling of it's power racing through her and had to resist going overboard. As she caught her breath, Amelia glanced around the courts. She spotted Eddie lounging on the sidelines and couldn't help but shake her head. She knew that his powers weren't really the active, fighting type. They were dangerous in their own way, or they could be if he trained them, but she understood his fear about losing control of them. Insanity wasn't something easy to control. But, he'd never learn how to if he simply sat and did nothing. With a shrug Amelia turned her attention back to the targets.


Ariel sat at the back of the Maths class, choosing to block out most of what Miss Francis, the teacher, was saying. Class was really not her thing. She would much rather be out socialising, or attending VIP events. Sitting here was not her idea of a good time. So instead of tuning into the lesson Ariel was staring at her nails, tapping each finger nail with her opposite hand and changing the colour with her powers. She had always been glad that her power over make-up extended to her nails. It meant that she always had the perfect nail colour and didn't have to spend money on the actual polish, not that money had ever been a problem for her. Ariel had just settled on a pastel green for one hand when she was jolted from her thoughts.

"Miss Lee, are you paying attention?" The teacher, Miss Francis asked across the silent room. Ariel glanced up from her hands to find Miss Francis staring at her, her arms folded across her chest and her own unpainted nails tapping quietly against her opposite arm. Ariel felt no fear towards the teacher. How could she when the woman was wearing a hideous floral dress matched with a pair of last seasons sandals? "No Miss. I was doing my nails." Ariel replied, smiling serenely at the woman. Miss Francis stared at Ariel, not quite sure how to react to the girl. It was obvious that she had never had Ariel as a student, or she would have let the comment go. As it was Miss Francis was willing to give Ariel a chance. She cleared her throat and pointed to a particular problem on the board, "Please Miss Lee, what is the answer to this problem?" Ariel cast a lazy look at the board. There was no way she could answer that. So instead she called on her favourite weapon, her powers. Subtly was the answer and Ariel had mastered that long ago. It was slightly harder at the Academy given that here powers were common place, but that didn't make it impossible. "I don't know Miss." Ariel replied clearly, giving Miss Francis her best smile. Then, with a mental push she thrust a collection of emotions at Miss Francis. Miss Francis, about to frown at Ariel and no doubt tell her off, suddenly paused. Her face took on a content expression as she turned her gaze from the question to Ariel. Miss Francis gave Ariel a kind smile and shook her head. "Well then. That's alright. We'll move along." She said before rubbing the problem off and turning to the next one.

Ariel rolled her eyes at Miss Francis' back. She hadn't been much of a challenge. It had only taken a small amount of happiness, contentment and acceptance to make her change her tune. Really, Ariel would never be able to grow her power if she was forced to solely manipulate people as weak minded as Miss Francis. However, she had another year before she could legally leave the Academy, so it would be another year until she was able to step out into the world and put her considerable talents to good use.