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Sage Fitzgerald

"Any problem can be solved in a library. It's elementary logic, really." WIP

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a character in “The Demi-God Academy”, originally authored by lizardheartstring, as played by RolePlayGateway



"Think before you speak. Read before you think."
~Fran Lebowitz



Full Name:
Sage Hope Fitzgerald

None, unless you count the various insulting names people have called her over the years.

17 (Senior in high school)

Birth Date:
March 12

Home Town:
Hails from Manchester, England. However, Sage was known to have spent her early years in the small American town of Bend, Oregon.

"But of course, that is not of the greatest importance right now."

Being Demi-Gods


Godly Parent:
Athena, daughter of Zeus, and the patron goddess of Athens. She is the goddess of wisdom, military strategy, courage, inspiration, law and justice, strength, crafts, and skill. She has been known to assist many heroes in the past, including Hercules, Odysseus, and Perseus. The Parthenon is built in her honor.

Being a child of the goddess of wisdom and strategy gives Sage an advantage when it comes to intellectual pursuits. With an astute mind, she is clever, bright, and capable of thinking outside the box during any sort of situation. Clearly her intelligence is displayed by her ability to memorize various facts and formulas, but it is also obviously shown by her skill of remembering details others tend to overlook. Like other children of Athena, she does not have any extravagant powers like other demigods who can control the air, the earth, the water, etc. However, with her cunning, she has the ability and drive to beat them using strategy alone. Unlike others who call themselves resourceful, Sage is able to think at a rapid pace. This helps her in competition, and especially in battle. Also, those of Athena's kin possess sound emotional control as well as mental control. That being said, it's very hard to get Sage frightened. She can keep calm even under the most stressful situations, making her a valuable asset when it comes to following protocol. Maybe she can't always keep everyone else around her calm, but she'll certainly try if she needs to.

With someone of her tiny, frail stature, one wouldn't think of Sage Fitzgerald as being an expert when it comes to combat. The way she fights is similar to the way she thinks; she doesn't use sheer force, but rather shrewd thinking and quick judgement to get where she needs to be. She may not know her way around every single type of weapon, but with a little determination and willpower, she can certainly learn how to use any instrument of her choice. With her introverted personality, it's not much of a surprise to see that she's a master at long-range combat. She favors the bow, and considers it to be her signature weapon. Sage may not be as good at archery than the children of Apollo, but with the amount of practice she's gone through, some consider her to be on their level. She's only just learned how to use one a year ago, but Sage is also skilled at facing opponents with the use of spears (the weapon of choice for the goddess Athena), as well as the standard sword.

Intelligence and Memory- Clearly their is no greater strength for Sage Fitzgerald than her wittiness and intelligence. She is skilled academically and strategically, and has great common-sense. She is also incredibly analytical and can solve mysteries with her cleverness. Fortunately, she also attains some of her mother's wisdom as well, and can offer excellent advice to those who truly need it.
Combat- Sage has been trained in combat for quite a long time, and is an asset to any team looking for strong fighters. She's known for her prowess in long-distance combat, as she uses strong and strategic marksmanship to get the job done. She also is powerful with spears and swords, however, she finds lesser-used weapons to be more fun, as they present to be more of a challenge to wield on the battlefield.
Language- Not only can Sage speak fluent Greek and Latin, but she also has an extensive vocabulary to match. Sometimes it can be too extensive, though, and she can't properly communicate with those around her because nobody has any idea what she is saying.
Historian- Sage makes it her priority to know past-people's priorities. She's an expert when it comes to Greek battle stories, legends, and tales, and even associates herself with other mythologies, such as Celtic and Arabic.
Violin- Her prowess in the instrument is a lesser-known talent that Sage has acquired. She only picked up the violin a year ago and can play as though she has been a musician for years. (She's also good at piano as well, once learning how to play Mozart's Sonata in C in less than a week for fun.)

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Spiders- Every child born under Athena has an abnormal and irrational fear of spiders. Sage is no exception. In fact, she views herself as being the worst around scary-looking arachnids. Believe it or not, she actually shows symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder around black widow spiders, as she had the most unfortunate luck of encountering one in her youth.
Sports- Although she is very competitive and skilled at archery and combat, there is a slight chink in her strong wall of physicality. Sage has never been good at sports, as sports are things that cannot be learned by simply reading a book. They require instinct, which the girl does not allow herself to have.
Intuition- This child of Athena tends to base all of her choices around fact and logic. That being said, Sage doesn't know how to just let go and "take a chance". She gets slightly nervous whenever she has to base her decisions on probability.
Judgemental- Sage has a very bad habit of basing people's worthiness and resourcefulness solely on their intelligence or trustworthiness. Having a strong sense of justice, she does not realize that even the shadiest of people can be a huge asset to a team.

Sharing Our Desires


|| Books and libraries (she tends to read a lot of nonfiction) | The color green (especially in an olive hue) | Trivia | Owls | Classical Music | Traveling | Education | Mythical beasts and creatures | Helping those who deserve guidance | Structure and organization | Playing violin | Studying | Debates | Puzzles | Logic and reason | Theories | Archery | Her family | Training | The journey rather than the destination | Wisdom | Patience | Peace and quiet | Odysseus, Perseus, and other Greek heroes and legends from mythology | Sudoku and Chess | Her necklace | Capture-the-flag games (at her old school, her teams never lost) ||

|| Disorganization | Liars | Cheaters | Attention-seekers | Classmates who only view her as being a walking library | Public humiliation | Bigotry | Loud noises | Greed | Arachnids (ESPECIALLY black widow spiders) | Ignorance | Drug-abusers | Chaos | Hurting the innocent | Destruction | Children of Ares | Nymphs | Medusa | Alchemy | Stupid theories, such as phrenology | Misogyny ||

Maintaining somewhat of a mysterious aura, Sage's hobbies aren't known all too well. However, based of off good intuitive guesses, it is clear that some of her hobbies include studying, reading, and archery practice on the academy's training fields. Sometimes, the girl can even be seen performing experiments. With a scientist-like mind, she is always trying to prove or disprove theories, and recreate "impossible" scenarios from the past. Last but certainly not least, her tolerance when it comes to helping others can be considered a hobby. Many students usually come to her when they need help in intellectual pursuits. Sometimes, people confronting her for advice is the only way she can make friends.

|| Spiders of any kind | Having her own advice lead to someone else's demise or downfall | Abundant failure | Execution, particularly that similar to the middle ages and the 1700s/1800s (guillotines scare the living daylights out of her) ||

Sage transferred from her old school for reasons unknown to many of the people on campus. She has stated that the reason for her departure was because of educational purposes, but rumor has it that she got expelled. She's talked about this as well, saying that she has never been expelled in her life and has the records to prove it. Still, nobody can explain why she gets tense and wide-eyed whenever someone asks her about her old school...



|| Resourceful | Logical | Diligent | Challenge-seeker | Loyal | Compassionate | Traditional | Determined | Impatient | Critical ||

The Past Defines Us


As if any other day could have been better, the child of Athena was born on March 12, 17 years ago; the night of a lunar eclipse. Ryan Fitzgerald, a historian stationed in Oregon, was the father of this baby girl, whom was wrapped in a blanket of shimmering golden thread when she was born. There was something about Mr. Fitzgerald that Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, found interesting; perhaps his brains, his doctorate in history, or maybe just his strong will and unbreakable determination. Whatever it was, the two lovers had a child together, whom they both agreed on naming Sage.

Athena actually stayed with Mr. Fitzgerald for a year until leaving him on a snowy day in winter. By that time, he had already found a woman who would become Sage’s new mother. Mr. Fitzgerald was married to Elizabeth Farrel when his daughter was around age three. Athena and Ryan found Elizabeth to be just intelligent enough to raise their child right, and just ignorant enough to never believe in Sage's true origins. The rich southern belle was an excellent mother, and because she owned her family's toy shop, Sage got a head start in physics. Needless to say, the young demigod developed her love for academics as a small child.

Even at a young age, the blonde-haired girl knew she was something different. She could feel it even before her father told her about her true mother, and showed her the shimmering golden blanket which she was delivered upon. She would often brag about her heritage to the other kids, (who thought she was completely insane, of course) and although they never believed her, the teachers found Sage to metaphorically be the daughter of Athena. She skipped the third grade, won the Oregon State Spelling Bee in fourth grade, and brought back gold trophies for her elementary school's academic team in grade five. Although things were going swimmingly for her in school, things at home were starting to turn more and more complicated.

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald started to have arguments, which turned into fighting, and then turned into violence. Sage knew better than to start a ruckus around the household, and kept her voice shut. Her parents bickering meant no more visits to the town diner every Friday, no more going to the movies with her friends, and no more stories of Athena from her father. In fact, Athena became a banned name around the household, as Sage's constant curiosity in her godly mother led to Mrs. Fitzgeralds's unfaithfulness in her husband. She started to believe that Ryan was visiting another woman, a woman whom he described to Sage as 'a goddess'. Shortly after the divorce of her parents, one of Sage's closest friends had died due to pancreatic cancer. Sage also got her first dose of bullying, which she tried to ignore. This led to the young demigod becoming more distant from her friends than usual, residing only in the comfort of her Greek and Latin textbooks.

Eventually, Mr. Fitzgerald figured that him and his daughter needed a change. The two packed their bags, grabbed their passports, and took a flight straight to London, England. The father and daughter only planned on staying in the city until they could both get their visas, but ended up staying for nearly three years. Not only did the two reside in London because of Mr. Fitzgerald's new job and Sage's education, but also because of surprise gifts from an unexpected stranger.
It all started when a caged owl appeared by the entrance to their apartment. The cage was marked with a tag that read, "To Sage, with love, -A" It didn't take the girl long to contemplate on who had sent her the gift. Naming the owl Jocasta, Sage kept the bird by the windowsill in her room, making sure to take great care of it.

Two months later, Sage started to have strange dreams of ancient battles and a woman whispering her name. After receiving a peculiar dream that told her to open her window and unlock the owl's cage, Sage did so, and ended up chasing Jocasta across the busy streets of London. However, this ended up becoming a blessing much more than a curse. The owl would lead the demigod to new places every day. One day, it was a small martial arts school where a happy old man was willing to give her free lessons in exchange for riddles. Another day, Jocasta led Sage to an archery range where she found an abandoned bow sitting on the ground with arrows scattered everywhere. It became evident to Sage that her mother was trying to tell her something. She worked hard to master the art of combat, as well as keeping up with her studies. One day, the owl led her to a train station where a dirty-looking ticket blew in the wind. Jocasta caught the ticket in her beak, and handed it to Sage. The ticket read 'Manchester'.

Taking this as a sign, Sage Fitzgerald convinced her father to move to Manchester. They did, and Ryan was able to find a stable and high-paying job. In the meantime, the now adolescent Sage let her owl into the city yet again, where this time, she was led to a strange-looking pub. Inside, she met friendly strangers who recognized her as a demigod, and told her all about a school named "The Academy of Mount Olympus". It was a place for children of the gods, such as herself. The next day, she awoke to find that the windowsill where Jocasta once resided was barren. Not only the cage, but the bird was gone. The only thing left of her mother's messenger was a shining brown feather. She took the feather and crafted it into a necklace, (a token she wears every day ) and then headed down to Mount Olympus Academy. Nobody knows what exactly happened to Sage during her first year of the school in North America, but eventually she transferred to a new demi-god academy in upstate New York by the time she had turned seventeen.

  • Sage's necklace glows whenever she is angry, or when she is in a competitive mindset.
  • Her owl, Jocasta, has reunited with her since her transferring to a new school. She keeps the owl inside a cage situated in her dormitory.
  • Instead of cursing in English, Sage tends to swear in Greek.


Theme Song:
Violet Hill || Coldplay
It was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

When the future's architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You'd better lie low

If you love me
Won't you let me know?

It was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And a fox became God

Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And the cross held aloft

Bury me in armor
When I'm dead and hit the ground
My nerves are poles that unfroze

And if you love me
Won't you let me know?

I don't want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below

So if you love me
Why'd you let me go?

I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent, still

Said if you love me
Won't you let me know?

If you love me,
Won't you let me know?

So begins...

Sage Fitzgerald's Story


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#, as written by Cloud



Time: 8.30am

The weather seems to rest at a comfortable temperature, not too warm or too cold. Curiously, the seasons of the Academy don't seem to relate much to the outside world, in fact it usually seems to be a mild summer day even if snow storms rage outside of it's boundaries. Of course, with a collection of super-powered demi-gods within it's walls the weather and many other aspects of life is always likely to change rapidly.

The Academy's first day of classes is always a more relaxed day for the students. Classes start slightly later than usual at 9.30am (usually classes begin at 8.55am) and end just after midday to allow for the traditional game of Capture the Flag in the afternoon.

However, this early in the morning most students can be found rising from their sleep and preparing for their day. All the students have arrived earlier in the week, giving everyone a chance to catch up on their holidays and make themselves at home again. Of course, the week has also given the students a chance to reopen old wounds, confirming past enmities or on the flip side form new friendships. Of course others have used the free week to get a head start on their studies, start working on an invention or begin to plan pranks. Of particular interest to the party animals would have been the nearby town bar which hosted a party the previous night. Of course leaving the school grounds is prohibited...

Given the vast array of personalities at the Academy, this year promises to be a very interesting one.


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#, as written by Cloud
Time: 9.45am

Classes have started for the students.
The University students are currently in Power Control situated in the training courts.
The high school students are in either English or Maths class.


The class had started 15 minutes ago. The teacher, one Mr Frank Solomon, had first greeted the returning students warmly, obviously pleased to find the majority alive and relatively sane. His instructions had then been to enjoy the first day of classes. He had given them several options, each designed to help them get out of their holiday funk and get back into the swing of things. Set up at the further end of the training courts was a collection of targets and dummies, ranging in shapes and sizes. Some were stationary and some would move when in play. All offered a good place for students who wished to exercise control and train their precision with their powers. Closer to him, where he could watch and make sure that nobody went overboard, were the sparring areas. These were places where students could have mock fights against each other, using their powers to defeat their opponents. Of course, actually hurting anyone was against the rules, hence why Mr Solomon was hovering nearby. As usual for those not inclined to fighting, tables had been erected to the side to allow students, usually Athena and Hephaestus' children, to but their brains to the test. In between each area other students had come up with their own lesson plan, each stretching out their powers in their own way.

Amelia had been inclined to head down to the set up of dummies. There she, and the other students who had picked the moving targets, were busy decimating the Academy's population of stuffed targets. With a grin Amelia sent another sizzling bolt of lightning flying towards the dummy, reducing it to a smouldering heap of ash in seconds. Her hands were buzzing with miniature lightning bolts, the air around her seemed to be giving off a slightly static vibe and she couldn't help but smile. She sighted down the range again, threw her hands up in front of her and sent a flurry of lightning bolts flying towards a target set up halfway down the range. It exploded in an eruption of smoke and Amelia turned her attention to the next target. This one popped out of the ground on her left side, moving forward on it's mechanism. It was shaped like a mythical hall hound and ran low to the ground. Even so it didn't stand a chance as Amelia sent another bolt of lightning flying at it.

She took a step back from the moving targets, both to let her peers have a go and to catch her breath. Power control was undoubtedly one of Amelia's favourite classes. Where else was she able to use her gift without the fear of hurting another person? After all, lightning wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing to be hit with. She loved the feeling of it's power racing through her and had to resist going overboard. As she caught her breath, Amelia glanced around the courts. She spotted Eddie lounging on the sidelines and couldn't help but shake her head. She knew that his powers weren't really the active, fighting type. They were dangerous in their own way, or they could be if he trained them, but she understood his fear about losing control of them. Insanity wasn't something easy to control. But, he'd never learn how to if he simply sat and did nothing. With a shrug Amelia turned her attention back to the targets.


Ariel sat at the back of the Maths class, choosing to block out most of what Miss Francis, the teacher, was saying. Class was really not her thing. She would much rather be out socialising, or attending VIP events. Sitting here was not her idea of a good time. So instead of tuning into the lesson Ariel was staring at her nails, tapping each finger nail with her opposite hand and changing the colour with her powers. She had always been glad that her power over make-up extended to her nails. It meant that she always had the perfect nail colour and didn't have to spend money on the actual polish, not that money had ever been a problem for her. Ariel had just settled on a pastel green for one hand when she was jolted from her thoughts.

"Miss Lee, are you paying attention?" The teacher, Miss Francis asked across the silent room. Ariel glanced up from her hands to find Miss Francis staring at her, her arms folded across her chest and her own unpainted nails tapping quietly against her opposite arm. Ariel felt no fear towards the teacher. How could she when the woman was wearing a hideous floral dress matched with a pair of last seasons sandals? "No Miss. I was doing my nails." Ariel replied, smiling serenely at the woman. Miss Francis stared at Ariel, not quite sure how to react to the girl. It was obvious that she had never had Ariel as a student, or she would have let the comment go. As it was Miss Francis was willing to give Ariel a chance. She cleared her throat and pointed to a particular problem on the board, "Please Miss Lee, what is the answer to this problem?" Ariel cast a lazy look at the board. There was no way she could answer that. So instead she called on her favourite weapon, her powers. Subtly was the answer and Ariel had mastered that long ago. It was slightly harder at the Academy given that here powers were common place, but that didn't make it impossible. "I don't know Miss." Ariel replied clearly, giving Miss Francis her best smile. Then, with a mental push she thrust a collection of emotions at Miss Francis. Miss Francis, about to frown at Ariel and no doubt tell her off, suddenly paused. Her face took on a content expression as she turned her gaze from the question to Ariel. Miss Francis gave Ariel a kind smile and shook her head. "Well then. That's alright. We'll move along." She said before rubbing the problem off and turning to the next one.

Ariel rolled her eyes at Miss Francis' back. She hadn't been much of a challenge. It had only taken a small amount of happiness, contentment and acceptance to make her change her tune. Really, Ariel would never be able to grow her power if she was forced to solely manipulate people as weak minded as Miss Francis. However, she had another year before she could legally leave the Academy, so it would be another year until she was able to step out into the world and put her considerable talents to good use.