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The Demon and the Princess: 2.0

The Demon and the Princess: 2.0


This is a 1x1 roleplay! The princess is taken but the demon role is now reserved! Description inside.

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Demon x Princess

Charcters in this roleplay: 2

Princess = Female
Demon = Male

Genre: Anime, Old Era, Demons, Human, Forbidden Love, Runaway

In the old era, demons ran freely through out Japan. There were Yokai, demons, other mysterious and dark creatures and humans, but they did not live in harmony. Many human villages were haunted or wiped out while others fought back. It was a constant war between everyone. One day, when a certain princess sneaks out of her castle to go for a walk, she sees an army of demons coming down from the sky and on ground. She warns everyone she can in the village and then returns to the castle to warn everyone there. The royal family hides in a secret cave below the mountain and the princess is also forced to stay with her family. The town below the royal palace is completely wiped out but many of the villagers escaped. The demons came up to the palace and killed many guards while a few managed to slay the demons. The princess managed to sneak out and tried helping the remaining few that were still alive. Unfortunately, she wasn't very skilled at fighting. When she seen him, she instantly assumed he was a demon but with a human , which was correct. Thinking he was going to kill her, he actually saved her but he disappeared almost immediately after. After about a year of the town and palace being mysteriously saved by rampaging animals or a few passing demons, the princess knew that it was the demon that was protecting their town. She snuck out and eventually found him again one day and she convinced him to let her come with him. The princess didn't want to get married and sent away to a different castle and she certainly didn't want to be watched constantly the rest of her life, so she begged the demon if he could take her along on a journey with him. After many pleads, he accepted and she left the next morning.

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Ayame Sunohara

Ayame looked up at the sky. It was one of those days again. It was bright and sunny outside, but the rain still found it's way into the sky. Not that Ayame minded, she loved the rain. It's just that this was the same weather as when she met... him for the first time.

Ayame managed to escape from the cave where her family was hiding and decided to go out and help. She ran by launching her chain sickle into the forehead of a nasty worm like demon, then another. After even only a few minutes of fighting, she was surrounded. Luckily, her sisters hopped in, bashing all their heads either in or straight off with their respected weapons. They all shot her a small smirk before running off to continue fighting. Damn it, that just shows how much stronger they are than I am... But I can't think of that right now! Ayame snapped quickly out of her thoughts and lunged her weapon at another demon coming her way. A quick insect type demon swung it leg at hers and knocked her right off of her feet. Many more demons came and this time, her sisters were occupied. She panicked, thinking that this was going to be it. Would she finally be joining her mother?

No! I need to stop thinking like that! Mom would want me to be strong. Ayame pulled out a knife hidden under her kimono and quickly stabbed into one of the insects' eyes, then bolted onto her feet. Unfortunately, she didn't get far.Ayame's entire body was completely wrapped up in a thin, snake like demon, causing her to trip and fall to the ground. Ayame moved her face away as a boulder was thrown in her direction, but the death never came. She opened her eyes slightly and there he was, for the first time...
~End of Flashback~

Ayame got up off of the log and walked back towards the demon she had begged to run away with. He didn't resemble a demon at all, he looked more like a handsome man. Well, a very handsome man. It was almost hard to keep her eyes off of him. He had glasses, like a doctor and he wore pretty average commoner clothes, but he still looked great in them. She had to admit, he was a little intimidating. He had such a cold look, it was pretty intimidating. Ayame knew she could never look that cool or scary. She almost envied that. She still wondered why he even agreed to bringing her along. After staring at him for a few moments, she finally walked up to him.
Okay, so will we be finding a place to stay tonight?


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Character Portrait: Ayame Sunohara Character Portrait: Michael Haez
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Michael had been standing beside a tree, watching the outskirts of the kingdom be ravaged by his insane brethren. His heart went out to him it truly did. He didn't want to see any of them die. Even though they were insane, it still ravaged him to his core, almost as bad as tearing his heart out. His brothers and sisters were being killed and slaughtered on that blood stained battlefield that was once considered a kingdom, by the merciless murderers once considered princesses. He gritted his teeth as he concealed his rage. It was bubbling inside him like a mighty volcano ready to erupt. His hand connected with the tree next to him, making a very large indention along with making it tilt sideways. He hated having to watch this from a distance but going down there as a sane demon would still be a death sentence. He could only watch. He nearly forgot the girl was there until she came up behind him and began to speak. Okay, so will we be finding a place to stay tonight? Michael turned to her, looking down at the girl. He remembered that she had to have sleep and human needs that he had lived and long forgotten about. With a sigh, he jumped up onto one of the tree branches, looking out into the forest. He saw a massive expanse of trees and then he saw mother tree, where he stayed with his brethren before the outbreak of insanity. "I didn't take that into account but we could head for Mother Tree." He explained to her, jumping back down from the tree and landing in front of her.


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Character Portrait: Ayame Sunohara Character Portrait: Michael Haez
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Ayame Sunohara
Ayame noticed the... troubled look on his face. When he gripped the tree, that's when Ayame's heart skipped a beat, out of fear. Oh my gosh, what is he doing? Ayame thought to herself, trying to reassure herself that she mustn't be afraid. When he suddenly turned towards her, she jumped a bit. Then, it was his turn to suddenly jump. Ayame watched him quickly jump into one of the trees, almost like a ninja. Ayame had some ninjas that lived at her palace, even throughout the town. However, they were all just normal people to her, no matter what they truly "were".

I didn't take that into account but we could head for Mother Tree.

Ayame gasped silently when she heard him speak of the Mother Tree. She'd heard rumors of demons finding home in that tree. Surely, she thought they'd travel town to town. She wasn't even fully sure anymore why she came with this demon, but all she knew was that she would become a better fighter, like those she grew up with. Ayame was snapped out her thoughts when the demon landed in front of her. She didn't want to be difficult and convinced herself that she was brave, so she just said:
Sure. Lead the way.
In the coolest manner she could.

OOC: Sorry, couldn't find a better picture of a huge tree! xD

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