The Demon Cycle Saga

The Demon Cycle Saga


Based on the demon cycle saga by Peter V. Brett.

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Inhabitants of Thesa plagued by the attacks of demons known as corelings, which rise from the planet's core each night to feast upon humans. There are many different kinds of corelings, each associated with a particular element and each with different capabilities and strengths.

The ongoing attrition of these attacks have reduced humanity from an advanced state of technology to a 'dark age'. The only defense against the corelings are wards (magical runes) that can be drawn, painted, or inscribed to form protective barriers around human settlements. These are, however, fragile and prone to failure unless properly maintained.

After decades of hiding behind their defensive wards and humanity reaching the brink of extinction, the old fighting wards of legends are finally unearthed. How and who found them remains a mystery, but they were quickly spread over Thesa, giving humanity a fighting chance at survival. This is now the time for heros to emerge, experimenting with the new wards, combing them together to discover deadlier and more lethal weapons.

World Map;

While based on the books this is set in a completely separate timeline where Arlen, Leesha and Rojer did not exist, as such the events of the Daylight War and Desert Spear never happened.

Please note that while having read the books will help with your understanding of world, demons and just generally how things work it is not a necessity. If you wish for explanations, or things in more detail please do not hesitate to ask.

Toggle Rules

1. No god modding.
2. No controlling over peoples characters.
3. No using original protagonists. (Arlen, Leesha, Rojer)
4. No 1 sentence posts, please put in the time and effort for a decent sized post.
5. Have fun and be creative.

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Re: The Demon Cycle Saga

Are there any classes I should know about, Princess, Rangers, Assassins, Thieves, things like that?

Re: The Demon Cycle Saga

Well its kinda opened world for the moment, depending how many people join we could develop a stronger story. As for characters its completely up to you, only real limitations are not using any of the original protagonists and no races outside of humans. Tho you can play as a Prince coreling should you wish to do so. Other than that its really your choice, you can be anything you want within reason.

Re: The Demon Cycle Saga

Hey there, this looks interesting, I think I'd like to join but I wanna know first what types of Characters you are looking for?

Re: The Demon Cycle Saga

My thoughts are setting it a short while after offensive wards are discovered, between 6 moths to a year. They are spread out enough to be commonly used, but still new enough that people are still discovering new ones and combinations.

Re: The Demon Cycle Saga

So are we roleplaying Pre-offensive wards or post?

The Demon Cycle Saga

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