Kain Rowin

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a character in “The Demon Cycle Saga”, as played by Ken Shiro



Name: Kain Rowin
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Height; 6'2"
Weight; 220lb
Eye colour; Brown
Hair colour; Black
Description; A brutish look with his hair cut short but messy. Strong defined muscles and rough stubble covering his cheeks and jaw,

Skills/Education; No real education or schooling. An adept miner and farmer, basic skills with swords, spears, and maces but excels with axes and war hammers. No talent whatsoever with bows. An adept warder and quick to deploy them.

Background/History: Was born and raised on a farm, taught everything he knew by his father and mother as he grew up. But when the wards surrounding his home failed and destroyed all he had including his parents, he survived by hiding within his fathers old portable ward net. Was found cowering within the ruins of his home the next morning by the local villagers, living with each of them at one point or another until he was old enough to make the trip to Fort Miln and find work there. He was shipped up into the mountains where he spent the next 10 years working in the mines and around the village. When word reached him of the ancient offensive wards being found he quickly made his way back to Miln. He quickly got his favorite lumber axe and mining hammer refashioned and warded into weapons to fight the corelings. Since then he has been fighting the monster that took his family and home away from him, learning all he could of the new wards and applying them whenever he had the chance.


So begins...

Kain Rowin's Story