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Aria di Angelo

"I'm not bad...I just like having fun. Got a problem with that? Get over it!

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a character in “The Depot”, as played by Blondie104



Name: Aria di Angelo

Nickname: God, I hated it when my Dad started calling me this. Ari

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (the struggles of being a baby)

Species: Gen

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Tried the lesbian thing, didn't work for me)

Description: Aria definitely takes after her father before he grew pale, owning a smooth, creamy olive skin tone. She has wide, almond-shaped hazel-green eyes that pierces you with her stare, luscious and glossed lips, high cheeks, a thin nose, and arched eyebrows on her slightly heart-shaped and gorgeous face. Her body is slim with very tempting curves which she decorates with dark, sexy clothing. Her physique is fit and toned from years of ballet and mixed martial arts. She's on 5'3, but her heels add to her height and make her intimidatingly beautiful. Long, silky dark brown hair that appears black at times frames her face elegantly and falls down to her breasts. She has a Scorpio tattoo on her lower back for her sign and her belly button is pierced.

Lineage: Daughter of Nico di Angelo and a woman named Belle Peterson and granddaughter of Hades



Personality: What can I say? I'm kinda awesome.

Aria is definitely not Daddy's little girl anymore. As a child, she was much more controllable and followed rules. Now, she chooses which rules to follow and she truly does not care if you get upset with her for that mentality. She's very forward and semi-aggressive, choosing not to start fights but trust and believe! Even if she does not attack you, she's probably mentally kicking your ass. It's not that she's a mean person. On the contrary, she's actually a really good friend to have and she cares about things. It's just...she really doesn't care for a lot of things. She's actually really sarcastic and she shows you when you bore her by rolling her eyes. She has a habit of huffing when she feels annoyed or again...bored.

Not a lot can impress Aria, not even death. She has no fear of it nor does she have a care for it. Actually, she thinks of death as a joke and actually starts conversations with some of the souls that have died. This does not mean that she's not sympathetic to the dead or pain. She sympathizes deeply and her biggest sympathy point goes to children. She really has a mother's heart and although she has a somewhat harsh attitude towards older people, she is her nicest and loving towards children, especially babies. She's very passionate about the things that are important to her and is irrevocably loyal to her friends and family, though she shows a certain dislike to her Dad. She loves him dearly, but his absence and then sudden reappearance irritates her. She mocks love at times, but on the inside, she wants it. She's just afraid of it because it makes you vulnerable and stupid, her words exactly. At times, Aria puts on this tough girl act and she even has a bitch mode, one of the few times she's actually physically aggressive.

Another thing about her that Nico truly doesn't like on his daughter is that she's very...very seductive and when she wants you, she will have you. She knows what she wants and goes for it. She's sexy, she's gorgeous, and she knows that. Does that make her cocky? No, not at all. Aria definitely knows she's not the most gorgeous girl in the world. Does it make her confident? Yes, and she's not just confident in her looks; she's confident in her abilities whether they be physical or power related. And to top it all off, she's the girl you want to have when you want fun.

Alignment: Good




  • Necromancy -- She can summon the dead and communicate with them, using them for crucial information if she has to. But she really just talks with the dead for the fun of it. They're actually cool people in her book. It's just that the old dead guys keep hitting on her.
  • Geokinesis -- She can control the earth, levitating rocks and being able to make them sharp and deadly when she hurls them your way. Be warned: they actually can kill you if she aims correctly. She's not as strong as her father.
  • Umbrakinesis -- She can engulf enemies in darkness, can create portals of darkness for travel, and blend in with the darkness.
  • Mixed Martial Arts -- Although Nico wasn't known for hand-to-hand combat, Aria's mother was very skilled and trained her daughter efficiently. Plus, Aria's very flexible and she uses her smallness to her advantage
  • Can read ancient Greek and can speak French, Spanish, and Arabic
  • ADHD -- Supernatural battle reflexes and analytical personality when observing opponent's battling strategy

+Although she can create portals of darkness to travel through, Aria has to know where she's going personally or she might get lost in the darkness. Traveling also tires her out.
+While Aria can summon the dead, she can only summon twenty at a time.

Hidden in her pants or bag are a pair of sai that her mother had shipped over to America for Aria. They are chrome round sai because Aria loves to bright gleam of them. She's very efficient with these.




Aria was born to her parents on November 5th, a Scorpio just like her mother. Her parents were a dysfunctional couple and lasted only until Aria was three. When her father moved out, they even had a custody battle in which, naturally, her mother won. Nico left for awhile and didn't reappear in her life until she was ten, claiming that he needed some time. Truthfully, Aria thinks that he liked not being there and she hates him, never seeing her father as loving because of the darkness in his eyes. He seemed almost detached when she was a child and although he returned with a brighter personality, Aria didn't trust him.

Her mother was her sole provider and therefore, Aria looked up to her growing up. The woman was strong and independant and she did the best she could for her daughter. Although Aria didn't have to complain much about her life, she was teased in elementary school for her mother working two jobs while some of richer classmates came from houswife mothers and powerful fathers. But Aria never showed her bitterness to her mother and only studied her hardest in school. When she got to high school, Aria changed drastically and neither her mother or Nico knew what to do with her.

Done with being bullied, Aria started fighting back and got a lot of the popular girls to back off, fearing her wrath. She started growing curves and Aria loved the attention, basking in the attention of guys eyeing her cleavage and her long legs that were always clad in skinny jeans or leggings. When she got her first boyfriend and lost her virginity to him, Aria got her tattoo and her mother grounded her. That didn't stop Aria and she began sneaking out when she was grounded, first discovering her ability to use shadows as a way to travel. She just jumped into the shadow and landed outside the door to clubs. Eventually, she would get her piercing and Nico caught her. At that point, he tried to lay down the rules and she rudely blew him off, causing an all-out war between father and daughter. Naturally, Nico won and sent her to Hell for a few days, which was pretty much torture for Aria because she couldn't have fun with her friends. But she began to communicate with the dead and when Nico released her back to the mortal world, she found she was still able to communicate with the dead. Ignoring her father's lectures, Aria went back to being normal and partying, using her abilities from time to time.

However, when she was on a trip to the museum, she read the ancient Greek letters of Hades, Athena, and Poseidon to some friends. One of the elderly ladies taking the tour overheard her and cornered Aria when she went to the restroom. Aria had originally thought that the woman was simply an elderly that needed help in the restroom and imagine her surprise when it turned out the woman was actually a centaur. Although Aria was very skilled in her fighting and actually was able to defeat her enemy, as she killed it with her sai, she was thrown across the room and hit her head against the bathroom mirror, knocking her unconcious. When she came to, she was in a pure white room and someone told her she was in Depot on her father's request.

So begins...

Aria di Angelo's Story