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Amelia Jones

"When falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?"

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a character in “The Descendants”, as played by Fabricator




”You think that there are good people or bad people,
You’re wrong of course. There are only ever bad people.
It just happens that they are on opposite sides.”


”Taking my father’s name seemed a little too cliché.”
Amelia Elizabeth Jones

”Yeah I know it’s a bit corny but I couldn’t help taking after her.”
Amy (preferred), Eliza, Jones, Amethyst

”Don’t let my age fool you. I’ve seen my unfair share.”





"All I’m saying is that the centre of your world,
can be anywhere I want it to be."

5’ 8”


H A I R 0 C O L O U R
Reddish brown

E Y E 0 C O L O U R
”Try not to get lost.”
Light brown iris with a dark #4B0082 pupil

While she may sometimes get overlooked in favour of those more prone to flaunting their looks, there is no denying that Amelia is a beauty even if she may try her best to shy away from the fact which often stops her from truly standing out. For the most part she almost goes out of her way to divert attention from herself as a whole because of her powers so she rarely has to deal with admirers unless she wants to.

Between her parents she mostly takes after her mother in her looks but there’s plenty about her to tell you who her father is. Though more than anything it is her eyes which give it away; with their calculating but almost disinterested look that captures your focus like a deer in the headlights. And her winning smile will warm your heart and give her stare a much more welcoming feel but by then you’ll belong to her. She keeps her wavy hair about shoulder length so it frames her face better but often has it tied back to keep it out of her eyes.
When looking for something to wear she’ll most likely try for whatever she can lay her hands on, since for the most part her choice has often been rather limited to the clothes on her back. Since moving into the academy she’s been able to expand her clothing to a few more items but still gravitates primarily to comfortable clothes over anything that could be termed high fashion. Even with an expanded wardrobe her taste still leans towards hard wearing jeans and jackets with tank-tops or casual tshirts.

”We all have scars from our past.”
Amelia has several tattoos on her body but most of them are simply there to try and hide some of her scars. She has one half of a broken mask weeping tears of #4B0082 blood between her shoulder-blades. Her arms are a crisscross of dark blue and purple vines mixed in with sayings that are barely legible unless you know their pattern. Despite this her back still contains several hardened welts that healed badly. She also has a silver nose stud on her left side.



“I have a conscience. It's just...more selective.”
Quiet ✫ Careful ✫ Paranoid ✫ Repressed ✫ Tactician

Amelia is a hard girl to read but surprising easy to talk to, regardless of your desire to do so or not.
The primary conflict of her personality is the thrill of knowing she can control those around her and the fear of not knowing if she could stop herself from going too far; of finding out exactly what she could be capable of.
She’s spent quite a lot of her life bouncing from home to home, living on the streets or running away from those who want to use her for their own gains. Overall she’s rather distrustful of everyone she meets and rarely opens up enough to give people a chance to earn her trust, which hasn’t been helped by her never sticking around long enough either.

    Dancing - I ain’t never gonna get locked up in another cage.
    Fast Food - ”You don’t get this much when you’re a test subject.”
    Animated Movies - Touch the sky and we’ll be free.
    Milkshakes - ”I like the weird texture and flavour. It’s ambrosia.”
    Singing - ” 'Cause everone's singing, we just wanna be heard.”
    Snakes - ”I don’t have much but I have Smaug.”
    Alcohol - ”Anything to numb myself helps.”

Loud Noises - ”I want quiet and I’ll have quiet.”
People - ”it’s best for me not to be around others.”
Bright Lights - ”They’re harsh and I don’t like them.”
Guns - ”Usually they’re aimed at me, so yeah…”
Being Manipulated - ”You can try, but I don’t take no for an answer.”
Being Alone - ”It’s nice to have someone to hold.”
Disobedience - ”I don’t like to repeat myself.”
Confined spaces - ”I like to know my exits at all times.”[/list]

    Reading - ”I like to make sense of things, I just don’t get the chance.”
    Songwriting - ”Sometimes I’d like to hear them to music.”
    Swimming - ”It’s like flying but grounded.”
    Sky-diving - ”Even without a plane or parachute It still counts, right?”
    Cabaret - ”Sometimes you just need to lose control.”
    Daydreaming - ”Imagine controlling the world. Imagine trying not to.”
    Humming - ”They dance to their own strings not mine.”
    Tapping fingers - ”Shave and a haircut, no legs.”
    Clicking tongue - ”It just helps me focus when I’m thinking”
    Licks Lips - ”I sometimes hesitate before I speak.”
    Cracks joints - ”What? It’s not weird.”

    Father - ”What if I’m just like he was? What if I’m worse?”
    Mother - ”At best she’d hate me, at worst she’d try to love me.”
    Losing Control - ”It’s such a rush, it’s intoxicating…”
    Trusting/Loving - ”How do you know if someone loves you if you can make them with a word?”


Persuasion – Amelia tends to have a way with words that can sway even the most stanch opposition to her way of thinking given time.
Hypnotic Pathogen – A side effect of her powers, even when she doesn’t directly make use of them is that those who’ve been around her for prolonged periods of time tend to become somewhat uninhibited as the pathogen takes root. For the most part this doesn’t cause too much chaos. For the most part this lasts roughly twelve hours from the first contact after which its effects start to dissipate.
Mind Control – A clichéd as it sounds she is more than capable of controlling those around her, but unlike many of the powerhouses such as Jean Grey she does have some limitations. Namely in that she needs to be heard and understood by others in order to control them, but effectiveness of her gift is increased the longer someone is around her. Because of this she can control most people within moments and certain stronger willed people eventually, but while she can’t do so through technology if she manages to do so once she can start to bridge that gap.
Enhanced Regeneration – Another gift she inherited from her father, though nowhere near the realms of say Wolverine or Deadpool she is certainly capable of healing wounds at a much more accelerated rate than normal humans. This hasn’t stopped her from sustaining injury or receiving scars either only reduced their number because some marks cut deep. And just because she can heal from injury doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
Superhuman Strength – While certainly stronger than a normal human of peak physical condition she isn’t going to win any contest of strength against some of the heavy hitters. Even so she’s still more than capable of holding her own.
Flight – Amy is capable of flying at average speed with slightly better control than her mother managed during her earlier career however she has only marginally improved on the landings. And for the most part she enjoys the freedom it offers till she has to come down again.
✫ Laser Eyes – “I’ll melt you with my laser eyes and they won’t leave a trace. Go on, just make me use them.” She totally has laser eyes, and if anything ever suggests otherwise it’s a complete fabrication. She really does have them, honest.


✫ Paranoia – Due to her parentage as well as her upbringing Amy is insanely paranoid, which manifests itself in varying degrees depending on the situation, the people involved as well as her mental state at the time. This can result in some overreactions and distrust of the universe in general which means she’s quite likely when in an uneasy environment to lash out.
✫ Overly Withdrawn – Tends to keep her distance from others, and even when singing she likes to do so on stage away from the crowds. Keeps to herself and dislikes engaging too much or letting her guard down.
✫ Apathy – A girl without anything to anchor her to humanity save music she tends to have an understandable disconnect from others.
✫ Being Controlled – While she is able to exert her own control over others with relative ease if she’s not careful she does have little protection from similar abilities, though her own pathogen does afford her a level of protection. For the most part she doesn’t worry about this as she’s done her best to keep a low profile but the fear is always there.
✫ Physical Fighting – While certainly strong Amelia was never trained to fight and as such her method of combat is usually causing her opponents to stop their attack or making someone else fight them rather than fighting them herself. As such she’s never managed to develop anything more than swinging punches wildly which is effective by pure luck and little else.


During her captivity by the villain known so eloquently as “The Purple Man”, Jessica Jones underwent a heavily traumatic experience which lasted roughly eight months after which she was placed in intensive care following an altercation with The Vision. Unbeknownst to her due to being in a comatose state brought on by the mental and physical shock she gave birth to a premature and sickly child which was hurried away. The medical records from that time prior to Jean Grey’s intervention to return Jessica to reality focus primarily on the injuries and procedures needed to prevent any permanent damage with little more than a line dedicated the baby.
For the most part of the birth of Amelia Jones was effectively forgotten by those involved, especially since the event was carefully hidden and buried beneath a mountain of contradictory paperwork.
In reality the baby had been instead taken deeper within S.H.I.E.L.D. by those of an unscrupulous nature who served the more secretive division of the agency. Take away by these agents she was raised under their watchful gaze and trained and experimented upon to try and understand her powers and recreate them. The full extent of her powers wasn’t recorded as she managed to keep some of it hidden till when she around twelve and during a breakout by other captives she was able to force her way from her cage and escape in the chaos, adding a little madness of her own to ensure her freedom.
During this time in her life she bounced around the country, moving from place to place whenever she lost control and let her powers get the better of her. For the most part these events were chalked up to either her Father or a similarly enhanced being so she wasn’t pegged as the culprit but either way she tried to be more careful in the future and save for the few recorded events logged each year she did manage to keep a semi-low profile for the next few years.
As she grew older she would walk into clubs and place herself onto the set list so that she could sing for a public who weren’t unwilling puppets and were there just to listen to those on stage honestly. Though she was more than capable of doing so before she came of age because who would argue with her when she told them she was there to sing?
It was after one of these events that she was confronted by none other than Tony Stark himself, The Superior Iron Man, who basically offered her a choice of coming quietly or fighting her way out. And while she’d escaped those who’d tracked her down before she’d had enough with the attempts ramping up in recent months to the point where she’d barely had a moment to breathe.
Since being captured ‘enrolled’ at the academy Amelia has had very little contact with the other inmates students during her short stay due to being placed in solitary confinement private tuition to help her adapt. Her isolation one on one sessions are being suspended in favour of reintroduction to the general populous of the academy, with the hope that this will better acclimatise her to her new situation.


Home is where you go when you run out of places to live.

In Amelia’s words...
”I’ve stayed in a few places over the years but for a cage this is a pretty good one. Plenty of space and it even has great acoustics which is pretty hard.”

H E X C O D E : #551a8b C R E A T O R : Fabricator F A C E C L A I M : Emily Browning

So begins...

Amelia Jones's Story

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[The Purple Man] - [#4B0082] - [Song]
When she woke to the sound of a voice announcing something or other that she was honestly too damn tired to care about she decided that early mornings were not something she enjoyed. As she rolled over and buried her head under the pillow as the voice continued she felt something wasn’t quite right but she couldn’t place her finger on it, not exactly. As the tannoy system died away she peaked out from under makeshift muffler and the cause for discomfort became quickly apparent. The sunlight blinding her through the strangely open curtains, especially given that she’d made sure to keep them closed tightly at every opportunity gave her cause to cry out and dive by into the welcoming darkness.

She remained safe and sound from the evil light which had sought to claw her eyeballs out for several more minutes before she registered that there appeared to be a rather insistent banging noise trying to rouse her from her sanctuary. As the noise didn’t appear to be going away, since it was also being accompanied by what appeared to be a rather muffled voice as well as the echoing voice of what she now realised was J.A.R.V.I.S. lending his aid to rouse her.

Groaning to herself as she began the arduous task of disentangling herself from the mess of sheets and duvet she dragged herself to the edge of the bed. In doing this she stretched slightly to far and fell headfirst onto the floor with a thud where she lay for a moment in quiet contemplation at her predicament. With her face half pressed against the hardwood floor she shouted through clenched teeth that she’d be out shortly as snippets of words finally penetrated her sleep addled brain; with the general gist translating that she was being summoned for something or other. Carefully she pushed herself into a crouched position, wincing slightly as her skin detached from the floor and reached over with the fingers of her left hand so she could grip the bed for balance. Slowly she managed to stand and wobbled a little unsteadily towards her closet and pulled out her clothes for the day, quickly slipping on her underwear and jeans before slipping a loose t-shirt with Pink Flyod’s “Dark Side of The Moon” emblazed on it.

Taking a quick look at herself in the mirror on the wall she ran her fingers through her messy hair and gave herself a lopsided grin before tottering towards the door and yanking it open; almost throwing herself off balance in the process as she rubbed sleep from her eyes.

“Ah, awake I see Ms. Jones.” Came the calm voice of Agent Coulson from the main hub of her rather rustic apartment.

“Ah, hello? Um, yeah?”

As she entered the room she turned to the side and reached into one of the tanks in the room, carefully withdrawing her only friend. A small orange and black venomoid Atheris hispidar by the name of Smaug which she lifted and nuzzled gently before sitting across from Coulson in one of the room’s leather couches.

“I understand your stay with us has been ‘difficult’ so far, however we’ve decided to take a different approach. I’m not sure if you were aware but tomorrow there is a social gathering for many of those here and we thought that it might do you good to get out and meet others before we try anything more structured. From what I understand today has been allocated as for the students to prepare and I would advise you to do the same.”

She shrugged noncommittally before responding, her finger gently stroking the length of Smaug as he sat curled up in her lap. The little snake hissed a little towards Coulson to show his displeasure at the early morning, their late nights being something Amelia and Smaug had in common.

“Well, it’s different here… That’s for sure. So, a bunch of freaks are going to be thrown together and sparks will fly? That about right?”

“Not as such, no. But it is certainly a possibility, but one we’ll try our best to avoid and we hope you and your classmates will assist us in doing. I’m afraid I need to be going as you’re not our only new student and there are others I need to speak with this morning so I wish you the best today and tomorrow, as well as for the rest of your stay.”

“Sure, it was nice being rudely awoken from sleeping through a day of doing nothing to be told this is officially a day of doing nothing.”

Agent Coulson carefully stood up and shook his head slightly before giving her a warm smile and bidding her a farewell as he made his way to the exit of her apartment and vanished into the wider building to go about his other obligations. This left a rather stunned Amelia who was at a loss with what to do but realisation dawned on her that she could leave and explore her glorified prison rather than remain caged in her second cell, lavish and beautiful though it may be. Pushing herself up off the couch carefully she walked over and placed Smaug back into his glass enclosure before dropping a small mouse into the feeding tray. Smiling down at the little snake as he devoured his breakfast before deciding she should go and get something herself. As she knelt to pull on her boots her stomach backed up her choice by rumbling.

After she fastened the laces she stood and picked up her black leather jacket from the bench of the kitchen section of the apartment and stepped out into the corridor of the academy. A few minutes passed after the door to her room closed and she remained almost motionless, just standing in the hall. The place was unfamiliar and she wasn’t entirely sure where she was going or what was going on around her. The feeling was a little overwhelming as she tried to get her bearings and ground herself before continuing.

It took her a little while but at last she made her way down into the more well trafficked areas where she was able to head directly towards the canteen. As she made her way towards the doors a girl charged at her screaming and seemingly to be beating at something on her clothes. Just before the collided with one another Amelia barked a single word towards the girl, her own uncertainty taking hold as her instinct kicked in.

“Stop.” She said suddenly and urgently.

To which the girl ceased all movement, her eye jerking around for a moment before they to remained still. Amelia carefully stepped sideways, noticing with a fleeting panic that the girl had also stopped breathing as well.

“Resume.” She half mumbled which caused the girl to continue her made dash though her momentum was thrown off as her confusion at being stopped causing her to lose balance and cannon into a wall where she slid down to the floor and sat shaking and crying while muttering about snakes.

“What’s wrong with snakes?” Amelia wondered to herself with a whisper as she snuck into the canteen while others were distracted by the sobbing girl. Grabbing herself a plate of pancakes with a hefty helping of syrup as well as a vanilla flavoured milkshake she made her way towards an empty table at the end of the room just past one already occupied by an almost ethereal girl with bright pink hair. Taking a seat she made a start on her pancakes, taking a long sip of her milkshake but overall just trying to keep her head down while she checked out those present to watch for threats.

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[The Purple Man] - [#4B0082] - [Song]

She lounged on her bed, lightly running her fingers through her hair as the minutes ticked by wondering about tonight’s events; especially given how easily she had drifted into obscurity the day before. She’d done such a good job of trying to drift into the background she may as well not have bothered going down for all the notice the rest of the academy took.

“Don’t be a baby.” She chided herself for being so narcissistic, though it couldn’t exactly be helped when the world seemed to bend over for her every whim; or at least it had done for a while before she’d landed herself in this place. And as much as she often denied wanting to do it the power was intoxicating beyond words, and to be surrounded by those who were so caught up in their own ‘gifts’ to not even acknowledge her own was equal parts a relief as it was an insult.

She’d spent much of the afternoon preparing for an event she had no intention of attending; this included spending several hours in the bath followed by drying and styling her hair as best she could which ended up making her look almost presentable. However as soon as she was ready she simply descended into a stupor of self-pity due to her inability to connect with her fellow students and ended up snoozing on her bed.

By the time the party was almost due to start her mood had soured further into being a full on strop so that when J.A.R.V.I.S. announced that she had been delivered something she only just managed to bite her tongue from hurling insults at the A.I. mainly because the gift piqued her interest since she couldn’t fathom who would be giving her anything. However as she walked out of her room and into the living space she came to a sudden halt as she discovered draped over one of the couches a long, elegant deep purple gown. It had certainly crossed her mind that she would most likely need something to wear if she was going to attend this party, and knowing she lacked such had contributed to her melancholy earlier. More than she’d like to admit actually.

She couldn’t deny that the dress was beautiful as she lightly brushed her fingers across the material, watching how it rippled slightly. But she hadn’t thought about wearing something like this, even if she rarely had to deal with criticism from others it felt a little more out there than she felt up to… but then again if she was going to grace them with her presence then she might as well make sure to get their attention. “And keep it.” She chuckled to herself as a smile very slowly curled her lips.

She lifted the dress carefully in her hands and dashed back into her room, laying it across her bed before giving it more appraising look before rummaging through her underwear. As she began to strip down it occurred to her that she hadn’t questioned the mysterious gifter of this wonderful item.

“Do you know who the dress is from J.A.R.V.I.S.?” The softly spoken voice answered back simply that he had been instructed for it to be delivered to her and that her benefactor wished to remain unknown, which certainly struck her as unusual but perhaps Bruce or Tony didn’t wish to show favouritism perhaps? Even without saying the thought aloud she knew it sounded farfetched. Even so as she lifted it up once more to put it on a small card in a gently cursive script fell out onto her bedding, reading the following:

“Don’t try, just do. And have fun my dear.”

It struck her as rather cryptic but she’d heard the first words before and they gave her goose-pimples across her skin as she thought back to the times she’d let loose and the minds she’d felt bow down to her. Shaking her head sharply she took a step backwards, taking a sharp breath as she did so. She knelt down by the bed half-dressed and stared at her newly acquired gown as indecision raged within her. Time seemed to stretch for a while as she tried to weigh her options against her own fears.
At last she slowly picked herself up and finished dressing and any doubts she had were instantly dispelled as she saw herself reflected in the mirror; more of a temptress than she’d expected but then again she knew she could tempt almost anyone without trying. Her hair flowed down her back a little, curling over her shoulder slightly with a small parting over her left eye.
Taking a deep breath she strode out of the bedroom and left her apartment with an amused smile on her face even if her earlier turmoil simply boiled below the surface she wasn’t going to let herself be consumed by it.

As she opened the doors to the dance she noticed that most of the people appeared to have already split off into their various social groups. Unsure as to who each was, though a few certainly piqued her interest she indeed decided to start with a drink and to work out where to go from there. She slowly made her way across to where a young man was pouring drinks, her heels clicking gently against the floor. She rested her hands against the bartop and leaned forward, smiling warmly as she spoke.

”I’d love a Cointreau Teese if you can manage it.” She doubted she’d need to use her powers for that but sometimes they crept in at the edges, and once she loosened up it would be pretty certain the rest of the room would follow whether she wanted them too or not. Either way she received the drink prompting and taking in hand she turned so she could rest against the bar, casting an inquisitive gaze out as she pondered what to do next.